Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 133 - Nine Dragons Monarch Technique

Qin Mu turned his head back and saw the prince standing beside Ling Yuxiu just now had somehow gotten behind him. He seemed to be Ling Yuxiu's second brother and his expression was like still water as he looked at the battle in mid-air.

Ling Yuxiu also followed him down the jade cliff and stood behind the second prince.

The instant Qin Mu turned his head back, Kun Ziyu fell off from the sky and crashed into the ground.

When he entered close combat with Daozi Lin Xuan, the moment their palm strength had clashed, his vital qi was crumbled by the opponent using Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique and his move was dispelled thus he fell from the sky.

The corners of Chen Wanyun's eyes twitched and his heart turned ice cold, "I'm probably not his opponent. His battle prowess is too strong. Even if he sealed his other divine treasures and remained at Five Elements Realm, it would be difficult for me to win him! No, the more he reveals, there will be more possibilities for me to see his weakness! I'll continue observing him for a period of time and I just might find his weakness!"

Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique.

This was Qin Mu's first time seeing a technique that was equally matched with Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

The technique that this Daozi Lin Xuan had executed was extremely powerful. His cultivation wasn't as dense as Qin Mu's on the same realm but his vital qi's quality was extremely high and far surpassed his peers. It was because Qin Mu saw Daozi Lin Xuan's vital qi was so pure that it was hard to believe therefore he had asked.

Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures was called the classics which could turn one into god or into devil. So for Dao Sect's Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique to be equally famous as Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, it showed how extraordinary it was!

Dao Sect and Heavenly Devil Cult, one righteous and one devil. They were the two sacred grounds of the righteous path and the devil path.

If they included Great Thunderclap Monastery of Buddhism, there would be three biggest sacred grounds. Other than these three big factions, there were also some hidden sacred grounds without prominent reputations that would come out from time to time.

"Now that Daozi of Dao Sect has appeared, I wonder if Great Thunderclap Monastery would come and block the gate as well to ruthlessly smack imperial PreceIptor in the face?" Qin Mu thought to himself.

The second prince took in a deep breath and walked towards the mountain gate. Ling Yuxiu immediately asked, "Second brother, what are you going out for?"

"I'm also an imperial scholar and also a royalty, how can I not battle?"

Radiance shot out from second prince's eyes, "Our Ling Family had fought our way to become the emperor and didn't rely on the civil and military officials to offer it to us!"

His voice was powerful and resounding, making Qin Mu can't help exclaiming in admiration. This was then a prince. The Ling Family being able to become the emperor and turn into the Imperial Family that was set up high was indeed not by chance."

"Imperial Scholar Ling Yushu, invite Daozi to exchange teaching!"

The second prince walked to the front of Daozi Lin Xuan and bowed as a greeting. He raised his head and asked solemnly, "Does Daozi need to take a break to recover your vital qi?"

Daozi Lin Xuan nodded and said, "May I ask Senior Brother Ling to wait a moment?"

Qin Mu clapped his hands and exclaimed in admiration, "If it was me I would also take a break."

That Daozi heard these words and looked towards the source of the voice from the mountain gate. His gaze landed on Qin Mu's face and when he saw Qin Mu's eyes, his heart shivered. Qin Mu gave a smile in return and Daozi Lin Xuan also gave a smile, nodding his head. He told the old Daoist beside him, "Senior Uncle Dan Yangzi, I saw a very powerful person. His eyes have two more layers of pupil than normal people and he seems to be able to see through my real situation…"

Dan Yangzi had an indifferent expression, "Heart like still water, to remain unmoved, don't mess up your own pace. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is called the number one man below gods, therefore, there would naturally be some powerful people in Imperial College."

Daozi Lin Xuan continued to adjust his condition and recover his cultivation. He executed his Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique and a tiny spirit embryo actually floated out from the heart of his brows, sitting in front of him. Under the spirit embryo was a mysterious altar.

