Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1308 - Omnipotent

'The void beast mother has condensed her body into such a small size. She's much stronger than the void beast mother I met when I first entered the ancestral court!'

Qin Mu looked at the mother beast that had leaped out of the void, and his heart trembled slightly. The Grand Emperor had probably made a move this time to end the lives of one or two Celestial Venerables and clear the obstacles for his future reign!

To the ten Celestial Venerables, the ancient gods were their greatest enemy. However, to the Grand Emperor, the ancient gods were nothing to worry about. The ten Celestial Venerables were their greatest enemy!

As the ruler of the primordial era, he had plenty of methods to deal with Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and the other ancient gods. However, he didn't have the confidence to deal with the ten Celestial Venerables.

The strength and power of the ten Celestial Venerables were far above that of the ancient gods. The reason why they didn't make a move was that forcefully eliminating the ancient gods would result in heavy casualties. The ten Celestial Venerables didn't seem to be in cahoots, and no one wanted to be the one to suffer casualties.

The moment the void beast mother leaped out of the void, her figure vanished like a transparent glass sailing through the sky.

His body passed through the divine arts of the three Celestial Venerables and came to the back of Ancestral God King. Ancestral God King was attacking the Grand Emperor with all his might when he suddenly became alert. The cape behind his back fluttered, and with a whistle, it transformed into a Xuandu world.

When the void beast mother passed through the world of Xuandu, he immediately detected her precise location.

His Xuandu world was refined by the Heavenly Dao, and there were all kinds of Great Daos mixed in. They were similar to domains, and even Heaven Duke had to praise his unfilial son for being powerful.

He sensed the mother beast, and his primordial spirit immediately burst forth. A piece of the celestial heavens leaped out, and his primordial spirit stood in the Numinous Sky Hall of the celestial heavens. With a backhand seal, it came crashing down!

At this moment, the Grand Emperor suddenly laughed loudly. He swept away his earlier declining momentum and took God Emperor Lang Xuan's attack head-on. He then came to the front of Ancestral God King.

The Heavenly Dao treasure in Ancestral God King's hand transformed into a celestial lance and smashed down. The Grand Emperor didn't dodge and used his head to withstand the blow. His consciousness exploded forth and rushed into Ancestral God King's celestial heavens!

Ancestral God King suffered a pincer attack, and his corporeal body suddenly transformed into a stream of light that was sucked into the celestial heavens by his primordial spirit. His corporeal body and primordial spirit fused as one.

At the same time, his Heavenly Dao treasure flew back and separated into forty-nine Heavenly Dao treasures to defend the celestial heavens. At the same time, it blocked the attacks of the void beast mother and the Grand Emperor.

The Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven descended from the sky and collided with the 49 Heavenly Dao treasures. This was an attack that contained the Grand Emperor's consciousness Dao Fruit. Even Celestial Venerable Hao's primordial spirit would be trapped by this attack!

The forty-nine Heavenly Dao treasures were beaten into a mess, and shattered pieces of Heavenly Dao treasures were everywhere. Ancestral God King's eyes, ears, mouth, and nose spewed blood at the same time, and he revealed a look of astonishment. His corporeal body and primordial spirit trembled violently at the same time, and his divine flesh was almost separated!

The strike of the Grand Emperor's Dao Fruit was so powerful that he was severely injured!

"Dao Realm, is this the ultimate Dao Realm that Founding Emperor mentioned?"

In the past, he had looked down on the Dao Realm that Founding Emperor had created, thinking that Founding Emperor's path had gone astray and narrow. However, the strike of the Dao Fruit hidden in the Grand Emperor had shown him how powerful and terrifying the system of Dao Realm was.

The system of divine treasures and celestial palaces was to raise one step at a time. Every advancement was predictable, and the increase in cultivation and strength brought by the increase in realm could be predicted.

However, the terrifying thing about the Dao Realm was that it was difficult to enter the Dao in the early stages. Furthermore, one's cultivation wasn't necessarily higher than the celestial palace system, and it took a long time. However, in the later stages, the benefits brought by every advancement were immense. When one reached the peak of the Dao Realm and cultivated Dao Fruit, they would be as terrifying as the Grand Emperor.

Furthermore, the current Grand Emperor wasn't a complete Grand Emperor!

The current Grand Emperor had a corporeal body, consciousness, and no primordial spirit!

Even so, it was powerful enough to crush him.

Even though Ancestral God King realized how terrifying the Dao Realm was, the Grand Emperor's Dao Realm was still different from Founding Emperor's Dao Realm. The Grand Emperor's cultivation was fake, and he had relied on the sacrifices of the ancestors of the masters of creation to reach this step.

On the other hand, Founding Emperor's Dao Realm was to elevate himself step by step and raise his comprehension of the Dao. He would create his own Dao and ultimately refine the Dao Fruit of the Sword Dao.

It could be said that the Grand Emperor had already crippled himself.

Ancestral God King was also strong, and he immediately stabilized the formation. As long as he could withstand this attack, God Emperor Lang Xuan would be able to hold back the Grand Emperor. At that time, it would be hard to say who would win!

