Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1305 - Lang Xuan Ambushes The Void Beast

Finally, they walked into the area covered by the Glassy Sky Pagoda. Qin Mu let out a long sigh of relief and said, "Don't belittle yourself. These old fossils were just born before us and have experienced more worldly affairs than us. They might not be smarter than us. If they were smarter the longer they lived, they would have long ruled the world."

The dragon qilin couldn't help laughing. "Cult Master, a tortoise isn't the species with the longest lifespan."

Qin Mu said with a smile, "The ones with the longest lifespan are the ancient gods, but haven't I killed many of them? It can be seen that living for a long time doesn't make you smarter. What's terrifying is that living for a long time will make you rely more on experience instead of your own brain. When you fall into experience, you will be in danger."

The dragon qilin felt that these words were precious, and he memorized them with his heart. 'Maybe I can use them in my Human Rearing Scriptures…'

'If the Grand Emperor is severely injured, can I take back the Tai Chu Origin Stone?'

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and touched the beard on his chin. These whiskers were stubborn and would grow out again no matter how he plucked them.

'If I take back the Origin Stone, wouldn't the Origin Stone I gave Celestial Venerable Xiao be wasted? However, the Tai Chu Origin Stone is indeed very tempting…'

At this moment, Xu Shenghua, Lan Yutian, and the rest passed through the crack in the sky and finally reached the ancestral court.

"What a treasured land!"

Everyone looked around, and they couldn't help exclaiming in admiration. This place was even more like the celestial heavens than the celestial heavens. There were divine mountains formed from divine metal everywhere, and rivers formed from sunflower water everywhere. White clouds floated in the sky, and the raindrops were formed from spirit energy.

The soil on the ground was called Breathing Earth. It could grow on its own, and a piece of Breathing Earth could transform into a piece of land.

The mountain ranges rose and fell like divine dragons of all shapes and sizes. If there was a genius like Dragon Rearing Sovereign, he could slightly change the geography and let the mountain ranges form true dragons.

There were also lush vegetation in the mountains. All kinds of spiritual flowers and rare herbs were rare in the outside world.

As for those huge beasts that were walking in the mountains and flying in the clouds, they were even more inconceivable.

"No wonder Cult Master kept letting me come here."

Xu Shenghua couldn't help exclaiming in admiration and muttering, "There are simply too many treasures here. The natural markings on those huge beasts contain profound principles, and if one mastered them, their achievements would definitely be extraordinary. The path of the mountains and rivers, the treasures of heaven and earth, this is clearly the place of Emperor's Emergence!"

Lan Yutian sensed the Great Dao here and muttered, "This will be my place to achieve Dao…"

Xu Shenghua also nodded his head. "I also sensed that this place will be my place to achieve Dao."

The two of them looked at each other, and Lan Yutian led the five thousand gods down from the sky. They followed their senses and said, "I can sense five peculiar Great Daos here. They are abnormally dense, and they are related to my paths, skills, and divine arts."

Xu Shenghua sensed it carefully and praised, "Dao Brother Lan's aptitude still surpasses mine. My senses aren't as clear as yours, I can only barely sense the aura of the five Great Dao."

Everyone followed the two of them as they meandered through mountains and rivers. Along the way, they saw countless treasures, dazzling them.

Some gods had their Dao hearts affected by the treasures and stopped to search for treasures. When they found the treasures, they saw that Lan Yutian, Xu Shenghua, and the rest had already left without a trace.

As they walked, the number of gods behind them decreased. Only three thousand people remained, and they continued to follow them relentlessly.

Strangely enough, some of the huge beasts that met them actually joined the ranks of their followers.

When Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua stopped to talk about paths, skills, and divine arts, these primordial behemoths actually sat down and listened to them.

Some gods planned to chase away these huge beasts, but Xu Shenghua stopped them. "All things have spirits, and all things have Dao. They can all cultivate."

Lan Yutian's senses were even more sensitive, and Xu Shenghua also sighed in admiration. After walking for dozens of days, they finally came to the side of a chaotic sea.

