Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1317 - Five Mine Seal

"At the end of the Dao Realm, in the Great Overarching Heaven, is one's own Great Dao blooming into a Dao flower and forming a Dao fruit on the World Tree?"

Qin Mu didn't have time to think too much. The divine arts in his hands changed, but the Dragon Han Era fought with each other, bursting forth with the vastness and bitterness of the Dragon Han Era. Crimson Light Divine Body had definitely made his corporeal body and primordial spirit as one, his spirit and body as one.

The success of High Emperor's Human Dao, Founding Emperor's Heavenly Path, the struggle of Eternal Peace, the eruption of the power of finding a great divine art in one move, made him feel as if he had walked through a million years of history from the Dragon Han Era to the present. He had experienced the tragic and stirring history of generations of ancestors!

His vital qi and spirit had reached an unprecedented peak at this moment!

Even so, when any of his divine arts touched the Grand Emperor's Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven, they were instantly defeated. The divine arts immediately disintegrated, and their power vanished.

Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven could be said to be the most perfect divine art Qin Mu had ever seen. It was even more perfect than Celestial Venerable Hao's Xiantian One and the Great Dao of the Ruins of End. It was even more outstanding and inconceivable!

The power of the Dao Flower Dao Fruit gave people an irresistible feeling.

Only now did he understand why Celestial Venerable Hao's primordial spirit was trapped in the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven!

The Grand Emperor's understanding of the path of consciousness had completely surpassed that of an existence like Celestial Venerable Hao. Celestial Venerable Hao's Dao realm hadn't reached the level of the Grand Emperor, so he couldn't break it with his own Dao. In the end, he could only use brute force. At that time, Celestial Venerable Hao didn't have such power.

'If I'm trapped inside, I'm afraid I'll be even worse than Celestial Venerable Hao. My corporeal body and primordial spirit will be melted and become the Grand Emperor's consciousness path!'

Qin Mu gave a long roar, and his body had already entered the thirtieth void.

In the thirtieth void, his corporeal body and primordial spirit were greatly suppressed. It was an incomparably dangerous void that had basically reached his limit.

His corporeal body started to crumble and fade away. His skin left his body.

And at this moment, with Eternal Peace's Primordial One executing this move, his spirit, qi, and spirit had also reached an unprecedented peak. He broke through again, surpassing his own limits!

The Tai Su Realm opens a primordial flower!

He suddenly became slightly clumsy, and the divine art in his hands became very clumsy. He trembled slightly as he executed the divine art of the twenty-second heaven.

The Tai Su Flower suddenly opened its primordial bud. When this move was executed, the Tai Su Dao transformed into a round egg and fell into the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven.

Just as this divine art reached the Great Overarching Heaven, the egg suddenly burst open, and the Tai Su Dao surged out, transforming into a goddess. Her palm spread out, and the entire Great Overarching Heaven Consciousness became extremely murky.

The Dao of the Tai Su Realm had substance and form. The Goddess of the Tai Su Realm pointed at the sky with one hand and pointed at the ground with the other. Clear qi floated up and turbid qi sank down.

The Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven instantly became sluggish.

Qin Mu's body was still continuously retreating as he floated higher up into the thirtieth void. He was finding it hard to control his body, and it was as if the void was turning him into a void as he floated higher.

His arms fluttered, and his vital qi transformed into all kinds of Great Dao runes. However, he was even more clumsy.

His mudra skill was finally formed, and the vertical eye in the heart of his brows opened up. Two rays of light shot out from his eyes, one black and one white. He executed the twenty-third level divine art of the Dao Realm, and his taiji transformed into Yin and Yang!

This gaze shot into the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven, and yin and yang qi swirled around Goddess Tai Su, destroying the Dao Flower. The Dao fruit fell off, and the Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven collapsed.

Shock and disbelief appeared on the Grand Emperor's face. He gritted his teeth and closed in on Qin Mu.

Qin Mu's body continued to rise into the sky, nearing the thirty-first void. That void was a place he couldn't reach. If he came there, his corporeal body and primordial spirit would definitely fade into the void and cease to exist.

And now, he was fighting the Grand Emperor with all his might. He was at a critical juncture and couldn't control his body.