This spirit embryo breathed in and out and five aureoles appeared in front and behind it, attracting over the intense star energy from the starry sky!

Five devils and gods faintly appeared under the aureoles and looked extremely terrifying. These were the visions formed by Five Elements Divine Treasure.

After the five aureoles had appeared, six circular wheels surrounded him and the visions of Six Directions Divine Treasure appeared.

Qin Mu squinted his eyes. Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique was indeed out of the ordinary. The technique of this Daozi Lin Xuan was different from others but it was much more authentic and impressive. The degree of complexity of this technique was no less than Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique.

"Dao Sect being the number one sect of the righteous path sure is outstanding!"

When Daozi Lin Xuan had finished recuperating, he stood up and bowed towards the second prince as a greeting.

Ling Yushu returned his greeting and when he stood up, his vital qi suddenly burst forth like the roars of dragons and tigers. In that instant, almost everyone in front of the mountain gate felt a dragon's might bursting forth from this prince's body.

Second Prince Ling Yushu moved and his body was like swimming dragon. His five fingers splayed out like five dragons and five exceptionally fierce dragon qi soared out and changed in mid-air, pouncing towards Daozi Lin Xuan!

Five Dragons Strangle!

Ling Yushu's five fingers dunked downwards and the five dragon qi shrouded Daozi Lin Xuan. The dragons' bodies coiled around Daozi Lin Xuan's body and the five dragons strangled him while opening their mouths to spew blazing true fire towards this youth!

His speed was extremely fast and at the instant where the five dragons pounced, his body had already reached Daozi Lin Xuan's side and he trembled his hand to gather qi as sword. With a dragon coiling around the sword, he thrust it into the five dragons trap!

Inside the five dragons trap, Daozi Lin Xuan was bathed all over by that blazing true fire but his body instead revealed a jade-like glow. The five dragon's true fire actually couldn't damage him!

The second prince thrust his sword into the five dragons trap and Daozi Lin Xuan raised his horsetail whisk to welcome it, wrapping itself around the dragon sword. The second prince stomped the ground and the ground trembled as huge dragons broke through the earth and pounced towards Daozi Lin Xuan from below.

Daozi Lin Xuan used one palm to break open the five dragons trap and rose into the sky. The strands of hair swept by like swords and sliced off the huge dragons' heads, avoiding the sword lights that were shooting down.

"Spell school!"

Qin Mu was astonished. The second prince's series of attacks were all the fighting method of the spell school but they were as fierce and overbearing as the battle technique school which was abnormally sharp.

To be able to execute spells in such a powerful and overbearing way, he really is an unusual one. It was still Qin Mu's first time seeing this kind of fighting method!

"Sister, your Imperial Family's technique is pretty powerful." Qin Mu told Ling Yuxiu.

Ling Yuxiu was very proud, "That's for sure. My second brother cultivates the Nine Dragons Monarch Technique which is not any weaker than Dao Sect's Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique! My second brother is someone who has an official position, the fifth-ranking General of Roaming Cavalry!"

The second prince rose into the air and two dragon qi formed into the shapes of dragons under his feet. Squirming their bodies, they sprinted in the air towards Daozi Lin Xuan. His skill was so exquisite that it made everyone gasped in amazement.

This wasn't surprising since Imperial College itself was built on the center where nine dragons' veins had gathered, resulting in the nine dragons' qi to be incomparably dense. Adding that the second prince was a person of the Imperial Family, he borrowed the dragon qi to cultivate in itself. Imperial College may be the sacred ground to others but to him, it was the sacred ground of sacred grounds. By absorbing the dragon qi, he could cultivate twice as fast!

His vital qi was vigorous and there didn't seem to have any depletion in vital qi after executing such an overbearing spell. This was what Nine Dragons Monarch Technique was good at.

Qin Mu looked for a moment and said, "Sister, your second brother is going to lose."

