Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1350 - Crying For The Dao

Qin Mu cried until he was dizzy.

Yu Chenzi couldn't help but become anxious. He hurriedly slipped away to invite Wei Suifeng, Yu Chudu, and the rest over. He thought to himself, 'When has Celestial Venerable Mu ever cried? In any case, I've never heard of it! Celestial Venerable's tears are no small matter, I can't persuade you…'

He found Wei Suifeng, Yu Chudu, and the rest. Speaking of this, Wei Suifeng said in astonishment, "My junior brother is crying? Strange, he's not afraid of heaven or earth. What could make him cry? I'll go take a look."

Yu Chudu also got up in a hurry. Yun Jianli's gaze flickered as he said, "Celestial Venerable Mu once cried. I heard that during the Eternal Peace Calamity, Celestial Venerable Mu fought against the celestial heavens and refused to respond. Heaven Duke didn't help him, Earth Count didn't help him. He was surrounded by enemies, and he felt that he couldn't fight against the celestial heavens and save Eternal Peace from fire and water, so he dug his eyes out and cried."

Wei Suifeng's heart ached for his junior brother, and he stood up. "Let's go take a look."

When they arrived, they saw Hua Xuanxiu patting Qin Mu's back and consoling him in a soft voice. Yu Chudu's heart warmed up. Back when he was exhausted from escaping, this was how Hua Xuanxiu comforted him.

Although he felt that Hua Xuanxiu was comforting an injured dog,

Wei Suifeng laughed loudly. "Hero, Celestial Venerable Mu, you are a nine-foot tall man, why are you crying like a child?"

Qin Mu stopped his sorrow and raised his head to sneer. "I'm crying that you guys are mediocre and useless, burning the tree of great materials like firewood. I'm crying that there are so many outstanding talents in the world that are mediocre and useless!"

Wei Suifeng was angered by his words, and he sneered. "Stop talking about other things! You just feel that Yun Jianli and I didn't stay in the peach forest to help you. You feel that we owe you, so you pretended to be wronged so that you could extort us. There's a battle between Celestial Venerables in the peach forest, so it's useless even if we stay!"

Qin Mu shook his head and stood up. His gaze landed on Hua Xuanxiu. "I'm not talking about that matter. I'm talking about her. If Xuanxiu really listens to you guys and doesn't delve into the realms Bright Virtuous Gate realm, Forbidden City realm, and Sky Bearing realm, Eternal Peace will definitely have one less great Celestial Venerable that opened up the Dao."

He sighed and said, "She was almost ruined by your words. I thought that if I didn't ask, she would definitely be mediocre. At most, she could only be with you guys and compete with you guys for supremacy, and my heart was filled with sorrow. I also thought about how there were countless geniuses like her in history, and how they were often ruined by an unintentional sentence, and I couldn't help but cry. You are wrong, stop doing it, this sentence is the most hurtful."

He subconsciously thought of Tai Yi.

Tai Yi said that back then, Qin Mu had given up on his own path, and when he walked onto the celestial palace system, he became a tear at the corner of Qin Mu's eye.

Now, he understood Tai Yi's feelings back then.

Wei Suifeng, Yun Jianli, and the rest were slightly stunned as they looked at Hua Xuanxiu.

Yun Jianli probed, "Celestial Venerable means to say that these three realms exist?"

Qin Mu nodded.

Wei Suifeng shook his head and said, "We've already tested it out, and these three realms don't exist. On the other hand, the realms of East Heavenly Gate, West Heavenly Gate, and North Heavenly Gate do exist. However, these four great Heavenly Gates each have their own strengths, and the marvels inside still need to be studied continuously."

"Bright Virtuous Gate, Forbidden City, and Sky Bearing, these three realms exist."

Qin Mu said, "The cultivation system of the celestial palaces and celestial heavens was created by Celestial Venerable Yu. However, Celestial Venerable Yu only opened the beginning and had an outline. After the Dragon Han Era, it was gradually perfected, and the celestial palaces were gradually repaired. Only today did it slowly complete the celestial heavens. However, there is still no one who has truly cultivated the celestial heavens."

Wei Suifeng and Yun Jianli nodded in agreement. Wei Suifeng asked, "In that case, how did you determine that these three realms exist?"

"Because of the cultivation system of the Dao Realm."

