Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1271 - A Different Dao

Bai Yujing was stunned. They were about to catch up to Lan Yutian, so why did they turn back now?

"Celestial Venerable Yu, he…"

"He's no longer Celestial Venerable Yu, just like me. I'm not Qin Fengqing, just like you. You aren't South Deity."

Qin Mu smiled. "We are all independent lifeforms and have our own independent consciousness. In the future, I will create another body for Celestial Venerable Yu's memory, and Lan Yutian will also return his soul to Celestial Venerable Yu."

He looked at Bai Yujing and said, "I will also create another body for you and a soul to replace South Deity's soul."

Bai Yujing was relieved and smiled. "You are the real Celestial Venerable now."

Qin Mu couldn't help but laugh. "I'm the true Celestial Venerable now? Could it be that in your eyes, I wasn't even a Celestial Venerable in the past? White Heaven Master, what do you think of the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens compared to me?"

Bai Yujing said sincerely, "Their abilities far surpass yours, but their magnanimity is not as great as yours."

Qin Mu laughed loudly. "No wonder Fatty Dragon likes to wag his tail. If I had a tail, I would also wag it!"

Bai Yujing smiled and followed him quickly.

The two of them turned back to look, and the lost Lan Yutian was leading his three thousand disciples towards the pass that Carefree Village had built in the Great Void. There were already divine generals leading thousands of troops there.

Qin Mu returned to Westfall Divine City and didn't immediately create another corporeal body for Bai Yujing. He said, "I can reconstruct the divine soul, and I can also reconstruct the corporeal body. However, there's a huge flaw in using visualization. Using the path of creation to reconstruct the corporeal body will create a mortal body. The best way is to use creation divine weapons."

Bai Yujing's eyes lit up. "There's a creation divine weapon in the celestial heavens!"

When Qin Mu thought of the Patriarch Creation Palace and the Patriarch Creation Palace Master, Shi Qiluo, he felt a headache coming on. He really didn't want to see Shi Qiluo again, so he said, "I can also create a creation divine weapon, but Eternal Peace doesn't have enough heavenly works. If I want to create a corporeal body that's exactly the same as yours, I will need to draw the data of your body…"

Bai Yujing blushed and said, "I'll do it myself. I learned algebra from Dao Ancestor for a period of time."

Qin Mu nodded his head and said with concern, "Drawing the data is very troublesome. If it's inconvenient for you, my attainments in algebra aren't bad. Furthermore, I'm proficient in entering the path through dreams, so I should be able to study your body thoroughly in no time…"

"I'll do it myself!" Veins popped out on Bai Yujing's forehead as her eyes widened.

Qin Mu was a yes-man and was puzzled. 'Girls are like this, what's there to be angry about? Even an existence like Heavenly Teacher is no exception…'

He quietly left the Land of the Great Void without telling anyone.

After all, there were too many people who wanted to kill him in the Land of the Great Void, and almost half of it was occupied.

At this moment, Lan Yutian also came to Founding Emperor's territory. Founding Emperor's injuries had yet to recover, but he still came out to welcome them personally.

Lan Yutian continued to do as he pleased. Founding Emperor admired him the most, so he naturally welcomed him warmly. However, he couldn't find any trace of Celestial Venerable Yu on this little fatty.

When they met at the Jade Pool Meeting back then, Founding Emperor was completely convinced by Celestial Venerable Yu. He felt that if Celestial Venerable Yu was still alive, he would bow down, no longer having the ambition to rule the world.

At that time, Celestial Venerable Yu really had the demeanor and bearing of the ruler of the world. In addition to his reputation, luck, and magnanimity, Founding Emperor was far inferior.

However, Founding Emperor couldn't see this little fatty at all.

He could only see a clear Dao heart from Lan Yutian, a vigorous desire for knowledge, and boundless curiosity.

The current Lan Yutian and the Celestial Venerable Yu of the past were actually two different people!

Of course, the current Lan Yutian was slightly fatter than the handsome Celestial Venerable Yu from back then, and his face was chubby.

Furthermore, when Founding Emperor and Lan Yutian talked, Lan Yutian never talked about the general trend of the world. He only talked about all kinds of Dao languages that didn't have any meaning, and he talked about things that were confusing.

However, if one listened carefully, they would find that the things he was talking about were all profound Great Daos. Even Founding Emperor was mesmerized by them!

"Your Majesty, do you think Celestial Venerable Yu is feigning ignorance?" Yan Yunxi asked after observing Lan Yutian for a few days.

Founding Emperor shook his head and sighed. "Back then, Celestial Venerable Yu had the heart to dominate the world, and he had a great ambition to stretch it out. However, the current Lan Yutian only has the heart to seek the path, and he has no distractions. He's pure and innocent. He's not acting dumb, he's like this to begin with. He's not stupid, but all his wisdom is used to seek the end of the Great Dao."

Yan Yunxi was stunned. All his wisdom was used to seek the Dao?

"In this world, there are very few people that are so pure. The ten Celestial Venerables are smart, but they are greedy for power. Most of their life experiences are in power. Celestial Venerable Yu is smart, and half of Celestial Venerable Yu's intelligence was in consolidating the power of the world and developing the Postcelestial races."

Founding Emperor paced around and said calmly, "I'm smart too, but I also need to weigh right and wrong. Wen Tiange is smart, Wen Tiange is worried about reform and the lives of the people in the world. Celestial Venerable Mu is also smart, but his intelligence is mostly used to seek a path of survival for the people of the world. There aren't many pure people like Lan Yutian, but there must be. Only such a person can allow the era to progress."

Yan Yunxi looked at Lan Yutian, who was comprehending the paths, skills, and divine arts, imparting his teachings to the disciples. Many people in Carefree Village and the masters of creation were attracted to him, and they unknowingly followed him. At that moment, he had over five thousand disciples!

Yan Yunxi hesitated. "Lan Yutian is here, we should…"

"It should be him."

Founding Emperor said with a smile, "For a person like him, we can give him whatever resources he wants and satisfy his requests. He can go wherever he wants, there's no need to care about him. If he wants to come, he can come. We will treat him with respect. If he wants to leave, he can leave. We don't have to make him stay."

Yan Yunxi nodded and said, "If he wants to take away the gods of Carefree Village…"

"Then let them go."

Founding Emperor said, "In the future, these people will return. When they return, they will make us look at them in a different light, and their achievements will be extraordinary. If I could leave, I would also follow Lan Yutian, but I can't."

Yan Yunxi was stunned. She looked at Lan Yutian and muttered, "What a strange person…"

"He's not weird, what's weird is us, Zixi."

Founding Emperor sighed ruefully. "We have been hindered by the mortal world, so we aren't as free as him. I envy him."

Yan Yunxi smiled. "I'm not envious of him."

Founding Emperor was slightly stunned.

"If everyone is like him, no one will consider the weak, but no one can be like him."

Yan Yunxi said earnestly, "He is a researcher who seeks the Dao, but he is not the leader of a race. As the leader of a race, he has more responsibilities and burdens."

Founding Emperor understood her advice and said with a smile, "Don't worry. Even though I envy him, I won't become him. I have my responsibilities. The appearance of people like us is to allow people like Lan Yutian to seek the Dao without any distractions."

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