Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1277 - The Ominous Mines' Divine Artifacts

In the imperial harem of the celestial heavens, Heavenly Lady Yan gently crushed the jade bottle. Celestial Venerable Hao's drop of Celestial Venerable's blood floated in front of her.

Heavenly Lady Yan opened her mouth slightly, and her breath spewed out orchids. When she exhaled, the drop of Celestial Venerable's blood instantly changed, and the apparition of a celestial palace appeared in her blood.

Heavenly Lady Yan's gaze flickered as she stared at the apparition of the celestial palace. After a moment, she said softly, "It seems like the rumors in the Great Void are true. Celestial Venerable Hao was indeed severely injured by the Grand Emperor. Celestial Venerable Mu ordered people to deliver this drop of Celestial Venerable's blood to tell me that Celestial Venerable Hao was injured? It doesn't seem like it…"

The apparition of the celestial palace gradually faded.

Heavenly Lady Yan's eyes lit up, and she said in a low voice, "He wants to tell me that Celestial Venerable Hao's blood contains his technique and divine arts. This drop of blood is the essence of Celestial Venerable Hao's blood, and it contains the apparition of a celestial palace. Could it be that he has obtained the essence of Celestial Venerable Hao's other blood and mastered the other celestial palaces of Celestial Venerable Hao?"

She put away the blood of the Earth Celestial Venerable and picked up the white cat. She instructed, "Prepare Feng Luan and prepare to head to the ancestral court."

At this moment, Qin Mu had already come to the big black tree. Looking around, he saw that the big black tree hadn't experienced spring. This big black tree was still burnt black, and layers of rings were like charcoal. The tree stumps were uneven, forming numerous black mountains.

Shu Jun, Jiang Yunjian, and the rest built many palaces and a manufacturing factory to refine divine weapons.

Several mines were also mined. When Qin Mu came here, the divine weapon mine he had first discovered was also mined.

Qin Mu looked at the center of the black wood. Mute, Blind, and the other Heavenly Workers were in the fourth heaven of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, refining a precious treasure.

Mute built a manufacturing factory on that treasure and smelted it on the spot.

The scale of the treasures in the various heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda was simply too huge. Only those like North Deity Xuan Wu, who had a huge body, could refine them effortlessly.

For the Heavenly Workers of Eternal Peace like Mute, it was much more strenuous to refine them, and the manpower required was also much greater.

Qin Mu was about to meet them when the gods that were mining the ores suddenly rushed out from the mine and shouted, "We have dug up that treasure! The treasure is showing its power, everyone be careful!"

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. Suddenly, the mine in the mine was enshrouded with light, and terrifying power surged out from the depths of the mine at an extremely fast speed!

The few gods that were running at the back looked like they were about to be caught up by the great power in the depths of the mine. Qin Mu's footsteps moved, and he rushed into the mine with a whoosh. His divine treasure realm spread out to face the great power that was surging over!


His divine treasures instantly crumbled, and a vast and fierce might rushed at him, making him shudder in fear!

'My divine treasures can't be stopped! My divine treasures are shattered, and even though I won't die, the people behind me will probably have their souls dispersed and their corporeal bodies gone!'

Without thinking, Qin Mu took out the egg of Tai Shi and placed it in front of him!

Before Tai Shi could react, the terrifying might struck the egg!

Extremely terrifying pulses surged in all directions, blowing the mine to pieces. The gods behind Qin Mu instantly felt an unrivaled power sweeping over and was swept up by Qin Mu's divine treasure realm.

Qin Mu also couldn't stand still, and he was sent flying by an incomparably fierce force. In an instant, he was a thousand miles away. With a loud bang, he crashed into the world barrier of the 28th heaven of the Glassy Sky Pagoda, shaking the 28th heaven!


The egg of Tai Shi flew over and smashed beside Qin Mu. From inside came the furious Dao language of Tai Shi.

In the distance, First Ancestor, Mute, Blind, and the rest immediately realized something was wrong and hurriedly flew over.

Qin Mu gently landed on the ground and put down the gods and miners. He felt intense pain in his limbs and bones, and he was astonished.

The things that the gods of Eternal Peace dug out were no small matter. He and Tai Shi worked together, but they were still sent flying!

'Could Grandpa Blind have seen that divine art buried deep under the mine?'

He couldn't help being bewildered. If the divine bow was formed by the strange heaven and earth of the ancestral court, wasn't the power of this divine bow too powerful?

However, if it was refined by someone, it didn't look like it.

Suddenly, the 28 heavens reversed, and the dragon qilin must have mobilized the heavens of the Glassy Sky Pagoda to help First Ancestor Human Emperor and the rest rush over.

Everyone descended, and Qin Mu also flew to the mine. He couldn't be bothered to exchange pleasantries with everyone and hurriedly looked at the mine. He saw that the mine had completely exploded, turning into a huge valley.

The valley was pitch black, and broken mountains and broken cliffs stood in great numbers. The various kinds of mineral deposits that the gods of Eternal Peace had mined were all embedded in these broken mountains and broken cliffs, and traces of mining could be seen.

"Mu'er, are you injured?" Apothecary shouted as he rode the dragon qilin over.


Qin Mu shook his head and looked into the depths of the valley. There, divine light was dense and turbulent. He held it in his mouth but didn't spit it out. He only felt waves of terrifying might!

"Grandpa Mute, is a treasure born from heaven and earth that powerful?" Qin Mu asked.

Mute shook his head and gestured. Blind said, "Speak human language."

Mute said, "It's definitely not that fierce! The other treasures in this mine might have been born from the divine mine, but the divine bow inside definitely couldn't have been born! It's even possible that the fierce might of this divine bow had bred this divine mine, giving birth to the divine weapons in the mine!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor said solemnly, "Mu'er, Yan'er, only the three of us have the highest cultivation here. Let us go in and test the power of that fierce weapon! The rest of you stay here!"

Mute picked up the chest and rolled his eyes at him. "What's the use of you guys going? Without Heavenly Workers, the three of you won't be able to do anything to that fierce weapon even if you are tied together. You can only eat arrows!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor raised his eyebrows but didn't say anything.

Blind said with a smile, "Without my divine eyes and formation, it would be terrible if you guys met with danger."

First Ancestor swallowed his anger and said, "Follow behind us, don't barge in."

"If you guys are injured, don't you need someone to treat you?" Apothecary came forward and asked with a smile.

First Ancestor Human Emperor was helpless and said, "Apothecary can just follow along, no more. If there are more, I won't be able to protect you guys."

Tai Shi smiled. "Celestial Venerable Mu, are all your elders so curious? Don't they know how dangerous this place is?"

He used the Dao language of Tai Shi, and other than Qin Mu, no one else could understand him. They could only hear strange sounds coming from the egg.

Mute, Blind, and Apothecary immediately surrounded it and examined it.

"There are some patterns on it, maybe we can copy them down to refine treasures. This eggshell is really hard!" Mute knocked on the egg and exclaimed in admiration.

"There's something strange inside!" Blind stared at the egg with his eyes wide open. He wanted to see what was inside, but he couldn't see clearly.

"Can it be used in medicine?" Apothecary propped up his chin and pondered.

Qin Mu took out a lantern and handed it to Yan'er. He stuffed the egg of Tai Shi to First Ancestor Human Emperor and said, "First Ancestor, take it to protect yourself. It's sturdy."

First Ancestor was reserved. "I can protect myself."

Qin Mu stuffed it into his hands, and First Ancestor could only use his vital qi to lift up the egg of Tai Shi. From the egg came a gurgling sound that didn't seem to have any meaning. It must be the person inside the egg cursing Qin Mu.

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