Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1307 - King Of Divine Beasts

Lan Yutian didn't have any impression of these secular morals and didn't feel that there was anything wrong with them. Xu Shenghua, on the other hand, had the same expression all year round and didn't reveal any strange expression. The other followers were in an uproar.

"The reason why the Grand Emperor had to get rid of God Emperor Lang Xuan was because the palace fell and killed her and the Grand Emperor's son, but he left her and Grand Primordium's son Lang Xuan behind."

Tai Yi said, "It's precisely because of this that the Grand Emperor has always been unhappy with Lang Xuan. He feels that since he and the son of the palace are dead, the sons of Tai Chu and the palace have to die as well."

Xu Shenghua said, "The primordial era is truly chaotic."

Tai Yi said with a smile, "It's always been so chaotic. Look at Lang Xuan taking a beating passively, but in the next moment, it will be the Grand Emperor."

Everyone raised their heads to look at the sky. This was the Chaos Sea. With the protection of the Chaos Sea and Tai Yi's crutch, no matter how fierce the battle was, it didn't affect them at all.

It was indeed as the Grand Emperor had said. God Emperor Lang Xuan wasn't able to completely fuse the path of consciousness with Xiantian One. He had only comprehended that move, and his primordial spirit was that divine art called the Finger of Divine Essence.

The Finger of Divine Essence was the first kind of the Tai Chu Divine Power. Not to mention Celestial Venerable Hao, even Celestial Emperor Tai Chu didn't know this kind of divine art. It was a pity that the Grand Emperor was on his guard, so his move was ineffective.

God Emperor Lang Xuan fell into a passive state of being beaten. His neck was almost severed by the Grand Emperor, and his injuries worsened as he faced the Grand Emperor. Luckily, he had the great divine art of One Finger of Divine Essence, which had the power to threaten the Grand Emperor. Otherwise, he would have lost even faster!

In the depths of the void, Qin Mu executed his great divine art, the Paramita Divine Boat crossing, flying through the void, and traveling through the twenty-ninth void, making the pressure of the void helpless against him.

However, if he dispersed this great divine art, he wouldn't be able to stay in the twenty-ninth void. The pressure was too great, and it would endanger his body.

His divine art was like a Paramita Divine Boat as he stood at the bow of the divine art that was shaped like a divine ship. He looked at the battle between the Grand Emperor and Lang Xuan and said in astonishment, "God Emperor Lang Xuan is still remarkable. This move of his should have been a divine art that transformed from the finger that the God King of the palace dug out the eye in the heart of the Grand Emperor's brows. It combined with Xiantian One. It's indeed remarkable!"

Each of the ten Celestial Venerables had their own divine art, and all of them had things that made their eyes light up!

Previously, Celestial Venerable Hao had suppressed the Grand Emperor, and the Great Dao of the Ruins of End and the Precelestial had all changed. It was inconceivable.

Later on, God Emperor Lang Xuan's divine essence finger showed the power of the Grand Primordium Dao for the first time. It was also overflowing with talent!

He watched with great interest. Just as Lang Xuan was about to die under the Grand Emperor's attack, the sky suddenly became incomparably bright. The 49 Heavenly Dao treasures came smashing over, and all kinds of treasures burst forth with the power of the Heavenly Dao, causing the Grand Emperor's body to sway and his footsteps to be messed up.

"Ancestral God King, attack!"

Qin Mu clenched his fists in excitement. However, at this moment, the Paramita Divine Boat under his feet faded and vanished. Qin Mu's extreme joy turned into sorrow as he was instantly crushed by the twenty-ninth void.

His body sank into the twenty-eighth void, and his divine art burst forth. He raised his sail and entered the twenty-ninth void.

With the power of his divine art, he could teleport to the thirtieth void. However, if his divine art dispersed, the thirtieth void would be too dangerous for him, so it would be safer for him to stay in the twenty-ninth void.

When the divine arts of the Grand Emperor and God Emperor Lang Xuan reached this place, they were extremely weak and posed no threat to him.

However, if he landed in the 28 voids, the threat to him would be greatly increased.

Ancestral God King's 49 Heavenly Dao treasures shook the Grand Emperor, but they didn't threaten his life. However, in the next moment, the 49 Heavenly Dao treasures combined into one, combining into one supreme treasure!