Right at this moment, the mother beast pounced and passed through Ancestral God King's body. This huge beast instantly turned from phantom to corporeal, and its huge corporeal body expanded continuously.

Ancestral God King seemed to be inflated as he grew taller and fatter. Soon, he became a giant god that was ten thousand miles tall. He was still expanding continuously and looked extremely terrifying.

The mother beast frantically devoured his qi and blood in his body, planning to refine it and swallow this Celestial Venerable whole!


Ancestral God King's face twisted, but he laughed crazily. "Heaven Duke can't do anything, but as his son, he has the Body of Capital Spirit that has inherited Heaven Duke's bloodline, so he's omnipotent! I don't have his restrictions!"

His body suddenly transformed. He was still a sacred and solemn god king a moment ago, but now he seemed to have transformed into a devil king that committed all kinds of evil in Youdu!

His body seemed to have transformed into Youdu World. It was sinister, terrifying, and a strange and unfathomable power burst forth from Youdu. Great Daos were like chains that could steal souls, locking the void beast mother in place!

The chains passed through the mother beast's body and hooked onto her soul!

Ancestral God King was planning to refine the mother beast instead!


The Grand Emperor was astonished. 'He might have kicked a hard rock! The true abilities of the ten Celestial Venerables are all hidden very well! However, even if he uses all his strength to refine the mother beast, he won't be able to block my Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven! This strike is enough to take his life!'

He didn't want to expose Heavenly Lady Qiang's identity, so he used his Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven again to send the Ancestral God King on his way. However, God Emperor Lang Xuan came from behind him and stabbed his divine essence finger into the back of his head!


A crisp sound rang out, and the Tai Chu Origin Stone in the heart of the Grand Emperor's brows exploded into pieces, flying in all directions.

God Emperor Lang Xuan was overjoyed. He couldn't be bothered to save Ancestral God King who was about to land in the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven and hurriedly flew towards the Tai Chu Origin Stone fragments.

Because the Grand Emperor's Tai Chu Origin Stone had exploded, the power of the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven had also been greatly reduced. Ancestral God King's head had already fallen into the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven, and his head was starting to crack. His skin flew up like a piece of paper and shattered. Soon, the flesh on his face became blurry, revealing his ghastly white bones.

The power of the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven was too strong. Even if the Grand Emperor couldn't use his full power, his Celestial Venerable corporeal body wouldn't be able to withstand it.

Qin Mu, who was high up in the twenty-ninth void, immediately roused his vital qi and executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. He sprinted down from the void and unleashed his divine arts. He stepped on the Paramita Divine Boat and transformed into numerous apparitions to pass through the layers of void, planning to snatch the flying Grand Primordium Origin Stone.

At the same time, in the Chaos Sea, Tai Yi said calmly, "Fellow Daoists, look, there will be a change soon."

Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua were already beaming with delight. When they heard that there were still mutations, they couldn't help but be bewildered. "Dao brother, what other transformations could there be?"

The old Tai Yi said nothing.

God Emperor Lang Xuan shook his sleeves and was about to store all of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone into his sleeves when purple light suddenly shone brightly. The purple sky and blue sky looked like the celestial heavens had suddenly collapsed.

"Celestial Venerable Yun!" God Emperor Lang Xuan shouted hoarsely.

He had already been hit, and his blood splattered forward as pieces of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone flew past him.

He turned around in the air and didn't see Celestial Venerable Yun. Instead, he saw Celestial Venerable Xiao stretching out his palm with a smile on his face to grab the scattered pieces of the Grand Primordium Origin Stone.

Celestial Venerable Xiao had just grabbed all the pieces of the Origin Stone when his expression changed drastically. The hand that he had grabbed the Origin Stone suddenly broke at the wrist, and his palm fell from the sky.

What had cut off his palm was a hairpin. The hairpin was extremely sharp, and the power it contained was the Great Dao of the Ruins of End!

In the distance, Heavenly Lady Yan took back her hairpin and stuck it in her hairpin. She raised her hand and shook it, and the Square Cauldron that had suppressed the Grand Prime's mine soared into the sky. Four light screens covered Celestial Venerable Xiao!

A lotus suddenly appeared under Celestial Venerable Xiao's feet. With a heavy stomp, the lotus fell into the Square Cauldron, and the lotus and the cauldron fell together.

And below him was the Chaos Sea!

Below the lotus and cauldron was Celestial Venerable Xiao's right hand, which was still holding onto the Grand Primordium Origin Stone!

The land around the Chaotic Sea suddenly churned, and incomparably thick roots rushed into the sky like thousands of tentacles. They moved about and crisscrossed, coiling towards Celestial Venerable Xiao's right hand.

This series of changes made the people hiding in the Chaos Sea dumbfounded. Their mouths were wide open, and they were speechless.

At the same time, Qin Mu was still on his way. Celestial Venerable Mu stood at the bow of the ship with a dark expression. "I woke up early and rushed to the evening fair! How unlucky!"

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