Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1279 - A Shocking Arrow

Mute, Blind, and Apothecary were pleased with themselves and couldn't help looking at Qin Mu and the rest. Blind smiled and said, "What's the use of having a high realm? Facing such strangeness, we still have to rely on us!"

Mute Abba nodded repeatedly.

Apothecary also couldn't hide his pride and stroked his beard.

First Ancestor's face turned slightly red. He originally despised the fact that these three people had low cultivation and were useless. They would only drag them down. Never did he expect that it was these three people who had saved them.

That skeleton hand was broken, and the light around the divine bow instantly retracted, gradually revealing its true form.

Qin Mu exerted strength in his palm and plucked out the divine bow. The divine bow gradually shrunk, but it was still three yards long. There were numerous strange markings on the bow, and they looked like runes. However, he couldn't understand them.

Everyone surrounded him, but they knew nothing about the rune markings on it.

Qin Mu asked Tai Shi in the egg, but he didn't recognize him.

Qin Mu tried to pull the divine bow, and it was easily pulled back. However, as the bowstring was pulled longer, Qin Mu felt his vital qi and magic power being pulled into the divine bow!

At the same time, divine light burst forth from the divine bow, and billions of fine lights gathered to form an arrow!

Everyone felt a chill down their spines. The power of this divine bow was extremely powerful, and even among the treasures of the Emperor's Throne, it was a remarkable treasure.

Qin Mu slowly pulled back his strength, and the bowstring slowly recovered. The arrow then disintegrated into rays of light and returned back into the bow. The power in the bow then transformed back into vital qi and returned back into Qin Mu's body!

He drew his bow and no magic power was expended!

Qin Mu handed the divine bow to First Ancestor, who also gave it a try and clicked his tongue in wonder.

Everyone tried it out and exclaimed in admiration.

Mute's eyes lit up. "If I can incorporate this kind of peculiar technique into my weapon refinement, the divine weapons will have a much smaller consumption of magic power and I can fight longer!"

Qin Mu handed the divine bow to him and examined the broken arm in the root. He asked in bewilderment, "Where did this hand come from?"

Mute shook his huge hammer, and the head of the hammer transformed into a huge ax that chopped down on the pitch-black roots.

The huge ax landed on the roots of the tree, and sparks flew in all directions. Mute raised the ax with a black face, and the blade was broken.

Qin Mu executed the broken sword and slashed down. His arm was numb from the tremors, but he couldn't cut open the roots!

"This person grew in the roots."

First Ancestor Human Emperor tried, but he couldn't split the root. "When I touched the divine bow just now, that person spoke to me. He should still be alive!"

Everyone used all kinds of methods, wanting to split open the roots to see if the person was really growing inside. However, no matter what divine art they executed or what divine weapon they executed, they couldn't split open the roots.

Mute suddenly smiled and said, "We are muddle-headed. We don't need the divine bow, we still need to use our own treasures."

He took out his divine bow and pulled the bowstring with all his might. However, he could only pull halfway before he ran out of magic power.

Qin Mu received the divine bow and used all his strength to pull the bow into a full moon. Almost all of his vital qi was sucked into the bow!

A divine arrow rapidly took shape, and the light of the arrow gathered on the arrowhead!

Right at this moment, rays of light suddenly filled the sky and whooshed over, attaching themselves to the sword light of the arrow.

Those lights were the starlight of the ancestral court, and the stars seemed to be pulled over by the divine bow, getting closer to the ancestral court!

Qin Mu instantly felt the power in the divine bow becoming stronger. His arms couldn't withstand the power and couldn't help trembling.

"Crap, the power is too strong!"

He was about to pull back his power, but the starlight was still gathering. The power of the ancestral court seemed to be drawn over, forming whirlpools of all sizes above the valley!

"Leave quickly!"

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead, and he realized that he couldn't withdraw his vital qi. He could only grit his teeth and persevere. He hissed, "When the power of the divine bow is released, I can't control the momentum when the power is released!"

