Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1322 - The Sinner Who Buried The Creator

On the back of the seal, the Grand Emperor's heart jumped. 'This voice… Crap! That old scoundrel is still alive!'

He hurriedly executed his consciousness in an attempt to create an illusion to fool Shu Jun's consciousness.

However, Qin Mu's seal of the four mines was simply too strong, and the consciousness he could use was truly limited. Furthermore, he wasn't an expert in the illusions of consciousness, the palace was.

The Grand Emperor groaned inwardly. Other than being his old rival, Shu Jun was also his uncle in terms of seniority.

Among the three primordial kings, Sun God Bo was the most stable and reserved. He didn't fight with him for the position of the Grand Emperor. Although God King Gong wanted to fight with him, he didn't. In the end, he simply married him.

If the palace couldn't become the Grand Emperor, it would become the woman of the Grand Emperor, ruling over the world in curves.

Shu Jun, on the other hand, wasn't so easy to talk to. Shu Jun had never given in to him from beginning to end. He had always fought, fought, and relied on his seniority as an uncle to treat the Grand Emperor nicely!

In the primordial era, he was the one that gave the Grand Emperor the greatest headache.

If he saw only the head of the Grand Emperor, he didn't know what to say!

However, Shu Jun had already come to Qin Mu's side. He stretched his head over and examined the seal behind Qin Mu. He smiled and said, "Where did you get another treasure? You should have picked up the Grand Emperor's corpse, so I went to pick it up. It's a pity I was too late and didn't pick up anything… Ju Yushi!"

A look of astonishment appeared on his face, and his gaze landed on the head that was sealed by the four mountain ranges. His expression froze, and after a moment, he became sinister as he gritted his teeth. "Grand Emperor!"

The Grand Emperor sighed secretly and sneered. "Shu Jun, you're still alive? It's truly a small world…"

"You son of a bitch!"

Shu Jun flew into a rage and shouted, "The scum that destroyed my masters of creation! Heaven has pity on you, to have such a day. You son of a bitch, you killed my masters of creation! Everyone is dead, so why aren't you dead? You son of a bitch…"

"Shut up!"

The Grand Emperor flew into a rage, and his curly hair stood on end. The primordial great emperor's imposing manner was insufferably arrogant. He was so angry that his voice trembled. "You are but a king, and I am an emperor. Watch your mouth…"

"You son of a bitch Grand Emperor!"

The big-headed youth went forward, planning to fight him. He said angrily, "Without the masters of creation, what kind of emperor are you? All of our clansmen died because of you!"

The seal was torn off by him, and the Grand Emperor could only take a beating inside. He couldn't resist, and he shouted in exasperation, "Celestial Venerable Mu, stop him!"

Qin Mu didn't stop him, and the Grand Emperor was furious. He shouted, "Shu Jun, you have the face to blame me for exterminating the masters of creation? How much better could you be than me back then? When we were expelled from the ancestral court, our power was already inferior to the ancient gods. Weren't you the one who forced the masters of creation to fight? I had already lost my power back then, and I couldn't command the armies of the masters of creation! All of them supported you as their commander, and that was when you were the Grand Emperor! I was already a stray dog with no power!"

Shu Jun pressed down on his head and beat him until the Grand Emperor's face was swollen.

The Grand Emperor couldn't resist, so he chuckled. "Bo Yang was already dead then. I was exiled after shattering the Tai Chu Origin Stone, and Xin Fu was assassinated by Tai Chu. Only you were left among the three kings. You were the last Divine King of the masters of creation race! What did you do?"

When Shu Jun heard this, he couldn't restrain his anger. He pressed down on Qin Mu's head and beat him with all his might while panting heavily.

"At that time, you should have lead the various races to escape, find the Great Void, or build another Great Void! However, what did you do? You became the commander-in-chief and lead the races to fight the ancient gods of the Grand Primordium and the Grand Primordium! The place where you fought became the Blood Rust Zone!"

