Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 134 - Inviting Imperial Preceptor

Pinnacle of the jade mountain, Hall of Supreme Learning.

All of the hall's directorates, empire's chancellors and secretaries of Imperial College were present and every one of them had a grim expression. Time and time again there would be people hurrying in to report and with every news they heard, their expressions turned even uglier. Only the young patriarch who was sitting on the Saint's Seat had a tranquil and calm expression and was not the least concerned about the wins and losses.

At this moment, the news from outside came one another, "Reporting to Grand Chancellor, Daozi of Dao Sect has defeated the second prince!"

"Daozi has defeated the heir of Southern Peace King, Jiu Yin!"

"Daozi has defeated Western Peace King's Princess Duo Duo!"

"Ling Shiji of Heavenly Strategies Manor was also defeated!"

"Lin Qiuhe was injured by Daozi!"


After some time, there was finally no one coming to report but everyone's expression had turned extremely ugly. No one coming forward to report meant that there were no imperial scholars continuing to challenge Daozi Lin Xuan. The air of arrogance and acute spirit of these scholars of Imperial College had already been dispelled by this young Daozi and they could only watch as he blocked the gate.

An empire's chancellor frowned and asked, "For so many years, our Imperial College has educated countless experts and they are the backbone of this empire. Can't we even find a person who can be a match for Daozi?"

A directorate shook his head and replied, "There are three to five geniuses over these years and they're no inferior to Daozi of Dao Sect. However, these people are no longer scholars and have left Imperial College to assume official duties in the imperial court. Our Imperial College is different from these sects of the martial world. There's no such thing as leaving a sect in the martial world but once a scholar leaves our Imperial College, he is no longer a scholar."

Everyone let out a murky breath and Daoist Ling Yun sighed, "Are we just going to let this Daozi block the gate? Isn't this too cowardly?"

Everyone was silent.

Suddenly, Monk Fa Qing of Hall of Azure Yang said, "Quickly report this matter up to Imperial Preceptor and ask him to send his disciples here. They just might be able to defeat Daozi."

"Big monk, Imperial Preceptor's disciples aren't our imperial scholars. Even if they defeat Daozi of Dao Sect, will Dao Sect accept the outcome?"

Right at this moment, a ship floated outside and berthed at the pinnacle of the jade mountain.

A few young people walked down from the ship and came to the Hall of Supreme Learning without consulting anyone. The person in the lead bowed and said, "Teachers, we students are under the tutelage of Imperial Preceptor and Imperial Preceptor had heard about Daozi of Dao Sect coming forward to cause trouble, therefore, he ordered us to come forward."

All the chancellors, directorates and secretaries in the hall looked at one another. They then all looked at the young patriarch and a secretary said solemnly, "Grand Chancellor, Imperial Preceptor's disciples aren't scholars of our Imperial College. It's still up to Grand Chancellor's decision whether or not they could represent our Imperial College in battle."

Chancellor Ba Shan with a bearded face suddenly slammed the table in protest, "Ridiculous! So what if Imperial Preceptor's disciples defeat Daozi of Dao Sect? Imperial Preceptor's disciples were groomed using the old ways and taught personally by Imperial Preceptor. There's no difference between them and the disciples that are groomed by those Sects! If this matter was to be spread out and reached the ears of Dao Sect, Dao Sect is bound to rebel! When Dao Sect rebels, all the orthodox paths in the world would rebel as well! Who among us here is going to be responsible for this crime? Who is able to be responsible?"

That secretary retorted angrily, "You're the chancellor so you're justified, so what would you do?"

"What would I do?"

Chancellor Ba Shan laughed out loud and shouted sternly, "Whatever I do will be better than what you secretaries can do! All of you secretaries only bother to look after that tower of lousy books and say that you're researching skills and divine arts but what have you researched out after these few years? If you have the ability, then go and research a way to counter Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique so that our scholars wouldn't be so awkward and helpless when others are blocking the gate!"

In Hall of Supreme Learning, all the secretaries went into a fury and shouted back, "Didn't we hand in all the skills and divine arts we researched out to you guys? It's because you directorates and chancellors are useless and unable to groom the scholars for any good!"

"Well said! For example, what is Hall of Supreme Healing doing? Every day they're teaching scholars to refine pills and gather herbs, neglecting all the proper business. Frequently having scholars puke blood or having their faces turn black from being poisoned! They still have the face to collect their salary!"

All the imperial physicians of Hall of Supreme Healing were also directorates and when they heard what was said, they also flew into fury. Imperial Physician You was so angry that he was trembling while retorting back, "If it wasn't for us Hall of Supreme Healing to help the dying and heal the injured, more than half the scholars would have died just from poison or qi deviation. Secretaries are the useless ones, we requested for you to tidy up the remedies and prescriptions from all the various sects yet you still haven't handed it up after such a long time. Even Empress Dowager's illness was cured by a young fellow. Why don't all of you just die?"

"Old bastard, you should be the one to die first. Your Hall of Supreme Healing can't even cure Empress Dowager's illness which was cured by a young fellow. Why don't you just pluck an eyelash of yours and hang yourself?"

The Hall of Supreme Learning broke out into a commotion and the quarrel grew bigger and bigger, making the few Imperial Preceptor's disciples looked at each other in dismay.