First Ancestor's expression changed drastically when he heard that. Just as he was about to say something to protect Qin Mu, he saw the three elders of Disabled Elderly Village turning around to run without any sense of loyalty. Blind shouted as he ran, "Mu'er, hold on for a while longer, wait for us to run out of this valley!"

Mute's voice was like thunder. "First Ancestor, Yan'er, the wind is blowing—"

First Ancestor hesitated for a moment. Yan'er had already carried the lantern and escaped far away. He could only put down the egg of Tai Shi and said, "Mu'er, be careful of yourself. Use this egg to protect you!"

Everyone rushed out of the valley, and they saw whirlpools of all sizes spinning frantically in the sky above the valley. The spirit energy of heaven and earth poured over and bombarded the divine bow in Qin Mu's hands!

At this moment, Qin Mu's body had already transformed into a two hundred yards tall giant that was like a mountain. The divine light around his body was brilliant, making it hard for people to look at him directly.

However, the giant was trembling.

The power of the bow in his hand grew stronger until it surpassed his control!

When this arrow was shot out, the arrowhead collided with the roots of the big black tree. The power of the arrow must have exploded in all directions, and since he was in the center of it, the danger could be imagined!

Now that the arrow was on the bowstring, he had no choice but to release it. It was no longer up to him!

Just as everyone was about to fly out of the valley, an incomparably dazzling light burst forth from the center of the valley!

A huge ball of light rotated at the bottom of the valley and expanded, quickly filling up the entire valley!

Everyone who had just flown out of the valley was instantly thrown into disarray. They were swept up by this terrifying force and flew in all directions!

Even though Apothecary had cultivated the celestial palace of healing, his cultivation was still the weakest. He was instantly riddled with holes by this terrifying power!

Within this light, there were actually countless arrows!

Luckily, the marvel of the celestial palace of healing was inconceivable. His wounds healed quickly, but there were even more injuries on his body!

Finally, the storm subsided, and everyone landed on the ground in a sorry state. The dragon qilin sprinted over, but when he saw that Yan'er wasn't injured, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Cult Master is still down there!" the dragon qilin couldn't help exclaiming when he didn't find Qin Mu.

At the bottom of the valley.

There were arrows formed by light everywhere on a cliff. These arrows were deeply embedded into the indestructible cliff, and only a human-shaped area had no arrows.

In front of the cliff, Qin Mu stood there with a divine bow in his hand. The front of his body was filled with arrows, and even his face was filled with arrows.

As for the egg of Tai Shi, it had unknowingly slipped behind Qin Mu and didn't block him.


Qin Mu collapsed on his back, and the feathers on his body trembled slightly.

These arrow feathers were formed by light, and soon, the light dimmed, and the arrow feathers gradually vanished.

The egg rolled back and carefully probed, "Celestial Venerable Mu, are you still alive?"

"He's not dead yet, he just can't catch his breath…"

Tai Shi relaxed.

After a moment, Qin Mu stood up again and looked at the divine bow in his hand. His expression suddenly changed drastically, and he threw the divine bow aside.

This divine bow was too strange.

However, after he threw the divine bow out, he regretted it again and picked it up. "I can use it when I shoot others from a distance, but if I use it at a close distance, I'll definitely die."

He composed himself and looked forward. He saw that the huge black wood root that had buried the skeleton arm had already been blown apart by the divine bow, revealing the upper body of a skeleton that was missing an arm.

The owner of the divine bow was indeed growing in the roots of the big black wood.

What was strange was that the roots of the big black wood were actually fresh!

The roots of this unimaginable tree were still alive!

Suddenly, the skeleton in the root raised its head and looked straight at Qin Mu. "Seize my treasure and destroy my resurrection. Tonight, I will take your life!" After saying that, the skeleton also fused with the root and vanished.

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