Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1349 - Future Celestial Venerable

Village Chief examined the divine bow, and even though he couldn't understand the marvelous uses of this divine bow and the various imprints on it, he still couldn't stop praising it. "A bow is stronger than a person! A bow is stronger than a person!"

Qin Mu was extremely displeased.

"This divine bow is really good, it's much stronger than a human!"

Village Chief pulled open the divine bow and instantly activated the spirit energy and spirit energy of heaven and earth. He couldn't help being astonished and exclaiming in admiration over again. Just now, he was used to mocking Qin Mu, but now he was sincerely praising the divine bow. It was much more powerful than him.

Village Chief put down his bow and said, "Leave the investigation of the god to me first. I'll go see Celestial Venerable You and borrow his Life and Death Book."

Qin Mu also had a Life and Death Book, but it was Son of Heaven Yin's treasure. Son of Heaven Yin's Life and Death Book had more uses, but he couldn't find the root of the Celestial Venerable.

To check the roots of Celestial Venerable You's reincarnation, he still needed Celestial Venerable You's Life and Death Book.

Qin Mu stayed in the Dao Comprehension Academy and waited for Village Chief's news while learning the results of Eternal Peace's reform. What astonished him was that the research in the Dao Comprehension Academy was more cutting-edge and targeted the reform of the celestial palace. They tried to change the structure of the celestial palace, and the divine arts practitioners and gods of the Dao Comprehension Academy tried to use the various doors of the celestial heavens to change the realm of the celestial palace.

They planned to change the Southern Heavenly Gate to four small realms.

In the traditional realm, the primordial spirit of a divine arts practitioner would ascend to the Southern Heavenly Gate and pass through it to become a true god.

On the other hand, the guy from the Dao Academy planned to change the four realms of Southern Heavenly Gate, Northern Heavenly Gate, East Heavenly Gate, and West Heavenly Gate to allow his primordial spirit to go through them!

Qin Mu couldn't help but laugh. As he laughed, his expression became solemn. He tugged at his beard and muttered to himself, "I have ideas, I have ideas… The Grand Emperor told me that there are actually four great heavenly gates in the ancestral court. They are also the Four Great Ancestral Court's sacred grounds, and they have extremely peculiar Great Daos. From the tone of the Grand Emperor, the Great Daos contained in the four great heavenly gates of the ancestral court are different. In other words, it's possible to divide the Southern Heavenly Gate Realm into four…"

He continued to look, and the divine arts practitioners and gods of Daoist Wen Academy even planned to cancel the Jade Capital Realm. They felt that the Jade Capital Realm was too general and didn't unleash the potential of this realm to the maximum.

They wanted to divide Jade Capital Realm into the Bright Virtuous Gate realm, the Forbidden City realm, and the Sky Bearing realm. The Bright Virtuous Gate was the city gate of Jade Capital Realm, and also representing as the Bright Virtuous Gate realm.

The Forbidden Gate was the gate to the imperial city of Jade Capital inner city, the Forbidden Gate realm. Stepping through this gate was entering the Forbidden City of Celestial Emperor.

The Gate of Heaven Influence was the gate in front of the Numinous Sky Hall. The Gate of Heaven Influence connected heaven and earth, and upon stepping through it, one could look up at the Numinous Sky Hall.

"The guy from Dao Academy is remarkable!"

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently, and he muttered to himself for a moment before getting up to meet Yu Chenzi. He asked, "Senior brother, who created these four great Heaven Gate Realms, as well as the Bright Virtuous Gate realm, the Forbidden City realm, and the Sky Bearing realm?"

Yu Chen'zi asked, "Does Celestial Venerable know a girl called Hua Xuanxiu?"

"Hua Xuanxiu?"

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he instantly remembered the little girl he had saved when he was killing the ancient gods of the nine prefectures in the west. It was the name Hua Xuanxiu.

The little girl had been crushed to death by the pillar ancient god, and her soul had dispersed. It was Qin Mu who had used the resurrection technique to save her.

However, it was too dangerous to follow Qin Mu, so Qin Mu had Big Senior Brother Wei Suifeng's disciple, Yu Chudu, bring her to Eternal Peace. Yu Chudu's master was Wei Suifeng, and he was also very powerful.

"Who is Hua Xuanxiu cultivating with?" Qin Mu asked.

"She's Yu Chudu's disciple and followed Old Master Wei to the Jade Capital of the celestial heavens."

The Old Man Wei that Yu Chenzi was talking about was Wei Suifeng. Because he was the founder of Heavenly Saint Cult, he was honored as Old Man Wei. "Old Man Wei said that he was bringing Yu Chudu and Hua Xuanxiu to see the world. First, this old man and young man went to search for many Emperor's Throne techniques, then they barged into the Jade Capital City of the celestial heavens and came all the way to the Gate of Heaven Influence. When they reached the Numinous Sky Hall, they were discovered and almost didn't make it back alive. After they returned, Hua Xuanxiu said that the Jade Capital City was too big, and it would be difficult to unleash the marvel of the Jade Capital Realm alone. Thus, she envisioned the three realms of the Bright Virtuous Gate realm, the Forbidden City realm, and the Sky Bearing realm. Old Man Wei was full of praise for them."

