Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1303 - Lan Yutian And Xu Shenghua

In the Great Void, Founding Emperor imparted his system of Dao Realm to Lan Yutian. The two of them talked for a long time, and this discussion benefited both Carefree Village and the masters of creation of the Paramita World.

Even though Founding Emperor had taught Lan Yutian the realm of the path he had created, Lan Yutian was able to infer many things from it, which benefited him greatly.

Founding Emperor personally opened the door of the three rooms at the end of the Void Bridge and sent Lan Yutian and his followers into Eternal Peace. He said, "Dao brother, we shall meet again in the future."

"Dao brother, please wait." Lan Yutian bade farewell to him.

Founding Emperor stood quietly in front of the door and only returned after a long time.

His four great heavenly teachers and four great heavenly kings had already been waiting at the bridge for a long time. Saint Woodcutter asked, "Your Majesty, I have also listened to Your Majesty and Lan Yutian's discussion of the Dao these few days, and I have gained quite a bit. I suddenly have a terrifying thought. Even if we overthrow the celestial heavens in the future, as long as Lan Yutian succeeds in the Dao, we gods will be the rulers of the past, the old gods of the past will be overthrown by the new gods."

Founding Emperor nodded and said with a smile, "In that case, has Grand Heavenmaster lost the courage and determination to change?"

Saint Woodcutter was slightly stunned. He bowed and said, "This woodcutter is worried about personal gains and losses, thank you for your reminder, Your Majesty. Lan Yutian is already walking on the path of the saint. What I can't do, I shouldn't have obstructed him. Instead, I should have expected him to be able to do it. I should have even helped him achieve it earlier!"

"In the future, perhaps Lan Yutian will become the first saint."

Founding Emperor grabbed the hilt of Carefree Sword and touched the vein lines of the sword sheath with his thumb. "Carefree Sword, back then, the reason why I forged this sword was to build Carefree Village. Now, after discussing the Dao with him, I suddenly realized that this sword isn't Carefree Village. It wants me to use this sword to fight for the people of the human race and make them worry."

He smiled and said, "Discussing the Dao with him, my thirty-five heavens of the sword path are also gradually becoming clearer. Woodcutter, you don't need to belittle yourself. Your three hundred and sixty Postcelestial Great Daos are for the million years of the Great Dao of Founding Emperor Era. The reason why you were called a saint is because you had planned the path for Founding Emperor Era for a million years. You have lofty aspirations, but I'm useless and can't protect Founding Emperor Era for a million years."

"The general trend isn't with me, Founding Emperor can't be blamed."

Saint Woodcutter said, "The defeat back then, we can just fight back today!"

Lan Yutian led five thousand disciples to Eternal Peace and looked around to differentiate the paths. However, the gods that followed him knew that no matter how their teacher tried to differentiate the paths, he would still get lost.

"Where does teacher plan to go?" a goddess asked.

"I don't know," Lan Yutian said excitedly.

Everyone became silent, and a few gods secretly left.

Lan Yutian smiled and said, "Just follow the hunch. I feel that there's someone waiting for me in front."

Everyone was skeptical. After walking for a few days, they saw Great Thunderclap Monastery from afar as well as the buddha lying on it.

The buddha's body was surrounded by boundless buddha rays, and he was currently in a coma. The buddha rays were connected to the Great Meru Mountain of the twenty heavens of the Buddha Realm, reaching the Brahma Heaven Realm on the peak.

Thousands of buddhas and bodhisattvas sat in the dream realm of this lying buddha and focused on comprehending. The names of the buddhas were widely heard, and the buddha voice was vast and mighty.

That lying buddha was very eye-catching. The corporeal body of the lying buddha was that of a devil ape with an extremely huge physique. It was snoring in its sleep, and the black hair on the surface of its body was vibrating. It was like the wind blowing through a black forest, undulating up and down.

Meanwhile, the primordial spirit of the crouching buddha was incomparably pure and holy. It was sacred and solemn like a demon or a human, yet it was a buddha.

