Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1297 - Riots In The Mine Area

Mysterious Dao runes emanated from Qin Mu's vertical eye, and the Dao markings of the Dao of Tai Shi overflowed from his vertical eye. They were gorgeous and wonderful. Wherever they passed, the fog would gradually dissipate, and the surroundings would become clear.

The Dao markings of the Dao of Tai Shi were mysterious and hard to understand. They formed a system of their own. Even though Qin Mu had once used unchanging divine arts to reverse engineer them and had learned a lot from the Tai Shi in the egg, he still found the Dao markings that overflowed from his vertical eye hard to understand.

The fog completely dispersed, and he suddenly realized that he was in the center of a natural sacrificial altar!

This sacrificial altar was very big and had a radius of several hundred yards. It was about thirty yards taller than the rest.

The sacrificial altar was formed by flowing water and was extremely flat. He seemed to be standing on the surface of the water, and there were complicated Taishi Dao markings below the water that formed rune markings.

The imprints of all sizes lit up continuously, flickering.

He was observing the sacrificial altar when the egg of Tai Shi jumped out from his eye. Qin Mu didn't stop it.

The egg of Tai Shi was round and landed on the water surface with a thud. It spun around twice as though it was looking for a comfortable position.

Qin Mu coughed and reminded him, "Dao brother, you can't set up your nest here. This place is already occupied by Heavenly Lady Yan. If you set up your nest, you will be captured by Heavenly Lady Yan. Our main business is to find the Tai Shi Origin Stone…"

"The Tai Shi Origin Stone is here."

Tai Shi very comfortable. He snorted and said, "I know I can't stay for long. If I stay, Heavenly Lady Yan will definitely catch me. She's not like you. She has the same personality as Celestial Emperor Tai Chu. Don't worry, I'm just taking a nap and reminiscing about my childhood…"

Qin Mu looked around, but he couldn't see where the Tai Shi Origin Stone was.

He looked around and still couldn't find the Tai Shi Origin Stone. He couldn't help but say, "Dao brother, Heavenly Lady Yan is coming back soon, we need to leave as soon as possible. Where is the Tai Shi Origin Stone?"

Just as he said that, ripples suddenly appeared on the surface of the sacrificial altar. A round ball of water rose up and floated between him and the egg of Tai Shi!

Qin Mu examined it in detail and revealed a look of astonishment. He stretched his hand out to touch the water ball, but before his palm could even touch it, his fingers had already started to fade!

His palm was transforming into a pure energy body!

He was shocked and hurriedly retracted his hand.

The egg of Tai Shi rolled out from the water nest on the sacrificial altar and said, "You can't reach out your hand directly, you need to use the Dao of Tai Shi that I taught you. Try again."

Qin Mu tried to execute the Taishi runes he had condensed and circulated the Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, covering his palm with the runes.

This time, he finally touched this water ball.

At this moment, he had a weird expression.

His palm actually passed through the center of the water ball without any obstruction!

Qin Mu waved his palm, but he still didn't touch the water ball!

He used his vital qi to try to lift up the water ball, but it was as though it didn't exist and couldn't be lifted up by his vital qi!

"There's no substance in the Origin Stone, only the shape. You can see it, but you can't touch it."

The egg rolled to his feet and said, "If you want to touch it, you have to change its form."

Just as he said that, the shape of the water ball changed. Qin Mu touched this strange raw stone, and when he touched it, it was as if he was holding up a crystal ball. However, what was weird was that he couldn't feel any temperature, as if he didn't touch anything.

"It doesn't despise you," the egg said.

Qin Mu saw his palm slowly turning incorporeal. Even the runes of the Tai Shi couldn't protect his corporeal body completely. The places that weren't protected were affected by the Tai Shi Origin Stone and turned into pure energy.

"How should I take this Origin Stone away?" He couldn't help but feel troubled.

If he brought this strange stone with him, all substances would cease to exist wherever he passed by. He would only have the shape but no substance, turning into all kinds of strange energy bodies. Even people who got close to him would fade into the void!

More importantly, the energy bodies were extremely unstable. If there were such energy bodies everywhere, it would definitely cause a huge explosion!

The egg of Tai Shi smiled. "You don't have to worry about that. I can take it away and absorb the power of the Origin Stone. In the future, the influence of the Origin Stone will slowly weaken."

Qin Mu nodded. The Tai Shi Origin Stone was truly dangerous. Bringing it with him was simply a great killing weapon. If he couldn't control the Origin Stone, he would probably explode along the way. If he wasn't careful, he would be assimilated into an energy body!

When he was on the ghost ship, he had used the Dao of Tai Shi to clash with Celestial Venerable Ling's unchanging divine art, and he had already experienced it once.

"This Origin Stone might be the most dangerous one among the five mines!"

Just as he was about to put away the Tai Shi egg and the Tai Shi Origin Stone, the Tai Shi egg suddenly jumped on the sacrificial altar and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, take the sacrificial altar with you!"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and tried to release his magic power to store the sacrificial altar into the vertical eye at the heart of his brows. Unexpectedly, just as his magic power poured out, he tried to shake the sacrificial altar. In the next instant, the entire mine suddenly boiled!

The mine trembled, and all of the Tai Shi Divine Stones shone brightly. Waves of strange energy surged towards the Tai Shi Altar!

