Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1283 - Tai Shi Strikes

Tai Shi waited anxiously in the egg. The round egg spun around, but there was no trace of Tai Yi. He thought to himself, 'Isn't he here to help? Should I slip…'

Apothecary and the rest were full of confidence and felt that they could fight against that strong practitioner from the previous universe. However, he knew how terrifying that person was.

When that person's divine bow landed in Qin Mu's hands, it could actually burst forth with the power of an Emperor's Throne treasure. The standard of Qin Mu's magic power was equivalent to that of a god on the Jade Capital Realm. Qin Mu's battle power was superior in his divine arts, paths, and skills, but his magic power wasn't at the level of Numinous Sky.

In other words, with the magic power of the Jade Capital Realm, the power of the divine bow could be raised to the level of an Emperor's Throne treasure. One could imagine how astonishing the full power of the divine bow would be when it exploded!

As the owner of the divine bow, how terrifying was the strength of the person?

Even if such an existence lost both of his arms, he would still be far from what everyone could match when he entered the valley. He would only be slaughtered!

Not even if they added the Tai Shi in the egg!

Although the egg of Tai Shi wanted to slip away, on second thought, it had nowhere to go in this world.

The Tai Shi Mine landed in Heavenly Lady Yan's hands, and the gate of the ancestral court was blocked by the ten Celestial Venerables. He couldn't even fly out of the ancestral court.

He was just an egg, where could he run to?

If he ran around, he might even be caught and eaten by those bastard void beasts.

Qin Mu had saved him from Clear Sun Hall, but wasn't the outside world a bigger cage?

Furthermore, if the strong practitioners of the previous universe ran out, could he really escape from this world?

Those prehistoric strong practitioners would probably be the first to get rid of the five precelestials and the other ancient gods!

"Tai Yi transcended, but it stayed here. It must have sensed the responsibility of us the Five Ancient Gods…"

He quieted down and had no intention of taking the chance to escape.

The phenomenon appeared again.

The existence from the previous universe was getting closer to the cliff. The instant his palm broke through the cliff, his skin started to fester, revealing his white bones.

However, the person in the cliff didn't sense Apothecary's poison. His arm was still stretched out.

Apothecary's poison had corroded the veins of his skin, the structure of his flesh, and invaded his bones. The intensity of this poison was something that even Qin Mu had never seen before.

Apothecary had indeed walked down an unprecedented path in the path of medicine!

Finally, one arm of the existence from the previous universe was completely stretched out. This arm that was stretched out had already turned into white bones.


Apothecary gave a shout, and Blind's tiny body trembled violently. Formation Celestial Palace appeared behind him, and a celestial river flowed out from it, piercing through the other divine treasures like a dragon coiling around his body!


Countless magnificent formation markings spread out in all directions with him as the center, and they were incomparably gorgeous. With the celestial palace as the starting point, those formation markings spread out layer after layer, and in a short period of time, they transformed into thirteen layers of formations of the heavens that affected the spirit energy of heaven and earth.

As a formation grandmaster, one couldn't use one's own cultivation as a benchmark to measure one's martial power. Formation grandmasters could make use of the right time and place to unleash even greater power!

Blind's attainments in formation skills had already surpassed Yan Yunxi unknowingly. Compared to the number one formation master of the celestial heavens, Han Tianjun, his formation skills weren't inferior at all. He even surpassed him in formation path!

After all, he had already reached the border of using formations to construct the celestial heavens!

"Long Tuo!"

Blind held the Black Dragon Divine Spear, and the thirteen heavens formation around him suddenly stood up. His eyes became incomparably bright as he looked at the arm through the thirteen heavens.

The black dragon divine spear in his hand moved and stabbed forward!

The dragon's roar reverberated throughout the valley!

Blind attacked with all his strength, and Divine Spear Long Tuo was as fast as the wind and lightning. In an instant, he had stabbed countless times. Ding, ding, ding, ding. He stabbed frantically at all parts of the skeleton arm.

With a series of cracking sounds, fine cracks appeared on the surface of the skeleton arm!

Even though Blind had mobilized the thirteenth heaven's formation and attracted the support of the spirit qi of heaven and earth, his aura was decreasing rapidly as he struck.

The decrease in his aura was terrifying!

At the same time, Mute gave a shout, and thunder exploded from the valley. It was deafening, and even the black trees and the hundred thousand black mountains could be heard clearly. The sound of thunder reverberated back and forth between the mountains.

In the valley, it was as if a sun was slowly rising, becoming brighter.

That was Mute's forging celestial palace, and it had blazing fire. In the blazing light, Mute's primordial spirit expanded from the celestial palace, and his body grew larger.

Meanwhile, Mute's corporeal body also expanded at the same time. He was originally an old blacksmith that looked like he had experienced the vicissitudes of life, but now his muscles were ferocious and his corporeal body was strong. His corporeal body and primordial spirit gradually overlapped!

In the flames, the giant raised his huge hammer, and the blazing firepower that was like the sun actually flowed into his huge hammer!

Mute smashed his hammer down, using microscopic forging and macroscopic forging!

Who said that blacksmiths could only forge?

Not only could Mute forge, he could also use incomparably violent methods to destroy other people's divine weapons!

For forging, he was a great master. For destroying divine weapons, he was also a great master!

His forging celestial palace was complete, and to others, he was a walking human-shaped weapon!

Destroying a divine weapon was even harder than destroying a corporeal body. Under his hammer, there was nothing that couldn't be broken!


When his hammer landed, that arm instantly shattered, and countless shattered bones flew in all directions. Following that, the shattered bones continued to shatter under his terrifying strike. It was as though there were countless invisible giants wielding iron hammers, meticulously smashing every particle of the shattered bones!

The hammer landed on the ground, and the valley shook violently.

Mute raised his hammer and revealed a delighted expression. At the same time, Apothecary and Blind couldn't help smiling.

They had finally succeeded!

However, the next moment, their smiles froze on their faces.

Even though the skinny figure on the cliff had both his arms broken, he was still walking forward. His face and one leg had already stepped out of the cliff!

That face revealed an incomparably furious expression, and it started to fester. That was the effect of Apothecary's poison.

The leg he took out from the stone wall was also festering, revealing white bones. Apothecary's poison was too fierce. Not only did it attack the corporeal body and destroy the bodily functions, but it was also targeted at his cultivation, causing the Great Dao he had cultivated to disintegrate. The Dao chains broke, the Dao markings disintegrated, and the runes split into tiny particles that couldn't be separated.

However, his abilities were too strong, and his face soon stopped festering. The poison on his leg was also forced out of his body.

Blind tried his best to stab Divine Spear Long Tuo into the ground, and formation markings burst forth. He pulled out Long Tuo and pulled Apothecary back with one hand while Mute also retreated.

At the same time, Yan'er carried Celestial Venerable Yue's lantern and walked past them, activating the power of the lantern.

The dragon qilin spun the Glassy Sky Pagoda, and the heavens of the pagoda opened up. The dazzling treasures in the heavens were like stars that gradually lit up.

The heavens rose and swept up everyone in the valley.

The eyes of that skinny figure became incomparably bright. His head had already left the stone wall, and the shadow of a bow appeared on the stone wall behind him.

The shadow pulled back the bow and arrow. Even though it was a shadow, it gave off a heaven overflowing power!

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