The Grand Emperor didn't seem to feel any pain as he shouted, "The last elites of the masters of creation were all killed by you. They died because of you! Our race was wiped out because of you! You have the face to call me a son of a bitch? You are the son of a bitch!"

Shu Jun suddenly sat down on the ground, his gaze blank. He no longer had the strength to beat up the Grand Emperor.

The big-headed youth's face was full of dejection. He suddenly covered his face and cried loudly.

The Grand Emperor's face was disfigured by him, and he said coldly, "You have always dreamed of defeating me and becoming the Grand Emperor. When the race was at its most dangerous, you did it. The chiefs and elders of the various races supported you and allowed you to ascend to the throne of the Grand Emperor. They hoped that you could turn the tide and lead your people to turn defeat into victory. Have you done it?"

Shu Jun collapsed on the ground and cried, his body convulsing.

The Grand Emperor continued to attack him, his voice cold. "You didn't do it. You brought the chiefs and elders of the various races and used the last of the masters of creation's wealth to set up countless sacrificial altars in the starry sky. You gathered everyone's power to sacrifice and used the consciousnesses of all the masters of creation to create ancient gods. You reconstructed Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and all the gods!"

"You took out the sacred objects that the various races had sacrificed for billions of years. Those powerful sacred objects were the guardians of the various races, so how powerful were they? You were full of confidence and felt that you could fight against the ancient gods. Even I didn't expect that battle to be so heroic."

"The starry sky that stretched for millions of miles was shattered. Countless landmasses that were created by the Breathing Earth were turned into powder. The sacred objects that the masters of creation sacrificed one after another shattered and died."

"Countless clansmen died in that battle, and they used their blood to dye that starry sky the color of blood rust. Hehe, they all died in the battle of the Blood Rust Zone that you led! Your Tai Pu also died there, right? Tai Pu grew up with you, and this huge beast is loyal to you. It admires you like your child. When it died in front of you, do you think you were wrong?"

The Grand Emperor coldly looked at Shu Jun, whose body was twisted from crying too hard, and continued to attack him mercilessly. "People say that I wiped out the masters of creation, and that I'm a sinner. However, if it were me leading my people, I wouldn't have chosen to fight in the Blood Rust Zone. I'm a sinner of the masters of creation, but my sins aren't as great as yours. You're the sinner that caused the masters of creation to be wiped out! I've borne too many sins for you!"

Shu Jun propped himself up with his four limbs and tried his best to get up. However, he couldn't. Instead, he started vomiting, but he didn't vomit anything. He only spat out a mouthful of bile.

"Sinner!" the Grand Emperor said coldly.

Shu Jun had no more strength left. He lay on the ground, his gaze devoid of life.

Qin Mu quietly watched this scene and didn't say anything. Only Shu Jun was panting like a dead fish.

In the void on the other shore of the Great Void, the masters of creation didn't really care about Shu Jun. Even Divine King Lang didn't care about him.

Back then, Qin Mu was still puzzled. He was only an outsider, yet he could become the holy infant of the Paramita masters of creation. As one of the three primordial kings, Shu Jun didn't receive the respect of the Paramita masters of creation.

Now, he understood the reason.

After a moment, Qin Mu helped Shu Jun up. Shu Jun seemed to have aged a lot, and he pushed his hand away weakly. He didn't look at him, as if he had no face to see him again. He turned around and hobbled out of the black mountain.

Shu Jun was like an injured old wolf, limping as he walked.

The Grand Emperor was indeed powerful. Even if he only had a head left and was sealed by Qin Mu, he could accurately capture everyone's weakness and crush their Dao hearts, disintegrating their Dao hearts!

The current Shu Jun was struck dumb by him. If Shu Jun left like this, he would probably give up completely and choose to die quietly in a remote corner.

"Shu Jun!"

Qin Mu stopped him and asked calmly, "Are you still a master of creation?"

Shu Jun stopped and turned around.

"I'm the holy infant of the masters of creation. I need a Divine King who dares to take responsibility."

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