Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1339 - Killing Two People In A Row

In the Dao Comprehension Courtyard, talented people gathered. Earth Mother Gongsun Yan, Emperor of Endless Clouds Wei Suifeng, Village Chief Su Muzhe, Yun Guanshu, Yu Chenzi, and the rest were all rare geniuses.

At this moment, Village Chief was playing chess with Prince You Ming while discussing sword skills and divine arts. Yu Chenzi was sitting at the side watching the battle, and Xiao Chu came in. Village Chief stood up and messed up the chessboard. He said with a smile, "Everyone, this is Xiao Chujue. He's a peerless genius that I recently discovered, a god of the sword path!"

Prince You Ming was very unhappy, and he said in a low and muffled voice, "You, if you can't win, I'll play tricks. Yu Chenzi, tell me who won this round."

Yu Chenzi said humbly, "My chess power is weak, so I can't see it. Xiao Chujue is indeed a genius in sword skills. He had once paid a visit to Dao Master Lin Xuan, and he used half a year to comprehend the seventeenth writing of our Dao Sword. Dao Master Lin Xuan also praised him greatly."

Prince You Ming sized up Xiao Chujue. "So powerful?"

"It's similar to Jiang Baigui's performance back then."

Village Chief was also very satisfied with Xiao Chujue. He took the stack of books from her hands and said, "Xiaojue's aptitude and comprehension are both superb. Back then, it was easy for Jiang Baigui to learn Dao Sword and Dharma, so he was able to learn by analogy and become the sword god back then."

Prince You Ming thought of Qin Mu and asked curiously, "If he's comparable to Jiang Baigui, that means he has the aptitude of a saint that appears once every five hundred years. In that case, how is his aptitude and comprehension compared to Celestial Venerable Mu? Celestial Venerable Mu is also a genius in the path of the sword. I've seen his sword skills before, and they are extremely powerful. I heard that he was the one who founded the eighteenth and nineteenth sword forms!"

"Mu'er's aptitude and comprehension aren't considered top-notch. He's slightly inferior to Jiang Baigui and Chu Jue."

Village Chief said, "The reason why he's strong is because he's full of curiosity. He has to research everything that's unknown."

He flipped through these books and saw that they were all his own works. What he wrote was his understanding of the twentieth sword form and the realm of the sword path.

Even though Xiao Chujue was a top-notch genius among the younger generation of Eternal Peace, he had only been born for a short period of time. On the other hand, Eternal Peace's sword skills and sword path were changing day by day. After learning the old ones, the new ones came out. Even he couldn't finish learning them in a short while.

Especially the sword path.

Eternal Peace's sword skills and divine arts were more than a billion. Their attainments in the sword path were also incomparably astonishing. The most powerful among them was Su Muzhe, the dean of the Dao Comprehension Academy, and Celestial Venerable Mu's sword path enlightenment teacher.

Village Chief Su Muzhe's Sword Dao had reached an unprecedented height after Founding Emperor had traveled through Eternal Peace and infused the twentieth sword form into Eternal Peace. This was especially so after the Dao Realm had been passed down to Eternal Peace. It had greatly improved him.

He was able to become the dean of the Dao Comprehension Academy because he had imparted the Dao through books. He had written a book, 'Comprehension of the Basic Sword Form', which explained the sword from one to twenty.

Other than that, he also had the 'Sword Canon', 'Sword Domain', as well as the 'Dao Realm', 'Dao Domain', and other books that were compatible with Butcher and Deaf. These books were enough to cause chaos in the world decades ago!

If it was brought to the current celestial heavens, it would be enough to cause a bloodbath!

If it was spread to the thousands of worlds and heavens, who knew how terrifying the calamity would be!

However, it was spread out by Village Chief and the rest, and they didn't prohibit others from reading it. In Eternal Peace, as long as one went to the academy to seek knowledge, they would be able to enter the library to study.

As for whether he could learn it, whether he could enter the Dao Realm, whether he could enter the Dao with the sword, and whether he could cultivate Dao Domain or Sword Domain, that would depend on his own abilities.

This young god called Xiao Chuchu had already been in the Dao Comprehension Academy for over a year, and his talent in the Sword Dao was terrifyingly high. Even so, he hadn't learned the twentieth sword form, nor had he comprehended the Sword Domain, which was why he had consulted Village Chief.