Ling Yuxiu's heart trembled slightly and suddenly the duel in mid-air had already ended. Second Prince Ling Yushu had received Daozi Lin Xuan's counterattack. Daozi Lin Xuan executed spells to fight against spells and the power of the spells from Dao Sect's divine arts was no weaker than Nine Dragons Monarch Technique!

At the same time, the horsetail whisk flew out from Daozi Lin Xuan's hand and the strands of hair suddenly expanded and turned into fine swords which revolved and sliced frantically at Ling Yushu. Ling Yushu used his dragon sword to defend but it was impossible for him to defend against so many fine swords. In the blink of an eye, he was wounded several times and had no other choice but to land on the ground to admit defeat.

Ling Yushu's defeat gave a huge shock to Imperial College. He was the second prince of the Imperial Family after all. His own ability was outstanding and with Imperial College and the Imperial Family meticulously grooming him, Ling Yushu was one of the very best in Imperial College!

Now that even he was defeated by Daozi Lin Xuan, there was nearly no one in Imperial College who could be a match for this Daozi!

Yue Qinghong looked at Qin Mu, "Hey fifty-fifty, our Imperial College is already getting blocked so why aren't you going up?"

Qin Mu was bewildered, "Why do I have to go up?"

Yue Qinghong snorted and tried to taunt him, "Didn't you say if you fight this Daozi, your chances of victory would be fifty-fifty?"

Qin Mu shook his head, "I had just become an imperial scholar and only listened to a lesson in Hall of Hidden Light. So what's the point if I win when I haven't even learned any martial arts from Imperial College? It wouldn't be considered as Imperial College's ability. Furthermore, I'm an abandoned person from Great Ruins. All of you have wanted to chase me away and now you want me to stand out for Imperial College? You're just chasing rainbows."

Yue Qinghong was so angry that she was speechless.

Monk Yun Que said, "But you're a student of our Imperial College! Now Imperial College is in trouble, how can you not help?"

Qin Mu laughed, "After so many years, could there not be a genius that could rival Daozi in Imperial College? Furthermore, Imperial Preceptor's disciples haven't appeared. For Imperial Preceptor to be the number one man under gods, his disciples must be extraordinary as well. With his disciples around, why should I take matters into my own hands?"

The heart of everyone trembled slightly and hope was renewed. Imperial Preceptor was known as the number one man under gods and each of his disciples was extremely outstanding. If the disciples of Imperial Preceptor came forward they just might defeat this Daozi of Dao Sect!

Ling Yuxiu frowned lightly and replied in a soft voice, "But Imperial Preceptor's disciples are all not Imperial College's scholars…"

While they were chatting, another few imperial scholars had gone forward but they all lost without an exception.

There were even people who planned to use the tactic of several people taking turns to fight Daozi Lin Xuan to exhaust his vital qi cultivation and not give him time to rest. However, this idea was too filthy and soon there were directorates coming to stop them.

After Daozi Lin Xuan won a dozen rounds, his expression turned solemn and said to Dan Yangzi who was beside him, "Senior uncle, Imperial College is very terrifying."

Dan Yangzi nodded his head gently and said softly, "These imperial scholars are all very strong. If all these scholars grew up, no sects could fight them."

Even though there was no one in Imperial College who could defeat Daozi Lin Xuan, every single one of the scholars was extremely powerful and all of them were considered first-class strong practitioners of their realms.

And the most terrifying thing was that these kinds of strong practitioners were everywhere in Imperial College!

For big sects like Dao Sect, they could groom one or two outstanding existence like Daozi and didn't have many strong practitioners like Qu Ping and Kun Ziyu. However, in Imperial College, there were all kinds of strong practitioners were everywhere. This was very terrifying!

Daozi Lin Xuan's gaze passed everyone and landed on Qin Mu. Qin Mu seemed to feel and looked towards him, smiled as a sign of acknowledgment. Lin Xuan gave a smile in return and was bewildered, "It's not that there aren't outstanding individuals in Imperial College but why isn't he coming out to challenge me?"

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