Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 129 - Sword God Hidden Light

The scholars all around were in shock. The scholar who had said about the rotting smell was even astonished. Never would they have thought that the young man and woman who were dancing earlier had turned so ruthless in an instant. That young man in embroidered clothes had directly smashed that young woman into the brass pillar. The sight was so savage that a psychological trauma was left in everyone's heart!

Not long after, Chen Wanyun walked over and he gave a smack with his palm on the brass pillar. The pillar trembled violently and Yue Qinghong who was embedded in it fell out like she had got an electric shock. She then covered her face and left.

The young woman's face was all badly battered and she couldn't face the world.

She could have left the pillar by herself but because there scholars crowding around outside, she felt that she would lose face, therefore, she had remained in the pillar a while more and planned to leave when there were lesser people. Unexpectedly, more and more people came.

Chen Wan Yun came to the wolf slave who was nailed by the knives and pulled out both magic knives to free wolf slave. He then jumped off the jade cliff and took off his outer shirt to cover it on Monk Yun Que. Once he was done, he then woke him up.

Yun Que looked at his remaining white short pants and immediately knew after he was knocked out, he was plundered by that youth called Qin Mu. She couldn't help feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

The value of his white Buddhist robe was extraordinary and even more valuable than normal spirit weapons. Yun Que had to sell all the valuables he had to accumulate enough money to buy himself a Buddhist robe, yet it ended up getting stolen by Qin Mu.

Not long later, Chen Wanyun, Yun Que, Yue Qinghong and wolf slave were gathered back together. Chen Wanyun smiled, "Junior brother, junior sister, how's Qin Mu's ability?"

Yue Qinghong snorted coldly, "You didn't have the confidence to beat him, that's why you had let us be the vanguard to test out his ability? Big brother, aren't you a little too cunning?"

Chen Wanyun replied indifferently, "All's fair in war, this is what I've learned on the battlefield. I also learn that know yourself and know your enemy to emerge victorious in every battle, without knowing his weakness, I'll not make a move recklessly. Both your abilities are not weaker than mine and since you are unable to win him, it would be hard for me as well, therefore I can only find his weakness. If even I lose as well, then he would become the big brother of our Scholar's Residence and become the face of us."

Yun Que was more acceptive and asked, "Big brother, what did you observe?"

"His spells, cultivation, moves, battle awareness, techniques and thinking are all first class!"

Chen Wanyun continued, "He contested his palm strength with you. You cultivate Buddhism and have an extremely dense cultivation. The divine arts of Buddhism have an astonishing defense yet they crumbled under his palm strength. This means the strength of his cultivation is even higher than yours! Wolf slave's cultivation is also extremely dense and knife skills are the slaughtering technique in the battlefields; however, he couldn't do anything to him and instead lost in three moves. This means his battle awareness and moves are also top class! And to defeat Junior Sister Yue, he relied on his techniques and thinking.When Junior Sister Yue was checking on wolf slave's injuries, he quietly got close and made junior sister miss her chance, making you have no choice but to dance together with him closely and fell into his trap."

Yue Qinghong got reminded of the situation where she had to closely stick to Qin Mu and her face turned slightly red as she gave a cold snort.

Chen Wanyun continued, "He used his sword extremely fast to hurt Daoist Ling Yun, disgracing him in front of the palace hall. This means his sword skill is then the strongest. Furthermore, he had defeated over a dozen scholars in Scholar's Residence by using spells to control their consciousness, thus he's proficient in spells as well. There's almost no weakness that could be found on this person."

Yun Que and Yue Qinghong became the more astonished the more they heard. Even though Yue Qinghong had asked around the moves Qin Mu had used to defeat the scholars and wanted to achieve "know yourself and know your enemy", she still hadn't understood as much as Chen Wanyun did."

Chen Wanyun had been sitting in the position of big brother for the past few years, he definitely didn't have an undeserved reputation.

"How are we going to defeat such a perfect person with no weakness?" Yun Que mumbled.

Chen Wanyun said indifferently, "This concerns the face of our Scholar's Residence, the face of our Imperial College, the face of us Eternal Peace Empire's scholars, therefore he must lose no matter what! He is an abandoned person who walked out from Great Ruins. If he doesn't lose, hehe, doesn't it mean that our Eternal Peace Empire's scholars are inferior to an abandoned person?"

