Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1302 - 24 Heavens Of The Dao Realm

In the thirtieth void, Qin Mu soared into the sky and allowed his emotions to flow freely, executing all his comprehensions over the years.

"Unchanging Will Of Heaven And Earth, the life of the Ruins of End! I shall forget everything, and the Great Dao shall be the ancestral court!"

Everything and everything became the thirteenth heaven of his divine art, and the ancestral court became the fourteenth!

"Hidden Creation!"

He combined the path of creation into one and transformed it into a great divine art. His creation divine art was like a huge bell, and with a bell chime, the divine beauty of creation was accompanied by the lingering charm of the ancestral court, giving birth to all things.

"The path of consciousness goes first!"

On the other hand, the fifteenth heaven of his divine art used consciousness as the path. It was an ancient ancestral court, and the forebears were ignorant. Even though the creation of heaven and earth was complete, they didn't comprehend the paths, skills, and divine arts.

At this moment, consciousness was the first to be created. The masters of creation's forebears used consciousness to create things, and this move of his gave off the boundless feeling of the primordial era.

"Yet the Dragon Han fights!"

Qin Mu executed the divine arts one after another, and it was as if he had stepped into the Dragon Han Era from the wild primordial era. When the Dragon Han Era clashed, the paths, skills, and divine arts were like a hundred flowers blooming in unison. Even though they were beautiful and magnificent, they were filled with bloody battles!

"The Crimson Light Divine Body is extinct, The High Emperor 's Human Path is complete!"

When these two forms of great divine arts were executed, Qin Mu's primordial spirit and corporeal body grew stronger, and he ran amok in the thirtieth void. With three heads and six arms, he was like a giant that could split heaven and earth.

On the other hand, the success of the High Emperor Human Dao was the philosophy that the lives of the High Emperor were greater than the heavens. The heroes of the human race had to bear hardship and endure calamities to advance forward with difficulty. They had to fight against heaven and earth, fight against injustice, refuse to admit defeat, and never giving up. The spirit of never surrendering was all in this move.

"Opening The Empress's Heavenly Road, Eternal Peace Empire will fight for it!"

He was full of heroism. The path from the Postcelestial Dao of the Founding Emperor Era, the calamity of Eternal Peace, and the struggle had all become the divine art in his hands.

He stood in the thirtieth void, and it was as if he was standing at the highest point in the world. He executed the divine art that encompassed the great spirit of the era, and everything went smoothly.

When this great divine art was executed, Qin Mu's unrestrained divine art, aura, and aura suddenly became restrained.

His divine art became obscure, and his palm moved slowly. His Dao runes also became scattered. He had created so many great divine arts consecutively, allowing his divine arts to enter the path and reach the 21st heaven. It had basically exhausted all of his accumulation over the years.

However, he still had feelings to express and his own opinions to sort out.

His divine arts were executed slower, and the divine arts that contained the Tai Su Dao were gradually executed. Next, he tried to create the paths of taiji and the paths of Tai Shi.

"Tai Su opens a primordial flower, Taiji transforms into Yin and Yang!"

"Tai Shi questioning the blooming spring!"

When Qin Mu executed the last move, he suddenly felt empty in his mind. His divine arts, paths, and skills couldn't continue, and he immediately woke up from the state of entering the Dao.

He was in the thirtieth void, and he woke up at this moment. Instantly, a powerful force from the void came crushing over, and Qin Mu's corporeal body started to fade into the void. His corporeal body crumbled.

He made a prompt decision and immediately escaped from the thirtieth void!

This was the first time he had gone so deep into the void, and he was puzzled. 'Strange, why did I come here? The thirtieth void isn't a place I can reach…'

He quickly retreated to the twenty-ninth void. The power of the void was still incomparably strong, making his corporeal body unable to withstand it.

If he still had the Tai Chu Origin Stone in the past, his consciousness could barely reach this place. However, he couldn't stay here for long. Without the Tai Chu Origin Stone, the strength of his consciousness was far inferior to before. It was impossible for him to reach such a dangerous place!

If he was sober, he definitely wouldn't have taken such a risk and risked his life to venture into such a high void. When he was in a state of comprehension, he didn't have so many worries.

