Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1353 - Am I Beautiful?

Yun Chuxiu left in a hurry.

Qin Mu saw her off, and only then did he let out a sigh of relief. He returned to the ship.

Wei Suifeng asked softly, "That's Mistress Yuanmu? Why does she look like her tail was stepped on?"

Qin Mu explained the whole story and said, "If Celestial Empress gets her corporeal body, she will be in danger. They are ancient gods born from twin lotuses."

Wei Suifeng thought of the twin lotuses in the abyss of the Ruins of End and suddenly asked, "Can Celestial Empress and Mistress Yuanmu merge to become an ancient god?"

Qin Mu was stunned. Even though Wei Suifeng's idea was strange, it wasn't impossible.

If Celestial Empress or Mistress Yuanmu obtained their corporeal bodies and fused the path of the Ruins of End into one, wouldn't that mean that the power of the two ancient gods had completely fused together, making them an existence that was no inferior to Heaven Duke and Earth Count?

He might even be stronger!

Qin Mu suddenly thought of the crucial point. It was Heavenly Lady Yan, who Celestial Empress had reincarnated, and Shi Qiluo, who Mistress Yuanmu had reincarnated. These two were existences on the level of the ten Celestial Venerables. Even if their celestial palaces weren't as numerous as Celestial Venerable Hao and Celestial Venerable Xiao's, they probably weren't far off!

If they annexed the other party, they could immediately form a complete Celestial Heavens Realm and become invincible existences!

'However, when Mistress Yuanmu killed Celestial Empress, why didn't she just devour her and become an existence like Heaven Duke and Earth Count?'

Qin Mu was puzzled. "This is a rare chance, so why would she ask senior brother to put Celestial Empress' corpse on the ghost ship?"

Wei Suifeng shook his head. "She didn't have a chance. Celestial Empress died in front of me, and I led the most powerful Feathered Forest Guards. I wouldn't give her a chance to swallow and refine Celestial Empress' corpse. More importantly, she didn't obtain Celestial Empress' primordial spirit. Even though Celestial Empress died, her primordial spirit had escaped, so even if Yuanmu got Celestial Empress' corpse to swallow her, it couldn't merge into one."

Qin Mu thought about it and nodded.

The paths, skills, and divine arts of the Dragon Han Era weren't as flourishing as they were now. Even an existence like Mistress Yuanmu would be defeated by Wei Suifeng and the Feathered Forest Guards.

'The two sisters have been fighting for their entire lives, and I'm afraid they will continue to fight. I wonder which of them will have the last laugh and become the strongest existence in one go?' he thought to himself.

The ship sailed into the Spirit Energy Mutual Shift Bridge and headed towards the ancestral court.

Yun Chuxiu, on the other hand, was quick-witted. She skipped to the Dao Comprehension Academy and found Yun Jianli.

When Yun Jianli saw her, he couldn't help but have a headache. Thinking that his foster sister was Mistress Yuanmu, he couldn't help but have second thoughts.

Yun Chuxiu refused to let go of him and pleaded, "Brother, there's a little slut trying to steal your foster sister's treasure. You have to help her!"

Yun Jianli felt a chill down his spine, and he hurriedly said, "Grandaunt, let go of me! If you have anything to say, just say it. Which little slut is it? I'll tear her apart!"

Yun Chuxiu gritted her teeth. "Heavenly Lady Yan, that little slut!"

Yun Jianli shuddered and pleaded, "How would I dare to provoke Celestial Venerable? Please spare my life, great aunt!"

"In that case, you dare to provoke me?"

Yun Chuxiu's expression sank, and she smiled again. "Don't worry. The little slut sent her kitten to find trouble with me. That kitten is only at the Numinous Sky Realm, so it won't be hard to deal with him. Besides, I have my sisters. Di De and Emperor Yanxiu are my sworn sisters. I'll go find them, and you can come with me."

Even though Yun Jianli had always been extremely daring, he couldn't help but turn ashen as he was dragged by her to find Gongsun.

When Gongsun Yan heard their intentions, he said, "I want to guard the Earth Mother Celestial Palace, so I can't accompany big sister. However, I have a great expert of the Numinous Sky Realm here called Feng Qiuyun. She will go with you guys, so she should be able to deal with that corpse demon."