His spirit roused as he said slowly, "He has no weakness in all those aspects so I racked my brains and tried to search for a weakness of his technique… and I found it."

Yun Que and Yue Qinghong's hearts shook and they both looked at him.

Chen Wanyun smiled slightly, "I found the weakness in his technique. When he executed his technique while fighting you, there was a trace of weakness that was almost undetectable when he circulated his vital qi. That's where his weakness is. I still need to observe him for a period of time to know the exact location of his weakness."

Yue Qinghong also accepted wholeheartedly and sighed, "There's a reason why we had lost to you for the past few years. You are really a step higher compared to us."

Chen Wanyun smiled, "I wouldn't have improved this fast without you. The momentum of your catching up forced me to put in all my efforts to cultivate. When I discover the exact location of his weakness, I will make my move and defeat him openly in front of all the scholars of Imperial College to protect the reputation of us Eternal Peace Empire's scholars!"

As Qin Mu walked along Scholar's Residence, all the scholars looked terrified. It was evident that many people had already seen the scenario that Qin Mu smashed Yue Qinghong in the brass pillar and nailed the wolf slave to the mountain rock. He reckoned that some of them might even have heard the news that he knocked Yun Que out and threw him at the bottom of the cliff.

Two of the three biggest experts of Scholar's Residence had already been badly beaten by the abandoned person of Great Ruins. Other than Chen Wanyun, who else could be Qin Mu's opponent?

Qin Mu pushed open the door and walked into his house. After that, a little fox's head popped out and shouted, "Is there anyone who still wants these sword cases? If no one wants them, I'm going to sell them to the capital city."

"Wait a moment!"

A scholar immediately shouted, "Wait a moment, I want to buy back my sword case!"

"And me, don't sell it, I'll come to redeem it when I save enough money!"

"Little fox, my monthly allowance for this month has not yet arrived. Can you accommodate me and let me have my sword case back first?"

"In that case, you will have to write a certificate of indebtedness and take the certificate back when you have the money."


Hu Ling'er finished dealing with the sword cases and grabbed a few certificates of indebtedness back into the house, "Young master, can you check if these certificates of indebtedness are written correctly? I can't read."

Qin Mu seemed to be smiling yet not smiling at the same time, "You can't read and you dared to accept certificates of indebtedness? These certificates of indebtedness are correct, you'll just have to keep them well.

Hu Ling'er was very happy and hurriedly kept the certificates of indebtedness in a hole in the wall.

Qin Mu called her over and said, "There are still two days away from the start of school so I shall teach you Spirit Creation Technique."

Hu Ling'er immediately sat down properly and Qin Mu began to explain Spirit Creation Technique. Spirit Creation Technique was the last writing among the Seven Creation Writings. This technique could be both cultivated by humans and by demons. After studying Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures for these few days, Qin Mu discovered Spirit Creation Technique was more suitable for demons to cultivate.

Learning from Deaf, he had read a copious amount of books and literature. What Deaf had taught him was not only Ruism, there was also all kinds of ancient poems and was extremely hard to pronounce. However, because of this, it was much easier for Qin Mu to comprehend other scriptures.

Qin Mu tried his best to simplify his explanation and make it easier for the little fox to understand the scripture. Seven Creation Writings belonged to the top tier techniques in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures and Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was a technique that could turn one into god or devil, and it was the supreme holy bible of Heavenly Devil Cult. Spirit Creation Technique was included in it, so the marvel of this technique was evident.

For the next two days, Qin Mu simplified the complicated technique and taught it to Hu Ling'er. In two days, Hu Ling'er was already able to master the basics of this technique and to try to refine her spirit embryo.

The original purpose of this creation technique was to change the spirit embryo. If one was a Black Tortoise Spirit Body, his spirit embryo would be a Black Tortoise Spirit Embryo, and by cultivating the Spirit Creation Technique, one could change their Black Tortoise Spirit Embryo into White Tiger Spirit Embryo or other spirit embryos, even the attribute of the vital qi would change accordingly as well. Thus this technique was thought as a top class technique in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures.