Everyone was stunned, and Yu Chudu felt slightly dizzy. He felt that he couldn't keep up with Qin Mu's thoughts.

"The system of the celestial palace focuses on cultivation, magic power, and power. It doesn't have any comprehension of the Dao. Have you all noticed this?"

Qin Mu said calmly, "The system of the Dao Realm focuses on comprehension of the Dao, and each realm is one heaven. In that case, does the celestial palace really not have any comprehension of the Dao? I feel that the four great heavenly gates are the gate to entering the Dao, and one can enter the Dao after entering the four great heavenly gates. This is the true essence of the celestial palace system. Because Celestial Venerable Yu is dead, no one has discovered this true essence, which is why he has walked the path of cultivation that focuses purely on power."

Wei Suifeng frowned and pondered over it. "When I tested my primordial spirit to pass through the other three heavenly gates, I did feel something strange. It felt like I was comprehending Dao… However, I didn't feel anything from Bright Virtuous Gate, Forbidden City, and Sky Bearing."

"This is because the three doors of the Dragon Han Celestial Heavens are all fake. They look fake, but they don't look real."

Qin Mu pulled himself together and said, "Not only are these three doors fake, even the Southern Heavenly Gate and the other four great heavenly gates don't contain the true Great Dao rules of the four great heavenly gates. The real heavenly gates are in the ancestral court, and the real Jade Pool, God Execution Stage, and Jade Capital City are also in the ancestral court!"

Yun Guanshu and Wei Suifeng were deep in thought.

'If there's one person who can perfectly merge the Dao Realm and the celestial palace system, if that person isn't a Celestial Venerable, who is?'

Qin Mu flicked his sleeves and said coldly, "The so-called ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens, other than Celestial Venerable Hao and Celestial Venerable Huo, only possess great power. They have no achievements in perfecting the cultivation system!"

"The Celestial Venerable I'm talking about is an existence like the Dragon Han Seven Celestial Venerables, an existence like Founding Emperor who had opened the Dao Realm, an existence like Xu Shenghua who had created the Celestial River Divine Treasure, an existence that had opened the Ancestral Court Realm, an existence like me!"

"There's one such existence in the Dao Comprehension Academy!"

His gaze landed on Hua Xuanxiu.

Everyone’s gazes landed on Hua Xuanxiu, and she jumped in shock. She took a step back and almost tripped over her thigh bone.

"Heaven took pity on her, her thoughts weren't completely restrained by your rigid thoughts."

Qin Mu said calmly, "If I had come a few years later, she would have faded into the masses and become like you guys."

Wei Suifeng, Yun Jianli, and Yu Chenzi were all unhappy, but they had to admit that they had almost killed Hua Xuanxiu's creativity.

On the other hand, Yu Chudu was very happy. He was Hua Xuanxiu's teacher and usually taught this little girl. He was very concerned about her growth.

"Other than Hua Xuanxiu, there's also half a Celestial Venerable in the Dao Comprehension Courtyard. Who is the god that opened up the other three heavenly gates?"

Qin Mu's curiosity was aroused, and he said, "This person has founded half a realm, so he can be considered half a Celestial Venerable."

"They created it when Prince You Ming and Wen Yuan learned the paths, skills, and divine arts from Granny Si."

Yu Chenzi said, "Granny Si's comprehension of the system of the Dao Realm is very deep. Wen Yuan and Prince You Ming learned the Dao Realm of divine arts from her and comprehended North Deity's system of paths, skills, and divine arts. Wen Yuan could never unleash North Deity's paths, skills, and divine arts to the fullest. Prince You Ming taught him, but the weird thing was that Prince You Ming couldn't unleash North Deity's divine arts to the fullest. Granny Si originally thought that it was because of the bloodline, so she even drew Prince You Ming's blood to research it. In the end, she came to a conclusion that the root wasn't in the bloodline or the technique. The three of them pondered for a long time and felt that the system of the celestial palace was lacking something."

Qin Mu listened and asked, "Wen Yuan? Which Wen Yuan?"

Yu Chen'zi was astonished. "It's the young cult master of your Heavenly Saint Cult. You are the old cult master, yet you don't know?"

"I've become the old cult master?"

Qin Mu was dumbstruck, and he turned his head to look at Wei Suifeng with difficulty. "Big Senior Brother, when was I usurped? Why don't I know about this?"

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