Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1295 - The Strangeness Of The Tai Shi Mine

That white cat was the cat that Heavenly Lady Yan often carried in her arms. With light and silent footsteps, she walked to the front of Qin Mu with her tail raised. Without turning her head, she said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, let me guide you. Please come in."

Qin Mu smiled and followed him.

The white cat, Little Seven, walked forward unhurriedly and said indifferently, "This mine is abnormally dangerous. Even if an Emperor's Throne Realm cultivator enters this place, they won't be able to last long. The people who came here to mine are all strong practitioners among gods. However, because they have entered this place for too long, they have been assimilated by the mine."

Qin Mu heard the sound of mining and focused his gaze. He saw a god mining divine stones on the mountain wall.

Around the divine stone, there were all kinds of strange runes. On both sides of the mountain wall, there were mirrors that shone on the divine stone on the stone wall, as if they were afraid that the divine stone would escape.

That god held a pickaxe, and every pickaxe was knocked on, giving off clanging sounds.

Qin Mu looked at it for a moment and saw that every time the god knocked, his body would fade a little. However, he didn't seem to notice and continued to try to dig out this divine stone.

Little Seven, the white cat, turned his head back, and Qin Mu followed after him. He saw some more gods and miners.

They were also like walking corpses, digging their own divine mines. The stone walls in front of everyone were covered with all kinds of strange runes. Beside them were two mirrors that shone on the divine stones on the stone walls.

They buried their heads in their work, waving their pickaxes in a dull manner as they knocked.

Suddenly, someone cried tears of joy as he held a divine stone in his hands. He choked on his tears and said, "I picked it! I picked a divine stone! This is my third divine stone, I can finally go home!"


A pickaxe rose from his back and stabbed into his head, piercing through his skull. That god instantly died an unnatural death!

The one who had ambushed him was also a divine miner. After killing that person, he immediately grabbed the Grand Prime Divine Stone that had fallen to the ground and chuckled. "I should be the one returning home! I've had enough of the life here!"

He was overjoyed and sprinted out of the mine frantically, shouting, "Supervisor, supervisors! I dug up a divine stone—"

The other mining gods didn't seem to notice it and continued to knock on the stone walls numbly.

Qin Mu frowned.

"Heavenly Concubine still has the virtue of taking care of all living things and the heart of pity. These miners are all prisoners of death in the great prison of the celestial heavens."

The white cat, Little Seven, said, "They have committed a capital offense, but Goddess has allowed them. As long as they mine three divine mines, they will be exempted from their crimes and be allowed to return home in glory!"

Qin Mu examined the mining gods in the smog and said, "Their cultivation probably can't support three divine stones."

Little Seven, the white cat, took a glance at the miners of the gods and revealed a look of disdain. "Three divine stones? To be able to collect one divine stone without being assimilated, one is already an expert of the God Execution Stage Realm. To collect three divine stones without dying, one would at least need to be at the Jade Capital Realm. Even strong practitioners of the Numinous Sky Realm would have their bodies fade into the void after collecting three divine stones. After they leave, they would also be a useless god."

Qin Mu smiled ambiguously. "Can they really go out?"

Little Seven sneered and said, "Goddess is a woman of her word. Why would she lie to them? However, so far, no one has left the mine alive. That person might be the first."

They continued to go deeper, and there were sounds of mining in the depths of the mine. The gods in the depths were there to excavate the raw stones, and Qin Mu saw shackles and chains hanging on the feet of these miners.

They dragged long chains as they walked through the mine and raised mirrors. The light from the mirrors dispelled the fog and shone on the mountain walls.

If the divine stone was shone on by the mirror light, these miners in ragged clothes would drag their shackles and make rattling sounds as they hurriedly ran over. They bit the tip of their tongues and used their blood to draw runes on the stone walls around the divine stone to trap it, preventing it from escaping.

The Grand Primordium Divine Stone had a wonderful aspect that had a form but no substance. It was different from other divine stones. This kind of divine stone had no substance, so it could travel around.

There was no need for runes to trap it or for mirrors to shine on it. There was no way to dig out this kind of divine stone.

They were in charge of searching for divine stones.

"These people aren't death row prisoners in the great prison, they are death row prisoners in the heavenly prison. They have made more mistakes and have greater sins."

