Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1290 - Evil Mother Earth

Heavenly Lady Yan's gaze flickered. "I want my corporeal body back first. You can give me Hao'er's blood after you get the Origin Stone!"

Qin Mu immediately took out Celestial Empress' coffin and placed it in front of Heavenly Lady Yan.

Heavenly Lady Yan waved her sleeves, and the coffin lid opened. She examined her body from head to toe.

Other than Celestial Empress' corporeal body, the other body inside was Jue Wuchen's corporeal body, the woman that Celestial Emperor Tai Chu had died for.

Qin Mu had given Jue Wuchen's corporeal body to her because he had ill intentions. His intention was to provoke conflict between her and Celestial Venerable Xiao.

Heavenly Lady Yan was well aware of this, but her conflict with Celestial Emperor Tai Chu was irreconcilable. Having Jue Wuchen's corporeal body was just icing on the cake for her.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, which hand of yours touched my body?" Heavenly Lady Yan suddenly asked.

Qin Mu was astonished. Suddenly, a ray of light flashed past, and Qin Mu's wrists broke!

"Which hand is no longer important."

Heavenly Lady Yan said indifferently, "Just chop both of them together. I hate smelly men touching my body, except for pretty men."

Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique with a black face, and two new palms grew out.

"There's really no sense of achievement in chopping off your hand."

Heavenly Lady Yan admired the two beauties in the coffin and said leisurely, "You can enter the mine anytime to excavate the raw stones. After you die, I will enter the mine to take Hao'er's blood and other treasures from you."

Qin Mu said solemnly, "I need to prepare for a period of time. Every mine is incomparably dangerous. If I don't make sufficient preparations, entering it will be suicide!"

"Up to you."

Heavenly Lady Yan's thoughts suddenly entered Jue Wuchen's body. The beautiful woman in the emperor's coffin walked out of the coffin, looking like a young Lang Wo. Her every action was soul-stirring.

Heavenly Lady Yan controlled Jue Wuchen to spin in front of Qin Mu. Her dance was as light as a swallow, and her figure was alluring.

"Does it look good?" Her gaze was indescribably charming, and her voice was filled with tenderness.

Qin Mu stared straight at it and blurted out without thinking, "Nice!"

"Stupid man!"

Heavenly Lady Yan suddenly retracted her thoughts and said coldly, "None of them are good!"

Qin Mu was astonished. This Heavenly Lady Yan's character was truly strange. The thoughts of this woman were completely unfathomable.

Just as he was about to walk out of the main hall of the side palace, a small general with silver armor and a silver spear walked in. He was handsome and looked at Qin Mu alertly before giving a snort.

Qin Mu smiled. "Little Seven."

The small general suddenly transformed into a white cat and ran past him. He leaped up, and Heavenly Lady Yan opened her arms. The white cat jumped into Heavenly Lady Yan's embrace and arched its back. "Goddess, I have already found some clues regarding these huge beasts."

He didn't continue and looked at Qin Mu with alertness.

Heavenly Lady Yan took a glance at Qin Mu, but he had no intention of leaving. Instead, he stopped, and his ears grew bigger. It was obvious he didn't want to miss out on anything interesting.

"Little Seven, Celestial Venerable Mu isn't an outsider. Please continue," Heavenly Lady Yan said.

When the white cat heard this, it couldn't help showing hostility towards Qin Mu. The fur on its tail stood up, and it gave off a threatening whine. It then said, "I found some scattered sacrificial altars in the ancestral court. These sacrificial altars are used to sacrifice and forcefully pull the huge beasts that live on the backs of the various worlds into the ancestral court. Even though the sacrificial altars are hidden, I still found some of them. On the sacrificial altar is the aura left behind by an old acquaintance of Goddess. Does Goddess still remember the massacre in Xuandu?"

Heavenly Lady Yan's heart stirred, and she nodded gently.

"Xuandu massacre?"

Qin Mu's interest grew, and he asked curiously, "What is the Xuandu massacre?"

