Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1351 - Old Cult Master And Young Cult Master

Wei Suifeng coughed continuously. He was the Founding Master of Heavenly Saint Cult, and the entire Heavenly Saint Cult didn't inform Qin Mu about the new cult master.

Qin Mu stared at him, and Wei Suifeng coughed for a long time. He almost coughed out blood, but he still couldn't get away with it. He could only say, "You weren't usurped. Aren't you still alive and well?"

Qin Mu stared at him with a black face. "I've just turned seventeen, and I've already become the old cult master? When did you guys ursurp me? At least tell me!"

Yu Chen'zi shut his mouth at the right time and stopped talking. He thought to himself, 'Heavenly Saint Cult has always had the style of a devil. They didn't even inform the old cult master about the matter of establishing a cult master. If it was any other sect, they would have split up long ago! This is their internal affairs, it's not convenient for me to say anything.'

Wei Suifeng was helpless and said, "The matter of establishing a young cult master was discussed by the hall masters, elders, heavenly kings, guardians, and saintesses of Heavenly Saint Cult. It was also approved by the previous cult masters. As the previous saintess, Si Youyou also nodded her head! Of course, when they came to consult me, I also nodded my head…"

Qin Mu said angrily, "But I'm still alive. Young Cult Master Li, shouldn't you inform me first?"

"Who knows if you're dead or alive? Who knows where you are?"

Wei Suifeng was also angered, and he said angrily, "After you became the sacred cult master, you ran around everywhere. You're either seeking death or on the road to death! When did you return to Heavenly Saint Cult? When you vanished, everyone was guessing that you had a 50% chance of being alive and a 50% chance of being dead. Only when you appeared and they observed you could they determine if you were dead or alive! They can't wait for you to die before making a young cult master, right?"

Qin Mu muttered, "Just stand, why are you so angry? However, at least inform me…"

Wei Suifeng snorted and said, "Every time you return to Eternal Peace, have you been to Heavenly Saint Cult? The hall masters originally didn't plan to appoint a young cult master, but every time you came to Eternal Peace, you would leave in a hurry, never settling the matters in the cult. After I returned, they came to find me and asked me to temporarily replace the cult master. Naturally, I refused, so everyone chose a young cult master to temporarily replace the cult master. You are also familiar with this young cult master."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly.

Wei Suifeng ordered people to invite Granny Si and Wen Yuan over. After a moment, Granny Si brought a handsome youth with red lips, white teeth, and white teeth over. Qin Mu hurriedly went forward to greet him, "Patriarch, long time no see."

The youth Wen Yuan smiled and said, "Cult Master, don't be like this. I'm the young cult master now, you're the cult master. In name, I'm still your disciple!"

Qin Mu was dumbstruck.

This youth was the young patriarch of Heavenly Saint Cult. He had reincarnated and transformed into a youth, becoming his nominal disciple!

Granny Si blinked her eyes and said with a smile, "Wen Yuan isn't bad now, he's also very outstanding in Dao Comprehension Courtyard. Of course, I'm Mu'er's teacher and also his Patriarch."

She was rather pleased.

Back then, Wen Yuan was her patriarch, and he always had the appearance of a youth, so he was called the young patriarch. Now that the tables had turned, she became the patriarch of Ancestral Master Wen Yuan!

Everyone reminisced about the past, and Granny Si said earnestly, "Wen Yuan, try to get rid of the old cult master as soon as possible. You will be the new cult master!"

Qin Mu chuckled. "I'm afraid there's no hope in this lifetime…"

Granny Si stared at him fiercely, and Qin Mu immediately shut his mouth.

Yu Chen'zi coughed and said, "Everyone, let us continue."

He paused for a moment and continued, "Granny Si, Wen Yuan, and Prince You Ming studied it for a long time and felt that the problem lies in the process of entering the Southern Heavenly Gate from the celestial palace. Thus, they started to experiment and tried to pass through the Northern Heavenly Gate with their primordial spirits. After their primordial spirits passed through the Northern Heavenly Gate, they comprehended a lot and executed the North Deity divine art to finally enter the Dao Realm successfully. Granny Si, Wen Yuan, is this the case?"

Granny Si and Wen Yuan nodded.

"We told this to the other people in Dao Comprehension Courtyard, so many of them started to experiment and slowly developed the functions of the four great heavenly gates," Granny Si said.