Of course, every technique in Seven Creation Writings was incomparably magical and it was not only limited to Spirit Creation Technique.

The reason why Qin Mu had felt that Spirit Creation Technique was more suitable for demons was mainly because demons and strange beasts like Hu Ling'er and devil ape had no spirit embryos nor divine treasures.

Since they didn't have them, they could only create them by themselves.

Now that Hu Ling'er was cultivating Spirit Creation Technique, she could have her own spirit embryo and even change the form of her spirit embryo.

Two days later, Imperial College finally started.

Qin Mu and the other newly entered scholars follow the directorate to the warehouse to pick up their own sword cases, pills, attires, pill furnaces, jade, brushes, ink, and tablets. There was also a sack of money which was said to be the official's salary; however, Qin Mu heard from the scholars that it was the monthly allowance and could be collected once every month. Even though it wasn't much and only had a dozen coins, it was substantial to the commoners.

As long as one became a scholar of Imperial College, he would already be an eight ranking official, therefore, the imperial court had to pay him salary.

Qin Mu picked up his items and then came to the front of Hall of Supreme Learning. The young patriarch was giving a speech which was nothing more than to motivate scholars to cultivate and study hard.

Qin Mu placed items back into his room and followed the other new scholars to the Hall of Hidden Light for a lecture. There were also royalties that had come to seek knowledge. As Qin Mu looked around, he saw a familiar young lady who was winking at him. However, when she met other people's gazes, that young lady would become aloof.

"Seventh sister, what are you doing?" That young lady was Ling Yuxiu and a prince beside her frowned slightly and asked softly when he saw her looking towards Qin Mu from time to time.

Hall of Hidden Light. A man wearing long and black garment knelt with a horizontal sword in front of his knees. He was the directorate of Hall of Hidden Light. His gaze was as sharp as a sword and he gave all the scholars a look. When his gaze landed on Qin Mu, the corners of his eyes twitched. He gave a speech that was neither too slow nor too fast, "Hall of Hidden Light is the Hall of Sword Learning. What is Hidden Light? The saint had said: I have three swords, you can choose any one of them, however, they can't kill. The first one is called Hidden Light, hidden from sight, hidden from use. Even when you touch, you can feel nothing, passing through objects without objects noticing. This is the origin of Hidden Light. When one reaches this realm, he would become sword god."

Qin Mu was astonished and he muttered in his heart, "This directorate is the Sword Hall Master of our sacred cult…"

Sword Hall Master was in black and had a towering figure and looked very arrogant. When he was blown away by a stab from Qin Mu, he couldn't even execute his moves.

However, Qin Mu felt odd. This Imperial College was the sacred place of Eternal Peace Empire after all, how did they even recruit the hall master of Heavenly Devil Cult?

After Sword Hall Master talked about the origin of Hall of Hidden Light, he continued, "Sword, when is cultivated to the realm of Hidden Light, it has reached an excellent realm, the supreme realm, therefore it is known as Dao sword. And in the world today, only one or two people have reached this step and there's only one who is known as Hidden Light Sword God. I'm not nearly as good as him. All of you are scholars from all over the land. You should set the highest realm of sword skill as your goal and shouldn't even slack a day. Today I will teach you the foundation of sword skills, the most basic sword moves like stab, flick, smear, and wave."

The scholars in the hall were all incomparably astonished. Instead of teaching profound sword moves, The Hall of Hidden Light in Imperial College was going to teach the basic foundation of sword skills. Was there a need for them to come to Imperial College to learn the basic foundation of sword skills?

Sword Hall Master said solemnly, "Don't despise the foundation of sword skills. If your foundation isn't solid, all the fancy and marvelous sword moves you learn will be useless. Three years ago I met a little child who was only eleven to twelve years old. He had an incomparably solid foundation and when I contested with him in Spirit Embryo Realm, he defeated me with just a wooden sword. It was then I realized the importance of the foundation of sword skills."

A commotion broke out within the scholars in the hall and a scholar muttered, "To be able to defeat teacher with a wooden sword, is this child a sword god?"

Sword Hall Master shook his head, "Not yet, this child is only fifteen years old now. It's impossible for him to reach the realm of sword god."

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