Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 131 - Daozi Of Dao Sect

Kill the hearts of the people who were supportive!

Wei Yong felt a chill down his spine. Eternal Peace Empire reformed sects and nationalized all the ultimate arts of all schools and sects, founded primary schools, colleges all over the country and Imperial College in the capital city to suppress all the schools and sects in the martial world.

They had gathered so many resources. If they still couldn't have any good disciples from their teachings or their disciples were still inferior to the disciples of all the schools and sects, what would be the point of the Imperial Preceptor's reform?

This Daozi of Dao Sect must have an extremely strong ability and must definitely be a genius level figure, otherwise, he wouldn't be sent by Dao Sect to come and give them a slap in the face!

The face of Imperial College was Imperial Preceptor's face, the emperor's face. It was hard to say if Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and the emperor's faces could still be maintained.

Wei Yong's heart trembled hugely and suddenly he laughed loudly, "Imperial College has gathered all the talents in the world so how will they be no match for an insignificant Daozi of Dao Sect?"

Qin Mu shook his head and thought back how most of these scholars had cultivated the same technique, therefore he didn't think highly of them.

Even though the scholars of Imperial College might have cultivated different techniques, it was hard for them to be specialized. They needed to have directorates that specialized in these techniques to teach and only then could the scholars learn the essence.

From the way he saw it, Dao Sect had come prepared this time and the imperial scholars could only be blocked on the mountain.

If the imperial scholars of Imperial College couldn't beat this Daozi of Dao Sect, the sects in the world have sufficient reason to oppose the Imperial Preceptor. When that time came, the emperor would lose his virtue and popularity and all the secs in the world would probably rebel one after another if he didn't execute Imperial Preceptor!

The battle between Daozi of Dao Sect and Imperial College's scholars would become the battle that concerned the general situation of the world and couldn't be held in contempt.

"Let's go and see the ability of this Daozi!" Wei Yong said excitedly.

Qin Mu and he went down the mountain. There were imperial scholars everywhere around the mountain gate below the jade cliff. The scholars in Imperial College were not a few. Scholar's Residence might only take in ten scholars each year but there were much more royalties from Royalty's Park and divine arts practitioners.

Qin Mu stood on top of the jade cliff and looked up and down, and then he saw two Daoists sitting in front of the mountain gate as expected. One of them was an elder and had a loud ancient look that didn't look like a people of the modern times and looked like he had come from the past. He wore a grey Daoist robe and had a simple bearing. He gave off a presence that was above worldly matter and sat there like everything in this world had no relation to him.

With this presence, he mustn't be an ordinary folk. This elder should be a figure with an extremely high position in the number one orthodox sect which was called Dao Sect.

And beside the elder was a youth with pretty features. This youth had a snow white horsetail whisk with a vermillion handle on the crook of his elbow. His clothes were green, and he sat there quietly, seeming not to be affected at all by the Imperial College's scholars surrounding him.

Qin Mu exclaimed to himself. This young and the old looked like Daoists who had cultivated their bodies and nurtured their characters, having the bearings that had transcended the mortal world.

The two Daoists sat in the middle of the road in front of the mountain gate. The mountain gate was very wide and they didn't take up much space.

However, if they didn't chase these two people away, it would be a great shame and humiliation.

Blocking the gate was uncommon in the martial world. People would only do it to their greatly hated enemy to let everyone in the world know that the gate of this sect was blocked by them and to give a slap on the sect's face, destroying the confidence of this sect and belittling their techniques to nothing.

Normally when this happened, it would not be settled without killing.

Now the young and the old of Dao Sect had blocked the gate. They were actually disgracing Eternal Peace Empire, giving a slap on the face of Imperial Preceptor and trying to destroy the reform of Imperial Preceptor that was rolling full steam ahead!

Not far away from Qin Mu, a prince in yellow robe said in a low voice, "Dao Sect was the biggest sect in the past which was on par with Heavenly Devil Cult. However, they have laid low these few years along with Heavenly Devil Cult and no news could be heard from Dao Sect. Now that Dao Sect has resurfaced again, what they are doing is no small matter. If Imperial College is unable to defeat these two people, Dao Sect would probably rebel after these two people go back. If Dao Sect rebelled, with their influence…"

Qin Mu looked towards the prince and thought to himself, "This person has extraordinary knowledge and experience."

