Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 132 - Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique

It was no small matter exceeding the boundaries of basic sword skills. It was nearly an impossible task.

Qin Mu knew very well the difficulties in it.

No matter how complicated, changeable or innovative they are, all the sword skills in the world could be broken down into the most basic movements of sword skills, which were none other than, Stab Sword Form, Flick Sword Form, Wave Sword Form, Cleave Sword Form, Hack Sword Form, Poke Sword Form, Jab Sword Form, Parry Sword Form, Curve Sword Form, Smear Sword Form, Sweep Sword Form, Raise Sword Form, Intercept Sword Form and Shave Sword Form.

No matter how astonishing the sword skills were, they were all the combinations of these sword forms.

However, it was different for Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. He had added new basic sword techniques among these most basic sword techniques!

How terrifying was that!

Qin Mu didn't know how many basic sword techniques he had added but even if it was one, all the other sword skills would have to be rewritten and reconstructed, otherwise, they would just be full of loopholes in Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's eyes!

"He could be called god…" Qin Mu suppressed the shock in his heart and muttered.

The Great Six Directions Sword Skill that Qu Ping executed was simply impressive and majestic. It had an extremely strong and ferocious power that was unimaginable powerful!

The few divine arts practitioners in the Six Directions Realm which Qin Mu had seen in Great Ruins were not as terrifying as this Qu Ping.

They were all scholars of Imperial College, but comparing with Five Elements Realm, Six Directions Realm was a huge leap. The increase was astonishing!

Even though the scholars of Five Elements Realm were also very strong, they stayed within what was considered reasonable. In Qin Mu's eyes, there were no scholars in the entire Imperial College that could be Qu Ping's match.

However, the divine arts practitioners of Imperial College, even if they had just been promoted to Six Directions Realm, were still unimaginably strong!

Six Directions Realm was simply a world flipping transformation.

Qin Mu's thought was interrupted when suddenly the horsetail whisk on the crook of Daozi Lin Xuan's elbow floated up. The hairs of the horsetail whisk suddenly expanded and the hairs gathered together to stab towards Qu Ping's Great Six Directions Sword!

Qi Ping's Great Six Directions Sword wasn't included in the basic sword techniques. Daozi Lin Xuan took his horsetail whisk as a sword. The moves of his sword skills were clear and they were all within the techniques of the basic sword techniques.

His sword skill was not as impressive and majestic as Great Six Directions Sword Skill, but in Qin Mu's eyes, he could see the points that were different from usual.

"Qu Ping will surely lose. Daozi Lin Xuan only needs one move to defeat him."

Learning sword from Village Chief, even though he only knew one move Sword Treading Mountains And Rivers and the others he knew were all the most basic sword techniques, his eyesight had already surpassed countless of sword skill professionals.

Daozi Lin Xuan's sword move might look simple like it was just stabbing towards Qu Ping's Great Six Directions Sword Skill, however, those hairs were like fine swords that were ever changing!

The changes in the move were simply too much!

Qin Mu opened his Green Heaven's Eyes and his heart trembled hugely. In the hundred of hairs in Daozi Lin Xuan's horsetail whisk, every hair had changed its move over ten times in an instant, which was to say his move had changed over a thousand times in that second!

It was impossible to block such a move which could change multiple times!

Meanwhile, there were not as many changes in Qu Ping's Great Six Directions Sword Skill. There might be much more sword lights in this sword pillar but they all used a twisting sword form, spinning around the center and moving forward layer by layer.

When they met the hairs that were used by Daozi Lin Xuan as swords, they will definitely be destroyed.

Furthermore, Qin Mu also noticed that Daozi Lin Xuan's fundamentals were so solid, almost close to his. This Daozi Lin Xuan's attainment on basic sword skills was the strongest among the divine arts practitioners Qin Mu had met so far. Even though Daozi Lin Xuan was still inferior to him, he wasn't too much inferior.

Even if it was Sword Hall Master who had been imparted by Qin Mu, he was also inferior to Daozi Lin Xuan.

