Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1321 - Returning Everything To Its Owner

Qin Mu seemed to feel nothing, but his footsteps were extremely fast. He soon walked a thousand miles, and when Mother Earth's roots reached a distance of a hundred miles, new roots came out from behind them. The original roots quickly retracted back.

Even after traveling hundreds of thousands of miles, Mother Earth was still unable to undo the seal on the four mines!

The Grand Emperor's gaze flickered. 'Mother Earth is still not enough. She can't break Qin Mu's seal at all!'

Suddenly, dozens of roots gently swept up the seal and tore it off Qin Mu's back.

The seal fell to the ground and vanished. It was pulled into the ground and vanished.

Qin Mu stretched his back and continued forward without looking back.

After a moment, the seal emerged from the ground tens of thousands of miles away. Countless thick roots appeared along with the seal, but the mountains in the surroundings quickly regained their green color. Countless trees grew frantically, and the flowers and plants flourished.

Roots danced in the air and transformed into an altar. Mother Earth rose from the altar and bowed to the seal in the center. "Your Majesty, I pay my respects."

The Grand Emperor nodded gently and said indifferently, "There's no need for formalities, Yuan Monarch. Rise."

Mother Earth straightened her back and smiled. "That brat's seal is extremely strange. I can't break it without alerting him, so I can only snatch the Grand Emperor over. I hope Your Majesty can forgive me."

During the primordial era, the Grand Emperor ruled the universe, Gan Kun. Even though he was extremely cruel, all the ancient gods were his subjects, so Mother Earth followed the ancient rules and still called him 'Your Majesty'.

Of course, during the battle of the Blood Rust Zone in the primordial era, Mother Earth had also followed Celestial Emperor Tai Chu to make a move. She had put in a lot of effort in eliminating the masters of creation and the Grand Emperor.

The Grand Emperor said solemnly, "Yuan Venerate, why didn't you get rid of Celestial Venerable Mu directly? Instead, you stole the seal secretly. With your abilities, you could have killed him directly. He definitely wouldn't be your match."

Mother Earth examined the seal and suddenly shuddered, her eyes filled with fear. "There's someone behind Celestial Venerable Mu. On the Chaos Sea, the existence behind him forced the four Celestial Venerables back with one strike! That existence is terrifying, far above the ten Celestial Venerables! I'm afraid that that existence hasn't gone far, so I don't dare to make a move on him."

"Force back the four Celestial Venerables in one move?"

The Grand Emperor had a grave expression as he muttered, "The fourth Celestial Venerable was heavily injured by me, and their abilities aren't as strong as their peak state. I could force them to retreat, and I could do it at my peak. Celestial Emperor could also do it at his peak… When did such an existence appear in the ancestral court? Could it be Celestial Venerable Hong…"

He had always been wary of Celestial Venerable Hong.

Celestial Venerable Hong's identity was Da Hong. Back then, the Grand Emperor had borrowed Da Hong's name to travel the world. Because Yun, Ling, and Yue had plotted against his true body in the Great Void, he had planned to destroy the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens in a fit of anger. However, he had met Qin Mu in the Heaven Han Celestial Heavens.

The two of them fought on the celestial river, and Qin Mu was heavily injured. Da Hong was also heavily injured by Qin Mu, and both of them retreated. Da Hong had encountered a terrifying force while escaping, and it had completely wiped out the Grand Emperor's consciousness in Da Hong's body!

After that, the Grand Emperor transformed into Ming Fangyu, but he didn't expose Da Hong's identity.

If he kept this terrifying opponent, he could make other Celestial Venerables suspect that Celestial Venerable Hong was the Grand Emperor and not him.

In fact, Celestial Venerable Hong had indeed defended him numerous times. Even Celestial Venerable Gong had beaten him countless times!

Mother Earth had only used her roots to break Qin Mu's seal of the four mines, but now she was using her full strength!

Her abilities were powerful, and in such a short period of time, she had recovered to the level of a strong practitioner of the small celestial heavens!

However, what puzzled her was that no matter how powerful the divine art she executed was, no matter how she broke the seal of the four ores on the seal, the seal would never be broken!

