Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1278 - Digging Prehistory

'The relationship between Mu'er and this egg's ancient god doesn't seem to be harmonious.' Everyone thought to themselves.

Qin Mu opened up his divine treasure realm and let Mute, Blind, and Apothecary into his own realm. He instructed, "Stand in the mine of chaos. There are two eggshells there. They are eggshells that are easy to throw away, and they can protect you."

Even though Blind and the rest were unhappy that they were being protected by him, they knew that he had remarkable abilities that far surpassed them. Therefore, they hid in the ancestral court of the divine treasures realm.

They walked down the mine and came to the valley that was blasted out.

The valley was very deep and looked like a basin. There were broken mountain ranges everywhere. Everyone looked around, and Qin Mu's heart suddenly stirred. He flew to a broken mountain and looked down.

The mountain was broken in a very flat manner, as if it had been sliced off by a sharp weapon.

Qin Mu took out the broken sword, and his heart stirred slightly. The broken sword grew back and transformed into a long sword. The sword light traveled dozens of miles and sliced towards the broken mountain!

His divine sword instantly met with great resistance, and when the sword light penetrated half of the broken mountain, it was hard to continue and couldn't slice the mountain apart!

'The person who left this mark is much stronger than me. At the very least, he's at the peak of the Numinous Sky Realm! And from the broken mountain, he shouldn't have been left behind by the masters of creation.'

He pulled back his divine sword and said in a low voice, "The masters of creation of the primordial era had rough divine arts and weren't as exquisite. However, logically speaking, the ancestral court should have been sealed by the ancient gods led by Celestial Emperor Tai Chu during the primordial era. People after the Dragon Han Era shouldn't have left these traces…"

First Ancestor Human Emperor came to the front of a rotten cliff. The cliff was tattered, and the front and back of the cliff were transparent. It was shaped like a palm print, and it was three hundred yards tall. However, what was strange was that this palm print had six fingers.

First Ancestor Human Emperor executed the Sacred Secrets of Heaven and Earth Heart and smacked towards the cliff at the side. With a loud rumble, the cliff shook slightly and a palm print appeared, but it wasn't penetrated by him.

First Ancestor Human Emperor frowned.

Yan'er came to the bottom of the cliff and scraped the cliff. She saw numerous pitch-black rocks falling down like carbon or petrified ashes.

"What happened here?" Apothecary asked.

No one answered him.

Everyone continued forward, and not long later, they finally reached the bottom of the valley.

There were even more broken cliffs and mountains here, and it was as if they had experienced an extremely terrifying battle. On the battlefield, many powerful existences fought until the sky collapsed and the earth cracked, forming a strange sight.

However, what was strange was that this was the underground battlefield of the ancestral court, buried deep underground.

They stood in the valley and looked up. They could only see the sky that was like a well. The walls of the well were as high as a thousand feet.

The valley wasn't dark, and the divine art in front of them was giving off light. Everyone followed the light, and divine light suddenly swam towards them.

"Sword Celestial Palace!"

Qin Mu gave a low shout, and those divine lights were like swimming fish in the sky. They were extremely fast, coming and going like lightning.

The divine light invaded his divine treasure realm, and sword lights burst forth from Sword Celestial Palace. They were like pearls falling on a jade plate, like raindrops hitting pear blossoms, and incomparably dense sounds rang out as sword lights collided with those flowing lights!

The sword light was like a swarm of bees, but also like a flood. It surrounded the divine treasure realm and collided with the divine light.

The celestial palace appeared behind First Ancestor Human Emperor, and instantly, the sky tilted and the earth tilted. The space swirled, and rays of divine light were destroyed in the world shattering.

Yan'er carried the lantern, and before the streams of light could reach her side, they were sent somewhere by the light.

She was the most relaxed.

They walked deeper, getting closer to the source of the divine light. The divine light flowing in the sky was also attacking them more fiercely!

Qin Mu's Sword Celestial Palace was already hard to defend against, and he had no choice but to mobilize his eighteen celestial palaces. Even the Great Dao of Xuandu, Youdu, Yuandu, and the four poles were mobilized to defend against the invasion of the divine light.

However, there were still quite a number of divine lights that attacked his divine treasure realm and came to his front!

