Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1324 - Ten Percent

'If Grandpa Apothecary can't do it, there's still Taishi. As long as he can dissolve the Dao injuries on Celestial Venerable Yue's body, it won't be difficult for me to heal the injuries on her body!'

Qin Mu consoled himself. Even though Apothecary's performance always gave people a feeling that he wasn't reliable, Apothecary was the strongest medical saint in the world after all. Besides repeatedly failing to test new herbs on Qin Mu, he didn't have any other evil deeds.

Qin Mu tidied up his luggage and prepared to set off. He went to find Shu Jun, but Shu Jun took the head of the Grand Emperor from the seal and left the black mountain. No one knew where he went. First Ancestor Human Emperor led numerous human emperors and prepared to leave as well. All of them looked at Qin Mu with hostile gazes.

"I heard that a giant Bodhi beast has appeared nearby. This kind of giant beast is extremely rare. Back then, it was the mount of the three primordial kings. We planned to subdue that giant Bodhi."

First Ancestor asked Qin Mu, "Mu'er, are you coming along?"

The hostility in the eyes of Human Emperor Qi Kang, Yi Shan, and the rest became even stronger. "First Ancestor, why did you call him along? With him around, will we still have a share of Tai Pu?"

"When we subdue the Bodhisattva, everyone will ride him and beat Human Emperor Qin up!"

Qin Mu laughed loudly and waved at everyone. When he turned around, his face became incomparably dark, giving Apothecary a fright.

"You want to beat me after subduing Qin Bodhisattva? All of you ancestors are still too young!"

They boarded the fast ship of Eternal Peace and sailed out of the hundred thousand black mountains. The moment they left, Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian led the three thousand gods and the huge beasts to the so-called sacred mountain.

Xu Shenghua, Lan Yutian, the three thousand gods, and a hundred huge beasts stood at the outskirts. They looked at the hundred thousand black mountains and were speechless.

"That old man called Tai Yi is a liar," Xu Shenghua muttered.

Lan Yutian nodded immediately.

The dragon qilin and Yan'er hurriedly came out to welcome them. When they saw them, they couldn't help being delighted, but they also felt that it was a pity. Yan'er smiled and said, "Cult Master just left, and you guys will be here soon. If you guys had come earlier, you would have met them!"

Lan Yutian opened his mouth and caught her feeding timely. He asked in astonishment, "My brother left?"

The dragon qilin nodded and whispered, "Luckily you guys didn't meet Cult Master, or else he would have tricked you guys into mining again, and he wouldn't have paid you."

Lan Yutian said in a low voice, "Will you take care of the meals?"

"Meal? You're thinking too much!"

The dragon qilin curled his lips and said, "Take care of the dishes. My dishes were all made by Yan'er."

Everyone rushed into the black mountain, and Lan Yutian hesitated for a moment before saying, "I was planning to ask my brother for a few mountains, but now that he's gone…"

The dragon qilin's eyes instantly lit up, and he said with a smile, "There are many mountains here, and they can't even be taken up! You can go there if you like, but you have to build your own palaces and houses. I have a Grand Primordium Divine Stone here that I can lend you guys to visualize the palaces."

Xu Shenghua smiled and said, "There's no need, it's better for us to build it ourselves. Since we are staying in Cult Master's place, it's only right for us to help him mine ores."

The dragon qilin hesitated for a moment and didn't tell them that the black mountains would sometimes crack at night, and terrifying strong practitioners of prehistoric times would crawl out from within.

"They will understand after a night."

The dragon qilin thought to himself, 'On the second day, Tai Yi will appear to explain to them and let them repair the black mountain.'

Even though he said that, the dragon qilin still said earnestly, "You guys have to be careful at night. These hundred thousand black stones… Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain is good at everything, but you can't walk out of the black mountain at night. There's great terror in the darkness."

Xu Shenghua said in astonishment, "Don't go out when it's dark? This place looks like the Great Ruins of the past."

