Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1276 - Rejuvenation Of All Things

Qin Mu was still trembling from the pain. The Qin word land trembled violently, and the sky became distorted.

The egg of Tai Shi was silent for a moment before saying helplessly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, stop shaking. I was dug out from the mine, and not long after I was dug out, I was suppressed by Celestial Emperor Tai Chu. I don't have anything good on me. If you continue shaking, you won't be able to find anything valuable on me."

Qin Mu stopped trembling and probed, "Is the liquid in your egg delicious?"

"It's not delicious!" the Tai Shi in the egg said stiffly.

He added, "Don't even think about getting my egg liquid!"

"A miser."

Qin Mu scolded him with a smile and even wanted to knock something off his body. He probed, "After you are born, can you give me your eggshell?"

The tone of the Tai Shi became even harsher. "No! I have a habit of gnawing on eggshells, so I will definitely eat them the moment I'm born! You snatched the eggshell of Tai Chu and harbored ill intentions, planning to use the eggshells to collect him. Do you think I don't know?"

Qin Mu had a troubled expression. He shook his head and said, "Dao Brother Taishi, you are an ancient god. You are good at everything, but you are stingy. You can't squeeze out a single drop of oil. If you don't give me a single cent, how am I supposed to sacrifice Celestial Empress' corporeal body to help you?"

Tai Shi hesitated for a moment before probing, "Since we are allies, I won't lie to you. Even if you help me take back the Tai Shi mine, it will take me hundreds of thousands of years to absorb all of the Origin Stone in the mine. Only then will I be born. However, if you learn my Dao of Tai Shi, you can find some people with the same path to come to the mine and help me refine the energy in the mine, allowing me to be born early. After I'm born, we can work together. I'll help you get rid of Tai Chu, and you can be Celestial Emperor!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly with a gloomy expression.

Tai Shi's heart jumped, and he hurriedly asked, "Celestial Venerable Mu, what are you thinking?"

Qin Mu said ruthlessly, "I'm thinking of what weapon to use to split open your eggshell!"

The Grand Prime in the egg immediately smiled apologetically. "Aren't you happy that you can Celestial Emperor?"

Qin Mu snorted and shook his head. "Dao Brother Tai Shi, you underestimate me too much. I did everything for you and even helped you to come into being early. You were invincible the moment you came into being. As for you assisting me in getting rid of Celestial Emperor Tai Chu, it's actually just to take revenge for you. Letting me be Celestial Emperor and you being the Grand Imperial Sire is truly a good plan. You are still not willing to give up anything and have gained all the benefits."

Tai Shi laughed dryly and calculated. "In that case, why don't we do this? If we get the Tai Shi Origin Stone, I'll lend it to you to comprehend the Dao of Tai Shi for a period of time, and you can return it to me in the future. I really don't have anything, so I can only do this."

Qin Mu gave it some thought and said, "You are just trying to gain something without risking anything of your own. The Tai Shi Origin Stone is still in the mine, so I have to help you snatch it back."

Tai Shi was speechless.

Qin Mu continued, "How about this, apart from lending me the Tai Shi Origin Stone, you also have to promise me three things. These three things won't harm you."

Tai Shi gave it some thought before agreeing and making a promise.

Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief, and the light suddenly stopped. They came to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge outside the ancestral court.

Qin Mu examined the Celestial Venerable's seal and saw that it was still there. He thought to himself, 'Tai Su really does have some tricks up his sleeve. To be able to enter and leave the ancestral court freely without breaking Celestial Venerable's seal is indeed powerful. His divine arts are unfathomable. Tai Su has agreed to do three things for me, so the first thing is for him to help me treat Celestial Venerable Yue's injuries! However, if Grandpa Apothecary can cure her, I'll keep this matter. It might be of greater use…'

He entered the ancestral court.

Suddenly, the voice of the Tai Shi came from his third eye. "Qin brat, I remember now!"

Qin Mu turned a deaf ear to him. The egg of Tai Shi flew into a rage and shouted, "We originally agreed that since I saved you from Tai Su, you would do your best to help me take back the mine and help me search for the Tai Shi Divine Stone! Back then, you didn't have so many conditions to escape!"

