Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1345 - Dividing The Primordial Realm

In next to no time, numerous palaces appeared out of thin air!

In the sky, goddesses of the White Tiger Divine Clan dressed in capable clothes descended from the sky along with the golden light, landing in the sky above the Golden Iron Divine City of West Earth.

In the Primordial Realm, ships floated, and numerous celestial soldiers and generals looked in the direction of West Earth with cold smiles.

Dan Fenglai restrained the Golden Crow Army and looked at West Earth with a sneer. "West Deity White Tiger also wants to take advantage of the fact that the Primordial Realm has no master to interfere? She thinks too highly of herself!"

Right at this moment, the sky of West Earth became even brighter. The projection of an empress with a golden helmet on her head descended and entered the city!

The projection of the empress landed, and the metal of West Earth resonated. The divine weapons of countless gods automatically rang and trembled non-stop, as though they were going to fly out of their hands to worship the projection of the empress!

The gods of the Primordial Realm hurriedly suppressed their divine weapons. Dan Fenglai immediately flew up and prepared to inform Ancestral God King. Son of Heaven Yin also had a thought and planned to send someone to the Great Void to inform Celestial Venerable Hao. Suddenly, dark clouds filled the sky above the cold lands of North Earth. Five bolts of lightning interweaved, and countless bolts of lightning gathered in the five great thunderclouds.

Every thundercloud had a radius of tens of thousands of miles. They roared and revolved, and the lightning was incomparably dense!

Lightning struck down from the thunderclouds, lighting up the darkness. However, when they saw the overflowing water of the celestial river descending from the clouds, the gods of the Black Tortoise and Black Tortoise races took advantage of the water and lightning to descend from the sky.

These people of the Black Tortoise Race were good at constructing, and they uprooted great halls and divine palaces from the ground, turning the land of the heavens into a snow palace. Heavenly water swirled around it, and it was an extremely spectacular sight.

Another projection of Black Tortoise and Black Tortoise descended from the sky, one tortoise and one snake, suppressing the land.

Son of Heaven Yin frowned and said in a low voice, "The projections of Black Tortoise and Deity Xuan Wu descending on the Primordial Realm? Strange, these two old fellows are both wily old foxes, and their guts are pitifully small. It's fine if they hide in the North Pole, but why are they so daring now? They even dare to step into the muddy waters of the Primordial Realm?"

Son of Heaven Yin's eyesight was much better than Dan Feng's. Dan Feng couldn't see the path inside, but Son of Heaven Yin immediately realized the crucial point.

'It's not that the two deities of the Black Tortoise and Black Tortoise have become bolder, it's just that they have someone backing them up! Could it be that Heaven Duke and Earth Count are supporting the four deities, giving them unrealistic fantasies?'

Just as Son of Heaven Yin thought of this, purple light suddenly filled the sky in the east, and divine dragons flew through it. A huge Numinous Treasure Mountain descended from the sky and descended into the east sea, forming an island with a radius of a thousand miles.

Next, East Deity Qing Long's projection descended from the sky and coiled around Numinous Treasure Mountain, closing his eyes to sleep.

Son of Heaven Yin's expression changed slightly as he looked towards the south. Only then did he remember that South Deity Zhu Que was already dead, so it was impossible for her to descend.

'The three deities have appeared, but they can't win against the strong…' he thought to himself.

Suddenly, the wind and clouds in the sky swirled, and the stars retreated. Son of Heaven Yin raised his head and revealed a look of astonishment. He saw endless white light pouring out from the sky, covering the sky map of the Primordial Realm. The light was like a white beard that spread in all directions, becoming lower, larger, and brighter!

Gradually, the light transformed into Heaven Duke's face and appeared in the sky!

More light flooded over and transformed into white clouds that were tens of thousands of miles long. On the clouds, palaces formed, and the Heaven Duke with white eyebrows, white beard, white hair, and white eyes descended from the sky map. He landed in the celestial palace above the sea of clouds and settled down.

