Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 128 - Traces Of Clouds And Shadow Of Sparrows

Qin Mu laughed loudly and his body gave a tremble, sending Hu Ling'er away. Bending both his knees, he suddenly leaped up and raised his hands towards the sky as he faced that huge Buddha who was riding an elephant and had a dragon coiled around!

Thunderclap Eight Strikes Sixth Form, Thunder Circling Ten Thousand Buddhas!


The sound of thunder occurred at the same time in mid-air as one figure rose into the sky while the other one descended rapidly.

A frenzied look appeared in Qin Mu's eyes as he raised his head to look at that figure falling down. Just as Yun Que landed on the ground, rumbles of thunders sounded in his ears and he saw Qin Mu's punches coming. Every punch burst forth with thunder rumbling which could grab the heart and soul of people.

Dong, dong, dong.

Qin Mu's footsteps were extremely heavy like a huge elephant stepping on the ground. With all the muscles in his body throbbing, he made use of the movements of all his muscles to push his strength to its maximum.

When their punches had collided, Yun Que's expression changed slightly and felt that the opponent's vital qi was boundless and completely crushed his vital qi.

He immediately changed his steps and fell back while frantically defending against Qin Mu's punches. He could only feel that all his tricks, his intricates and extremely wonderful moves couldn't be executed and he could only use his fists to block his opponent's fists.

There was absolutely no time and any possibility to execute his moves and spells.

"Lotus Throne Mudra, Lotus Flower Precious Body! Precious Flask Mudra!"

Yun Que gave a shout and a golden light shone brightly around him. With a mudra out, a lotus throne appeared below his feet and there were Sanskrit surrounding his body and circulating non-stop. These Sanskrit formed the shape of a precious vase and allow edYun Que to hide in the vase.

Qin Mu's gave another punch and the thunderclap exploded out. Any golden bell, lotus throne or precious flask were all shattered. Yun Que's fists were already badly battered and blood had splattered onto his clean white Buddhist robe. The bright red stains on it looked like plum blossoms.

However, the plum blossoms soon faded away. His white clothes should be a treasure as well which didn't stain or get dirty.

Yun Que's arms turned soft and he almost couldn't lift his arms. His moves became slower and he knew it was bad. Qin Mu then gave a punch to his face and smashed him into the jade wall of the cliff. He slid down and fainted.

"There are still experts in Imperial College."

Qin Mu felt happy both mentally and physically. It was just that he had yet stretched his bones and the monk in white was already knocked out by him, making him feel that it was a pity, "Any monk that appeared could take so many of my blows. Patriarch is right, the people in Imperial College are still brilliant. I can't discriminate the people of Eternal Peace Empire."

"Young master, you are already done?"

Hu Ling'er only had time to stabilize herself and before she could enjoy watching the show, it had already ended, thus she couldn't help feeling slightly disappointed. She immediately went forward to dig around Yun Que's body, trying to find valuable things.

After a moment, the little fox grumbled angrily, "Poor monk!"

"Ling'er, his clothes are not bad and should be worth quite some money." Qin Mu prompted her with good intentions.

Hu Ling'er stripped off the monk's robe. The clothes were indeed untainted by even a speck of dust and couldn't be tore, making the little fox very happy, "This monk will definitely bring lots of money to exchange for this clothes! That's right young master, what is his name?"

Qin Mu leaped up the jade cliff and continued walking to Scholar's Residence while shaking his head, "How would I know? I had asked him earlier but he didn't say. I think he was probably afraid to lose face after he had lost. That monk has a remarkable insight and knows himself well."

Not far away, Yue Qinghong suppressed the shock in her heart and brought her wolf slave over. Walking down the cliff to take a look, Yun Que had lost consciousness and was just lying at the feet of the cliff while wearing a bloody white short pants.

His white short pants were not as valuable as his Buddhist robe and were made from normal fabric.

"Yun Que is so useless, he actually didn't even force out his full strength. However, this Qin Mu is indeed very strong. Wolf slave, how strong are you compared to him?" Yue Qinghong asked.

The wolf slave's eyes burst with radiance as he rolled his tongue, "I have my magic knife skills, the slaughtering knife of the battlefield which can force out his full strength! However, I can only last ten moves, I'll definitely lose after ten moves."

Yue Qinghong's eyes lighted up and said, "You go."

The wolf slave bowed and obeyed. His hands grabbed towards his back and with two swinging sounds, the two curved knives that overlapped each other behind his back were out of their sheaths. This two pitch black knives had no impurity in them as if they were forged by the blackest metal.

Furthermore, these two curved and narrow knives were three yards long.

The wolf slave walked forward with quick steps, becoming faster and faster. He suddenly opened up his hands and his vital qi thread flew out. Using qi to manipulate his knives, he flew the two magic knives across the air silently and slashed towards Qin Mu!

When the two magic knives were about to cut down on Qin Mu's body, the light of the knives suddenly burst forth as a knife stuck close to the floor and sliced horizontally while the other knife sliced horizontally towards his waist!

Qin Mu seemed to have grown eyes on the back of his head. His body suddenly became extremely weird. He suddenly became like a flat fish, stepping on magic knife coming from the bottom with one foot and kicked the magic knife coming from the top with another leg. It was so hard to imagine how a human body could bend into such a position.

The top magic knife was kicked away and the bottom magic knife was stepped into mountain rock by Qin Mu.

The wolf slave was startled and saw Qin Mu rushing towards him like a phantom.

The wolf slave's vital qi trembled and the two magic knives whizzed back again. The black light circled up and down Qin Mu. The magic knife skills of Wolf Store Country were executed brilliantly by him but not one knife landed on Qin Mu's body as he dodged them with just a hair's breadth.

