Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 130 - Blocking The Gate To Kill The Heart

Qin Mu's face turned slightly red because he knew Sword Hall Master was talking about himself.

Sword Hall Master should have been pondering about a painful experience that's why he had put in a lot of hard work in the foundation of his sword skills. Now his skill was no longer as weak and probably had another great leap. It was impossible for him to beat him again in one sword.

Sword Hall Master taught all the scholars the foundation of sword form technique and Qin Mu nodded his head secretly. After comprehending for these few years, Sword Hall Master had already gotten the Samadhi of the foundation of sword skill. Even though there were still some flaws, it was a big improvement from before.

When the class ended, Qin Mu was about to leave Hall of Hidden Light when Sword Hall Master suddenly said, "Qin Mu, stay."

Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong and Yun Que were astonished. The three of them looked at each other then walked out of Hall of Hidden Light. Ling Yuxiu wanted to come forward to find Qin Mu but she could only drop it when she saw the situation and dragged away by the few royalties.

All the scholars of Hall of Hidden Light left and only Qin Mu and Sword Hall Master were left.

"Young Cult Master, how do you think my sword skill?" Sword Hall Master rose and asked solemnly.

Qin Mu said, "Your improvement is very big."

Sword Hall Master had a fervent gaze, "How is it compared to yours?"

Qin Mu thought about it and shook his head, "You're still lacking some maturity. Your foundation is not as stable as mine. Furthermore, even if your foundation was as solid as mine, you wouldn't be a match for me. In the same realm, my cultivation is way stronger than yours and my techniques are also much better. You're too focused on sword and neglect the rest, therefore you are not a match for me in the same realm. However, your improvement is already very big."

Sword Hall Master gave a disciple's greeting and asked with a solemn expression, "That's why I would like to ask Young Cult Master to give me one or two pointers. I've taught them just now and now I'm requesting Young Cult Master earnestly to teach me!"

Qin Mu was calm and sat down, "Alright. You are the hall master of my cult after all, there's no harm in giving you pointers. Sword skill is not only sword skill. The body technique, exercise method, fist skill, spirit embryo, will are equally important. The sword you just taught them had yet achieved uniting them as one."

Sword Hall Master asked, "How to unite them as one?"

Qin Mu imparted him the Stab Sword Form that Village Chief had taught him and Sword Hall Master suddenly saw the light and muttered to himself, "This is actually how to exert one's strength… wrong, wrong, so the sword I had been cultivating for a hundred years was all cultivated wrongly… Thank you, Young Cult Master for the pointers!"

Meanwhile, outside Hall of Hidden Light, Chen Wanyun and the rest had grim expressions. Yue Qinghong was in fury, "Directorate is actually biased and giving him special treatment, teaching him sword skill personally! His sword skill is already not weak and if there is a directorate deliberately training him, how would we have the chance to win him?"

Chen Wanyun said indifferently, "There's no need for all of you to worry. No matter what wonderful sword skill directorate imparts to him, he will definitely not be my opponent. I'll just have to grab the weakness in his technique and I'll beat him!"

"Be that as it may but you can't drop your guard." Yun Que reminded.

Chen Wanyun nodded his head, "Don't worry, when he's improving, I'm improving as well. These few days I'm suppressing my realm and feel like I'm about to touch the border of Six Directions Realm. With my Five Elements Realm's battle prowess at its peak, how can I not take him down? Receiving directorate's teaching will only waste his energy to cultivate the new sword skill and make him no time for cultivation! To beat him at Five Elements Realm is my wish, otherwise, I would have regrets even if I become a divine arts practitioner."

The three of them totally didn't expect that what they had guessed wasn't the situation in Hall of Hidden Light. Sword Hall Master was now like a student and Qin Mu was then the teacher, giving Sword Hall Master pointers on how to cultivating sword!

If the three of them saw this, their eyeballs would probably pop out!

Sword Hall Master memorized how to unite many as one in his heart and Qin Mu thought of something, "Even though my foundation is very solid, I have not many attainments in sword skills. I require hall master to give me pointers too. Hall master said just now that the saint had three swords and you only explained the first sword, Hidden Light and didn't mention the other two swords. What are the other two swords?"

Sword Hall Master replied, "First sword Hidden Light, second sword Carry Shadow and third sword Night Drill are actually the three realms of Dao sword. These are the words written by Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor in his 'Sword Theory' which was acclaimed by the emperor as Son of Heaven's Three Swords. You asked me to give you pointers but I don't dare to. The sword skills achievement of a student is decided by his teacher. I can teach them but I don't think I'm qualified to teach you."

Qin Mu understood what he meant. It would be the best to find a famous master when learning techniques. Monk Ming Xin of Great Thunderclap Monastery was an example. His master had not thoroughly understood Thunderclap Eight Strikes, therefore the Thunderclap Eight Strikes he had imparted to Ming Xin had a flaw.

The same logic applied here. If Sword Hall Master had not comprehended a move completely and taught it to Qin Mu, in that case, Qin Mu would inherit his flaw.

Therefore if one wants to learn profound ultimate arts, they must have a good teacher!

Qin Mu's expression wavered and he asked, "Where can I read Sword Theory?"

"Floor of Heavenly Records."