Yu Chen'zi said, "Now, the system of the four great heavenly gates has been developed by the gods of the Dao Academy. It's just that there's something strange about it. Many people can comprehend the Dao when they pass through the four heavenly gates, but they can't enter the path. The chances of entering the path are very low. It's already remarkable if there's one or two gods among a hundred gods. In the end, it still depends on talent."

Qin Mu muttered to himself as he walked back and forth. The Four Heavenly Gates Realm wasn't opened up by Granny Si and Prince You Ming. Instead, it was created by gathering all the geniuses of Dao Academy.

Granny Si, the young man Wen Yuan, and Prince You Ming were the pioneers. They were making up for Southern Heavenly Gate's shortcomings with the original Southern Heavenly Gate.

They couldn't be considered half a Celestial Venerable, but to be able to create such a feat was already extraordinary!

The people of Wen Dao Academy had a bright future. Granny Si and Prince You Ming were considered geniuses that had integrated the Dao Realm and the celestial palace system. They were destined to occupy a huge chunk of the future cultivation system.

Their contribution to the future cultivation system wasn't inferior to Dao Ancestor and Brahma.

"What Dao Comprehension Academy lacks is knowledge."

Qin Mu stopped and suddenly raised his head. "Hua Xuanxiu, Granny Si, Wen Yuan, Prince You Ming, and everyone else who has contributed to the Four Heavenly Gates, follow me to the ancestral court!"

Wei Suifeng's eyes were bright, and he couldn't suppress the excitement in his heart.

Qin Mu took a glance at him and sneered. "Does big senior brother have any contributions to Four Heavenly Gates?"


Wei Suifeng chuckled. "I founded Heavenly Saint Cult, and Si Youyou is the previous saintess of my Heavenly Saint Cult. Wen Yuan is the patriarch that imparted his techniques, and Hua Xuanxiu is the disciple of my disciple, even though my disciple is a little stupid. If I hadn't founded Heavenly Saint Cult, not to mention Heavenly Saint Saint Saintess, even Heavenly Saint Cult Master wouldn't have existed!"

Qin Mu's aura instantly lowered by half a head, and he muttered, "If you want to go, then go. Why are you bringing up these trivial matters? Our Heavenly Saint Cult has always respected the old and loved the young. At most, the new cult master will get rid of the previous cult master…"

Everyone was ready to set off. Now that the situation in the Primordial Realm was stable, there was no need for them, the experts of Dao Academy, to stay here forever. Following Qin Mu to the ancestral court to see the world was something worth being excited about.

However, Qin Mu didn't bring them out immediately. Instead, he waited for a few more days until Village Chief returned from Celestial Venerable You's place and brought Apothecary back.

'Celestial Venerable You checked almost all of Eternal Peace's population, which is why it took so long.'

Village Chief threw a small booklet to Qin Mu and said, "This is the result of Celestial Venerable You's investigation. It states that from the Eternal Peace Calamity until now, all the divine arts practitioners and gods of Eternal Peace that could be the reincarnations of the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens have been found! Apothecary, have some tea."

The two of them sat down and slowly boiled water to brew tea, looking at Qin Mu from time to time.

Qin Mu composed himself and flipped open Celestial Venerable You's booklet. His expression gradually turned grim.

On the small booklet was Celestial Venerable You's handwriting. On the first few pages were the names of the ten Celestial Venerables of the celestial heavens. Hao, Xiao, Hong, Zu, Lang, Huo, Gong, Yan, Qiang, and Xu. Behind each of their names were two or three reincarnations that were suspected to be the ten Celestial Venerables!

Every Celestial Venerable had their own reincarnations, including Celestial Venerable Hong and Celestial Venerable Huo, who resisted the most intense reform!

Even Celestial Venerable Xiao, who had two reincarnations killed by Qin Mu, now had a new one. It was also in Eternal Peace, and it was only a baby that had just been born two to three months ago!

Of course, Celestial Venerable You wrote in the small booklet that it was only a suspicion and couldn't be confirmed. This was because the magic power of these Celestial Venerables was extremely strong, and almost all of them were proficient in the Great Dao of Youdu. This made Celestial Venerable You unable to be certain. Furthermore, there were even people who deliberately misled others in an attempt to deceive Celestial Venerable You.

"These old scoundrels…"

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and saw that there were still over a dozen pages on the small booklet. He was stunned and continued to flip through it.

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