The white cat Little Seven said, "Their cultivation is also higher. They need to find a hundred divine stones before they can leave."

Qin Mu looked at the people running around and asked, "Has anyone left here alive?"

The white cat shook its head. "This is where the peculiarity of this mine lies. Finding divine mines and mining divine stones seems to be cursed by this mine. The more you find, the more you dig out, and the faster you assimilate! Look at that one over there."

Qin Mu looked over and saw an old and stooped god that was about to fade into the void. However, he was still dragging the chains and raising the mirror to search around.

"He's a strong practitioner of the Numinous Sky Realm, the ruler of the Batu Heaven. Because he resisted the celestial heavens, he was sentenced to death and thrown into the heavenly prison to suffer. He only found sixty-two divine stones, and just by trapping them, he was almost dead."

The white cat revealed a strange smile. "The most crucial point is that he doesn't know he's going to die soon. This is the marvel of the mining area. Let these guys do all they can to help Goddess even at the brink of death!"

He said with a smile, "These are merely divine stones. If we find them and only find them instead of trapping them, we can instantly fade into the void! Do you know why Xiu Hongsu didn't dare to come here?"

Qin Mu shook his head.

"She has seen the Origin Stone three times!"

The white cat said with a smile, "The first time, she almost died after taking a look. She escaped in a panic and didn't dare to try to fix that piece of raw stone! The second time, she made sufficient preparations and went deep into the mine again. However, it was the same as the first time. When she saw the raw stone, she knew that her preparations were completely useless, so she could only run for her life again! The third time, she requested a treasure from Goddess before she dared to enter."

Qin Mu asked curiously, "And then?"

The white cat let out a giggle that was very strange. "Celestial Venerable Mu, don't you know? You always have a biggest weakness, and that is you are too curious! This weakness can sometimes give you many fortuitous encounters, but it can also make you die miserably!"

Qin Mu nodded his head and said, "There was once someone who told me that my curiosity would kill me. However, if a person doesn't have curiosity, they won't improve. If a race doesn't have a good heart, they won't improve. Therefore, I have my own choices as to whether it's beneficial or detrimental."

The white cat said, "She entered this place for the third time and found that Origin Stone. She executed the protective treasure that Goddess had given her in an attempt to stabilize the divine stone, but she realized that Goddess' treasure was also rapidly fading away. When she couldn't stabilize that marvelous Origin Stone, that treasure would turn into nothing. Thus, Xiu Hongsu had no choice but to retreat. Look over there, that's the treasure that Goddess had forged."

Qin Mu looked over and indeed saw the shape of a treasure. It was a flying shuttle that had already turned incorporeal and had turned into a form without substance.

Even treasures refined by Celestial Venerables couldn't withstand the strangeness of this place!

He sighed and said, "Xiu Xiu lost a chance. Thank you, Little Seven, for telling me so much."

They had already reached the deepest part of the mine, and the fog here was even thicker. They could no longer see the gods searching for the mine, but they could occasionally pass through the bodies of the gods that had already faded into the void.

These gods stood there motionlessly, feeling nothing, having no desires.

The white cat chuckled. "The reason why I told you so much is because you are going to die, Celestial Venerable Mu!"

Qin Mu said with a sincere expression, "Even though your words aren't pleasant to the ears, they are real. If I find that Origin Stone, I'm afraid I'll be turned into nothingness and cease to exist."

The white cat shook its head and suddenly stood up slowly, transforming into a divine general with silver armor and a silver spear. He had a delicate and handsome appearance as he turned around and pointed the silver spear at Qin Mu with a smile. "That's not what I meant. What's the fun in letting you die in the hands of Origin Stone? My goal is to get rid of you personally!"

He said indifferently, "You once tricked me, making me think that I had obtained the eye in the heart of your brows and the eggshell of Celestial Emperor. I was fought over by the six Celestial Venerables and almost lost my life! It's never too late to take revenge. I want to take revenge personally!"

His eyes revealed a glint of hatred as he said coldly, "Furthermore, you are too close to Goddess! Goddess is mine! You want to take her away from me just because you are handsome, so you can only die!"

"I'm handsome?"

Qin Mu was overjoyed, and he couldn't help touching his face. He had almost lost his confidence from Heavenly Lady Yan's blow, and now the words of the white cat Little Seven had filled him with confidence.

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