Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1282 - Joining Forces

The mountain range in the valley had been shaved by that terrifying existence, and the next attack would probably be even sharper.

"Where's your lantern?"

Tai Shi said, "That existence's cultivation is extremely terrifying. His next attack will be even more ruthless and will cover the entire valley. There's no place for you in this valley, only that lantern can be hidden."

Qin Mu acknowledged and took out Celestial Venerable Yue's lantern, hanging it on a cliff.

Indeed, with this lantern, no matter how that terrifying existence attacked, it couldn't hit Qin Mu's body.

In the valley, Qin Mu shot out arrow after arrow, forcing that terrifying existence back to his era again. Even with Apothecary's spirit pills, he still couldn't hold on.

The skin on his arms exploded, and all the muscles in his body were almost shattered by the recoil from the arrow. His bones cracked again!

Every time he raised his divine bow, he felt his muscles trembling and his bones groaning.

He was practically persisting with his own willpower!

Tai Shi's egg also sensed that Qin Mu's condition was very bad, and it was secretly anxious. 'Why isn't Dao Brother Tai Yi here yet? Didn't he say he was coming?'

He was muddle-headed as he gritted his teeth to endure.

Finally, he was so tired that he couldn't lift the divine bow anymore. His legs went limp, and he almost knelt on the ground.

Qin Mu held onto the bow and struggled to stand up. The medicinal energy of the spirit pills in his body was currently being activated, but his body had already reached its limit. His primordial spirit was also muddle-headed, and his circulation of vital qi through Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was also very sluggish.

He panted heavily and took a break before standing up again.

"Mu'er, let us do it!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor led the past human emperors over, and Qi Kang helped him to the side. First Ancestor took the divine bow from his hands and said solemnly, "Blind just now… Blind helped us design a formation that could combine our power and gather it into one body. We have practiced for a long time, so pulling this bow shouldn't be a problem."

Qin Mu sat down and saw the dragon qilin rushing over with Apothecary. Apothecary put down a huge pill furnace with a thud and said solemnly, "Don't worry about getting injured, I'm here! As long as there's a piece of meat left, I can save all of you!"

Qin Mu's heart warmed, and he smiled at them, speechless.

First Ancestor and the past human emperors laughed loudly and laid down their formations. Everyone took their places, with First Ancestor as the leader.

First Ancestor raised his right arm and pulled the bow with all his might!

The past human emperors shouted in unison, and the celestial palaces behind them leaped out. Everyone's primordial spirits stood in the celestial palaces, either on the Jade Pavilion or in the halls!

None of the celestial palaces were repeated!

Qin Mu's eyes lit up when he saw this, and he muttered, "Maybe after I finish eating Disabled Elderly Village, I can still eat the human emperor of the older generation…"

First Ancestor Human Emperor's celestial palace also appeared on its own. The celestial palaces of the past human emperors were magnificent. They were connected together, and the Great Dao interweaved with each other. It was actually going to form a grand occasion of the celestial heavens!

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently. This was a formation that Blind had created. The formation wasn't to set up formations for everyone's movement techniques, but to set up formations according to the techniques of the past human emperors, and to set up formations according to their celestial palaces!

Blind's formation was to fuse their celestial palaces together to form a celestial heavens!

The past human emperors each had their own strengths. With over thirty human emperors and First Ancestor, it was enough to form a system of the great celestial heavens!

Of course, Blind's current formation was still very rough in Qin Mu's eyes. However, it had just taken shape, and there were still many problems to solve.

However, this kind of formation had already started to show its beginning and end. In the future, if it was continuously perfected, it would definitely evolve into a unique formation that had never been seen before!

At that time, Blind would be worthy of being the number one in formation skills!

First Ancestor Human Emperor shouted and shot out an arrow. The skinny figure in the cliff had just stretched out his palm when he was shot back!

However, the past human emperors had also suffered the backlash from the divine bow. Their qi and blood churned from the tremors, and crackling sounds came from their bodies. Human Emperor Lan Po and the rest had weaker corporeal bodies, and their skin had even exploded from the impact of the divine bow, causing blood to flow out from the corners of their mouths.

Qin Mu was so powerful, yet he couldn't withstand it, let alone them.

Apothecary swam around quickly and handed spirit pills and miraculous medicines to everyone. He said solemnly, "Don't worry, he won't die. You guys hurry up and activate the medicinal energy, prepare for the next attack!"

Everyone silently refined the medicinal energy and waited for the second confrontation.

They had originally seen how easy it was for Qin Mu to force back the skinny figure in the stone wall, but only when they truly got started did they know how terrifying the pressure Qin Mu was enduring was.

Soon after, divine light rushed into the heavens in this valley, becoming even more terrifying!

First Ancestor Human Emperor led the past human emperors to pull the divine bow again to intercept that terrifying existence, shooting him back into his era again.

Finally, the past human emperors couldn't hold on anymore and collapsed one after another. Even First Ancestor Human Emperor couldn't hold on.

Jiang Yunjian led many juniors over and bowed. "Godfather, let us try."

Qin Mu shook his head and stood up shakily. He said indifferently, "Yunjian, even though you guys are very strong, when facing such an existence, you guys don't have any strength at all. Go down."

Jiang Yunjian and the rest had ashamed expressions. Qin Mu recovered some strength and was about to pull the divine bow back when Apothecary suddenly said with a smile, "Mu'er, let us be the ones to deal with such an existence. You are also a junior, it's time for us old fellows to make a move."

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows and was about to speak when Blind and Mute walked over from the left and right. Apothecary followed them.

The three of them gathered together and lowered their heads to discuss.

Blind frowned and said, "Will it work? If I had Butcher's knife or Village Chief's sword, I would be at ease. With just Mute's hammer, I feel it's very difficult."

Mute was furious and sneered. "In terms of cultivation, no matter if it's a butcher or a sword user, they are inferior to me!"

"But their attack power far surpasses yours."

Blind showed no mercy and said, "Your forging celestial palace isn't as effective as Sword Celestial Palace and Knife Celestial Palace."

Apothecary said, "With my celestial palace of healing, your celestial palace of formations can be tested."

The three of them walked forward and came to the cliff. Apothecary's celestial palace appeared and took out all kinds of herbs. His primordial spirit was three thousand yards tall in the celestial palace, and he used the entire celestial palace as a pill furnace. He let the herbs he had found from the ancestral court fly around the celestial palace, and the medicinal energy interweaved.

After a moment, Apothecary finished refining the spirit medicine and smeared it on the stone wall. "As long as he's still a living being and not a manifestation of the Great Dao, he must fall for it! When his palm passed through the stone wall, the mechanism was destroyed, but his body couldn't sense it. This is the best time for you guys to chop off his hand! Blind, can you find the flaw in his palm?"

Blind's divine eyes lit up, and he said indifferently, "We have to find it no matter what! Long Tuo, we only have one chance!"

On his waist, Divine Spear Long Tuo flew up, and the black dragon trembled.

"The most crucial point is still Mute. Your hammer must shatter the bones of Blind's hand the instant he breaks his palm!"

Apothecary said ruthlessly, "He doesn't have hands, so even if he barges in, we can kill him together! First Ancestor, Yan'er, Fatty Dragon, if he really barges in, let's do it together!"

Everyone's blood boiled as they acknowledged.

The dragon qilin also put away the Glassy Sky Pagoda and carried it into the valley, ready to attack at any time.

A sigh came from the egg of Tai Shi, and the ancient god muttered, "This bunch of greenhorns don't know how terrifying that existence is… Why hasn't Dao Brother Tai Yi come yet?"

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