Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1286 - The Terrifying Ancestral Court

Qin Mu bowed in thanks.

He had come in anger, but now his anger had completely vanished.

"Dao Brother Tai Yi, the strong practitioners of the previous universe weren't difficult to deal with. Do you have to be so careful?"

He voiced the doubts in his heart and said, "From the abilities of that strong practitioner, even though they are exquisite, they are still slightly inferior to the abilities of the ten Celestial Venerables."

"That's because he hasn't recovered to his peak state. When he's back to his peak state, his abilities aren't inferior to the ten Celestial Venerables."

The youth said, "Furthermore, he isn't the strongest existence in the previous universe. In the previous universe, there were existences stronger than him. These existences imprinted their Dao skills in the Ultimate Void and are undying and indestructible. Only when the universe is destroyed can they die. These existences are even stronger than the current ten Celestial Venerables."

Qin Mu shuddered.

"Do you know what's under this tree root?"

The youth said with a smile, "You only saw one vein of ore. This hundred thousand black mountains and sixteen rings of year can only be found in the outermost layer. There are thousands of veins."

He stopped Qin Mu and stretched a finger into the bucket, holding a crystal clear drop of water with his fingertip. "You have the strongest divine eye, but you still can't unleash the power of the Grand Primordium, Taiji, and Earth Count. This drop of water can let you see the situation underground."

He dripped the drop of water into the vertical eye in the heart of Qin Mu's brows, and Qin Mu felt his eyes brighten up. The Great Dao contained in the Taiji Origin Stone and the Tai Chu Egg instantly became incomparably clear and cheerful!

Even on the Qin word land, numerous Great Dao of Youdu appeared, and they spread out like the membrane of the pupil!

He looked underground and instantly saw the outermost layer of the hundred thousand black mountains. There were incomparably thick mines that were attached to the roots of the World Tree. Some mines weren't far from the surface, while some were buried deep underground!

Those mines were like the roots of the World Tree, extending in all directions. The further down they went, the older they became!

In the mine, all kinds of multicolored lights flowed and surged. It was even a little dazzling!

Qin Mu's voice was hoarse. "What's in the mine?"

"Didn't you already meet him?"

The young man said leisurely, "The ore veins on the outside are the strong practitioners of the previous universe. They wanted to come here and infiltrate their weapons or Great Dao first. Over time, they formed ore veins under the black wood. The one you met last night was just a small fry. The real big shots are still behind. Look at the other rings of the World Tree."

Qin Mu did as he was told and looked at the second cycle of the hundred thousand black mountains. He saw that there were also mines that led in all directions underground, but most of them were already empty!

Those mines became mine after mine, and even though the number of mines wasn't as high as the outermost area, there were still one to two thousand.

He then looked at the third ring of the year. There were also mines that had been emptied out, and the number was much lesser.

The closer they got to the inner area of the World Tree, the fewer mines there were. There was no mine in the center of the circle, and there was only one mine in the outer layer.

This showed that in the original universe, a strong practitioner had come to the next universe through the World Tree, raising this wave of sneaking through, causing the strong practitioners of the universe to imitate him.

In the end, when they reached this universe, thousands of mines were formed, and thousands of undying and indestructible experts were smuggled in.

"They are parasites."

The youth said too easily, "However, there are some abnormally terrifying existences among them. If I wasn't forced, I wouldn't have severed the World Tree and burned it. Even so, I can only delay them temporarily and can't stop them from descending."

Qin Mu clenched his fists and suddenly loosened them. "It might not be a bad thing for them to come in. Everyone has the instinct to survive. These people have experienced the destruction of the universe, so they might be easy to talk to and shouldn't be reckless."

"You're wrong again."

The youth said too easily, "The reason why I said they are parasites is because of this. Look at the first cycle of the World Tree, it has experienced 800 billion years. And at the outermost cycle, there are only 600 million years left, and each cycle is fewer than the previous one. It's these damned existences that are not dead, that are causing the new universe to be destroyed even faster."

Qin Mu fell silent.

The youth continued, "I call a universe year an era. If all the undying old monsters squeezed into one era, the new era would definitely not be able to withstand it. For example, in order to enter this place, they used the World Tree to steal the ancient behemoths here and created void beasts to throw in. They used the void beasts to create death and steal the mass energy of this universe, making it convenient for them to enter this era."

Qin Mu was astonished. 'The void beasts were created by them? Wait a minute, the void beasts were created by them, so how did they fall into the Grand Emperor's control? Could the Grand Emperor…'

"The Grand Emperor is an ambitious person. The existence of the last era was merely using his ambition to control the void beasts and create more deaths so that they could descend earlier."

The young Taiyi said, "The Grand Emperor didn't know about this. He was conquered by his own desires and became fearful of his own people. He was worried that his people would create a new Grand Emperor and more Grand Emperors. Thus, he controlled the void beasts to kill his own people. That massacre…"

He shook his head. "The ancestral court was almost destroyed because of this. The undying monsters of the last era received enough sacrifices, and the 100,000 mountains of the black wood became an incomparably terrifying place. They are all about to descend!"

Qin Mu deeply felt the fear from his soul.

Last night, just a terrifying existence preparing to descend had almost wiped out their entire army. If even more powerful undying existences descended together…

He didn't dare to imagine that scene.

"Later, I saw the situation collapse and transformed into the Dao, telling all the ancient gods that they had to destroy the masters of creation. If they didn't, the entire universe would be destroyed."

The youth Tai Yi said plainly, "The ancient gods Tai Chu, Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and Mother Earth heard my call. The war between the masters of creation and the ancient gods erupted because of this."

Qin Mu stared at him with his eyes wide open.

"The battlefield isn't in the ancestral court, but in the starry sky of the outside world. I'm afraid that the dead will become nutrients for the big black tree. The ferocity of that battle is number one in history. Any battle after that, even if it's the combined battle of Dragon Han, the battle of Crimson Light's destruction, or the battle of High Emperor's annihilation, will be far inferior."

The youth said indifferently, "In the end, the masters of creation were defeated, and the remaining masters of creation moved to the Great Void. I told Tai Chu and the rest that there was a great terror in the ancestral court and that they couldn't enter. I told them to seal the ancestral court. They left the sacred ground and sealed the ancestral court, imprisoning the void beasts. I was the only one left here. I used hundreds of thousands of years to seal the undying existences, preventing them from entering the ancestral court."

Qin Mu was silent for a moment before saying, "Until Founding Emperor split open the celestial heavens and caused a crack to appear in the seal."

The young Tai Yi nodded and said, "When the nine Celestial Venerables descended and the Grand Emperor once again controlled the void beast to massacre a hundred thousand black mountains, the seal loosened again. The underground mine wasn't dug by you, and the divine bow wasn't taken by you. However, you shouldered the responsibility and took the initiative to face the existence of the previous era. Therefore, I think…"

He paused for a moment. "As the owner of the hundred thousand black mountains, you can carry even more."

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