This sea of primal chaos was filled with incomparably ancient primordial qi. It was incomparably heavy, and there was nothing it couldn't melt. It was extremely dangerous, and even the huge beasts of the ancestral court didn't dare to set foot in this place.

Xu Shenghua looked around and shook his head. "The Great Dao here has vanished, and only its aura is left."

Lan Yutian shook his head and said, "It hasn't dissipated. The Great Dao has always been there. It's just that someone borrowed the Great Dao of this place to achieve the Dao. After he achieved the Dao, his realm was too high and there was no need for him to stay here anymore, so he left."

Right at this moment, the sky suddenly turned dark. Everyone raised their heads and saw countless six-legged giant beasts spreading their two pairs of wings and gliding across the sky.

The bodies of those huge beasts were slightly larger than the other huge beasts, and the markings on their bodies were extremely peculiar. When they flew in the sky, they formed groups and filled up the sky.

Everyone had never seen such a magnificent sight before, and they all looked up.

Xu Shenghua muttered, "Cult Master Qin once taught me a few kinds of void markings, saying that they contain a kind of void Great Dao. Those markings are similar to the markings on these huge beasts… That's right, this is a void beast!"

Just as he said that, the behemoths near the Chaos Sea seemed to be alarmed and scattered in all directions. Even the behemoths that were following Lan Yutian were trembling in fear. They prostrated on the ground as though they were planning to hide themselves.

Xu Shenghua, Lan Yutian, and the rest didn't know much about the void beasts, but the other huge beasts knew how terrifying they were. The void beasts could be said to be the natural enemies of all the huge beasts. With so many of them traveling, they could truly massacre everything!

However, the strange thing was that the void beasts in the sky paid no attention to the huge beasts that were running below. Instead, they were running in the same direction. That was the other hole that had opened up in the sky of the ancestral court!

There were two holes in the sky. One was caused by Founding Emperor splitting open the cracks in the sky caused by the celestial heavens, and the other was caused by Qin Mu triggering the rebellion of the Grand Prime Mine, creating a huge circular hole in the seal of the gods.

The void beasts headed straight for the circular hole.

Just as countless void beasts surged towards the huge hole, the sky suddenly shook violently. An incomparably huge circular eye stretched out from the void, squeezing the sky until it continuously cracked.

The other void beasts fled one after another, creating a space.

After that, that huge eye stretched down and slowly revealed the head of an even larger void beast.

The sky shook, and a claw that was several times thicker than a mountain stretched out from the void. It rubbed against the air, causing lightning and thunder to flash in the sky, and lightning and fire to scatter.

Boom boom boom boom

The six claws of that huge beast stretched out into the void, and its complete body descended. It was the void beast mother!

This mother beast was the mother beast that the dragon qilin used to control, but it had returned to the control of the Grand Emperor.

Countless void beasts surrounded the mother beast and flew towards the huge hole in the ancestral court. It looked like they were planning to escape!

'Why would the void beasts escape? Could there be creatures even more terrifying than them here?' Xu Shenghua was bewildered. From Qin Mu, he had heard quite a lot of legends about the void beasts.

At that moment, a huge wheel of divine light rose and covered half the sky. The wheel of divine light spun, and in front of it was the face of God Emperor Lang Xuan.

This face had a smile.

"The void beast mother belongs to me!"

God Emperor Lang Xuan's consciousness burst forth, and he laughed loudly. "The race of void beasts will also fall into my control!"

Xu Shenghua, Lan Yutian, and the rest were dumbfounded. Xu Shenghua's expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly said, "Let's go! Even if a wisp of Celestial Venerable's power leaks out, it's enough to shatter us!"

Just as everyone was about to leave the Chaos Sea, a figure suddenly rose from it. It was a white-haired elder who was holding a walking stick in one hand and a bucket in the other. He chuckled and said, "Fellow Daoists, it's too late for you to avoid the battle between Celestial Venerables. Why don't you come to my place to hide for a moment?"

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