That prince suddenly had a feeling in his heart and turned back to look at him. His eyes lighted up. He secretly left the other princes and squeezed his way to Qin Mu.

"The one that herds cows…"

The prince had some baby fat on his face as he gave a smile, asking softly, "Did you really come to the capital city to see me?"

Qin Mu sized 'him' up and saw that this prince looked familiar thus he cried out, "You are… chubby fatty seventh young master…"

Immediately after saying this, he instantly came to a realization. Wasn't that 'chubby fatty seventh young master' Ling Yuxiu who was cross-dressing?

The 'prince' heard what he said and flew into an uncontrollable fury. She took down a huge iron hammer and was going to smash Qin Mu!

Qin Mu immediately corrected himself and smiled, " Good sister, I almost didn't recognize you. Brother Wei, this is seventh princess Ling Yuxiu. Sister Yuxiu, this is Wei Yong from Duke's Manor."

It wasn't good for Ling Yuxiu to smash him to death in public so she placed her huge iron hammer back. Wei Yong was shocked and he muttered to himself, "Seventh princess? Where did Brother Qin bring the seventh princess over to fool around with? Could a lady of royalty be messed around with? Head will roll… I've heard this seventh princess has outstanding talent and knowledge and is also very ambitious. However, why is her weapon also such boorish and unruly…"

Qin Mu didn't know what he was thinking and sized up Ling Yuxiu. He found this girl becoming more and more beautiful. Even though she was dressed in male clothing, she had a flourishing heroic spirit and an extraordinary presence. Furthermore, even though she was wearing male clothing, she didn't cover up the fact that her chest was also bulging out like the other women and looked chubby too.

Back then in Great Ruins, her chest wasn't so chubby.

Qin Mu also smelled a familiar scent on her body which should be the fragrance of Nature Incense Silk, "Sister, I haven't seen you in a while and your appearance has changed. I almost didn't recognize you back in the palace."

Ling Yuxiu's gaze changed and she became slightly shy, "How have I changed?"

Qin Mu stretched his hand out and gestured around her head, saying honestly, "You're much taller than before and even taller than me now. You're prettier and much more muscular than before. The muscles on your face and chest…"

Ling Yuxiu went into a fury and kicked him down the cliff.

Qin Mu looked very innocent while he said resentfully in mid-air, "I didn't say that she was fat. Why did she get so angry?"

Hu Ling'er rejoiced in her misfortune and said, "That's right young master, this woman is being unreasonable, let's not bother with her!"


Both of Qin Mu's feet landed on the ground steadily and looked back up. He wanted to jump up again but he was worried that Ling Yuxiu would kick him down.

Wei Yong who had been beside Qin Mu looked forward motionlessly.

Ling Yuxiu stared at him ruthlessly. A drop of cold sweat came out from Wei Yong's forehead before he leaped up and jumped down from the jade cliff.

Ling Yuxiu gave a humph and also jumped down the cliff.

Not far away, a prince frowned and the vital qi behind his head turned into a huge hand which grabbed down towards the cliff and caught her back. He talked to her gently, "Seventh sister, don't fool around. You need to take note of the face of the imperial household."

Ling Yuxiu could only behave herself and said, "Second brother, that person you just saw is the divine physician that has cured Grandma Empress Dowager. He is my acquaintance…"

The second prince had an indifferent expression and replied, "I know. I heard from Little General Qin before that you met him in Great Ruins and you were very close. Seventh sister, we are the children of the imperial household and we can't do whatever we want, so don't fool around. Now that the world is in chaos, a great calamity is right in front of us. If this calamity bursts forth, our empire would be in ruins and our imperial household would become stray dogs!"

Ling Yuxiu jumped in shock and asked, "Second brother, how do you see this Daozi's ability?"

"He has yet made a move so I do not know his information, but since Dao Sect dared to bring him to block the gate, in that case, his ability would definitely be nothing weak!"

The second prince looked at Qin Mu who was below the cliff and slightly frowned, "Seventh sister, that one called Qin Mu may be a divine physician of the generation but he is still an abandoned person after all. Don't be too close to him, otherwise, people would laugh at our imperial family for not knowing our position."