Qin Mu walked into the sky of the ancestral court and looked around. When he saw that the ancestral court had become much greener, he couldn't help being delighted. "Dragon Pi controls the void beasts. These void beasts no longer swallow anything in the ancestral court. In a few years, the ancestral court will recover its vitality!"

"Why aren't you saying anything?"

The voice of the ancient god came from the egg. "Are you feeling guilty? Bastard! You said I'm trying to gain something from nothing, but you're trying to gain something from nothing! I saved your life in vain! Come, come, wait for me to come out of the egg. Let's fight for three hundred rounds!"

Qin Mu carried the lantern and hurried on his way while muttering, "These plants have taken root and germinated, so there should be numerous heaven and earth spirit roots of the ancestral court, right? This is a huge treasure ground. If I can find spirit roots like the Primordial Tree…"

"Don't change the topic!"

On Qin word land, the round egg bounced around and shouted, "Hit me if you have the guts, see if I don't shatter you into pieces!"

"If everything in the ancestral court returns to spring, will the big black tree also sprout again, and the old tree returns to spring?" Qin Mu asked in delight.

"…I'll let you have your fill!" Countless ancient runes appeared on the surface of the egg as it cried out.

Qin Mu looked around. There were many more gods and devils in the ancestral court, and they should be the direct descendants of the ten Celestial Venerables. They were trying to expand outwards on their original territories and establish more territories.

Qin Mu saw thousands of void beasts surrounding and attacking these territories. The fighting was intense.

"Fatty Dragon has done well."

Qin Mu praised him in his heart. Only when he passed by Heavenly Lady Yan's territory did the egg of Tai Shi quieten down. 'This brat is keeping his promise. He's really planning to use Celestial Empress' corporeal body to exchange for the Tai Shi Origin Stone. '

"May I trouble Heavenly Concubine to inform you that Celestial Venerable Mu has something important to discuss with you?" Qin Mu politely invited the god guarding the place to report.

After a moment, Heavenly Lady Yan's disciple Xiu Hong Su came over and said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Mu, I thought you were going to block the door again. Just now, you were still ambushing the executioners, preparing to give the order when you enter. You will attack and kill Celestial Venerable."

Qin Mu laughed and said, "Xiu Xiu really knows how to talk, her joke is so real. Where's your teacher?"

Xiu Hongsu was originally a palace maid by Heavenly Lady Yan's side. Because she was quick-witted and her cultivation was extremely high, she was released as an official by Heavenly Lady Yan. Later on, Heavenly Lady Yan made the decision and gave her to Green Deity of the Eastern Sky as her wife. Both husband and wife were noble.

Green Deity of the Eastern Sky was a strong practitioner in Celestial Venerable Xiao's faction. Heavenly Lady Yan had betrothed Xiu Hong Su to him and married him. Her intention was worth pondering over.

"Heavenly Concubine is in the celestial heavens, and she only comes here once in a while. It seems like Celestial Venerable Mu isn't coming in. You guys can disperse and continue mining."

Xiu Hongsu waved her hand, but when she saw the numerous divine generals lying in ambush in the Taishi mine walking out, she made a promise and left with her ax.

The corners of Qin Mu's eyes twitched as he looked at the majestic knife and axemen walking away.

Xiu Hongsu said, "I heard that the Great Void has changed, and Heavenly Consort has been paying close attention to the activity there, so she didn't come. However, the ancestral court isn't peaceful either. We mine here, and when our mining ships leave the ancestral court, they are frequently attacked by void beasts. How detestable!"

Qin Mu took out a drop of divine blood and said with a smile, "Xiu Xiu, hand this drop of blood to Heavenly Lady Yan and tell her that I have something to find her about."

Xiu Hongsu's expression changed when she received the drop of divine blood. However, she saw that the divine blood contained an incomparably dense cultivation of the Great Dao. With a light touch, the sound of Dao lingered and light overflowed!

"This drop of blood…" She was alarmed.

Qin Mu said indifferently, "Celestial Venerable Hao's divine blood. I shall take my leave first and await good news."

Xiu Hongsu's expression changed drastically. She hurriedly took out a jade bottle and stored Celestial Venerable Hao's blood into it. She summoned a capable general and ordered him to set off for the celestial heavens.

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