Sword Hall Master continued, "Young Cult Master, the book tablet is the pass to enter Floor of Heavenly Records. As long as you have the book tablet, you can enter Floor of Heavenly Records to read the collections."

Qin Mu's spirit was greatly aroused. He had not yet been to Floor of Heavenly Records. Over there were the collections from all the sects and clans in the entire empire, so how could he not go?

"Young Cult Master hasn't had your lunch, right?"

Sword Hall Master gave a rare smile and invited, "I'm also going to have lunch, why don't you come to my humble home? I just have some queries to ask Young Cult Master. We can talk as we eat."

Qin Mu hesitated, "There a little fox still in my house…"

"Just bring her along."

Qin Mu and he left Hall of Hidden Light together and returned to Scholar's Residence. Hu Ling'er was currently cultivating Spirit Creation Technique and when she heard to go eat, she immediately ran out in excitement, "Is there wine?"

"Yes." Sword Hall Master replied.

Hu Ling'er cheered and immediately drove her demon wind to follow. The two men and one fox came to the residence of Sword Hall Master. The place where Sword Hall Master stayed was very simple. It was also a courtyard with two entrances and two exits and he didn't even have a servant.

Qin Mu looked around and saw that there were no other people here. Sword Hall Master cooked the dishes by himself and was very fast. It was obvious that it wasn't his first time cooking at his own home.

"Sword Hall, don't you have a wife?" Qin Mu asked bewilderedly.


The cooking speed of Sword Hall Master was very fast. By using his true fire to cook the food, how could his speed not be fast?

This middle-aged man soon served the dishes and scooped the rice, "Why do I want a wife? Troublesome."

Hu Ling'er tasted the dishes he had cooked and was astonished, "It's really delicious! Sword Hall, your culinary skills are so good and much better than many of the chefs in the capital city. Why don't you find a wife?"

"I had once. I had a good time with a woman of the cult when I was young, but that was when I was young and insensible."

Sword Hall Master reminiscenced the past and shook his head, "Then I discovered that sword could bring me more joy and the joy woman can bring me is inferior to my sword, therefore I thought, why the trouble? So we broke up. Young Cult Master, women are definitely trouble, so don't find a woman. They would want you to carefully spend time with them and make them happy, frequently acting coquettishly with you, scratching you. We have to focus on cultivating and cultivating sword can bring us more joy. Woman can't bring us joy, therefore, you must firmly not want woman."

Hu Ling'er was startled and argued, "Sword Hall, what you said is wrong. What's bad with woman?"

Sword Hall Master's vital qi hummed and it sounded like countless of sharp swords clashing. He said indifferently, "You absolutely don't understand the joy cultivating sword can bring me. There's no use explaining it to you.

Qin Mu blinked his eyes innocently. Sword Hall's realm was too high and he still didn't understand this realm now.

The two men and one fox finished their lunch and Sword Hall Master asked Qin Mu some more questions before going into deep thoughts, not saying a word for quite a while. Qin Mu was about to bid farewell when Sword Hall Master woke up again and rose, "Young Cult Master, I won't bother to see you out."

Qin Mu didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he waved back at him.

"Sword Hall sure has a strange temper."

He shook his head, "No idea whom the girl he was in love with back then, I might be able to fix them back together. However, with Sword Hall having such strange temper, I reckon they would break up again after getting back together."

He returned to Scholar's Residence and saw numerous scholars walking down from the mountain. The scholars from Royalty's Park and Scholar's Residence were also all walking out and heading down the mountain.

Qin Mu was bewildered when he suddenly heard a voice, "Brother Qin, over here!"

Qin Mu looked over and only saw Wei Yong among the crowd thus he went forward. Hu Ling'er asked, "Fatty Wei, what's going on?"

Wei Yong smiled, "You have no idea? I've heard that a Daoist came to the bottom of the mountain and claimed to be from Dao Sect. He brought a disciple and sat at the bottom of the mountain, blocking the way.

Qin Mu was astonished and said, "They're blocking the gate!"

Wei Yong nodded and said, "They're indeed blocking the gate! Dao Sect is the biggest orthodox sect and the Daoist blocking the gate called himself Dan Yangzi and the youth beside Daozi. A directorate went up earlier to inquire and they said they were not here to find trouble but to interact. He said he had long heard that Imperial College was the number one scared ground in the world. It took in all the talents in the world. He, therefore, had brought Daozi of Dao Sect to come visit Imperial College and validate the skills and divine arts between Dao Sect and Imperial College."

Qin Mu's heart slightly shook and he let out a murky breath before saying slowly, "What a great strategy."

Wei Yong was puzzled.

"They are attacking the heart."

Qin Mu's gaze flickered, "There are various sects taking the chance to rebel outside the capital city and raising flags to crusade against Imperial Preceptor, but the capital city is still considered peaceful. It's obvious the commoners are supportive. Imperial Preceptor is reforming the sects and founded primary schools, colleges, and Imperial College to take in all the talents in the world, gathering them all as the students of Son of Heaven, therefore all the scholars in the world are for the use of the emperor. I've heard people saying that Eternal Peace Empire is actually a sect disguised as an empire. If Daozi of Dao Sect blocked the gate and none of Imperial College's scholars couldn't defeat him, then what's the use of Imperial Preceptor's reform?"

Wei Yong stared blankly and muttered, "This is not just attacking the heart, this is killing the heart…"

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