A moment later, Chancellor Ba Shan suddenly laughed and said, "Alright, alright, stop quarreling. We can't make a decision but isn't there someone calling the shots here? Grand Chancellor, what do you think?"

Everyone looked at the young patriarch who was sitting on the Saint's Seat. The young patriarch rubbed his temple, clearly showing that he was having a headache from their quarrels. He said, "Imperial Preceptor's disciples aren't imperial scholars after all. If Imperial Preceptor's disciples are to fight and win Daozi of Dao Sect, Dao Sect will still grab the chance to rebel. In that case, they would have a good reason to rebel and make our empire sink into a passive state. Therefore, let invite Imperial Preceptor over."

Everyone was slightly stunned, not understanding the meaning of this. Even the few Imperial Preceptor's disciples revealed expressions of puzzlement.

"Those in Dao Sect are all pig-headed."

The young patriarch stood up and smiled, "They only acknowledge stubborn logic and if we are to cheat and trick them, we won't be able to do it. In that case, we'll use real swords and spears. It's been a while since Imperial Preceptor has given a lecture at our Imperial College right? In the past, he still came over frequently to impart his path, sword skills, and divine arts. There are some scholars who are still considered half his students. The few of you shall go back and invite Imperial Preceptor over to teach the imperial scholars."

The few Imperial Preceptor's disciples were stunned for a moment and bowed in acknowledgment. They then left the hall and boarded the ship to leave.

Chancellor Ba Shan looked pensive and smiled, "Grand Chancellor, what you mean is to let Imperial Preceptor come over to teach his sword skills and divine arts then let our Imperial College's students defeat Daozi of Dao Sect?"

The young patriarch nodded his head while smiling.

Chancellor Ba Shan raised three fingers and said, "Three days, there are only three days! Old man, for Imperial Preceptor to teach out a genius who can defeat Daozi of Dao Sect in three days? Do you even believe it could happen?"

"I believe."

The young patriarch smiled, "Ba Shan, don't underestimate what Imperial Preceptor can do. He is the number one man under gods after all and his ability far surpasses what you could imagine. Furthermore…"

He came to the front of Hall of Supreme Learning and looked at the mountain gate under the mountain, sneering to himself, "This rascal won't wake up early unless there's benefit! I had thought he would not be able to hold himself back to compete with Daozi of Dao Sect, never would I expect him to be so good at keeping his composure! That's as well. He had gotten a bargain by inviting Imperial Preceptor over this time!"

Imperial Preceptor Manor.

"Grand Chancellor invites me over to give a lecture?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor heard the words of these few disciples and was slightly stunned, "What's this old fox up to? It's just a matter of stamping a seal to take you in as scholars of Imperial College. Is there a need for me to go over?"

A disciple explained, "Grand Chancellor meant that Dao Sect only acknowledged stubborn logic and if they knew we were master's disciples, they would definitely not admit it and grab the chance to rebel."

Imperial Preceptor smiled, "Dao Sect is indeed pig-headed. I had met Dao Master before in my early years and he had indeed a bad temper and only acknowledged stubborn logic. Oh well, I'll go over. Invite Little Poison King over."

Fu Yuanqing came and Imperial Preceptor gave him a dagger, "You saw my wound before so now replicate it on my body, make it more realistic."

Fu Yuanqing jumped in shock. He wielded the dagger and carved his chest, making Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor all bloody. He then used the blood as coloring to make the wound even more realistic."

"Let the wound have some bad smell." The gaze of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor flickered and said.

Fu Yuanqing scattered some powder on his wound and make the wound bad smelling but not too heavy.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor then said, "Now add some perfume."

Fu Yuanqing followed what he said and scattered some perfume on it to use the fragrance to cover the bad smell. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor then changed his clothes and gave some thought before ordering a person to bring some rouge and powder over. He then ordered a servant girl to make him flush from being ill.

After everything was done, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor smiled and asked, "Now can we hide from the eyes and ears of rebelling traitors?"

Fu Yuanqing smiled, "What you mean is that there are rebelling traitors in Imperial College? In that case, it's best for Imperial Preceptor to bring some experts, that way you would look less confident."

"Imperial College being so big so there would naturally be some rebelling traitors among them."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor understood what he meant and said, "However, this is the capital city, who dares to kill me here? As for Imperial College, there are much more experts there than the palace and there's no need to bring experts. Follow along, so that Empress Dowager won't take the chance to rush in and kill you."

Fu Yuanqing gave a sigh of relief. His originally wished that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would bring him along to prevent Empress Dowager from taking the chance to kill him.

Suddenly the bell rang in Imperial College and resounded throughout the whole mountain.

Most of the imperial scholars that were waiting in front of the mountain gate heard the bell ringing and all of them immediately went up the mountain. Qin Mu was puzzled and Ling Yuxiu explained to him, "This is the bell that summons all of the imperial scholars to gather. Once the bell is heard, all are to gather in front of Hall of Supreme Learning. Grand Chancellor most likely has something to say."

Wei Yong asked worriedly, "Could it be that since we can't defeat this Daozi of Dao Sect so Imperial College is going to be disbanded?"

Most of the scholars looked at him angrily and Wei Yong immediately pulled back his head.

When he came up to the mountain, he could see a vast crowd in front of Hall of Supreme Learning. No matter if it was the royalties or commoners, they were all gathered here.

After a moment later, everyone was already gathered and the young patriarch smiled, "Imperial Preceptor, please."

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