Ling Yuxiu frowned.

In front of the mountain gate, Devil Cult Patriarch who had the appearance of a youth walked down the mountain and stood in front of the young and the old of Dao Sect, bowing down his head in a greeting. The old Daoist immediately stood up with the little Daoist and returned a greeting.

The young patriarch smiled, "Dan Yangzi, what's your intention to bring Daozi of Dao Sect over?

The old Daoist smiled and replied, "Dao brother, why do you ask me as if you did not know? Our Dao Master of Dao Sect is already old like you and doesn't want to see all the sects in the world become Eternal Peace Empire's vassals so I've come forward. Daozi would only block the gate for three days and if anyone defeats Daozi within three days, our Dao Sect would not rebel. If no one defeats Daozi in three days, the world would have a new ruler."

The young patriarch sighed, "Dao Sect has always been detached from the world, and now even your Dao Sect gets antsy too?"

Dan Yangzi looked down at his heart and said, "Dao Master has seen the general situation of the world surging like the tide. The ones who go along with it will prosper while those that go against it would die. Our Dao Sect doesn't seek to expand our sect and only seeks for a clear conscience. Imperial Preceptor wants to wipe out all the sects in the world so let him be, but Dao Master would like to see if the primary schools, colleges and Imperial College that Imperial Preceptor had implemented to replace sects have that qualifications or not! Daozi is taught by our Dao Sect. The resources that Imperial College has occupied surpass those of Dao Sect. If the scholars taught by you are still inferior to our Daozi of Dao Sect, then there's no need for Imperial Preceptor's reform to exist and the world will have a new ruler."

"I understand."

The young patriarch turned to leave, and his voice traveled throughout the entire mountain, "Imperial College's scholars hear my command: it doesn't matter whether your cultivation is high or low, you can all come down the mountain to challenge him."

When he spoke this out, all the people on the mountain heard him.

"I'll do it!"

A divine arts practitioner walked out of the mountain gate and strode to Daozi of Dao Sect. The Daozi of Dao Sect rose and greeted, "Senior brother."

That divine arts practitioner was also an imperial scholar who had entered Imperial College a few years earlier. He bowed in return and asked, "What's Daozi's cultivation?"

That Daozi replied not too fast nor too slow, "Six Directions Realm."

That divine arts practitioner smiled, "I'm also of the Six Directions Realm. My surname is Qu and my name is Ping. Today I'm fighting you not because of a personal grudge but to uphold the name of Imperial College!"

That Daozi nodded his head and said, "My vernacular name is Lin Xuan. Senior brother please."

"Daozi Lin Xuan please!"

Radiance shot forth from Qu Ping's eyes as he suddenly moved. His body didn't rush forward but moved backward instead. As he floated backward, there was a sword pellet clutched between his two fingers. The sword pellet hummed and shot a brilliant sword qi that was as thick as a pillar. It could faintly be seen that this sword pillar was formed by countless of sword lights gathering together, revolving frantically around the center of the circle!

Qu Ping used sword pillar as his sword and cleaved downwards. Everywhere it passed, sword wind would whistle with its majestic grandeur!

Qin Mu looked at this situation and couldn't help being astonished, "Eternal Peace Empire's sword techniques have come to such a degree? Is this a profound sword skill in Imperial College?"

With his sharp eyes, he could see that this cleaving was no laughing matter. Qu Ping's cleaving might look simple but in actual fact, his vital qi control on his sword has reached an imaginable realm.

His cleaving might look simple but in actual fact, the countless of sword lights in that sword pillar all required vital qi to control them. Just this alone made Qin Mu feel he was far inferior!

This sword skill seemed to indistinctly exceed the basic techniques of sword movement like stab, flick, cleave, hack and had developed into another sword skill that was not included in the basic sword skills!

"Great Six Directions Sword Skill!"

Wei Yong cried out in astonishment, his eyes turning snow bright, "This is Imperial Preceptor's sword skill and is a divine art that only divine arts practitioners can cultivate!"

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's sword skill?"

Qin Mu's heart shook violently. It's no wonder he felt that this kind of sword skill had exceeded the boundaries of basic sword arts. He didn't expect that it was a sword skill that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had created!

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