Yun Chuxiu planned to look for Ling Yuxiu again, but she smiled and said, "The experts of Eternal Peace have all been brought to the ancestral court by Celestial Venerable Mu. Even if you see Fourth Sister, she won't be able to get help from the experts."

Gongsun Yan could only give up. When Feng Qiuyun hurried over, everyone immediately moved.

More than ten days later, they came to a battlefield, the place where the two great heavens were fighting. The battle had yet to begin, and both sides were lined up in an orderly manner.

The three of them were about to fly over when they suddenly froze. They saw that all the gods, devils, and divine arts practitioners on the battlefield were corpses without heads!

"Which monster is causing trouble?" Yun Jianli cried out.

Yun Chuxiu sighed. "It's the corpse demon in my corporeal body that's causing trouble. Little demoness must have comprehended a portion of the Great Dao law in my corporeal body, which is why she could take the lives of so many people silently."

Her long sleeves fluttered in the wind as she bit her nails, showing off her young girl demeanor.

Yun Jianli and Feng Qiuyun shuddered.

Feng Qiuyun was experienced and knowledgeable. She thought of the crucial point and said solemnly, "In that case, Celestial Venerable, as the master of the Ruins of End, is your corporeal body responsible for destruction or creation?"

Yun Jianli came to his senses and looked at Yun Chuxiu. Yun Chuxiu giggled. "Of course it's creation!"

"Celestial Emperor's Grand Primordium will only marry a goddess that controls creation. He won't marry a goddess that controls destruction."

Yun Jianli said, "Celestial Empress is the one who created the ancient gods, and you are the one who destroyed them!"

Yun Chuxiu giggled again, and Yun Jianli frowned. He looked around vigilantly and thought to himself, 'The desire to destroy a corpse demon born from the body of an ancient god must be extremely strong!'

They passed through the battlefield, and there were headless bodies on both sides that made one's hair stand on end.

Suddenly, Yun Jianli saw a white cat passing through the group of corpses, and his heart stirred slightly. He threw a glance at Feng Qiuyun and Yun Chuxiu.

The three of them quietly followed, and the white cat leaped as though it was flying. They followed the white cat to the interior of the Primordial Realm, and they saw more gods around them. These gods were all looking for something, and there were even divine dogs appearing!

There were even three-legged golden crows flying through the sky!

Heavenly Lady Yan wasn't the only one who had her eyes on Yuanmu's corporeal body.

"Am I beautiful?"

Suddenly, a voice rang out, and Yun Chuxiu hurriedly chased after it. However, she was a step too late. She saw that the few gods that had been tracking her had already lost their heads!

"Am I beautiful?"

Another voice rang out, and before they could rush over, they heard a miserable scream. Following that, more questioning voices rang out, and more screams came from the surroundings.

Cold sweat broke out on Feng Qiuyun's forehead, and Yun Jianli felt as if he was facing a great enemy. Suddenly, a cat's cry rang out, and a white cat leaped over their heads to escape in a panic!

"Heavenly Lady Yan's cat isn't a match for the corpse demon!" Yun Chuxiu's expression changed.

The surroundings were silent, and there was no sound. The three of them tried their best to stabilize their breathing and not move.

After a long time, a voice suddenly came from the side of Yun Jianli's neck. The woman's breath landed on his neck and blew on his hair. "Am I beautiful?"

"Let me take a look first to see if you're beautiful or not."

Yun Jianli suddenly turned his head, his face almost touching the Yuanmu Corpse Demon's.

The Yuanmu Corpse Demon was very beautiful. It smiled sweetly and opened its mouth like a huge abyss!

Right at this moment, a palm suddenly stretched over, and the yellow talisman stuck to the face of the corpse demon.

The corpse demon was stuck with the yellow talisman and instantly became motionless.

"Celestial Venerable You!"

The three of them hurriedly looked over, but it wasn't Celestial Venerable You. It was Crown Prince Ming Ya. Crown Prince Ming Ya glanced at them and said, "I'm under Celestial Venerable You's orders to suppress the corpse demon. Celestial Venerable You wants to use this corpse demon to intimidate the Primordial Realm, so I'll take it!"

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