The most crucial point was that even though Qu Ping's sword skills had the new basic sword techniques that Imperial Preceptor had founded, his fundamentals had not reached the uppermost realm and his foundation wasn't solid. No matter how intricate the sword skill was, the power would be unable to be completely unleashed without a solid foundation.

Ding ding ding ding—

Countless of collision sounds traveled out and everyone could only see the hairs clashing with the brilliant sword pillar. Next, they saw the sword pillar disintegrating in the sky and no longer existed. Only a few people could see the changes in their sword skills in that instant.

Qu Ping got stabbed in the chest by the horsetail whisk and smacked onto the mountain gate with a thump. The mountain gate moved back and forth and a layer of dust fell off.

Daozi Lin Xuan gently shook his horsetail whisk and the hairs grew shorter and shorter. With the horsetail whisk leaning back on the crook of his elbow, he sat back down with his eyes looking downwards calm and composed.

On the mountain gate, Qu Ping slid down and there were bloody holes in his chest which were penetrated by the hairs.That Daozi Lin Xuan didn't attack mercilessly as the hairs penetrating his body had avoided his vital organs and didn't endanger his life.

The few imperial physicians from the Imperial Physician Bureau immediately rushed over and fed Qu Ping some spirit pills. They then ripped his shirt and smeared ointment on his chest and his back, blocking the bloody holes.

"So strong!"

Before the mountain gate, the hearts of many scholars of Imperial College sank. The reputation of Qu Ping among the scholars of the divine arts realm wasn't low. On the contrary, he was someone who was ranked highly in the Divine Arts Residence.

Imperial College not only had an entrance examination, there was also a big examination for the scholars every year which was used to determine the rankings of the scholars to motivate scholars to seek improvement. Qu Ping was ranked within the first hundred ranking among the divine arts practitioners in Imperial College.

For people ranked within the first hundred ranking, there wasn't much of a difference in power among one another. Qu Ping was defeated in one move, and it meant that there was still a great difference between Qu Ping's ability and Daozi Lin Xuan's ability.

This was the most terrifying.

Suddenly the second prince's voice sounded in the ears of everyone who was there, "Those that couldn't see the changes of both their sword moves better not to go forward."

This sentence was a terrible blow to the imperial scholars. Many of them who were present couldn't see the changes in Qu Ping's and Daozi Lin Xuan's moves.

Especially so for Lin Xuan's sword skill. As the Daozi of Dao Sect, his sword skill was deeply hidden in the changes of the hairs of the horsetail whisk. If they couldn't even see the changes of his sword skills, they were just asking to be embarrassed if they went forward.

Beside Chen Wanyun, Yun Que asked softly, "Big brother, did you see the changes in that Daozi's sword skills?"

Yue Qinghong also immediately came forward, wanting to ask Chen Wanyun's opinion. Chen Wanyun hesitated for a moment and said, "I used my sky eyes to see the changes in his moves but I can't break it down…"

Yue Qinghong burst out laughing, "Big brother, if you go forward, that little Daoist would definitely seal his Six Directions Divine Treasure to fight you. His cultivation is mostly in his Six Directions Divine Treasure. Without his Six Directions Divine Treasure, he won't be able to execute such intricate sword techniques!"

Chen Wanyun hesitated for a moment and shook his head, "I need to wait a while more, to see if I can see any loophole. That Qin Mu is not far away. let us go over and ask for his opinion."

The three of them came to where Qin Mu was and Chen Wanyun asked, "Junior Brother Qin, do you think you can win this Daozi of Dao Sect."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and replied, "If we were to fight in front of the mountain gate and he sealed his Six Directions Divine Treasure, the chances of victory would be fifty-fifty."


Yue Qinghong sneered, "Big boaster! If you and he are fifty-fifty, aren't you saying you are much stronger than divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm?"

Hu Ling'er pointed at this woman with an expression of astonishment as she muttered, "Young master, this girl is the one who was back to back with you and got smashed into the brass pillar. I've seen her face before!"

