Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1291 - The Dark Side Of The Ancestral Court

Without Celestial Venerable Yue's lantern, even if they used the teleportation divine art, they would still need several days to return to the hundred thousand black mountains of the black wood. Qin Mu simply found a divine mountain to stay in.

In the egg, Tai Shi taught him the Tai Shi Dao that he had comprehended. "Without fully absorbing the power of the Tai Shi mineral vein, even my understanding of my own Great Dao is incomplete. I'm a god born from the Dao of Tai Shi, but I'm not from the Dao of the Tai Shi. Only by completely absorbing the power of the Tai Shi's mineral vein and achieving true transcendence can I be considered a true Tai Shi. Otherwise, I would be no different from other ancient gods."

Even so, the Tai Shi Dao comprehended by the egg wasn't something that Qin Mu could match up to. Just the runes of the Tai Shi Dao alone couldn't be sorted out by Qin Mu.

He used the unchanging divine art runes to comprehend the Tai Shi runes, which only took up one-third of the true Tai Shi runes. There were also many mistakes.

Only after being taught by Tai Shi in the egg could he correct these mistakes.

The Dao of Tai Shi was extremely profound and difficult to comprehend. Even when Qin Mu executed the dream to enter the path and used countless of himself to comprehend it, his progress was slow.

Entering the path in the dream and transforming into countless dream worlds in the dream world. In the dream world, there were countless Qin Mus using their own intelligence to comprehend difficult problems.

This was Qin Mu's method that had always been successful. Even Brahma Buddha couldn't be envious and learn it.

However, he encountered a problem when comprehending the Dao of Tai Shi.

The most terrifying thing about comprehending the Dao of Tai Shi was the void transformation.

If one wasn't careful enough and entered the state of Dao comprehension, they would usually transform into the state of Taishi. They had a form but no substance. They had a form but no real body.

Even the primordial spirit, vital qi, consciousness, and thoughts would all fade away, leaving only the form without substance!

Even his consciousness would be gone!

Material things were not easy to restrain the path of consciousness. The path of Taishi countered the unchanging substance, so the path of consciousness had no power to resist it.

His dream worlds were destroyed by this strange comprehension and turned into nothingness. In the end, he couldn't even wake up from these dreams and his consciousness couldn't be retracted!

He couldn't help but feel a lingering fear. If it was his true body comprehending it, he would have probably turned into nothingness, becoming an ethereal object that had no desires.

He could only rely on entering the path in his dreams to slowly explore and comprehend it carefully. Even if he entered the path in his dreams, he had to arrange for some dreams to not comprehend the path of the Grand Prime. Instead, he had to guard the periphery and awaken himself in time to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control and dragging him into a state of Dao comprehension.

He comprehended for more than ten days. Even though his progress was slow, he gained quite a lot. Gradually, he was able to figure out the marvels of the Taishi Dao.

On this day, he was still dreaming when suddenly, tender green marks grew out from the rocks on this bare divine mountain. They were green grass and saplings.

The greenness gradually thickened, and the sapling also grew on its own. Qin Mu sensed something and immediately woke up from his dream.

The egg of Tai Shi was right beside him, and it became alert at this moment. The man and the egg stood on the mountaintop and looked around. The trees gradually grew taller, and the vegetation around the divine mountain also grew deeper.

The green color spread out at a speed visible to the naked eye like a plague, extending to both sides of the river and climbing up mountains.

Thick roots tunneled through the ground like earth dragons twisting their bodies. Occasionally, incomparably thick roots would pierce through the surface before slowly sinking back into the ground to hide their tracks.

"Mother Earth!"

Qin Mu had a grim expression. The evil Mother Earth had actually come to the ancestral court!

Mother Earth had many enemies, but when it came to the people she hated the most, Qin Mu would undoubtedly have a place!

'Even though her abilities aren't as strong as before, after the battle in Xuandu, she became evil and swallowed the essence of countless gods and devils. Her abilities now are probably far above mine!'