Village Chief flipped open the ancient book and found the twentieth sword form. "The twentieth sword form was created by Founding Emperor Qin Ye. He comprehended the twentieth sword form from the nineteenth sword form of the eighteenth sword form. When you learned the nineteenth sword form, you should have understood that as long as you learned the nineteenth sword form, you could enter the path with the sword. In this world, there are only a hundred people among the hundred million divine arts practitioners that could learn the nineteenth sword form. However, the requirement for the twentieth sword form is even higher. What he wants is to cultivate the sword realm first and reach the realm of the sword path. Only then can he complete the twentieth sword form."

When he said that, Yu Chenzi, Prince You Ming, and the rest couldn't help but be at a loss. Prince You Ming muttered, "Brother Su, isn't this sword form comprehensive understanding the most basic book? Why is it that you can only master this sword form's comprehensive understanding after cultivating sword realm?"


Village Chief said with a smile, "If you want to learn basic sword forms and comprehensions, you need to first cultivate the book, Sword Domain. If you want to learn Sword Domain, you need to learn the book, Sword Canon. If you want to learn Sword Canon, you still need to learn 1,282 sword path ancient books."

The few of them were shocked.

Village Chief said with a smile, "However, he has already achieved entering the path with the sword, and the foundation in front is already very solid. What he lacks isn't the foundation, but a deeper level of comprehension of the sword path. And this requires a top-notch great master of the sword path."

He pulled out his sword and said indifferently, "Xiao Chujue, let me be your whetstone to help you improve your Sword Dao. Draw your sword!"

Xiao Chujue bowed, took a step back, and pulled out her sword!

The sword light rushed into the sky. His sword path was grand and imposing, and he had an extraordinary bearing. It was as if he was going to rule the world and control the Tai Ah!

Prince You Ming and Yu Chenzi cheered and praised, "What a great bearing!"

Right at this moment, an arrow light flew over. Before the three strong practitioners could react, this arrow light had already broken through the sword of First Sense and shot into the heart of his brows!

Xiao Chuchu felt her body exploding. Without the restraint of her corporeal body, her primordial spirit suddenly expanded, as though the great emperor who controlled Celestial Emperor had come personally!

The second, third, fourth, and fifth arrows followed one after another. Their speed was so fast that people could barely react!

Prince You Ming was, after all, an early Emperor's Throne Realm existence. He revealed his Black Tortoise Primordial Spirit without any explanation and was about to block the subsequent arrows when he saw the primordial spirit erupting from Xiao Chuchu's body. He couldn't help being stunned and cried out, "Celestial Emperor!"

Village Chief's sword went straight for the second arrow light, but he stopped when he heard what Qin Mu said. He was astonished. 'Celestial Emperor's primordial spirit? This Xiao Chujue is…'

Boom boom boom boom

The other four arrow lights nailed the forehead of Celestial Emperor's primordial spirit, and four loud explosions rang out in the sky. Each explosion was farther than the last, and an incomparably terrifying throbbing suddenly came from outside the Earth Virtue Celestial Palace. The five arrow lights shot out from the Earth Virtue Celestial Palace, and their power completely burst forth. The dazzling light shone on the Earth Virtue Celestial Palace until there was almost no shadow!

The strong practitioners of Eternal Peace flew up one after another in the Earth Virtue Heavenly Palace. They looked at the dazzling light that was exploding in the distance with bewilderment and astonishment.

Virtuous Earth Sovereign, Gongsun, pressed his palm down, and the Green Leaf Celestial Heavens protected Virtuous Earth Celestial Palace and the people living on the ground.

Her heart stirred, and she looked at Eternal Peace's Lower Capital, which was even further away. There was another terrifying power exploding there.

Gongsun activated his true body, and the branches of the Primordial Tree swayed to protect both Beijing and Lower Capital. He asked, "What happened? Who attacked Eternal Peace's High Capital and Earth Mother's Celestial Palace?"

No one could answer him.

Suddenly, Yu Chen'zi flew up and landed in front of Gongsun Yan. He bowed and said, "Yuan Venerate, Celestial Emperor's split soul must have reincarnated into Eternal Peace and stolen the fruits of the reform. The Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens must have sensed it, so that Celestial Venerable killed Celestial Emperor's reincarnation. This has nothing to do with Eternal Peace."

Gongsun Yan let out a sigh of relief and said, "Since it has nothing to do with Eternal Peace, there's no need to pursue the matter. You guys can continue with your work."

Everyone agreed, but this scene was truly shocking, and it was difficult for them to calm down for a long time.

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