Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1320 - Dying On The Same Year, Same Month, And Same Day

Qin Mu walked around and suppressed the curiosity in his heart. He decided not to think about the Jade Capital of the ancestral court.

The Grand Emperor smiled. He knew that the more he suppressed it, the more curious he would become. Sooner or later, Qin Mu would be unable to restrain himself and run to the Jade Capital of the ancestral court to die!

In history, those who had great achievements all had the same characteristic, which was that they were full of curiosity and were full of curiosity towards the unknown. Instead, they would ignore whether they would encounter danger when facing the unknown.

The people who survived were successful and famous, but there were also countless people who died because of this!

The Grand Emperor chuckled. "Celestial Venerable Mu, I've told you the geographical map of Jade Capital City. You can go to my territory now and pass the test of the God Execution Stage!"

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "My realm isn't there yet, so I can't ascend the God Execution Stage."

The Grand Emperor was stunned. "What realm are you at now?"

Qin Mu said guiltily, "Spirit Embryo…"


The head of the Grand Emperor in the center of the seal spewed out his consciousness and said angrily, "Spirit Embryo Realm? Why don't you just say you were in the martial realm? Speak human language!"

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and said honestly, "The Celestial Palace Realm in the Spirit Embryo Realm. The Celestial Palace is a small realm in my Spirit Embryo Realm. The Celestial Palace is also divided into the seven small realms of Venerable God, True God, Jade Pavilion, God Execution Stage, Jade Capital, Numinous Sky, and Emperor's Throne. Currently, I'm already at the peak of True God, I'm about to enter the Jade Pavilion Realm…"

The Grand Emperor was silent for a moment as if he was digesting the information contained in his words. After a long time, he shook his head and probed, "In terms of Dao Realm, how many heavens are you at?"

"The twenty-four heavens of the Dao Realm."

Qin Mu said, "However, my Dao Realm seems to be different from others. My Dao Realm seems to be slightly stronger…"

The corners of the Grand Emperor's eyes twitched. The twenty-four heavens of the Dao Realm should be equivalent to the Jade Capital Realm of the Celestial Palace Realm. However, even though Qin Mu didn't have a primordial spirit, his realm had reached the Emperor's Throne Realm!

With his battle power, even if he didn't have a primordial spirit, his true battle power wouldn't be much inferior to an existence on Emperor's Throne Realm. However, he was beaten into a pulp by Qin Mu, and even his strongest divine art was broken by him!

One had to know that from the ancient primordial era until now, no one had been able to break his Great Overarching Consciousness Heaven divine art!

This divine art contained the divine art of Dao Fruit and Dao Flower, and Qin Mu was the first person to break it!

Even Celestial Venerable Hao couldn't break his divine art!

"Your realm is a little weird, weird…"

The Grand Emperor thought about it carefully, but he still couldn't figure out how Qin Mu was strong. He could only attribute Qin Mu's strength to him cultivating both the celestial palaces and the celestial heavens, as well as the Dao Realm.

"Since we have already discussed it, Celestial Venerable Mu, you can now undo the seal and let me out."

The Grand Emperor smiled. "Don't worry, as the emperor of the primordial era, I won't go back on my word over such a small matter."

Qin Mu hesitated.

The Grand Emperor was suspicious and sneered. "Are you going to break your promise? Celestial Venerable Mu, don't forget that I have another identity, Heavenly Lady Qiang! Also, I can use the Great Overarching Consciousness Heavenly Brand of the Ultimate Void to kill you! Don't force me to fight to the death."

Qin Mu immediately smiled and said, "Dao brother is worrying too much! Dao brother, have you forgotten? We are still brothers! Back then, we agreed to die on the same year, same month, and same day! Why would I go back on my words?"

The Grand Emperor's face was as black as iron, and he was full of anger at the mention of this. He sneered and said, "Back then, I became sworn brothers with you as Da Hong. It's not counted."

"Oh right, Big Brother, do you know? Third Brother Luo Xiao is already dead. I've been thinking about sending Big Brother and Second Brother to accompany him."

Qin Mu wrung his hands, and his face turned red from excitement. He choked and said, "Killing two brothers to accompany third brother has always been my long-cherished wish! Third brother has already been gone for eight hundred thousand years…"

"Cut the crap!"

The Grand Emperor was furious and shouted, "Are you going to let me go?"