The dragon qilin thought to himself, 'It's more than a hundred thousand times more terrifying than Great Ruins! Heaven has taken pity on me. Cult Master has finally tricked two smart people to guard this territory. Previously, I was the only smart person here to manage the overall situation and contend against the ten Celestial Venerables. I'm still a little weak…'

With a swoosh, his tail curled up, and his heart was filled with delight. 'I actually fought against the ten Celestial Venerables for so many years, yet they still couldn't take away the Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain. I'm truly remarkable!'

Even though the speed of Eternal Peace's fast ship wasn't slow, it wasn't as fast as Celestial Venerable Yue's lantern. It took Qin Mu and Apothecary more than a month to fly from Hundred Thousand Holy Mountain to the crack in the sky.

Over the past month, Apothecary had been thinking about all kinds of spirit pills and miraculous medicines on the ship. Sometimes, he would hold his chin and think hard. Other times, he would write furiously. Other times, he would list out the detailed composition of all kinds of spirit medicines. Other times, he would use his vital qi to transform into the Dao markings contained in all kinds of spirit medicines, breaking them to piece together new Dao markings.

Although he appeared to be full of confidence, treating Celestial Venerable Yue's injuries was a piece of cake, he was actually under a lot of pressure.

After all, this was the first time he had come into contact with a Celestial Venerable, and what he needed to treat was the Dao injury of a Celestial Venerable. This was the first time since he had mastered the art of healing, and it was also the most thorny time in his life!

Qin Mu sorted out the Taishi Divine Stones on the ship and buried them in his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure's mine.

The egg of Tai Shi jumped out from the nest on the sacrificial altar and jumped around, pointing out the precise location of every divine stone.

Qin Mu was like a diligent little squirrel, and under his command, he handled the divine stone properly. He then took out the Great Simplicity Divine Stone and planned to bury it in the mine as well.

When he was almost done burying her, he suddenly came to a realization. 'Sacred Goddess Tai Su has already been born, and she has a grudge against me. Why would I bury these divine stones? It's impossible for her to return to her egg and hatch in my spirit embryo!'

He dug out a divine stone and took out the Tai Su eggshell. He drank a mouthful of egg liquid at the edge of the eggshell and immediately used the Tai Su Divine Stone to refine the Tai Su Origin Liquid.

Suddenly, Apothecary who was thinking hard opened his eyes and took a sniff. "How fragrant! What medicinal herb is this?"

Qin Mu refined the Great Simplicity Fluid and said, "This is the egg liquid in the Great Simplicity Egg that fulfills all requests, not medicinal herbs."

"Anything in the world can be used as medicine, let alone an ancient god in the egg."

Apothecary's gaze flickered. "Bring me some egg liquid and let me see if it can be used as medicine!"

Qin Mu took out some egg liquid, and his heart ached a little. "This is egg liquid from the Great Simplicity Egg. It's unrivaled in this world, and using a little will make it less. Grandpa Apothecary must be careful. If it can't be used as medicine, return it to me, I'll eat it…"

"You're just wasting a god's gift by stuffing yourself with food. It's the best medicine for treating and saving people that's in my hands."

Apothecary sneered and carefully examined the Great Simplicity Liquid. He muttered some words and used his vital qi to transform into all kinds of spirit herbs and strange Dao markings. Previously, he had tried to piece together different Dao markings, but all of them had failed.

This time, he carefully took out a trace of the primordial liquid. With a thought, the liquid actually changed according to his will and slowly transformed into strange dao patterns that connected the dao patterns of spirit herbs.

Apothecary suddenly shed tears and laughed out loud. He raised his head and let the tears flow down his cheeks. "My Dao has succeeded."

Qin Mu was holding the eggshell and drinking the primordial liquid as though he was holding an unbelievably huge bowl of porridge. When he saw this, he was delighted and hurriedly put down the eggshell. He asked, "Grandpa Apothecary, how confident are you in curing Celestial Venerable Yue?"

Apothecary stood up and was in high spirits. He was full of vigor and had the aura of a grandmaster. He raised a finger and said, "Ten percent!"

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