Qin Mu took in a deep breath and was about to tunnel into the void to hide when the ground at the foot of the mountain trembled slightly. Countless trees grew frantically on the ground, and the vines grew thicker. They crisscrossed like flood dragons and intertwined with the trees!

Soon, the forest at the foot of the mountain transformed into a huge sacrificial altar made of trees!

Qin Mu focused his gaze and looked over. The markings on every leaf on the green sacrificial altar formed a strange Great Dao of Yuandu!

And how many leaves were there to form this sacrificial altar?

It was his first time seeing such a complicated sacrificial altar!

What was even stranger was that what flowed in the trees and vines wasn't water, but divine blood!

The divine blood flowed in the tree branches, tree trunks, and vines, giving off divine light. It shone on the trees until they were almost transparent, giving off a strange atmosphere!

As the god's blood flowed, countless runes appeared on the tree branches, tree trunks, and vines. These runes became clearer and brighter.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he immediately put away the egg of Tai Shi. He leaped back and instantly vanished from the divine mountain, bringing it into the void.

His attainments in the Dao of Absolute Beginning were still much stronger than the Dao of Tai Shi, so it wasn't difficult for his corporeal body to escape into the void.

Just as he entered the void, the green sacrificial altar suddenly split open, and a woman slowly rose up.

The sacrificial altar closed and held the woman in the center of the sacrificial altar. That woman was none other than Mother Earth!

However, the current Mother Earth no longer had the bearing of the Mother Earth of the past. Instead, a murderous aura surrounded her body, and her killing intent was overflowing.

The baleful aura on her body was extremely dense. This was because too many vengeful spirits had died in her hands.

The vengeful spirits that had died were the gods that were stationed in Xuandu by the celestial heavens. However, Mother Earth knew nothing about the Great Dao of Youdu, so she couldn't dissolve the baleful aura.

The baleful aura would affect her judgment and her life.

Mother Earth stood on the sacrificial altar and immediately started casting her spell.

Qin Mu hid in the void and observed for a moment. Mother Earth's abilities had yet to recover. Her battle power should be equivalent to an Emperor's Throne Realm practitioner with six to seven celestial palaces. Of course, she was still an ancient god and had a portion of the Primordial Tree corporeal body.

However, her abilities couldn't be completely measured by the realm of divine treasures and celestial palaces.

Qin Mu observed in detail. Mother Earth's summoning sacrificial altar was similar to that of the masters of creation. The two were very similar, but Mother Earth's sacrificial altar was more complicated.

"Mother Earth studied the Great Dao of Yuandu very deeply. It should be the masters of creation who created the summoning altar. Mother Earth couldn't learn it because she was an ancient god, but she used the Great Dao of Yuandu to recalculate it."

Just as he thought until here, light suddenly flashed in the sky. Powerful primordial behemoths were summoned by her from the back of the world and descended on the ancestral court!

The huge beast that Mother Earth had summoned previously was only a young giant beast, but this time, the huge beast she had summoned was even bigger and stronger!

"What is Mother Earth trying to do?" Qin Mu was puzzled.

At this moment, the sky suddenly became incomparably dark. Qin Mu raised his head to look and saw that the sky was filled with huge scales. A head that looked like a dragon's head was summoned from the back of the world by Mother Earth!

"The three great ancient god kings, Divine King Bo's mount, Long Xiao, the overlord that lives in the darkness of the ancestral court, descend from that world!"

Mother Earth's voice rang out, and the sky became more turbulent. The huge dragon-headed beast slowly opened its eyes, making the sky incomparably bright. It was as if two suns had suddenly appeared!

Next, the tremors in the sky became more intense. Another incomparably huge head popped out, followed by a third, a fourth…

Nine heads filled the sky. Long Xiao's nine heads opened their eyes, and eighteen suns appeared in the sky, burning the mountains and rivers!

Qin Mu's scalp turned numb, and cold sweat rolled down his forehead. 'No wonder Bo Yang is the Count of the three primordial kings, and Shu Jun is Shu Jun. So Shu Jun is only the younger brother of the three kings…'

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