Not only was she unable to undo it, even her attacks were unable to affect the seal!

Even if she used all her power to attack this seal, there was no power that could land on it!

Any divine art of hers would pass through the seal without touching it at all!

After a long time, cold sweat rolled down Mother Earth's forehead as she panted heavily.

The Grand Emperor was expressionless as he looked at her coldly. He suddenly said, "Yuan Monarch, that's enough! I understand your intentions. You can submit to me. I have another identity among the ten Celestial Venerables that can protect you and your life."

Mother Earth blushed slightly and bowed. "Thank you for your kindness, Your Majesty. This seal…"

"Forget about you being unable to undo this seal, even if I were to do it myself, I wouldn't be able to."

The Grand Emperor said indifferently, "Not a single one of the ten Celestial Venerables can undo his seal! His seal has already surpassed the knowledge of this era and is considered unknown. Even I can only understand half of the knowledge in one of the seals. Celestial Emperor might be able to understand the other half, but he won't work with me to break the seal."

Mother Earth jumped in shock and cried out, "Celestial Venerable Mu is actually so powerful?"

"His cultivation is just slightly weaker."

The Grand Emperor said indifferently, "If his cultivation is raised to Celestial Venerable Hao's level, hehe, even if he competes with Tai Chu and me at our peak, he won't be at a disadvantage. Among the five chief elders of the Heaven Alliance, Yun, Ling, Yue, Qin, and Mu, only Celestial Venerable Mu is left. His divine art is indeed worthy of the title of alliance master. No wonder the Heaven Alliance Assembly wanted him to come…"

Mother Earth's heart trembled violently. When she thought of Qin Mu's past, she felt that everything was inconceivable.

Back then, Qin Mu was only led by Gongsun Yan to Mother Earth's underground palace. He was a country bumpkin that looked around in her underground palace and didn't have much experience.

And now, even the Grand Emperor said that Qin Mu couldn't be underestimated. He was treating Qin Mu as a true opponent!

One had to know that other than Tai Chu, the Grand Emperor had never treated anyone else as his opponent. Even Mother Earth wasn't qualified!

Mother Earth hesitated and probed, "Your Majesty, now…"

The Grand Emperor said expressionlessly, "Send me back now."

Mother Earth jumped in shock.

The Grand Emperor snorted. "Don't send me back to where I came from. Just send me to Big Black Wood and wait for him there."

Mother Earth revealed a look of disbelief and cried out, "Your Majesty, it wasn't easy for you to…"

"Mother Earth, your wisdom has been blinded by the baleful aura, and you have become somewhat unintelligent. You are very dangerous."

The Grand Emperor sneered. "You shouldn't have stayed in the ancestral court at all. Instead, you should have left the ancestral court to find Brahma and borrow his Dharma to refine the baleful aura. Otherwise, you would have died for sure. All the people in the world move for the benefit, all for the benefit. Celestial Venerable Mu and I aren't people who keep their promises, but we have a principle that's very similar. We must make peace and divide the benefits. If he wants to borrow my territory, he won't harm me. Alright, send me to the big black tree to wait for him!"

Qin Mu strolled leisurely along the way and admired the magnificent sight of the ancestral court. The current ancestral court was much better than the first time he had come here. There were sacred grounds everywhere, with birds chirping and flowers blooming. The sight of huge beasts wandering around was pleasing to the eyes.

Unknowingly, he finally came to the front of the black mountain and saw a huge seal standing in front of him.

Qin Mu walked forward and said with a smile, "Big brother has waited long."

The Grand Emperor snorted. "Call me Grand Emperor."

Qin Mu smiled and carried him on his back, walking into the black mountain.

A youth with a big head walked over quickly and smiled from afar. "Celestial Venerable Mu, why have you been gone for so long? There's something you probably don't know yet. That bastard Grand Emperor got into a fight with the fourth Celestial Venerable and got beaten up so badly… His corpse was dismembered, and his arms and legs fell from the sky. How satisfying… What are you carrying?"

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