It was a strange treasure that used the heavenly pillar as a pole. The heavenly well, the sky, the outline of the heavens, the heaven's essence, the heavenly plate, the sky dimension, and all kinds of other treasures were attached to the heavenly pillar, making some parts of the weapon thick and some thin. Some parts were like knives, while others were like spears.

A huge hand grabbed at the center of the heavenly pillar. Ancestral God King's scarlet cape fluttered as he brandished the supreme treasure. His body spun, and his weapon changed. With the Heavenly Knife in the lead, he slashed at the Grand Emperor's waist!

The Grand Emperor grunted and staggered backward. Blood flowed from his waist.

The power of a supreme treasure that combined the 49 Heavenly Dao treasures was terrifying, and it already had the power to threaten him!

Ancestral God King raised the supreme treasure of the Heavenly Dao and turned the blade around, smashing it at the Grand Emperor. At the hilt, the heavenly bell fluttered, and a loud clang reverberated through the air, striking the Grand Emperor's consciousness and scattering it.

Ancestral God King took a step forward, and Tian Zhong retreated to the second line. He used Tian Dong as his weapon, and Tian Dong was like a building. He used Tian Dong as his hammer to smash the Grand Emperor's head!

On the other side, Ancestral God King came back to his senses and reattached his neck. He then stabbed his divine essence finger into the heart of the Grand Emperor's brows!

With the two Celestial Venerables working together, the situation instantly reversed. The Grand Emperor retreated continuously to block the attacks of the two Celestial Venerables, but he had fewer attacks and more defenses. He was also repeatedly injured.

Qin Mu excitedly clenched his fists and stared at the heart of the Grand Emperor's brows.

The Tai Chu Origin Stone was there, and it wouldn't be long before it was crushed. At that time, he could take it back!

Suddenly, his gaze inadvertently caught a glimpse of the void beast mother in the distance, and he couldn't help being stunned. He saw the void beast mother hiding in the seventeenth void, and countless void beasts flooded toward the seventeenth void.

"The Grand Emperor still has the energy to control these void beasts? What is he planning to do?"

Just as he thought that, the void beast mother opened her eyes and revealed her huge mouth. The huge void beasts lined up neatly and walked into the mouth of the void beast mother!

Countless sharp teeth in the mother beast's mouth rotated automatically, slicing and swallowing the void beasts that entered its mouth!

Qin Mu was stunned. He saw the body of the void beast mother expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye. It grew larger, and the markings of the void on its body became clearer!

This void beast mother was originally just an ordinary void beast. After the dragon qilin subdued it, the void beast mother had only grown three to five times.

And now, in just a short moment, the void beast mother had grown rapidly, and her aura was becoming stronger!

'The Grand Emperor is planning to use the characteristics of the void beast mother to create another adult beast mother… No! He's planning to create another divine beast king as powerful as a dragon!'

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Mu's forehead. "He plans to use the void beast mother to ambush Lang Xuan, Ancestral God King, and the rest!"

The speed of the void beast mother's devouring became faster, and her physique became stronger. Gradually, even the seventeenth void couldn't withstand that enormous physique!

The body of the void beast mother stretched to the eighteenth void, but her head was in the seventeenth void, allowing more void beasts to enter her mouth to strengthen themselves.

Soon, tens of thousands of void beasts fell into the mouth and transformed into energy. The mother beast seemed to find the void beast feeding too slow, so it opened its mouth and bit down!

Thousands of void beasts and the 17th void were bitten off!

The other void beasts were terrified, but they didn't dare to move. They prostrated themselves and whimpered.

The female beast opened her mouth wide and devoured the void beasts in the 17th void.

The female beast's body was even larger, and her body had already reached the twenty-third void. This huge beast was too strong, and it gave Qin Mu, who was in the twenty-ninth void, an immense pressure.

This feeling was similar to the feeling he had when facing a dragon. Even if this female beast was inferior to a dragon, it was not far away!

Suddenly, the female beast stood up, and her body trembled. Her body became smaller, and when she transformed into a hundred-mile giant beast, she leaped out of the void!

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