Everyone looked up at this great buddha. After a moment, Lan Yutian shook his head and said, "It's not the person waiting for me. Let's continue walking."

They walked for another ten days and traversed mountains and rivers. From afar, they could see Eternal Peace's Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. There were ships sailing over continuously and entering the bridge. There were also ships sailing out from the bridge.

When they came to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge, they saw a group of people tearing each other apart. A young Daoist tugged on the sleeve of a handsome god and shouted, "Xu Shenghua, you can't leave! That treasure has just been forged, and you want to leave, leaving us behind to suffer. You sure are relaxed!"

The handsome man called Xu Shenghua tried to break free and said helplessly, "I've already sorted out the blueprints Cult Master Qin gave me. You guys can just forge them according to the blueprints. The rest of the things are all trivial matters. How can I stay here for fifty years? I still have to go to the ancestral court, and Cult Master already told me there's good stuff there!"

Lan Yutian also recognized that Daoist. His name was Lin Xuan, and he was the Dao Master of Dao Sect. He didn't know why he had quarreled with Xu Shenghua.

"Now that you are gone, who knows how many years will have passed. Your daughter, Xu Mengqing, will probably reach the age of marriage soon. When you return, you will be able to carry your grandson!"

Lan Yutian also recognized the person who had spoken. He was an immortal of Little Jade Capital called Wang Muran. People called him Immortal Wang, and his abilities were also extremely high.

Xu Shenghua said, "Immortal Wang, stop thinking about my girl."

Immortal Wang said with a smile, "You should be worried about Cult Master Qin! Be careful of him stealing your girl's soul when you aren't at home!"

"He's old and frail, so I'm never worried. Fellow Daoists, I have to go to the ancestral court, and Cult Master has already called me there! I've always had a feeling that that place is the key to my Dao."

Xu Shenghua broke free from Lin Xuan and bowed. "Everyone, I understand your good intentions, but do you want to stop me from achieving the path? You can't beat me."

Everyone could only stop him and say, "Go and have fun, leave us here to suffer. Forget it, forget it, we can't beat you, just go."

Xu Shenghua got up and saw Lan Yutian. He asked in astonishment, "Dao Brother Lan, are you lost again?"

Lan Yutian nodded immediately and said with a smile, "The last time I met Brother Xu to guide me, I'll have to trouble Brother Xu this time."

Xu Shenghua thought about it and said, "I'm going to the ancestral court, do you want to go?"


"Follow me then."

Xu Shenghua waved his hand and said seriously, "Everyone, if you guys continue to stop me, I'll really beat you guys up."

Everyone dispersed.

Xu Shenghua brought Lan Yutian to the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and looked at the five thousand gods behind him. He was astonished, but he didn't ask any more questions. "These days, I've been obstructed by all kinds of trivial matters, and I've been unable to go to the ancestral court. Now that I think about it, it's not those trivial matters that have obstructed me, but me waiting for you. It looks like the path of you and me is in the ancestral court."

Lan Yutian said, "I also have this feeling. I feel that you are waiting for me. This should be a very wonderful trip."

The five thousand gods poured into the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge with them. After a long time, they walked out of the sacrificial altar on the other side and faced the seal of the ten Celestial Venerables.

"Teacher, there's a seal here and a hole over there. There's no seal!" someone shouted.

The hole in the ancestral court was created by Qin Mu using the power of the Tai Shi Mine.

Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian took a look. Xu Shenghua shook his head and said, "It's too far, I don't know how long it will take to reach that hole. This crack is even closer, just walk in from here."

"There are eleven seals here, and one of them was left behind by my brother."

Lan Yutian examined him and said, "It's not difficult to break his seal."

Xu Shenghua also examined him and nodded. "It's indeed not difficult to break him. Let's go."

The two of them brought the five thousand gods and entered the seal that Qin Mu had left behind.

In the ancestral court, Qin Mu came to the seventeenth void and asked in bewilderment, "Pi, what are you guys afraid of?"

"Cult Master, the Grand Emperor is here!" the dragon qilin said in fear.

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