Qin Mu said with a straight face, "Big brother, calm down. You said you wouldn't break your promise, and I also said I wouldn't break my promise. Celestial Emperor Tai Chu also said he wouldn't break his promise, but the three of us are people who break our promises. The four of us swore to die on the same day, month, and year, and even after third brother left for eight hundred thousand years, the three of us were still fine. No one died with him. Therefore, I don't trust big brother."

The Grand Emperor was about to flare up when Qin Mu hurriedly said, "What I mean is to wait until I go to God Execution Stage before releasing big brother. We brothers should settle our debts…"

"Don't call me big brother!" the Grand Emperor said fiercely.

Qin Mu changed his words and smiled. "Brother…"


Qin Mu's consciousness was sprayed all over his face by him, but he didn't mind it. His consciousness spat on his face and said, "Dao brother, calm down. You and I aren't people who keep our promises, so how would I know if you would go back on your word? If I let you go and you suddenly go back on your word, wouldn't I be empty-handed?"

The Grand Emperor's expression was dark. After a moment, he sneered. "I can wait for you to go to the God Execution Stage, but during this period of time, you can't use me as a treasure to fight with others. You can't lose the face of the Grand Emperor!"

Qin Mu nodded his head repeatedly and smiled. "I understand what brother is thinking…"

"Another thing, don't call me big brother, and don't call me brother!"

Qin Mu said with a smile, "We are sworn brothers after all, we don't need to be born on the same day, same month, and same year…"

"Don't mention this again!"

Qin Mu gave it some thought and sent all kinds of collections from the vertical eye Qin word land into the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure. Only then did he put the seal back into the heart of his brows. After all, there were still many treasures hidden in his Qin word land. Some of these treasures couldn't be exposed, like the divine bow of the strong practitioners of the previous era and Mistress Yuanmu's corporeal body.

The Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure was also in the heart of his brows, but it had no interactions with the Qin word land. On a daily basis, the Tai Shi egg was placed in the Tai Shi mine of the Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure.

In the seal, the head of the Grand Emperor looked around and suddenly saw the pupil of Qin Mu's vertical eye. It was the Taiji Origin Stone that was embedded in the center of the Qin word land. He hurriedly roused his consciousness and barely brought the seal with him as he flew towards the Taiji Origin Stone while panting heavily.

Just as he flew forward and was about to examine the raw stone in detail, Qin Mu felt that something was wrong. He immediately grabbed him out of Qin word land and said with a pleasant expression, "Dao Brother Grand Emperor, I have a little secret here that I don't want you to know. Why don't I carry you?" After saying that, he took out a golden rope and tied the huge seal on his back.

The Grand Emperor's head was facing down, and only his heels could be seen. He sneered and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, even though you acted in time, I still saw through the crux of the matter. That stone is the same as the Tai Chu Origin Stone. They are of the same grade, and they were all excavated from ancient mines!"

Qin Mu walked towards the big black wood and said with a smile that wasn't quite a smile, "The Grand Emperor's knowledge is indeed astonishing. However, my Origin Stone is different from your Tai Chu Origin Stone. My Origin Stone was given to me by the owner of the mine, but you snatched it from Tai Chu. You have a deep grudge against Tai Chu, while I know the owner of the mine!"

The Grand Emperor laughed loudly. "How important is the Origin Stone to the ancient gods in the mine? Why would they give it to you? You must have extorted them, forcing them to give it to you. Celestial Venerable Mu, I'm afraid you have some misunderstanding about friendship, right? That ancient god has no friendship with you. Instead, he's scheming against you."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and shook his head. He said sincerely, "I still believe that human nature is good."

The Grand Emperor laughed from extreme anger. "To say such words from a benevolent and black-hearted person like you is truly a mockery of human nature! Let's not talk about this. I can sense the aura of Tai Yi in your eyes. In that case, you are the one who stole the eggshell, right?"

"Don't slander me!"

Qin Mu's face turned red, and he stuttered, "Slander… A gentleman is poor, a villain is poor, how could I do such a thing? How disgraceful! Slander…"

The Grand Emperor laughed coldly. At that moment, a root silently emerged from the ground behind them. The Grand Emperor's heart stirred. "Mother Earth?"

The roots of Mother Earth grew longer as she gently touched the seal on Qin Mu's back, trying to undo the seal.

The eyes of the Grand Emperor's head flickered, and he thought to himself, 'We are all in the same boat, so Mother Earth might be my savior. Mother Earth is severely injured and is surrounded by enemies, so she doesn't have any friends. She wants to ally with me… Even though we had grudges back then, it's not impossible to ally with her…'

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