He stood upright in the ancestral court, and the vertical eye at the heart of his brows opened up. Wherever his gaze landed, divine lights that were rapidly passing by exploded and transformed into strands of yin and yang qi that dispersed.

Mute, Blind, and Apothecary felt their hearts jump when they saw this. They decided to hide in the Tai Shi Egg and not show their faces.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's Sacred Secrets of Heaven and Earth Heart also couldn't withstand it, so he had no choice but to execute his divine art to clash head-on with the divine light. When he couldn't block it, he raised the egg of Tai Shi up to clash with the divine light, causing angry curses to come from the egg.

And Yan'er was still the most relaxed.

Celestial Venerable Yue's lantern was truly heaven-defying. When the light shone, all techniques couldn't penetrate it, and the divine light couldn't get close at all.

"No wonder Celestial Venerable Yue is one of the few Celestial Venerables that could survive from the Dragon Han Era until now." Qin Mu was also full of admiration. He was very envious of Celestial Venerable Yue's techniques and divine arts.

Finally, they passed through the layers of divine light and arrived in front of the divine bow.

Everyone looked up, and they were all dazzled.

He saw a longbow that was thousands of yards long. Its entire body was shining with golden light, and thousands of fine lights overflowed from the bow, shooting out in all directions!

Beside the long bow was a mountain that looked like a black dragon. Qin Mu took a look and saw that this black dragon-like mountain should be the roots of the big black wood. However, it was simply too thick and he couldn't see the original appearance of the roots.

Yet between the roots and the longbow, there was actually a skeleton arm!

The skeleton arm reached out from the roots of the black wood and grabbed the back of the bow tightly!

The skeleton arm actually seemed to be growing in the black wood!

"Where did this arm come from?" Everyone was astonished.

Qin Mu went forward and planned to pluck the divine bow forcefully. Suddenly, the bowstring of the divine bow vibrated, and with a bang, a sword light came to the heart of Qin Mu's brows!

A broken sword appeared in Qin Mu's hand, and he raised it up to deflect the arrow. The arrow light brushed past the top of his head, and a huge hole was pierced through the Glassy Sky Pagoda. The arrow light was brilliant, and it dragged along the flames. It was ten thousand miles long, and it drew a gorgeous straight line in the sky of the ancestral court!

On the other side, First Ancestor Human Emperor went forward and executed the Sacred Secrets of Heaven and Earth Heart, gently imprinting it on the bow.

The bowstring was about to vibrate again when his palm pressed down on it. The bowstring couldn't be pulled back, and it only gave off a hum.

The space in front of First Ancestor Human Emperor was shaken by the bowstring, and it immediately split into hundreds of pieces, slicing towards him. The speed was so fast that he couldn't react in time!

Yan'er held the lantern and shone the light, flattening the space that had split open. The strand of hair that hung down on First Ancestor's forehead instantly split into hundreds of strands and dispersed.

A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead and slid down his nose.

Just a little more and he would have been sliced into several hundred pieces by the power of this divine bow!

Qin Mu went forward and grabbed the divine bow with him. The two of them exerted force and wanted to lift the divine bow up, but in the next instant, their bodies trembled violently!

A grand thought from the divine bow crashed into their minds. "Have you asked me if you touched my treasure?"

When their thoughts collided, the two of them knew what that thought was trying to convey. They couldn't help feeling astonished. "The owner of the divine bow is still alive?"

The two of them were frozen in place by the grand consciousness coming from the bow. Their bodies were stiff and motionless, and only their eyeballs could still move.

Yan'er immediately stretched out her hand to grab the divine bow, but she was also frozen by that grand thought!

At this moment, Blind walked out of Qin Mu's divine treasure realm and came forward to examine the huge skeleton hand that was holding the bow. He muttered something under his breath.

Mute walked forward and examined the withered hand in detail. When he heard Blind's words, he nodded his head repeatedly.

Apothecary went forward and took out a spirit pill. He crushed it and smeared it on the skeleton. "It's done."

Mute opened the chest and stretched out his hand to grab. Countless silver pellets floated up into the air and transformed into a huge hammer.

Mute raised his huge hammer and smashed it down. With a loud clang, the huge skeleton hand shattered!

Qin Mu, Yan'er, and First Ancestor Human Emperor felt as if a huge burden had been lifted off their shoulders. The grand thoughts in their heads instantly vanished!

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