His knife skill was no normal knife skill and was the slaughtering technique of the battlefield. It had no flashy moves and had only one purpose which was to kill!

Even such sharp knife skill was also unable to touch the body of Qin Mu.

However, forced by the knife lights, Qin Mu was also unable to advance. Not only he couldn't advance, he had to fall back continuously.

Qin Mu's retreating looked like a slithering green dragon and the wolf slave's pupils suddenly contracted. This wasn't retreating, it was a coiling dragon!

Dragon could be big or small, they could stretch out or coiled up. When a dragon coiled up, it meant that it was ready to strike.

The wolf slave was originally a person with a status of Wolf Store Country. Because he was held captive by Yue Qinghong in the battlefield and according to the rules of Wolf Store Country, he became a wolf slave to Yue Qinghong, serving her. However, his ability wasn't much weaker than Yue Qinghong.

Furthermore, he had stayed on the battlefield for a long period of time and had experienced life and deaths fights, therefore, his battle experience was extremely rich.

The look of Qin Mu retreating gave him an extremely dangerous feeling. It was as if he was targeted by a huge fiendish strange beast!

His magic knives became even faster but Qin Mu had already stored up his momentum. Suddenly Qin Mu gave a punch which broke his limit and instantly the roars of dragons came out long and loud. The two magic knives lost control and whizzed towards the wolf slave!

Along with the magic knives was Qin Mu's vast and overbearing punch. His fist's intention turned into a huge malevolent dragon which pounced directly forward.

Wolf slave gave a loud shout and his vital qi burst forth. Instantly a power that was like the bitterness of a blood red sun in a barren desert burst forth and his shirt ripped open. Wolf dragon markings appeared on his whole body and he pushed both his palms forward and unleashed all the vital qi he had into both his palms!


A huge tremor traveled out and wolf slave's body moved backward. With two magic knives stabbing into his ribs, he moved back thirty yards and collided with a mountain rock, only then did the momentum stopped.

"Ling'er, there's no need to loot him. Give him some money to heal himself."

Qin Mu summoned back Hu Ling'er who was preparing to plunder the spoils of war and shook his head, "He had used weapons so I had struck more heavily. His injuries were not light and he would spend quite some money to heal himself."

Hu Ling'er pouted her lips, "What a pity, those two knives aren't bad…"

Qin Mu shook his head and left, "It's still not as good as mine. However, his power isn't bad and his battle awareness is much stronger than that monk earlier."

Yue Qinghong waited for Qin Mu to leave far away before appearing and coming to wolf slave's side. Blood was dripping out from wolf slave's mouth and due to the two magic knives which had penetrated through both his ribcage, he was nailed to the mountain and couldn't move.

"Master, I had estimated wrongly."

The wolf slave gave an ashamed look, "I had used ten moves but he had only used three… be careful!"

Just as he said it, Yue Qinghong suddenly felt a warmth behind her back as a body closely stuck to her, causing her heart to trembled slightly.

There was a person keeping close to her back and was back to back with her. She was totally not aware when this person had come."

At this moment, Qin Mu's voice sounded in her ears. The two of them were very close, "Senior sister, he is your slave? Did you order your slave to attack me because you think I don't dare to kill anyone in Imperial College?"

Dense sweats erupted out on Yue Qinghong's forehead. Suddenly her footsteps rapidly touched the floor as she moved away quickly; however, Qin Mu's body was still stuck to her back and a voice sounded beside her ear again, "Doesn't senior sister owe me an explanation?"

Yue Qinghong's scalp turned numb and her body moved rapidly like a phantom with an extremely fast speed. She executed footwork that was like the traces of clouds and shadow of sparrows but no matter how she moved, Qin Mu still kept close to her back like a shadow following her!

Cloud Trace Sparrow Shadow was the best body technique divine art she had learned and even though she couldn't execute divine art, she could still walk among the clouds and fly low like a sparrow. However, even such a powerful body technique divine art, it was still impossible to shake off Qin Mu.

Suddenly Yue Qinghong felt the muscles of the big boy behind her squirmed as if there were snakes under his skin. She couldn't help feeling a chill down her spine and even her exquisite skin grew tiny goosebumps from the fear, "Sure skill technique of battle technique school!"

Qin Mu started to move his footsteps and Yue Qinghong suppressed the fear in her heart to move along with Qin Mu.

She knew that the sure kill technique of the battle technique school had to be executed at close range. If she continued to stick on Qin Mu's back and not let him turn, it would be difficult for Qin Mu to execute his sure kill technique.

Just now it was Qin Mu sticking close to her and now it was her sticking close to Qin Mu and following his footsteps, not daring to leave him for even an inch.

If she left him, her head and body would probably become separate parts!

To be close in by an expert of the battle technique school, it basically meant it was an order for execution!

The two of them moved quickly with their backs against each other and they looked like a dancing butterfly fluttering on the mountains of Imperial College. Many scholars on the mountains all stopped and looked at the two of them, exclaiming endlessly.

Qin Mu wore embroidered clothes while Yue Qinghong wore green clothes and they both looked like a piece of the butterfly's wings. Furthermore, they were sticking close together, therefore, it was easy for people to be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts.

A scholar sneered, "A cheating couple, giving off a rotting smell that makes people want to puke in the broad daylight!"

Suddenly a boom sounded out as Qin Mu leaned back onto the pillar of Hall of Azure Yang.

"Ling'er, let's go!"

Qin Mu called Hu Ling'er over, "Don't think about plundering her. If you want to plunder her, you'll have to pull her out from the pillar. She isn't bad as well, she's an expert to be able to keep up with me."

Hu Ling'er immediately caught up and looked backward reluctantly. She only saw Yue Qinghong smacking face filled into the pillar of Hall of Azure Yang by Qin Mu.

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