Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1311 - Sacrifice Of All Life

The wills of the four Celestial Venerables formed a city, and the powerful void didn't seem to exist in front of them. When ordinary gods and devils entered the first void, they would be assimilated by it. Even powerful masters of creation couldn't enter the multiple voids.

Only the masters of creation elders whose cultivation reached a certain realm could entrust their consciousness to the depths of multiple voids after they died, becoming an ancestor spirit.

As for the gods and devils of other races, only by entering the path with their consciousness and understanding the existence of the void markings could they enter the multiple voids.

There were very few people like Qin Mu who went straight to the thirtieth void. In the era when the masters of creation ruled the universe, there weren't many of them.

Qin Mu had relied on him to comprehend the Dao of First Heaven and the Dao of consciousness. He had already started to come into contact with the Dao of Absolute Beginning, so it wasn't difficult for him to enter the void.

However, the fourth Celestial Venerable relied on his powerful corporeal body. Not only was their corporeal body strong enough to prevent the void from assimilating them, but it was also crushed by their corporeal bodies!

This was the terror of a Celestial Venerable level existence!

However, the Grand Emperor knew that even Celestial Venerables had their limits!

This limit had long been figured out by Celestial Venerable Yun, Celestial Venerable Ling, and Celestial Venerable Yue.

The Void Bridge in the Great Void was a bridge built in the 35th void. The bridge was built by three Celestial Venerables and the masters of creation of the Great Void. Celestial Venerable Yue even built three rooms at the end of the bridge.

The bridge was extremely steep, and if one wanted to cross it, they would have to withstand the crushing pressure of the thirty-five voids. Even a Celestial Venerable would be obliterated if they weren't careful. Celestial Venerable Huo, Celestial Venerable Xu, and Founding Emperor were trapped there and almost destroyed by the voids.

The 35th void was the limit of a Celestial Venerable. The Grand Emperor only needed to bring the void beast mother into the 35th void to make the four Celestial Venerables retreat!

Thunder rumbled faintly from the depths of the void, accompanied by lightning in the depths of the space. Standing in the ancestral court, one could even see huge shadows lighting up the depths of the space.

Those bodies were incomparably huge, and when they moved, cracks appeared in the surrounding space, spreading out like spider webs!

Their speed was fast, and when the shadows were lighted up and dimmed, they had already moved an unknown distance.

On this day, blood suddenly flowed out from the sky.

The bubbling divine blood was like a huge waterfall that flowed down from the depths of the sky, forming a waterfall of blood that hung in midair.

Qin Mu didn't walk too far. When he saw the blood waterfall, he noticed something smashing down from the sky. It was like a planet smashing into the ground, raising gusts of wind and meteorites.

Wherever that thing fell, the earth shook and volcanoes spewed out. Even though the ancestral court was much sturdier than the outside world, it was still hard for it to withstand such an impact.

When Qin Mu came there, numerous flames burst forth in the sky. Huge fireballs with long tails of flames fell from the sky.

Qin Mu looked at the first huge pit and saw a huge fist inside.

That was the Grand Emperor's fist. It was unknown which Celestial Venerable had severed it, but it caused a landslide.

'The Grand Emperor's corporeal body is one of the strongest corporeal bodies of the primordial era, after all. Only Celestial Emperor Grand Primordium can be on par with him. This fist might be able to be refined into a treasure…'

Just as he thought that, countless roots flew out from the magma-like ground and dragged the Grand Emperor's fist away!

"Mother Earth!"

Qin Mu immediately rushed forward and was about to snatch the Grand Emperor's hand when the sky suddenly lit up and turned snow white. Another leg descended from the sky, and it was even more astonishing when the fist landed on the ground. The violent wind and huge waves sent him flying!

"The leg of the Grand Emperor!"

Qin Mu stopped, and all kinds of objects fell from the sky. Boom, boom, boom. The ground in a radius of ten thousand miles crumbled, and the surface of the ground floated above the magma. It was like a pot of braised meat, and the air bubbles pushed up the pieces of meat. The ground trembled continuously.

"The Grand Emperor is truly pitiful, being dismembered by the four Celestial Venerables…"

He couldn't help but feel pity. The most powerful existence in the primordial era had actually ended up like this when facing the four Celestial Venerables.

He then became happy again and flew through the flames to search for the Grand Emperor's corporeal body.

Suddenly, a huge body descended from the sky and crashed into the sea of fire and lava, rolling around.

Qin Mu flew forward. It was the void beast mother!

The mother beast's head vanished. It was unknown if it was killed by that Celestial Venerable, but her corpse fell from the void.

"The mother beast is dead? Doesn't that mean the void beast is going to be extinct?"

He couldn't help but be stunned. The void beast mother had devoured all the void beasts in the ancestral court to grow to where she was today. The death of this beast mother at the hands of the fourth Celestial Venerable meant that the void beast mother in the ancestral court was already extinct!

'There's still a void beast at Lang Wo's place. I wonder if that void beast is still alive? If that void beast dies, the void beast will truly be extinct!'

He sprinted towards the corpse of the void beast mother. Suddenly, a void beast egg rolled out from the body of the void beast mother and landed in the magma.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and his magic power poured out. He swept up the void beast egg and put it into the heart of his brows.

That female beast gave birth to the last egg, and her corpse sank into the magma and vanished.

Qin Mu was about to scoop up the mother beast's corpse when he suddenly stopped. His expression was grim as he saw the mother beast's corpse shriveling at a speed visible to the naked eye. The blood of the beast was flowing out rapidly!

"The existence of the last era, their power of sacrifice has actually extended to this place?"

He couldn't help but feel a chill down his spine. The huge female beast's corpse transformed into a huge skeleton in the lava in a short period of time. Not long after, the energy in the skeleton was exhausted and collapsed!

His heart sank, and he immediately flew up to rush towards the broken pieces of the other Grand Emperors.

He came to the place where the Grand Emperor's arm had fallen, and there was only broken bones left!

"The Grand Emperor's bones have also vanished, and his flesh is gone!"

Qin Mu had a grim expression as he raised his head to look at the blood waterfall in the sky. That was where the Grand Emperor's divine blood had fallen.

He executed his teleportation divine art, and in the next instant, he crossed ten thousand miles to appear at the place where the blood waterfall fell.

His clothes fluttered in the wind, and his cape fluttered behind him as he slowly landed on the ground. The place where the blood waterfall had fallen didn't form a blood lake or sea of blood. Instead, the ground was extremely clean, and there wasn't a trace of blood!

"Looks like the ancestral court is indeed unsuitable to be a battlefield…"

Qin Mu looked around and muttered, "The entire ancestral court is the sacrificial altar of the existence of the last era. Any lifeform that dies here will become a sacrifice for them to come to this world. Can the black mountain still defend?"

He thought about it carefully for a moment. In the entire ancestral court, only the five great mines weren't sacrificial altars of prehistory. Only the five mines could remain independent, and the other places were probably invaded by the power of the previous era.

"Come to think of it, after I came to the ancestral court, other than the five great mines, I didn't find any skeletons anywhere else! The skeletons of the behemoths and the masters of creation have all vanished!"

He let out a shaky breath. He had thought that the skeleton of the masters of creation had been swallowed by the void beast, but now that he thought about it, that wasn't the case.

No matter if it was humans or beasts, as long as they entered the ancestral court, they would become sacrifices for the existence of the last era!

The ancestral court was a huge sacrificial altar!

In other words, the ancestral court was like a huge plate. The people who had entered this place were all on the plate, waiting for prehistoric existences to enjoy them!

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