Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1314 - The Magnificent Dragon Han Era

The Grand Emperor's head was like a mountain, giving Qin Mu the feeling that it was a hundred thousand black mountains. Of course, it was the Grand Emperor's consciousness interfering with his consciousness, creating an illusion.

The Grand Emperor wasn't proficient in consciousness illusions. His attainments in them were far inferior to Celestial Venerable Gong's. The fluctuations of his consciousness caused the void to tremble, which was why Qin Mu could see through him.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, you are becoming more arrogant."

The Grand Emperor's long hair was like a lump. He had naturally curly hair that was long and curled together. At this moment, he was furious, and his curly hair fluttered in the wind. He said indifferently, "In my billions of years of life, you are just a grasshopper jumping around. You can only jump from spring to autumn…"

Before he could finish his sentence, Qin Mu's divine treasure realm had already exploded!

The divine treasure realm expanded, and the Grand Emperor sneered. His curly hair fluttered like huge snakes. No matter how much Qin Mu's divine treasure realm expanded, it could only cover his head.

The head of the Grand Emperor occupied nearly half of the space in Qin Mu's divine treasure realm. In front of this huge head, the celestial palaces and celestial heavens that Qin Mu was floating in seemed insignificant, like tiny cities floating in front of him.

On the other hand, Qin Mu's body seemed even smaller.

A smile appeared on the Grand Emperor's face as he looked at the apparitions of the ancient gods in the realm. He sneered and said, "This is your realm, not bad. However, I was the one who created the realm! From the ancient primordial era until now, I'm the first person to create a realm. I'm the one who started it!"

"You dare to use the supreme consciousness realm in front of me?"

Qin Mu laughed loudly and rose into the air. The broken sword in his hand returned to its original state, and with a flash of sword light, he stabbed towards the Grand Emperor!

This sword move of his used the Sword Dao Domain!

The sword realm was one of his divine treasure realm's domains. At this moment, the sword realm burst forth, and the gods in the divine treasure realm released their magic power and cultivation. Xuandu's Heavenly Dao, Youdu's Great Dao, Yuandu's Great Dao, as well as the ancient gods of the four poles, the Heavenly Yin, the Ruins of End, and the rest of the heavens. With this sword, the power of his sword reached its peak!

The Grand Emperor was expressionless as he looked at the sword light flying over. He indeed didn't dare to use his supreme consciousness realm. If he did, he would die.

Qin Mu had already cultivated Celestial Venerable Ling's unchanging divine art. If he used his supreme consciousness realm, his realm would immediately transform into a sharp weapon to attack him and trap him inside.

However, what he knew wasn't just the supreme consciousness realm!

His other body, as one of the ten Celestial Venerables, didn't cultivate consciousness!

Ever since Celestial Venerable Yun, Celestial Venerable Ling, and Celestial Venerable Yue killed him in the Great Void, he realized that there was a huge flaw in his consciousness. Therefore, after transforming into Heavenly Lady Qiang, he didn't walk the old path of consciousness formation.

In reality, the path he walked was the same as the other Celestial Venerables. He borrowed the identity of Heavenly Concubine and gathered all the divine arts, paths, and skills in the world to focus on vital qi cultivation. He studied the path of precelestial and achieved his own achievements.

On this path, he was already one of the ten people with the highest achievements in the world!

His long hair fluttered like huge dragons as he faced Qin Mu's sword realm. The sword realm instantly burst forth, and countless clanging sounds of metal colliding rang out!

Long hair was severed by Qin Mu's sword realm and fell off his head!

The long hair that had fallen off twisted, and the head of the hair suddenly transformed into a ferocious black dragon that pounced at Qin Mu!

More and more hair of the Grand Emperor flew over like long dragons dancing in the sky. They were incomparably sharp as they clashed with Qin Mu's sword realm and even turned from defense to offense. The strands of hair were like the sharpest sword in the world, the fiercest dragon, and the sharpest spear. They attacked Qin Mu and pierced through his sword realm!

Qin Mu held the sword in one hand and tapped the heart of his brows with the other. The vertical eye at the heart of his brows opened up, and the black dragons transformed from black hair instantly turned back into black hair and fell from the sky.

"Unchanging divine art?"

The Grand Emperor frowned. The divine art that Qin Mu had executed was an unchanging divine art, and it had beaten the hair transformation back to its original form!

'Could it be that I can't use any consciousness divine art in front of this brat?'

