Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1310 - A Common Enemy

In the Chaos Sea, Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian watched as Celestial Venerable Xiao's hand fell from the Tai Chu Origin Stone and landed in front of them. The treasure light of the Tai Chu Origin Stone emanated from the gaps of his fingers.

Neither of them moved. Instead, they looked at Old Tai Yi.

The old man smiled. "This Origin Stone is the Tai Chu Origin Stone that contains the Dao of Tai Chu. Even Celestial Emperor Tai Chu himself couldn't comprehend the true Tai Chu."

He suddenly stopped here and stopped talking.

The two of them continued to stare at him, waiting for him to continue.

Even though Celestial Venerable Xiao's right hand was broken, he secretly stretched out two fingers. The other three fingers were still holding onto the Origin Stone fragment tightly. The two fingers were like legs, allowing the right hand to stand up and walk out along the seabed of the Chaos Sea.


A piece of the raw stone fell off, and the two fingers immediately stopped. They probed around with their fingers and finally found the raw stone. They carefully picked it up and continued to hold it in their hands. They continued to stretch out their two fingers to search outside.

Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian couldn't hold it in any longer. They couldn't help shifting their gazes away to look at the right hand of this Celestial Venerable. They then turned back to look at the old too easily.

Lan Yutian's three thousand followers and a bunch of primordial behemoths stared curiously at the Celestial Venerable's right hand. They watched as it continued to walk out and drop gems from its palm.

Those huge beasts were kind and moved their buttocks to let it walk past them without stopping it.

The Celestial Venerable's right hand finally reached the space supported by the crutch. He had just taken a step when the Primal Chaotic Qi came crashing down. With a bang, the Celestial Venerable's right hand was pressed to the ground, and the Tai Chu Origin Stone fragments in his palm were scattered all over the ground.

Celestial Venerable Xiao's right hand struggled for a moment, but how terrifying was the weight of the Chaos Sea?

His right hand clashed head-on with Mother Earth, forcing her back. He was also whipped by Earth Count, and the magic power in his right hand was exhausted. He couldn't fight against the Chaos Sea at all. Now that he was suppressed, he couldn't escape.

Tai Yi saw that Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian were still staring fixedly at him, and only then did he sigh helplessly. He said, "You guys are Dao Seekers, so why do you have to know the disadvantages of attaining the Dao? If you have the heart of good and evil, you won't be pure after attaining the Dao."

Lan Yutian thought for a moment and blushed with shame. "What Elder said is right. My brother has taught me bad things. He always gives me another eye."

Xu Shenghua probed, "In that case, Dao Brother, if we take this Tai Chu Origin Stone and comprehend the Great Dao within, will it be detrimental to us?"

Lan Yutian was astonished and hurriedly looked at Tai Yi.

Tai Yi was helpless and could only say, "There are disadvantages. Firstly, the Grand Emperor wants to kill all of you. This Origin Stone is his material for achieving the Dao. Without the Origin Stone, his cultivation will never reach its peak. Secondly, the Grand Primordium Celestial Emperor wants to kill all of you. This Origin Stone is also his material for achieving the Dao. Although he has achieved the Dao, he has yet to achieve it. He has to collect all of the Origin Stones and all of the Divine Stones. Thus, he has to get rid of everyone who has the Origin Stone, as well as all the masters of creation."

"Cult Master (big brother) still has foresight," Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian thought at the same time.

If Qin Mu hadn't told them to be careful, they would have taken the Origin Stone happily and offended the Grand Emperor and Celestial Emperor for no reason.

Tai Yi asked, "In that case, are you two Dao friends going to take or not?"

Lan Yutian looked at Xu Shenghua.

He knew that Xu Shenghua was his brother's Dao friend and had his own ideas. Sometimes, when Qin Mu couldn't make up his mind, he would specially run to West Earth to consult him.

