Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1292 - Long Xiao's Ridicule

Bo Yang's mount, Long Xiao, was a giant creature that was even larger and more terrifying than an adult void beast mother. The descent of such an existence caused the void Qin Mu was in to tremble violently. It was hard for him to fit in!

This was an unimaginably huge creature. If it was in the primordial era, it would probably be a god that the masters of creation would worship!

"There can't be such a powerful creature… No, there is!"

Qin Mu looked up at the dragon Xiao in a daze and muttered, "As long as the masters of creation worship the dragon Xiao like the Grand Emperor, they can make a behemoth like the dragon Xiao so powerful…"

At that moment, Divine King Shu Jun, who was far away in the black forest, suddenly felt something. He raised his head to look at the sky and revealed a look of astonishment.

"Bo Yang's mount, or rather, the guardian of the Wujia clan, Long Xiao…"

He muttered, "Isn't the Grand Primordial Creature second only to the Grand Emperor dead?"

It was the behemoth that he had dreamed of during the primordial era. However, he was ranked third among the three primordial kings, while Bo Yang was ranked first. This was because Bo Yang was the oldest, and he was also the first to discover the wondrous use of the Tai Chu Divine Stone.

Gong Yun was second. Divine King Gong Yun's Nü Xin Clan was a powerful race. Although Gong Yun's strength wasn't necessarily higher than Shu Jun's, she was a hero among the masters of creation.

It was reasonable for Shu Jun to be third.

Even though Shu Jun was very strong, in terms of strength and power, he couldn't be compared to the two of them. Even though he often bragged in front of Qin Mu, that was just bullying him for not knowing the history of the ancient primordial era.

When faced with the other two, he was still inferior.

He had always wanted to subdue Yang God King Bo's Long Xiao, but he knew that he couldn't beat Bo Yang or Long Xiao, so he could only choose the Bodhi Behemoth.

Now that he saw the dragon Xiao behemoth, his heart couldn't help but heat up.

'Bo Yang is dead, and Long Xiao has reappeared. Other than the Grand Emperor and Gong Yun, no one else can compete with me!'

He flew away from the black tree and headed straight for the place where Long Xiao had descended. His heart burned with passion. My chance has finally come!

At that moment, Heavenly Lady Yan was alarmed by the phenomenon brought by Long Xiao's descent. She walked out of the side palace and looked up at the behemoth descending from the sky. Her expression changed slightly.

"Long Xiao…"

"That bastard Mother Earth actually didn't kill Long Xiao. Instead, she hid this fierce god!"

She was furious, but at the same time, fear appeared on her face. During the battle between the ancient gods and the masters of creation, Celestial Empress' sister was in charge of dealing with Boyang, while Mother Earth was in charge of dealing with Long Xiao.

The sisters had stuffed Bo Yang into the abyss of the Ruins of End to refine him, and both his body and soul had been destroyed. Even the black soul sand no longer existed, and even Bo Yang's consciousness had been completely refined into ashes!

That battle was also extremely tough for them.

It was easy for Mother Earth to deal with Long Xiao. She told them that Long Xiao was dead.

Long Xiao was the most powerful behemoth during the primordial era. He could even be said to be an ancient god among behemoths, an ancient god that sacrificed to the gods like Mother Earth!

However, it was a war weapon created to deal with the ancient gods!

Even Celestial Empress' sister was fearful of this divine beast. Before the rise of the Grand Emperor, it was Sun God King Bo of the three primordial kings who ruled and enslaved the ancient gods, and he relied on Long Xiao.

This huge beast was the existence that had been sacrificed the longest. Its battle prowess had definitely reached the peak of that era!

More importantly, it could control all the strange beasts in the ancestral court other than the void beasts. Even Heaven Duke and Earth Count had to fear it!

Even Celestial Empress' sister couldn't make the abyss of the Ruins of End swallow it!

Back then, Divine King Bo even rode it down to the Ruins of End, entering deep into the abyss. Even the abyss couldn't do anything to it!

Until the Grand Emperor rose.