Wherever the light passed, everything turned into nothingness. Even the ancient gods in the mining area instantly faded away, their corporeal bodies and primordial spirits completely vanishing!

Qin Mu felt a chill down his spine and hurriedly blocked the egg in front of him. He then realized that the light was coming from all directions. Unless he could tunnel into the egg, he definitely couldn't block it!

"Crap… That's right, the Tai Shi Origin Stone!"

He immediately shrunk his body and entered the Tai Shi Origin Stone with a whoosh, transforming into a tiny Qin Mu that sat upright in this Origin Stone that looked like a water ball.

Countless divine stones shone on the Tai Shi Origin Stone in an attempt to refine this fellow who had caused chaos in the mine.

"Dao Brother Tai Shi!" Qin Mu shouted loudly.

The egg of Tai Shi hurriedly utilized the Tai Shi Origin Stone. With a loud boom, the Origin Stone shone brightly as though it was fighting against the divine stones!

The two lights collided, and world-shaking waves swept in all directions. A beam of light shot straight into the sky, appearing extremely dazzling in the ancestral court!

Meanwhile, in the mining area, the miners who had dodged the light from the divine stone didn't even have the chance to escape before they were caught up by the second wave of light. One by one, they faded into the void and transformed into a formless state with energy!

Little Seven, the white cat, was outside the mine. He suddenly turned back and saw the light in the mine rushing over like a flood. He couldn't help but explode and escape with a scream.

At the same time, Xiu Hongsu was also alarmed and hurriedly activated the Heavenly Venerate treasure that was suspended high above the mine.

The power of the Celestial Venerable treasure suppressed down, and with a hum, the power was assimilated by the light. It didn't release any power at all.

Xiu Hongsu saw that the situation wasn't looking good and frantically escaped outside. She cried out bitterly in her heart, 'When Celestial Venerable Mu entered the mine, such a strange thing happened! Could he really be like the legends, becoming the Demolisher Qin wherever he goes?'

The speed of the light was extremely fast, and it covered the entire mountain. The other gods in the mine were also fleeing in a panic, but some of them were slower, so they were caught up by the light and quickly transformed into energy bodies!

Xiu Hongsu turned her head back to take a look, and her eyes almost popped out. In just a short while, nearly half of the gods in the mine had disappeared!

"Why don't you go and tear down your big black wood? Black-hearted Celestial Venerable!" She couldn't care less about her image and scolded him.

Finally, everyone escaped from the mine. The light only reached the edge of the mine and didn't spread out.

Xiu Hong Su raised her head with a black face and saw a pillar of light rising into the sky at the center of the mine. The pillar of light didn't disperse for a long time, and even the sky was fading!

In the depths of the sky, the seal of the ancient gods also faded, revealing a huge hole in the sky that connected to the outside world!

"Axe Hand!"

Xiu Hongsu said sternly, "Hide well and wait for Celestial Venerable Blackheart to come out of the mine. Then, use your knives and axes to chop him into pieces! If there's even a small piece of meat, I'll leave it to you!"

The white cat said, "Senior Sister Xiu, do you think Celestial Venerable Mu will be able to survive the explosion?"

Xiu Hongsu sneered, "It's best if he dies inside!"

Finally, the light slowly dissipated.

In the depths of the mine, the egg of Tai Shi asked with a trembling voice, "Celestial Venerable Mu, are you still alive?"

"I don't know…"

Qin Mu was astonished. He sat in the center of the Tai Shi Origin Stone, and all kinds of strange markings of the Tai Shi Great Dao appeared on his body. Those were the markings left behind by the light of the countless Tai Shi Divine Stones in the mine.

These Dao markings were very bright. Other than the imprint of the divine stone, there was also the imprint of the Origin Stone.

What was even stranger was that these imprints were gradually seeping into his body. Qin Mu felt that his substance was disappearing and becoming pure energy!

He didn't even know if he was alive or dead!

"Hehe, this situation is like when the ghost ship exploded, but it's even worse…"

Right at this moment, in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, his spirit embryo trembled. The Dao markings imprinted on his body by the various divine stones seemed to have received a call, and they immediately stopped corroding his corporeal body and rushed towards his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

Those gorgeous Dao markings came to the ancestral court of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure and swarmed towards the Tai Shi Mine.

Qin Mu was astonished. He immediately felt that he was transforming from an energy body into a corporeal body!

Yet the most marvelous transformation was still in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

The Dao markings in his divine treasures ancestral court entered the Grand Prime mine.

This Tai Shi mine was formed by Qin Mu using the Tai Shi Dao he had comprehended. Even though it looked like it, it didn't have much use.

However, when these Dao markings poured into the mine, Qin Mu discovered that his Spirit Embryo Mine was undergoing a marvelous transformation.

The mine was actually slowly becoming complete. Not only that, in his mine, there was even an altar that was like water slowly taking shape!

"This is too marvelous!"

Qin Mu immediately told this discovery to the egg of Tai Shi and said excitedly, "Dao brother, there's no need for you to hatch in the mine. Bring the Origin Stone to the mine of my divine treasure and hatch it here to absorb the Origin Stone!"

The egg of Tai Shi was stunned and muttered, "That mine of yours is fake, it probably can't hatch me…"

"Then let's do it a few more times!"

Qin Mu roused his vital qi and triggered the rebellion of the divine stones in the mine again. He said with a smile, "Imprint a few more times and refine the fake into the real!"

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