Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1301 - One Qi Of The Ruins Of End

The faces of the four sacred gods twitched as they looked at Qin Mu who had suddenly appeared. Their gazes were slightly dazed.

Mother Earth suddenly couldn't hold back her anger and smacked down with her palm. Magnetic force burst forth, and her palm could crush stars!

"No!" Heaven Duke and Earth Count shouted in unison.

However, it was already too late.

When Mother Earth's palm landed on Qin Mu's body, it actually passed through his body. Qin Mu walked on the back of her hand, and Mother Earth looked at the back of her hand in a daze, not knowing what to do.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you are acting mysterious again!"

Ancestral God King was also suddenly furious. He was even more furious after being hit. The power of the Heavenly Dao treasures exploded in the sky and bombarded Qin Mu!

Qin Mu 'arrogantly' walked past his Xuandu world, looking down on everyone and looking down on everyone. It was truly unbearable for him!

The moment he made his move, Heaven Duke revealed a smile and said in delight, "My unfilial son has revealed a flaw!"

Lava Earth Count and Mother Earth didn't have any temper from being beaten up by Ancestral God King, so they couldn't help being delighted. However, Heaven Duke's next sentence made their hearts turn cold. "Let's run! Follow me!"

Heaven Duke suddenly exerted his strength, and rays of starlight gathered in his eyes. He shot through Xuandu World with a thud, creating a huge hole. The three of them escaped in a panic.

Suddenly, the Xuandu world shook. The incarnations of the Heavenly Dao in the celestial palace behind Ancestral God King rose and attacked the three of them.

Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and Mother Earth fought with all their might. At the same time, the treasures of Ancestral God King's Heavenly Dao struck Qin Mu one after another, splitting the ground and turning it into lava that evaporated!

Qin Mu, on the other hand, seemed to feel nothing as he walked on the lava.

Ancestral God King was furious. He suddenly abandoned Qin Mu and turned to attack Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and Mother Earth, who had just escaped from the Xuandu world. He sneered. "I can't do anything to Celestial Venerable Mu, but I can't do anything to you guys?"

He suddenly retracted his Heavenly Dao Incarnation, ensuring his abilities. He beat Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and Mother Earth until they vomited blood.

At this moment, Qin Mu leisurely walked out of the unbreakable Xuandu world and left in front of them.

Heaven Duke and Earth Count protected Mother Earth as they ran. When they saw Qin Mu from afar, they were slightly stunned. "Son of Qin seems to have taken the wrong path… That's right, he was still affected by our divine arts and unknowingly deviated from the path!"

However, they couldn't care less about Qin Mu. They fought Ancestral God King with all their might, but they could only take a beating.

"Mother Earth can't die!"

Heaven Duke shouted loudly, "Borrow strength from the main body!"

Above his head, vast amounts of starlight gathered into a river. It was like a galaxy descending from the sky and pouring into his body.

At the same time, Earth Count borrowed power from his body. The Great Dao of Youdu gathered and merged with the devil qi, pouring into his body.

Both of their abilities rose drastically, but they were still no match for Ancestral God King and were forced to retreat.

The four of them fought fiercely on the plateau of the ancestral court, beating it into a plain and turning it into a basin. Qin Mu walked around the basin and circled around it.

Heaven Duke and Earth Count were secretly worried about his safety, but what was weird was that Qin Mu wasn't affected by their divine arts at all. He was still safe and sound.

"He is comprehending an incomparably marvelous Great Dao. This state of entering the path allows him to avoid the power of our divine arts!"

Earth Count instantly came to a realization and sent a voice transmission to Heaven Duke. "When he wakes up from the state of entering the path, he will be free from this untouchable state. At that time, he will be severely injured even if he doesn't die!"

Heaven Duke instantly came to a realization. Qin Mu's state of entering the path seemed to be compatible with the Great Dao. This realm was extremely high, but when he was released from the state of entering the path, he was no longer invincible.

That was the most dangerous moment for Qin Mu!

"I'll forge a path out of this basin and let him leave!"

