Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1300 - Qin Mu Entering The Dao

In the ancestral court of Qin Mu's Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure, the egg of Tai Shi was safely planted in the mine.

There was really a sacrificial altar in this mine. It was almost identical to the sacrificial altar in the true Grand Prime mine. It was also made of water.

The egg of Tai Shi stood upright on this sacrificial altar. It was round, and beside it was a smaller Tai Shi Origin Stone that was also round.

"Even though it's a little small and fake, it's better than nothing!" Tai Shi said excitedly.

He began to mobilize the power in the mine to try and refine the Tai Shi Origin Stone.

Qin Mu was slightly disappointed. 'If I could do it a few more times, I might really be able to refine the fake into the real thing. Furthermore, just refining theTai Shi Mine isn't enough. If I could also forge the Tai Shi Mine, Tai Su Mine, and Taiji Mine a few more times…'

Suddenly, Qin Mu felt an indescribable vibration coming from his divine treasures and ancestral court. It was the egg of Tai Shi mobilizing the mine to refine the Origin Stone!

Instantly, Qin Mu felt all kinds of Great Dao profundities flooding in, making him intoxicated. He unknowingly fell into a state of comprehension.

His footsteps still didn't stop, but there was a strange Dao rune emanating from his body!

When the egg of Tai Shi refined the Origin Stone, it was like he was refining the Origin Stone as well!

However, Qin Mu didn't receive the Great Dao energy from the Origin Stone. He only received the Dao and reason of the Dao of Tai Shi. Even so, it was still much better than him comprehending it by himself!

A huge mountain beast with six legs discovered him and rushed towards him. However, when this huge beast rushed to Qin Mu's side and opened its bloody mouth, it didn't manage to bite Qin Mu.

It was as if it couldn't touch Qin Mu. Qin Mu seemed to have no corporeal body and actually passed through its mouth.

Something even stranger happened, and Qin Mu seemed to not notice it as he walked through its body.

Shanta was shocked and didn't understand what was going on. He fled in a panic.

Qin Mu walked into the forest.

Ever since Mother Earth came to the ancestral court, the ancestral court had become much more forested. The vegetation was verdant, and there were numerous herbivorous behemoths, Kui Qis, which fed on the forest. If they lowered their heads, they could uproot a towering tree and eat it whole.

Qin Mu walked in the forest, and he saw heads that were the size of small mountains stretching down from the sky. The Kui Qi bit down on the huge trees, and some of the Kui Qi bit him as well. Some of the Kui Qi's huge feet landed on him and stepped on him.

However, no matter how powerful these huge beasts were, they couldn't touch him at all.

He kept walking in the direction of the black wood. The realm of entering the path was too marvelous. He was immersed in the vast sea of the Dao of Tai Shi, sensing everything about it.

At this moment, Tai Shi in the egg also felt something strange. The speed at which he refined the Tai Shi Origin Stone had unknowingly increased, and it was becoming faster!

The speed of refinement far surpassed the speed he refined in the mine!

'That's right, Celestial Venerable Mu is also borrowing me to comprehend the Dao of Tai Shi when refining the Origin Stone! He comprehended the Dao of Tai Shi and fed it to the Tai Shi mine in his spirit embryo, making it more complete!'

In the egg, Tai Shi thought to himself, 'This is equivalent to me refining the Origin Stone with him! No, it's even better than the two of them working together! In that case, the time for me to be born will be much earlier!'

Even though Qin Mu was in the midst of comprehending the Dao and didn't feel anything, his speed wasn't slow. With his current speed, he could cross the mountains and rivers of the ancestral court in three to five days to reach the big black tree.

Right at this moment, heaven and earth suddenly trembled, and the sky became incomparably bright. Numerous unique treasures hung in the sky, and they were all treasures of the Heavenly Dao. They had overflowing power and continuously bombarded downwards!

The ground trembled, and Mother Earth appeared. She activated the core of the Primordial Tree to defend frantically.

At the same time, Ancestral God King's body was thirty thousand yards tall, and his body was enshrouded in divine light. He walked over slowly with an umbrella, his expression grim.

The sky instantly darkened.

Wherever he passed, the treasure of the Heavenly Dao would follow him like a shadow and follow closely to his left and right, forming another Xuandu world in the ancestral court!

This Xuandu world was much smaller than the real Xuandu, but it was extremely condensed, covering an area of ten thousand miles!