The Grand Emperor controlled Tai Chu, so Long Xiao couldn't do anything to Tai Chu. This allowed the Grand Emperor's race to grow stronger.

Unexpectedly, during the primordial war, Mother Earth had killed Long Xiao!

'Mother Earth is planning to keep it to deal with me and the other ancient gods. Her scheme has always been big!'

Heavenly Lady Yan stood in front of the palace and looked up at the nine incomparably huge dragon heads in the sky. She couldn't help but be angry. "The slut and I killed Bo Yang, and Long Xiao will definitely take revenge for him! She has a good plan! However, the era of the masters of creation is over. Even Long Xiao can't do much in front of the Celestial Venerable!"

In the sky, the nine heads of the behemoth had already appeared. However, no matter how Mother Earth summoned him, Long Xiao wasn't completely summoned.

This peerless beast looked at Mother Earth with a mocking expression.

"Long Xiao, the strongest existence in the primordial era. Back then, I let you off and didn't let you die in the primordial war!"

On the sacrificial altar, Mother Earth said sternly, "Now, it's time for you to repay your kindness! Aren't you going to follow my summon and come from the back of the ancestral court?"

The nine heads of the dragon behemoth suddenly laughed, and incomparably terrifying consciousness instantly filled the sky and earth. It leisurely said, "Poor and lowly Primordial Tree. Back then, you were so lush and verdant, and your canopy covered the sky and covered the earth. The thousand-mile kunpeng swam around you like a tiny fish. Now, you have become a tiny sapling. You don't have the power to summon me anymore!"

One of its heads popped out from the sky and passed by the void where Qin Mu was hiding. On its incomparably thick neck, dragon scales even passed through the void!

The dragon scales were incomparably smooth, and they even reflected the figures of Qin Mu and the egg of Tai Shi on them, making them unable to hide!

Qin Mu was astonished.

This dragon Xiao might not be as powerful as the Grand Emperor, but it wasn't far off!

Long Xiao's head reached the sky above the sacrificial altar, and the shadow of his head covered the mountains. Although Mother Earth's sacrificial altar was huge, it was insignificant in front of the dragon head.

"I'm doing well in the back of the ancestral court. There's no worries there, and there are countless huge beasts residing and reproducing there. Without the masters of creation, we have no master and are free."

The dragon head didn't say anything. His consciousness was too powerful, and he relied on it to convey his thoughts.

Just a thought from him caused all kinds of apparitions to appear in the sky and land. When he thought of lightning, the sky would be filled with pools of lightning. When he thought of mountains, the mountains would rise from the ground with a rumble. When he thought of the angry waves of the sea, a sea would appear on the ground, and violent gales and angry waves would appear.

'This Long Xiao's consciousness isn't inferior to the Grand Emperor's, but his consciousness isn't as pure as the Grand Emperor's!'

Qin Mu immediately saw that Long Xiao was inferior to the Grand Emperor. He probably didn't have the Grand Primordium Origin Stone, Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness, or any other techniques. He couldn't refine the huge consciousness in his body to be pure, nor could he comprehend the path of consciousness. As a result, he was inferior to the Grand Emperor.

"From the injuries on your body, you have lost, you have suffered a crushing defeat, even your soul is left. You have even lost your original body."

Long Xiao's mocking expression became more intense. He said leisurely, "You even used unscrupulous means to devour the qi and blood of others to improve yourself, leaving behind endless hidden dangers. In the past, you were Mother Earth, and you had great merit to protect all life. That's why you were able to survive the tribulation without dying. Now, you have completely corrupted your virtue. You are destined to die."

He sneered and said, "You are inviting me out of the mountain now just to let me block a knife for you. Hehe, Mother Earth, your idea is too good, but it's too naive."

His head slowly rose, and the other heads vanished into the void one after another.

On the sacrificial altar, Mother Earth said sternly, "Long Xiao, I spared your life back then. Now it's your turn to repay me!"

Long Xiao completely vanished. "Let me go? You only used my descendants' lives to threaten me. Back then, you weren't my match, so how could you let me go? Don't provoke me, don't provoke my descendants…"

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