Heaven Duke waved his hand, and the mountains around the basin suddenly split open, revealing a huge valley. Qin Mu walked to the front of the tunnel, but his footsteps didn't stop as he walked out.

Heaven Duke and Earth Count secretly let out sighs of relief. Suddenly, Mother Earth clasped her hands, and the huge valley instantly closed up, trapping Qin Mu in the center.

Heaven Duke and Earth Count were furious. "Mother Earth is so careless! She always wanted the life of Son of Qin, and our efforts to save her were in vain!"

The next moment, they saw Qin Mu actually passing through the mountain and walking forward peacefully. However, this time, Qin Mu's destination was completely messed up.

He was getting further away from the battlefield of Heaven Duke, Earth Count, Mother Earth, and Ancestral God King. He gradually came to the desert in the east of the ancestral court. Black sand filled the sky, and the strong wind blew everything into ashes.

The last time, Qin Mu had the Glassy Sky Pagoda to protect him, allowing him to pass through the desert safely.

And this time, he barged in, and the black desert sand passed through his body as if it didn't touch anything.

Qin Mu walked calmly to the center of the desert and came to the front of the taiji mine.

The ancient gods in the taiji mine were astonished, and they secretly looked over. 'Why is this fellow here? Could he have known that I tricked him into going to the black wood to die and come here to take revenge? Or could he have known about my secret plan with Tai Su to get rid of me?'

However, what puzzled him was that Qin Mu passed through the mine and walked aimlessly into the white desert.

The ancient god in the taiji mine was in a daze. "This fellow, he has gone mad from walking from the pure yin qi into the pure yang qi and crossing the Yin Yang Star Domain…"

The taiji mine seemed to be in the black and white desert, but when they were far away from the desert, what they saw was a dazzling star field that was black and white like the taiji diagram!

Qin Mu passed through the incomparably dangerous Yin Yang Star Domain just like that, making the ancient gods in the mine cry out weirdly.

He walked out of the taiji mine, and at this moment, his comprehension of the Taishi Dao increased even more. They flooded into his mind!

Qin Mu couldn't help but let out a long howl. The howl was like a line that rose straight into the clouds, shaking the sky until the seals of the ancient gods appeared, revealing the backs of the worlds!

His Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure roared as it swirled around him. With one hand holding up the heavens and the other covering the earth, he executed the four-faced god and executed the four heaven and earth imprints.

After that, his divine art changed, and the second heaven of his divine art was executed. It transformed into the Black Heaven Earth Sect, and a towering Black Heaven Earth Sect connected the heaven and earth, Youdu, and Xuandu.

Qin Mu moved with the flow. The celestial river flowed in the divine treasure realm, and he observed the four poles of the celestial river, transforming it into the third heaven of divine arts.

Next, his consciousness burst forth, and he held up a Great Overarching Heaven in one hand. It was the fourth heaven of the divine art, Great Overarching Heaven.

He plucked the flower with his two fingers, and the petals were gorgeous. The petals fell, and purple qi filled the sky.

He entered the transformation of the great divine art in one move, and the sixth heaven Youdu chased the souls away. The seventh heaven, Primordial Jade Altar, erected Xuandu, and the eighth heaven, Paramita Divine Boat, crossed.

The eighth heaven of the divine art was executed, and Qin Mu's body broke through the void as though he was standing on a Paramita Ark. He crossed layers of void and instantly reached the twenty-eighth void. He then broke through the twenty-ninth void and arrived at the thirtieth void.

He traveled in the void for a long time, crossing an unimaginable distance from the ancestral court before gradually slowing down.

However, his move was executed smoothly.

"Nine Transformations, wait for a look, the sound of a dream returns!"

A buddha voice rang out, and he actually entered the path in his dream. In an instant, his comprehension transformed into the ninth heaven of his divine art, the ninth heaven of his dream realm!

The nine layers of the dream realm lasted for an eternity, but in reality, it only lasted for an instant. He woke up from the dream realm and pointed at the sky and painted the earth. His divine arts scattered, and the tenth heaven of the divine arts was executed accordingly.

Unchanging Heaven and Earth Will!

Next was the twelfth heaven, the life of the Ruins of End!

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