The heavenly might of the ancestral court was vast, and the treasure of the Heavenly Dao hung high in the sky. It bombarded Mother Earth continuously, giving her no way to escape!

"Mother Earth, you killed my disciple, so it's time to send you on your way today."

Ancestral God King's tone was indifferent as though he was talking about an insignificant matter, as though he was just executing an ant that had angered him.


Mother Earth flew into a rage and shouted sternly, "How old are you? When I became famous, I stood tall in the ancestral court. My canopy covered the sky, and I was the biggest tree in the ancestral court! Even the masters of creation respected me, worshiped me, and built sacrificial altars around me! I experienced ten great disasters and countless small ones. You can't kill me!"

She defended with all her might, but suddenly, she gave a shrill cry. Countless huge beasts rushed over and crashed into the world of Xuandu of Ancestral God King, causing the entire Xuandu to shine brilliantly. It was in imminent danger.

The power of the primordial beast was too strong!

As Mother Earth, she controlled these huge beasts and attacked the Xuandu world at the same time. Even Ancestral God King found it difficult!

"Mother Earth, you do have your methods, but they are all useless in front of me."

Ancestral God King held the umbrella, and it seemed to be a complete heaven and earth. The umbrella bones grew longer and wider, transforming into the 49 Great Daos that supported the Xuandu world, making it unbreakable.

When Mother Earth saw this, despair filled her heart. She suddenly raised her head and shouted, "Heaven Duke, are you still going to care about your son?"

Ancestral God King sneered. "Even if my father descends to the ancestral court, he won't be able to descend too much power. He has to leave his main body behind to protect Xuandu. If his clone descends, what can he do to me? Father, do you dare?"

He roared into the sky.

Suddenly, the world of Xuandu split open, and a white light descended from the sky. When it landed, it transformed into Heaven Duke with white eyebrows and white eyes. He sighed and said, "Evil child, stop. Do you really want me to deal with you?"

Ancestral God King laughed loudly and suddenly sealed the world of Xuandu. He burst forth with all his strength and said sternly, "Father, I'll give you a path on your body today. I'll give you a path on your true body another day!"

He opened his cape and took a step forward. When his scarlet cape fluttered open, celestial palaces appeared under it. They floated and formed a celestial heavens!

Ancestral God King's magic power surged, and his true body moved out to attack Heaven Duke and Mother Earth at the same time!

Heaven Duke and Mother Earth tried their best to resist, but they were soon injured. Mother Earth said angrily, "Heaven Duke, useless old thing, is this all you have?"

The clone of Heaven Duke looked ashamed and said, "I still have helpers. The seal of the ancestral court has been broken, and Earth Count has also come to the ancestral court! Dao friend, Dao friend, aren't you coming up to help?"

The moment he finished speaking, the ground trembled, and boiling magma poured out. Youdu devil qi spewed out and transformed into a world of darkness. A magma Earth Count swirled and rose from the magma and devil qi.

Ancestral God King punched Lava Earth Count in the face, and Lava Earth Count tumbled out of the magma and was sent flying.

"You three old things, attack together!" Ancestral God King laughed loudly.

The magma Earth Count couldn't help becoming angry, and he swept his long whip over!

The four powerful existences used all their methods and fought non-stop in Ancestral God King's Xuandu world. Earth Count, Heaven Duke, and Mother Earth's footsteps were extremely fast, and their attacks shook heaven and earth. However, they couldn't break through Ancestral God King's Xuandu world and escape!

"Father, Uncle, Aunt, my Xuandu world is tougher than you guys think, right?"

Ancestral God King laughed loudly. "This is what I have comprehended over the years. I have long escaped from the Heavenly Dao, and I have learned something even better! None of you will be able to escape, and you will only have the fate of being refined and swallowed by me!"

"You unfilial son!" Heaven Duke was so angry that his beard trembled.

At this moment, Qin Mu walked into the world of Xuandu and passed through the four people.

The corporeal bodies of the four gods expanded, and the power of their divine arts was boundless. However, when Qin Mu walked through these divine arts, he didn't seem to have touched anything.

The four of them stopped and stared blankly at this tiny human.

Ancestral God King's mind was blown, and he was at a loss. His unbreakable Xuandu world had actually been walked in by Qin Mu, and it was as if he hadn't touched anything!

That was an achievement he was proud of, an achievement he dared to fall out with Heaven Duke. Yet Qin Mu had walked in just like that!

Qin Mu seemed to feel nothing and paid no attention to the four majestic gods as he walked forward at a steady pace.

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