Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1296 - Manly Strength

He was indeed pleased to be praised by a handsome man like Little Seven.

The silver-armored general was furious. "Celestial Venerable Mu, don't think you can do whatever you want just because you're pretty and manly!"

Qin Mu was even more pleased with himself. "Even though you are also very beautiful, you are too charming and feminine. You indeed lack some manly spirit compared to me. Little Seven, with your words, I can spare your life."

The silver-armored general was unable to restrain his anger. The celestial palace behind him bloomed, and his primordial spirit stood in front of the Numinous Sky Hall in the celestial palace. His primordial spirit was also a white cat with a cat head and a human body. He was handsome and charming.

He had once fought Yan'er without losing, and his abilities were extremely brilliant.

He stabbed out with his spear, and the white cat primordial spirit that was standing in front of Numinous Sky Hall also stabbed out with his spear. The two spear shadows merged together, and the power contained in the spear was terrifying. However, this strike didn't have any fluctuations in power!

Qin Mu exclaimed softly, "The divine art of Founding Emperor Era? You are a cat demon of Founding Emperor Era?"

He raised his palm, and the silver-armored general stabbed his palm with a clink. The instant the tip of the spear collided with his palm, his divine treasure realm suddenly exploded!


The power of the divine treasure realm expanded outward, and the small silver-armored general was blown back. His body vanished into the fog in the mine.

Qin Mu retracted his palm and looked down at it.

His palm was pierced by the silver-armored general.

The divine arts of Founding Emperor Era had an extremely obvious characteristic. Compared to other eras, the Founding Emperor Era had the spirit of a craftsman and sought perfection.

The divine arts of this era usually tried to be small and beautiful, compressing the power of the divine arts to the extreme. Before hitting the opponent, the power wouldn't leak out and the power wouldn't explode.

By concentrating the power of the divine art to a high degree and shrinking the area when the divine art burst forth, the divine art would have an even stronger attack power!

In reality, Founding Emperor Qin Ye's sword skill was the same.

This was the reason why he could use Carefree Sword to pierce through Celestial Venerable Huo's corporeal body and Celestial Venerable Hao's palm.

This was also the reason why Qin Mu's palm was pierced by the silver spear of the silver-armored general.

Qin Mu had also learned the paths, skills, and divine arts of Founding Emperor Era, but it was still hard for him to completely restrain his power. If one wasn't from that era, it would be hard to understand the spirit of craftsmen that the people of Founding Emperor Era strived for perfection.

There was only one possibility for a small general of the Yin Family to be able to do this, and that was that he was a strong practitioner of the demon race from Founding Emperor Era!

The voice of the white cat, Little Seven, came from the fog, and it was erratic. Sometimes it came from behind Qin Mu, sometimes it came from the top left, and sometimes it appeared under Qin Mu's feet, making it impossible for people to catch his location.

"You can fool the Heavenly Lady Yan, but you can't fool me. Even though I don't know why you are so confident and think you can enter the mine to take the raw stone, from what I know about you, you definitely have the confidence to take it!"

He was an incomparably nimble spirit cat that relied on the strangeness of the Tai Shi mine to hide his tracks. He sneered and said, "Goddess doesn't understand you and thinks you will die in the mine, but I'm different. I know you too well!"

Qin Mu didn't mind and continued to walk forward.

The voice of the white cat, Little Seven, was still drifting back and forth as though he was chattering non-stop beside his ear. "You seem to be very curious and like a silly roe deer, foolishly sending yourself to death. However, you always come back alive. It's not that you are lucky. It's that you have a sense of propriety every time you take risks. Even if your life is in danger, you still have ways to escape."

Qin Mu examined his surroundings and tried to find the Origin Stone. He said with a smile, "What escape method can I have? If I'm assimilated by this mine, won't I die?"

"Wrong! This time, your confidence is greater because you know that you won't encounter any danger!"

In the fog, a silver spear silently stabbed towards the back of Qin Mu's heart.

Little Seven, the white cat, was like an assassin, but also like a venomous snake hiding in the dark, making it impossible to guard against!

Qin Mu turned around and swung his sword, sweeping away the tip of the silver spear. In that instant, the power that burst forth from the tip of the spear made his arm slightly numb!

The moment he pushed the tip of the spear away, the primordial spirit of a huge white cat appeared behind him. It flashed its incomparably sharp claws and swung them at him!

When the primordial spirits of divine arts practitioners cultivated to the Divine Bridge Realm, they had already started to transform into corporeal forms.

When one cultivated to the realm of true god, their primordial spirit was already equivalent to corporeal form. Furthermore, it was extremely fast and possessed extremely strong power, even surpassing divine weapons!

When one reached the God Execution Stage and underwent the baptism of the God Execution Stage, their primordial spirit was basically the same as worshiping the ancient gods. Even though it wasn't as good as worshiping the ancient gods in terms of Great Dao law, its power was extremely strong.

When one cultivated to the Numinous Sky Realm, the power of the primordial spirit could easily kill existences of the Jade Capital Realm and wipe out their bodies and souls!

Just as the primordial spirit of the white cat swung down its sharp claws, Qin Mu sneered, "Little Seven, don't you know that I was once Son of Youdu? In front of me, no one dares to use their primordial spirit to attack me. You are the first."

In his divine treasure realm, Earth Count and Qin Mu slowly rose and stood horizontally behind Qin Mu.

The sharp claws of the white cat primordial spirit landed on Qin Mu's body. The power of this strike was too strong, but the recoil was even stronger!

The primordial spirit of the white cat gave off a miserable cry, and it was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. The three souls and seven spirits in the primordial spirit were shaken out of its body and separated from the spirit embryo!

"You have stayed in Celestial Emperor's chambers for too long."

Earth Count and Qin Mu's huge body stood upright between heaven and earth. They stretched out their hands to grab the three souls and seven spirits that were trying to escape. Even the spirit embryo fell into the palm of Earth Count and Qin Mu.

'Even though there are many strong practitioners of Numinous Sky Realm fighting with me, they all know that using the primordial spirit in front of Son of Youdu will only lead to death. Therefore, they usually rely on the power of their divine weapons to fight me.'

Earth Count Qin Mu opened his palm, and the white cat's soul and spirit embryo trembled. Facing this behemoth, he had a natural fear, just like a mouse meeting a cat.

In an instant, his primordial spirit was stripped of his spirit embryo and soul. Even his soul was stripped into three souls and seven spirits, and every soul was separated.

Earth Count and Qin Mu squeezed his three souls and seven spirits back together and stuffed them into his spirit embryo, restoring his complete primordial spirit and putting him down.

"Little Seven, you can leave now. I promise to spare your life."

Qin Mu retracted his realm and said with a smile, "Taking your life is as easy as lifting a hand. If you attack me again, I won't show any mercy. Just a compliment is not worth two lives."

Not far away, the silver-armored little general walked out of the fog with a pale face. He quickly retracted his primordial spirit and turned into a white cat to sprint down the road.

The white cat turned back and took a look at Qin Mu before disappearing into the fog.

Qin Mu smiled slightly, and the eye at the heart of his brows opened up to look around.

After being tormented by the white cat, Xiao Qi, he had already arrived at an uninhabited place in the mining area. There were no deities that had turned incorporeal and no knocking sounds. There were only balls of fog that were either thick or faint.

This was a place where no one dared to step foot.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, the Origin Stone is here!"

In the vertical eye, the egg of Tai Shi became excited. The Dao voice in the egg was also slightly hoarse. "I'll call it out now!"

He was finally home!

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