Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1281 - Interception At The Valley

In the sky above the black tree, the spirit energy of heaven and earth rushed over frantically towards a valley on the outskirts.

The valley was huge, and it was shaped like a basin. There were mountains stretching into the distance, and Qin Mu was currently standing on top of a mountain. Surrounding him was the divine treasure realm. The celestial river flowed and connected all the worlds, secretly aligning with the geography of the ancestral court.

The divine bow in his hand had already been pulled to the extreme. Countless rays of light surged over and gathered on the tip of the arrow!

The black wood had a hundred thousand black mountains, and the terrain was vast. The spirit energy of heaven and earth surged over, forming a whirlpool of all sizes in the sky above the blasted valley!

Spirit qi and spirit energy were like tornadoes under the whirlpool, but they didn't suck down. Instead, they surged towards Qin Mu and poured into the divine bow.

The power of the divine bow grew stronger, so strong that even Qin Mu couldn't withstand it. The muscles in his arms couldn't help but tremble.

He counted silently in his heart.

The tremors underground grew stronger, shaking the mountains in the valley. As the mountains shook, terrifying divine light spewed out from the ground, and the apparitions rushed into the sky, forming a light screen above the valley!

An abnormally loud and clear sound of slaughter came from the screen. The sound of battle shook the sky, and one could faintly see countless incomparably powerful figures fighting and competing within the screen.

It was the projection of the previous universe!

This mine belonged to the outermost circle of the World Tree, which meant that the projections of these strong practitioners came from the previous universe and were the memories of the World Tree.

Qin Mu turned a deaf ear and ignored him. His gaze was still fixed on the roots of the World Tree.

Over there, the World Tree's thick roots spewed out even more intense light, and it actually gave off a grand sound like a surging tide crashing into a cliff. The sound of waves crashing could be heard!

The light projected onto the cliff behind the roots, and a figure could be seen walking out from the light. It got closer, becoming clearer!

That figure was originally very small, but as he took a step forward, it actually became larger, as if it was going to walk out from the stone wall!

He didn't have his right arm, and his walking posture was a little unnatural. He should be the strong practitioner from the previous universe who had his arm broken by Apothecary Mute and the rest during the day!

However, at that time, his body had no flesh and blood, only bones. Now, he had actually grown flesh and blood!

However, what was strange was that even though he had skin and flesh, from afar, he looked like a dried corpse that had been dried up by the sun. He was extremely thin!

Suddenly, that person stretched his hand forward, and his skinny palm actually pierced through the cliff!

The cliff was the black mountain, and the black mountain was part of the World Tree's growth cycle!

He wanted to crawl from the Yggdrasill, from the past to the present, from the destroyed universe!

Just as his palm passed through the cliff, Qin Mu counted from one to ten!


An arrow cry rang out, and the divine bow trembled violently. The arrow on Qin Mu's bow flew out!

The instant the arrow shot out, the muscles in Qin Mu's entire body trembled violently, and his bones almost crumbled from the vibration. The arrow light sliced through the space in front of him and instantly reached the cliff!

The arrow pierced through the six-fingered palm and shot into the cliff with incomparably terrifying power, nailing the skinny figure and sending him flying backward.

Soon, his figure on the cliff turned into a small black dot and flew away!

Next, his figure vanished from the cliff, and a furious roar rang out, causing Qin Mu's ears to ring as his qi and blood churned!

After the roar, the divine light in the sky suddenly fell back and returned to the valley like a tide, disappearing into the mountains.

The basin instantly fell silent.

Qin Mu panted heavily. This arrow had almost exhausted all of his cultivation, and his magic power could only release one arrow. He didn't have enough power to fire a second arrow.

Suddenly, Apothecary stood on the dragon qilin's back and appeared in the sky above the valley. He threw down a basket and said with a smile, "Mu'er, I've finished refining some spirit pills. They were made from spirit herbs that were collected from the big black wood. I don't know if they are poisonous, so I'll let you test them! Don't eat them to death!"

Qin Mu caught the basket, and it was filled with spirit pills. The spirit pills were sparkling and translucent, and every spirit pill had a Dao chime.

Qin Mu was moved. Apothecary must have gone back to gather herbs to refine spirit pills. He must have refined so many spirit pills in such a short time for him to use.

He consumed a spirit pill and immediately felt the surging medicinal energy dissolving and his vital qi surging.

Qin Mu immediately executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and walked around the top of the cliff. His speed became faster until his body transformed into a flowing light that circled around the top of the cliff!

His Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was different from the rest. The best way to cultivate wasn't through meditation, but through exercise.

The medicinal energy in his body had yet to be completely refined, and his vital qi had yet to completely recover. Suddenly, divine light spewed out from the valley once again, and it was even more vast than before!

Qin Mu was astonished. "So fast?"

The egg of Tai Shi suddenly said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, I think we should go somewhere else!"

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he immediately lifted the egg of Tai Shi into the air, landing on another cliff.

The broken mountain he had chosen earlier was actually the best place to face the split roots of the World Tree. He could easily see everything in the valley.

The cliff they were on was slightly inferior.

Just as he moved to another cliff, the skinny figure appeared on the opposite cliff again. Qin Mu grabbed a bunch of spirit pills and stuffed them into his mouth, immediately bending his bow to count.

Right at this moment, a beam of light shot out from the cliff. With a loud rumble, the broken mountain where Qin Mu had been turned into powder from the violent tremors!

Qin Mu felt his blood run cold.

He had once tested the strength of the broken mountain. Even with his full strength, he was unable to cut the broken mountain. He didn't expect the strong practitioners of the previous universe to shatter the broken mountain with a strike from another universe!

His heart was still palpitating with fear. If it wasn't for the egg of Tai Shi's reminder, he would probably have turned into powder just like that mountain!

"…Eight, nine, ten!"

Qin Mu shot out another arrow!

A furious roar came from the cliff. The strong practitioner who had tried to climb from the previous universe to this era was shot back to his own era by his arrow!

Qin Mu panted heavily and endured the spasms in his muscles. He immediately ran and executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

When he recovered a little, he immediately moved to another mountain peak.

Tai Shi said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, the height of this mountain is similar to the one just now. It's very dangerous."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. He rose into the sky and brought the egg of Tai Shi to a higher mountain peak.


The abnormalities in the valley reappeared, and a fan-shaped rainbow light suddenly shone from the cliff, flattening the mountains in the surroundings!

The mountain Qin Mu was on was severed in half!


Qin Mu shot out an arrow and shot that terrifying existence back to his era!

An incomparably furious voice came from the cliff as it roared continuously. It was obvious that it was abnormally furious.

"Dao Brother Tai Shi, you are truly experienced!"

Qin Mu couldn't help exclaiming in admiration, "What's the next step?"

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