Qin Mu smiled. "These three realms are indeed marvelous and brilliant."

Yu Chenzi didn't mind and said with a smile, "It's just a child's imagination. Even though it makes some sense, Old Man Wei and the rest have been researching for a long time over the past two years, but they still haven't come up with anything. In the various realms of the celestial palace, every time one breaks through, their cultivation and abilities will increase tremendously. The realms that Hua Xuanxiu has envisioned don't have any improvement in their abilities."

He explained, "The gods of Dao Comprehension Academy have tried, and their primordial spirits passed through Bright Virtuous Gate, Forbidden City realm, and Gate of Heaven Influence in Jade Capital. However, their cultivation didn't increase, and they could only faintly hear some faint sounds."

Qin Mu muttered to himself irresolutely for a moment and said, "In that case, what about the East Heavenly Gate and West Heavenly Gate of the Northern Heavenly Gate? If the primordial spirit passes through these gates, will there be an increase in cultivation and abilities?"

Yu Chen'zi clapped his hands and said, "The marvel is here! The gods of Dao Comprehension Academy have tested it out. When the primordial spirit passes through these three gates, there will indeed be an improvement in cultivation, and their comprehension of the Dao will also become even deeper! Some gods originally couldn't enter the Dao, but after crossing the four heavenly gates, they actually comprehended the Dao and entered the Dao!"

Qin Mu smiled and instantly understood the reason. He said with a smile, "The ancient Celestial Emperor and the other ancient gods probably built the celestial heavens. They have only seen the four great heavenly gates of the ancestral court and the Jade Pool's God Execution Stage, but they have never seen the real Jade Capital City."

Yu Chen'zi didn't understand what he meant.

Qin Mu didn't explain further. "What realm is Hua Xuanxiu at now?"

"I just planted the Connate Builder Tree, so it should be Seven Stars Realm now, right?" Yu Chen'zi also didn't dare to confirm.

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open. After a moment, he let out a shaky breath and sighed. "Seven Stars Realm, big senior brother dares to bring her to the celestial heavens to fool around? If big senior brother will die, he will also die of pleasure… May I trouble senior brother to invite Hua Xuanxiu over."

After a moment, Yu Chenzi brought Hua Xuanxiu over.

Hua Xuanxiu wore a beast skin shirt, shorts, and a short coat. She carried an unbelievably huge beast bone, which was the thigh bone of the second pillar ancient god.

This girl was like a wild child that was raised in the forest, her left nostril still had blisters.

"Uncle Bonehead with three eyes!" Hua Xuanxiu was overjoyed.

Qin Mu's expression sank slightly, and he said angrily, "Call me granduncle! I'm your granduncle's junior brother!"

Hua Xuanxiu stuck out her tongue. This girl was over ten years old and different from the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace. Her body was filled with a wildness that was hard to tame.

Back then, when her soul had dispersed, Qin Mu didn't borrow Heaven Duke's power. Instead, he used his own power and Earth Count's power to gather her soul and reconstruct her soul, reviving her.

It was also because of this that her soul was much stronger than ordinary divine arts practitioners.

When Qin Mu had asked Yu Chudu to bring her away, this girl was still a timid girl. Now, she had developed a wild nature, which made Qin Mu rather bewildered.

However, he didn't know that Yu Chudu's journey to Eternal Peace with Hua Xuanxiu wasn't smooth sailing. On the contrary, it was filled with pursuit and counter-attack. The pursuers in Western Heaven were extremely strong, and Yu Chudu led a bloody journey, living like a savage. Only then did he bring Hua Xuanxiu to Eternal Peace alive.

After experiencing so much, Hua Xuanxiu had also become a little savage. When the two of them came to Eternal Peace, their bodies were covered in blood and dirt. They were also wearing beast skins, which made them look very miserable.

"Your Bright Virtuous Gate realm, Forbidden City realm, and Sky Bearing realm are very interesting."

Qin Mu said with a pleasant expression, "After establishing these three realms, you are the Celestial Venerable of today's era!"

"Uncle… Uncle-Master!"

Hua Xuanxiu hurriedly corrected herself and said with a smile, "These three realms are fake. Master and grandmaster have tested it, and the others in Dao Comprehension Academy have also tested it. They aren't realms. I was just saying it casually, so I can't take it seriously."

Qin Mu was stunned, and his heart was suddenly touched. Tears poured down like rain, giving Yu Chenzi and Hua Xuanxiu a fright. Hua Xuanxiu immediately went forward and placed the huge bone aside. She squatted down and consoled him softly, "Senior granduncle, don't cry. You're already an adult, yet you're still crying. Aren't you ashamed?"

Qin Mu cried loudly. "What I'm crying about is that even with an existence like Big Senior Brother, a sacred ground like the Dao Academy, and an open-minded place like Eternal Peace, they would still lead people astray and almost hold up a Celestial Venerable! What I'm sad about is this education, and what I'm sad about is how many outstanding talents have been rejected by a single sentence in the million years of history, missing out on achievements that could change the world!"

Hua Xuanxiu and Yu Chenzi were confused.

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