Qin Mu's sword light had already arrived in front of him. The sword light sliced through his long hair and was about to stab into the hole in the heart of his brows!

"I'm not going to waste my breath on you!"

The Grand Emperor suddenly opened his mouth and roared. Terrifying sound waves shattered space, and Qin Mu's sword realm instantly shattered!

It wasn't just Sword Domain that was shattered, there was also Xuandu, Youdu, and Yuandu!

The gods of all sizes in Qin Mu's divine treasure realm crumbled. The starry sky was destroyed, the earth evaporated, and earth, water, wind, and fire spewed out. It was like the end of the world!

Qin Mu faced his fierce might head-on and revealed a smile. The sword light in his hand suddenly dispersed, and his corporeal body expanded frantically!

His corporeal body was entangled like a giant that could split heaven and earth. His spirit and flesh were one, and his god and flesh were one. He faced the roar of the Grand Emperor's head!

On the surface of his corporeal body, his muscles and tendons formed all kinds of rune patterns. A huge bell floated above his head, and the sound of the bell reverberated. It was a marvelous creation that allowed the shattered realm of divine treasures to recover in an instant. The gods that had been destroyed revived!

The fifteenth heaven of the divine art, creation, was hidden!

His entire divine treasure realm suddenly contracted in an instant and entered his body. The gods of all sizes lived in his corporeal body!

The eighteenth heaven of divine arts, Crimson Light Divine Body Absolute!

Crimson Light Era was split into Crimson Emperor Era and Light Emperor Era. One primordial spirit created the strongest primordial spirit, while the other created the corporeal body to create the strongest corporeal body.

At this moment, the techniques of Light Emperor and Crimson Emperor were fully displayed on his body!

Qin Mu's corporeal body was huge. Standing in front of the head of the Grand Emperor, his body was no smaller than the head of the Grand Emperor. With a clanging sound, incomparably thick arms tunneled out from under Qin Mu's armpits!

His head actually transformed into three heads with three heads and six arms. In an instant, countless punches landed on the Grand Emperor's face, sending his incomparably huge head flying backward!

The Grand Emperor's mind was blown, and he was beaten into a daze. Suddenly, Qin Mu's feet stopped, and a divine boat appeared under his feet. The divine boat stretched across the sky and chased after him.

Paramita Divine Boat Crossing!

At the bow of the ship, layers of celestial palaces crisscrossed behind Qin Mu. The celestial palaces lined up and formed a celestial heavens that was dazzling in gold and jade.

Qin Mu's qi and blood instantly rose to the extreme, and the blood light shone on half of the sky, dyeing that half of the sky red!

Countless apparitions of ancient gods appeared in the sky, fighting and killing. It was as if all the heroes of the Dragon Han Era were fighting for supremacy, and the tragic scene of them fighting for supremacy reappeared!

The Grand Emperor looked at that patch of blood and saw Qin Mu's celestial heavens splitting into three. It was the same scene as the three celestial heavens during the Dragon Han Era!

'This is a creation divine art, he has actually cultivated it to this extent!'

The Grand Emperor's heart trembled violently. Qin Mu's move was the seventeenth heaven of entering the path with his divine art, yet the Dragon Han was competing with it!

However, the great divine art of the Dragon Han Era was filled with murderous intent. It was as if the tragedy of the Dragon Han Era was gathered in one move. The three great celestial heavens, the Dragon Han, Heaven Han, and Dragon Heaven, were competing for the orthodoxy of the Celestial Emperor. Countless schemes and plots were all gathered in one move!

That era was magnificent and tragic. There were nine Celestial Venerables imparting the Dao to the world, and there was also Celestial Emperor Tai Chu controlling the power and playing with all living things. There was Earth Count reincarnating into Ah Chou and dragging Youdu to fight the celestial heavens. There was Yun, Ling, Yue Taixu slaying the Grand Emperor, Celestial Venerable plotting to kill Celestial Emperor, Celestial Venerable Hao scheming against Crown Prince Xie Wuqi, Celestial Empress falling into the Ruins of End, Celestial Venerable Ling expelling the Ghost Ship, the Feathered Forest Guards, Dragon Han swallowing Heaven Han, Dragon Heaven Xiao…

The Grand Emperor had personally experienced that period of time. Qin Mu's move made him feel as though he had returned to the era of the great struggle, the era where even the overlord of the primordial era could fall at any time!

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