Son of Heaven Yin was flabbergasted, and his heart was filled with fear. 'Heaven Duke can't sit still anymore. These old fogeys are trying to hang themselves, thinking that they are dying too slowly! Even though that's the case, if the Primordial Realm becomes the frontlines, we will definitely be the first ones to suffer in the Primordial Realm! If they see that the situation is bad, they will slip away. This is the way to save their lives…'

He waved his hand and opened the Mingdu Heavenly Gate. Just as he was about to escape, boundless Youdu devil qi poured out from the ground, dyeing the center of the Primordial Tree black!

When Son of Heaven Yin opened the Mingdu Heavenly Gate, he didn't see North Heaven Mingdu, but Youdu!

He stood in front of Mingdu Heavenly Gate and saw Earth Count. That incomparably majestic man stood in Youdu, and his divine tune was vast. He was currently separating a portion of his body and primordial spirit to descend into the Primordial Realm!

Son of Heaven Yin lowered his head to take a look, and that place had already become another small Youdu. Earth Count's clone was currently swirling up from the dark devil qi, and the two horns pierced through the pitch-black devil qi like two yellow springs that were bent into the sky. They pierced through his Mingdu Heavenly Gate and rose high into the sky.

Son of Heaven Yin saw lava flowing down from the two incomparably thick horns like a river. The fear in his eyes turned into envy, and he immediately sobered up.

"Old Man Earth Count is also here, he's going to die… He wants us to die first!"

Son of Heaven Yin immediately put away Mingdu Heavenly Gate and flew towards the nearest Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge. Now that Earth Count had cut off his path back to Mingdu, the best path was to return to the celestial heavens from the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge.

As he flew, he passed by the shadow left behind by Heaven Duke, and he suddenly saw a woman with divine light coiling around her body rising from the sea.

"Goddess of Heavenly Yin!"

Son of Heaven Yin shuddered and hurriedly turned back. Goddess of Heavenly Yin hated him to the core, and now that this goddess had mastered her divine art and was an ancient god that had escaped the restraints of the Great Dao, Son of Heaven Yin really didn't want to meet her!

'Goddess of Heavenly Yin has also run out, there must be a mastermind controlling the situation from the shadows!'

Son of Heaven Yin flew rapidly, and at this moment, he saw the ruins of the ten thousand miles peach forest. In the ruins, there was a graceful woman holding onto a peach blossom with two fingers. She bent down and stabbed it into the ground.

There was also a youth beside the woman. He was tall and had an extraordinary bearing. He bent down and blew at the peach blossoms.

Instantly, countless peach trees sprouted from the ground, and they spread out in all directions like a plague. Soon, the ruins covered ten thousand miles!

The youth executed his creation divine art, and the peach forest grew rapidly. The peach trees grew quickly, blooming and bearing fruit!

The woman threw up another ancient zither which landed on the ground and transformed into a palace.

The youth and the woman looked at each other and smiled before walking in.

"Celestial Venerable Mu and Celestial Venerable Yue!"

Son of Heaven Yin sucked in a cold breath. "It's one thing for Celestial Venerable Yue to escape, but why did she still dare to come back? Also, when did that fellow Celestial Venerable Mu hook up with Celestial Venerable Yue?"

When he thought of this, he saw the tall youth walking out of the palace with a divine bow in his hand. He looked around, and his gaze suddenly landed on Son of Heaven Yin who was high in the sky. He immediately bent the bow.

Son of Heaven Yin hurriedly escaped, but the tall youth couldn't find him, so he could only put away his divine bow.

The woman walked out of the palace and asked, "Why is Celestial Venerable Mu pulling the bow?"

"I think I saw Yin Chaojin."

That youth was none other than Qin Mu. He revealed a look of pity and said, "It's a pity that my eyesight hasn't recovered to its peak. I barely managed to see him before he escaped. He sure runs fast!"

"If Son of Heaven Yin didn't run fast, he would have been killed long ago," Celestial Venerable Yue said with a smile.

Qin Mu nodded his head in agreement and asked, "Has Celestial Venerable You not descended yet?"

Celestial Venerable Yue said, "Don't rush him, he's very shy. After some time, he will descend secretly."

The two of them returned to the palace, and Qin Mu said, "I wonder if Founding Emperor and Divine King Lang Wo will also descend with their clones. We're just short of them now…"

Just as he was saying that, a beam of sword light pierced through the void. That beam of sword light was Carefree Sword. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. Not far from the peach forest, it executed 34 sword moves in a row!

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