There seemed to be a terrifying power supporting him in the void, allowing him to continue rising.

This was similar to his divine art, Great Overarching Heaven. When the Great Overarching Heaven was formed, it borrowed the power of the void to simulate the Great Overarching Heaven, turning a god into a thin piece of paper that had no thickness and finally turning into nothingness.

When he reached the thirtieth void, the power of the void was so strong that even he couldn't defend against it!

The Grand Emperor's palm force arrived in front of him. The Grand Emperor wasn't trying to kill him, but to send him into the thirty-first void and obliterate him!

He had broken the Grand Emperor's Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven, which shocked the Grand Emperor, but also gave him hope of killing him.

His body had already started to become flat, and his corporeal body was starting to lose its thickness. He floated upwards uncontrollably.

At this moment, Qin Mu executed his divine art even more clumsily. This divine art was crooked, and it didn't look like an ugly divine art that a celestial venerable with divine arts like him could execute.

As a Celestial Venerable that established the path with divine arts, Qin Mu's divine arts had always gathered the beauty of the atmosphere and the path. However, this divine art didn't have the beauty of the Great Dao!

However, at this moment, a loud and clear Dao voice rang out. It was as if millions of living beings and gods had appeared at this moment, calling out the same name in unison.

The Dao of Tai Shi.

It had form but no substance.

The twenty-fourth heaven of entering the path with divine arts, Tai Shi questions the blooming spring!

Qin Mu's palm struck out to meet the Grand Emperor's palm. The two palms collided, and the Grand Emperor smiled.

Then, the smile on his face froze, and his smile turned into shock.

The astonishment on his face became more intense. He saw the flesh and blood on his palm being peeled back, and the substance that formed the palm seemed to have become countless particles that were rapidly leaving him.

The same situation also happened to his arm. Those fine particles could be seen with the naked eye, and they flew backward like fog. Soon, they reached his shoulder, his chest, his other arm, and his legs!

He stood there and felt that his body was still there. His body was still complete, but he had no bones or flesh!

The body below his neck transformed into a transparent form that only had a corporeal body and no substance!

His vital qi, his Great Overarching Consciousness celestial palace, and his seven great divine treasures had all transformed into strange states that had no substance!

Only his head was not assimilated by Qin Mu's palm because it was his true body.

The Grand Emperor's corporeal body was, after all, a supreme body that he had tempered thousands of times and countless masters of creation worshiped and refined. Although Qin Mu's great divine art was exquisite, it couldn't dissolve his head in a moment.

Even though it couldn't dissolve his head, the vital qi in his head had been dissolved, and his consciousness became unstable, becoming weaker!

Suddenly, Qin Mu's palm clenched into a fist and punched into the hole in the heart of the Grand Emperor's brows. This punch was majestic and powerful. The martial path was indestructible, turning his brain into mush and scattering his consciousness!

The head of the Grand Emperor fell from the thirtieth void. Boom! It smashed through the twenty-ninth void and then the twenty-eighth void. Huge holes appeared in the layers of void.

The Grand Emperor's eyes were blurry, and his vision was blurry. He could faintly see Qin Mu's body turning illusory as he rose into the thirty-first void.

'Celestial Venerable Mu is still dead, I'm still alive…' he thought to himself.

At this moment, he saw Qin Mu, who had risen into the thirty-first void, taking out a round egg from the heart of his brows.

The Grand Emperor looked bewildered.

Boom boom boom boom

His head smashed through layers of void and descended from the sky, smashing into the ground of the ancestral court. It then rolled for a few rounds and landed on a piece of wasteland, scaring away the primordial beasts in the surroundings.

His head had just stopped rolling when he heard a loud rumble coming from the depths of the void. A beam of fire descended from the sky and ruthlessly smashed beside him. Countless shattered rocks flew in all directions, and the Breathing Earth flew into the sky. It expanded in the sky and transformed into floating lands that were blown into the distance by the gale.

Amidst the smoke and dust, the Grand Emperor saw Qin Mu's tattered corporeal body not far away. He had one knee on the ground and his palm was on the ground.

"Five Ores Great Seal!" Qin Mu raised his head, and his three eyes shone brightly.

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