Xu Shenghua muttered to himself for a moment and said, "Take it. We take the original stone only by taking its Dao and using the Origin Stone to comprehend the Dao of Tai Chu. We don't take its power and don't borrow the power of the Origin Stone. In this way, no matter if it's the Grand Emperor or Celestial Emperor Tai Chu, as long as they want the original stone back, we will return the Origin Stone to them."

Lan Yutian thought for a moment and praised, "My brother said that teaching a man to fish is better than teaching a man to fish. When he taught me cultivation, he only taught me the principles of cultivation and didn't teach me the specific paths, skills, and divine arts. This is the reason."

Old Tai Yi sighed and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu is right. However, one has to observe his words and actions. Although what Celestial Venerable Mu said is good, he doesn't just learn to fish, he also has to snatch other people's fish. You can't learn from him."

The two of them acknowledged and went forward to the right hand of the Celestial Venerable that was lying on the ground. They each picked up a few pieces of the Origin Stone.

The surface of the Chaos Sea was still silent.

Even though Magma Earth Count had lost the Celestial Venerable's right hand and the Tai Chu Origin Stone fragment, he was still surrounded by the Celestial Venerables. Everyone was still in a deadlock.

Magma Earth Count suddenly sighed and dispersed the magic power of this clone. Instantly, it turned into a pile of rocks that were destroyed and refined by the Chaos Sea, turning into wisps of Chaos Qi.

Facing such a situation, his clones were completely useless. If he continued to be trapped here, his intelligence would become a joke, so he might as well give up on this body.

Everyone remained motionless. Celestial Venerable Xiao, Celestial Venerable Yan, Ancestral God King, and God Emperor Lang Xuan were all silent.

Cold sweat broke out on the Grand Emperor's forehead.

He suddenly realized that after Earth Count gave up on this clone, his situation became bad.

'Celestial Venerable Mu seems to have tricked me again!' The corners of his eyes twitched.

Suddenly, Celestial Venerable Xiao said calmly, "We are Celestial Venerables after all."

"That's right. No matter what, we are Celestial Venerables," Heavenly Lady Yan said.

Ancestral God King and God Emperor Lang Xuan nodded and said, "We are Celestial Venerables, after all. Even though we have grudges and dirty dealings with each other, we still have to unite against our enemies."

The Grand Emperor suddenly burst into laughter. "Well said. We are Celestial Venerables, after all, so we should stick together and fight a common enemy!"

The other four Celestial Venerables fell silent as if their hearts had been stabbed.

The Grand Emperor was too scheming, and his words showed that he was among the ten Celestial Venerables. This made everyone suspicious. Even though Celestial Venerable Xiao knew the Grand Emperor's true identity, he wouldn't say that he was Heavenly Lady Qiang.

If Celestial Venerable Xiao revealed his identity as the Grand Emperor, the Grand Emperor would also reveal his identity as Celestial Emperor Tai Chu. Both sides would suffer!

The balance of benefits would allow them to maintain a tacit understanding, just like how Heavenly Lady Yan wouldn't expose Celestial Venerable Xiao, and Celestial Venerable Xiao wouldn't expose her identity.

Ancestral God King said indifferently, "The Grand Emperor must die, and the ten Celestial Venerables must never allow the Grand Emperor to exist. Dao brothers, what do you think?"

"I agree," Celestial Venerable Xiao said.

Heavenly Lady Yan and Ancestral God King smiled.

"Agree!" "Agree!"

The Grand Emperor took a step back, and his feet landed on the back of the void beast mother. He laughed and said, "You juniors also want to take my life? I have dominated the primordial era until now, and no one has dared to go against me!"

The moment he moved, the four Celestial Venerables—Xiao, Yan, Zu, and Lang—attacked at the same time, pincering the Grand Emperor!

At the same time, the void beast mother beneath the Grand Emperor leaped back and entered the void, bringing the Grand Emperor through the void!

In front of the Grand Emperor, the bodies of the four great Celestial Venerables warped the void. Their powerful bodies broke through the layers of void, shattering them like mirrors!

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