The white cat rolled its eyes at him, not planning to tell him.

Heavenly Lady Yan said, "The tragedy in Xuandu happened six years ago. Six years ago, Mother Earth massacred Xuandu and killed countless gods and devils that resided on Heaven Duke's body. She even destroyed countless god cities of all sizes. Great Sun Sovereign was also severely injured by Mother Earth and almost couldn't escape. Ancestral God King was furious and flew into a rage. He wanted to kill his father at that time, but of course, he only said it and didn't really make a move."

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open. There was actually such a thing?

He actually missed such an interesting thing!

"The Xuandu massacre was done by Mother Earth. Ancestral God King originally planned to use two hundred years to complete Heaven Duke's Great Dao, but there are still 180 years left. He can't wait that long."

Heavenly Lady Yan said, "Little Seven, in that case, Mother Earth has infiltrated this place? She's still alive."

The white cat said, "It's Mother Earth. I smelled her scent on those sacrificial altars. Even though her abilities aren't at the peak, she's still very strong. I wanted to track her, but I didn't dare to go too close for fear of being detected by her, so I came back to report this matter to Goddess."

"You were right not to continue tracking him."

Heavenly Lady Yan said, "You didn't see the scene of the massacre in Xuandu. If you did, you wouldn't dare to go near her again. Xuandu is very big, not inferior to Youdu. Countless rays of light formed Heaven Duke's body, and on his body, there are countless Nightless Divine Cities. Countless gods live there. Those gods died in a day."

Her expression was calm as she said, "I went to see the miserable state there. All the gods had become dried corpses, and their qi and blood had been sucked out. Their primordial spirits had withered without any vitality. Only Great Sun Sovereign was fast and escaped. The evil Mother Earth is very terrifying."

Qin Mu couldn't help shuddering.

Heavenly Lady Yan said, "Mother Earth has already embarked on a path of evil. She came to the ancestral court with great plans. Back then, as Mother Earth, she was the controller of those huge beasts. Now that she has summoned those huge beasts, her goal is probably to recreate the glory of the past here. However…"

She shook her head. "Times are different now. The era that belongs to her has long passed. Celestial Venerable Mu, you've heard enough. Aren't you going to leave and prepare?"

Qin Mu bade farewell and walked out of the side palace.

The white cat said, "This brat…"

Heavenly Lady Yan pointed at the ground and said, "He's still listening."

The white cat immediately shut its mouth and saw a pair of hands on the ground. They were Qin Mu's hands, and they actually grew two ears!

At this moment, his ears seemed to have heard their words. His ears twitched, and the five fingers of the two hands actually flew up and down, escaping like a huge spider.

Heavenly Lady Yan waved her sleeves, and her hands turned into ashes. "He's already far away, you can continue."

The white cat said, "I've heard that Mother Earth was harmed so miserably by Celestial Venerable Mu. Celestial Venerable Mu seized her cultivation and transferred it to Venerable De. He then used a strange spell to destroy Mother Earth's heaven soul and earth soul. If news were to spread that Celestial Venerable Mu is here, then Mother Earth…"

Heavenly Lady Yan shook her head. "There's no need. He's planning to enter the mine to retrieve the original stone, so he will definitely die. Why do I need to trouble myself to inform Mother Earth? I'm also annoyed by Mother Earth's temperament."

The white cat had no choice but to stop talking and lay down in her arms to take a nap.

Qin Mu left Heavenly Lady Yan's territory, and the silent Tai Shi egg suddenly became restless. It grumbled, "Celestial Venerable Mu, why don't you just enter the mine to look for the raw stones? With me as the landlord, the mine won't be able to do anything to you!"

"If I don't make any preparations and enter the mine directly, Heavenly Lady Yan will suspect that I have full confidence in obtaining the Origin Stone and suspect that you are beside me."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "I'm taking a step back to advance, so she won't doubt me anymore. Also, during this period of time, I need to cultivate the path of Grand Primordium. Dao brother, you promised me that you would teach me the path of Grand Primordium. Now is the time."


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