The instant he retreated from the thirtieth void to the twenty-ninth void, he raised his head and tried to see a deeper void. However, he couldn't see anything, and he couldn't help feeling a little regretful.

"I wonder what the Ultimate Void has…"

He retreated from the 29th void to the 28th void, and only then did he feel slightly better. However, the 28th void was the limit of his consciousness, and his corporeal body wasn't that strong.

Without the Tai Chu Origin Stone, his consciousness and corporeal body were greatly weakened.

Qin Mu retreated from the layers of void. When he reached the twenty-third void, the damage to his corporeal body was finally reduced to the freezing point.

He couldn't help but wipe away his cold sweat. It was simply too dangerous for him to come to the thirtieth void in a daze.

Now that the danger was gone, he immediately began to reflect on what he had gained when he entered the path.

Ever since he was inspired by Xu Shenghua to enter the Dao and comprehended the ninth heaven of the divine art, the Virtual Stage of Tai Chi, his accumulation had become more profound. His understanding of the Dao of Taiji, the Dao of Tai Su, the Dao of Tai Shi, and the Dao of Tai Chu had also become more exquisite.

His understanding of the primordial era, Dragon Han, Crimson Light, High Emperor, and Founding Emperor Era also increased. In the end, no matter if it was history or his understanding of the Dao, they all became his unique divine art when he entered the path.

"From the ninth heaven of divine arts to the twenty-fourth heaven of divine arts in one go, it can be said that my cultivation in the Dao Realm has directly reached the twenty-fourth heaven."

Qin Mu couldn't help sighing ruefully. The benefits that the Grand Primordium Origin Stone had brought him were simply too great.

However, the final three heavens weren't complete.

Tai Su opens a primordial flower!

Taiji transforms into Yin and Yang!

Tai Shi questioning the blooming spring!

His accumulation in the third heaven wasn't enough to reach the perfect third heaven. All three great divine arts were incomplete.

In reality, when he created these three great divine arts, he had already felt that it was extremely difficult. He didn't have any knowledge to use, but at that time, he was in the midst of comprehending the Dao. He was like an arrow on a bowstring and had no choice but to release it.

This third heaven divine art was more powerful than the previous one. He still needed to continue perfecting and refining it. Otherwise, it would have a huge impact on whether he could reach the 36th heaven in the future.

He strolled leisurely in the void and walked towards the direction of the big black wood. As he waved his hands, he executed his divine arts one by one to admire the divine arts he had created.

'I wonder which realm is the twenty-four heavens of the Dao Realm equivalent to the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces?'

He was very curious in his heart. Compared to the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces, there were many ambiguous areas in the realm, making it hard to differentiate battle power.

"What's strange is that the gods and devils that cultivate the system of the celestial palaces can also cultivate the Dao Realm. This is equivalent to adding two realms together. For example, Founding Emperor's realm is the Celestial Palace Realm, while his Dao Realm has reached the thirty-fourth heaven. He's already an existence that can contend with Celestial Venerables."

The system of divine treasures and celestial palaces focused on magic power, while the system of Dao Realm focused on comprehension of Dao. The two complemented each other perfectly.

This was Founding Emperor's reform and development of the system of divine treasures and celestial palaces. His contribution was so great that it wasn't inferior to Celestial Venerable Yu's!

"Unfortunately, it's all outdated."

Qin Mu shrugged his shoulders. In the future, the truly powerful ones would be the Great Ancestral Court's Dao system that Lan Yutian had founded. The celestial palace system and the Dao Realm system would be a part of it!

"And now, it is the most glorious era of the divine treasures, celestial palaces, and the system of the Dao Realm. It's also the final resounding ending! When Lan Yutian succeeds, a grand revolution will sweep through everything like a flood and overthrow everything!"

Qin Mu looked down, and the majestic mountains and rivers of the ancestral court came into view. 'In that case, what should I do with Lan Yutian and Celestial Venerable Yu? Should I find his broken soul and turn it into Celestial Venerable Yu…'

At this moment, he saw ten thousand beasts galloping in the ancestral court, and it was extremely lively. Ancestral God King was beating up Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and Mother Earth.

"Why are they fighting?"

Qin Mu was bewildered and decided to ignore it. His gaze landed on the seventeenth void, where the dragon qilin and the void beast mother were trembling.

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