Yue Qinghong's face turned red from shame. This fox was too horrible.

Chen Wanyun's gaze flickered and he asked, "What if it was not an open battle in front of the mountain gate? What will be junior brother's chances of victory?"

Qin Mu said calmly, "A hundred percent. I'll resort to unscrupulous means in life and death battles, therefore, he has no chance of victory. Actually, I'm very strong."

Chen Wanyun's heart suddenly leaped and he raised his eyebrows, secretly counting his chances of victory if he ever met Qin Mu in a life and death battle.

Yun Que smiled, "Junior Brother Qin, isn't your tone a little too haughty…"

"Young master, this monk is the one who got knocked out by you with one punch!"

Hu Ling'er pointed at Yun Que and cried out in surprise, "This is the bald head, I remember this bald head! Monk, your clothes still with young master, how much are you planning to spend to redeem it back?"

Yun Que's smile froze on his face and he replied resentfully, "Money is a mere worldly possession to a monk. I don't have any now. When I have the money I'll go to redeem…"

"After saying so much you're still a poor monk."

Hu Ling'er had little interest in him and said, "You need to be faster or else young master will take your clothes to pawn."

As she said that, another divine arts practitioner came out from the mountain gate. This person had an imposing appearance and looked impressive. He went forward to greet the two Daoists who were blocking the gate and said, "Might Inspiring Military Officer Kun Ziyu, may I invite Daozi to condescend to teach. I of the Seven Stars Realm so I'll seal my Seven Stars Divine Treasure."

Daozi rose and returned the greeting, "Senior Brother Kun please."

Chen Wanyun's eyes instantly lighted up and said, "Might Inspiring Military Officer Kun Ziyu! He's back from the borders!"

Wei Yong immediately asked, "Big brother, how's the ability of this Kun Ziyu?'

Chen Wanyun didn't reply and Yue Qinghong beside him said, "We imperial scholars are all eight ranking officials while Might Inspiring Military Officer is a sixth ranking official. The sixth ranking official of Senior Brother Kun was gotten from fighting at the borders. So you can imagine how strong he is! In the last divine arts practitioners' big examination, his was ranked in the first ten of Imperial College!"

Wei Yong felt deep veneration for him, "People being able to fight on the battlefield and obtain achievement to rise to sixth ranking are all remarkable!"

Qin Mu had not much understanding regarding this and inquired them about it. Chen Wanyun said, "Every year the imperial scholars will have to leave the mountain for training, accompanied by a directorate. Most of them go to the borders while there are some that go to Great Ruins or Heaven's Craft Bureau. If they render meritorious services, they would be promoted to the nobility. There are many scholars in Imperial College that are sixth ranking officials and some are even of the fifth ranking!"

Qin Mu sighed in admiration. Eternal Peace Empire was trying to groom their officials!

Once the imperial scholars graduated from Imperial College, they would be assigned directly to local official positions or even to the army.

Kun Ziyu had an astonishing power and even when he sealed his own Seven Stars Divine Treasures, his strength still surpassed Qu Ping. Comparing to Qu Ping, his abilities were more suitable for battle as he executed his spells while controlling his sword at the same time. His sword didn't rigidly adhere to the moves and could change accordingly to situations.

He and Daozi Lin Xuan actually fought all the way to the sky and clashed in mid-air. The sword lights in the sky flashed around like lightning with thunderclaps accompanying it. As the lightning struck towards Daozi Lin Xuan, Kun Ziyu moved in for close combat. His momentum was like sprinting thunder. It seemed that he had also cultivated an extremely strong battle technique as well!

This battle was brilliant and varied, dazzling the eyes of the crowd below and making them exclaimed in admiration.

Qin Mu frowned and asked Chen Wanyun, "Big brother, the technique of Dao Sect is not ordinary. What's the origin of it?"

Chen Wanyun shook his head only to hear a heavy voice from behind, "Dao Sect's classics, Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique, the orthodox profound technique that's equally famous to Heavenly Devil Cult's Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures! Kun Ziyu is probably going to lose."

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