Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1356 - Black Mountain Pilgrimage

Heaven Duke, Earth Count, and Qin Mu looked around. What they saw and heard were all different.

What Heaven Duke saw was an even deeper level of the Heavenly Dao, a realm that he hadn't comprehended yet. What he heard was the voice of the Heavenly Dao, which was even deeper than what he, Heaven Duke, had comprehended.

What Earth Count saw was the Great Dao of Youdu, and it was as astonishing as what Heaven Duke had seen. The voice he heard was also so moving that people couldn't help but feel like singing when they smelled it.

What Qin Mu saw and heard was different from what they heard. What he saw and heard was a patch of chaos that was blurry and unclear. However, he also felt that it was mysterious and hard to understand.

The three of them had their own feelings. Heaven Duke and Earth Count were rarely excited, but at this moment, they were abnormally excited. Their Dao hearts that had never moved for eternity couldn't be suppressed.

Qin Mu was used to being Tai Yi, so he wasn't excited.

He walked up and finally came to the door of this hall.

They looked into the hall and saw multicolored light swirling around like the tentacles of a jellyfish. The clouds slowly stretched out, giving off an indescribable sacred feeling.

The great hall no longer looked like a great hall. Instead, it looked like the origin of all the Great Dao. Even Qin Mu felt like it was his first time here.

This great hall was built by him, and it was his palace. Even though Qin Mu had only been here a few times, he knew that this great hall wasn't what it looked like now.

'The mountain is not high, the water is not deep. With Tai Yi in my palace, I have become extraordinary,' he thought to himself.

Heaven Duke and Earth Count were even more astonished. Qin Mu's cultivation realm was still low, so what he saw wasn't as deep as what they saw. What they saw was even more astonishing!

In Qin Mu's eyes, Old Man Tai Yi, who was surrounded by thousands of Daos, was like a dead tree. There was some life force in him, but in the eyes of Heaven Duke and Earth Count, it was no small matter.

They seemed to see the origin of the universe, the rise of the Great Dao, an existence that sat at the peak of the Great Dao, forever imprinted in the past, present, and future of this universe!

Heaven Duke and Earth Count went forward and bowed to pay their respects. "Dao brother."

"Fellow Daoists, there's no need for formalities."

The elder Tai Yi nodded slightly and said, "I already know the purpose of your visit."

Heaven Duke and Earth Count's calm thoughts couldn't help but ripple. Earth Count said, "Back then, the Great Dao told us that the one who wanted to get rid of the masters of creation from the ancestral court was Dao Brother?"

Tai Yi nodded.

Heaven Duke and Earth Count looked at each other, and Heaven Duke said, "Heaven is benevolent, so why does Dao Brother want to get rid of the masters of creation?"

"I'm not trying to get rid of the masters of creation. I'm asking you to get rid of them."

Tai Yi said, "My wish is good, but in the process of eliminating the masters of creation, you guys gave birth to your own ambitions and desires. In the end, you want to eradicate the masters of creation. This is not what I want to see."

Heaven Duke and Earth Count fell silent.

Worldly Desires.

In the process of eliminating the masters of creation, they had all kinds of selfishness. Some became ambition, some became desire for power, and some evolved into desire for external objects.

Thus, the ancient gods began to enslave the half-gods and the Postcelestial races. Thus, the ancient gods started to feed the half-gods and the Postcelestial lifeforms, enjoying their sacrifices.

Thus, the ancient gods ruled the heavens and the myriad worlds, high above, and lost their original hearts.

Some of the ancient gods were originally created by the masters of creation to serve the masters of creation. Some were born from heaven and earth and raised tens of thousands of primordial behemoths to maintain order. Some were born from the Great Dao of heaven and earth, and they were in charge of the operation of life, death, illness, and death in the starry sky.

Some were born with the will of heaven and earth and descended from the eggs to protect the world.

However, in the process of eliminating the masters of creation, all initial wishes gradually changed as their power increased.

After they got rid of the masters of creation, they became another batch of masters of creation, even more brutal masters of creation.

Heaven Duke and Earth Count were silent for a moment, and Heaven Duke bowed. "Dao brother, will I succeed?"

Tai Yi asked, "What is your wish?"

Heaven Duke said, "To be free from the restraints of the Heavenly Dao."

Tai Yi nodded. "You will succeed."

Heaven Duke revealed a look of delight.

Earth Count also bowed. "Dao brother, will I succeed?"

Tai Yi asked, "What is your wish?"

Earth Count said, "To get rid of the restraints of the Great Dao of Youdu and become a living person."

Heaven Duke frowned and looked at him, slightly puzzled.

Tai Yi said, "You will succeed."

Earth Count revealed a look of delight.

Qin Mu was eager to try and raised his hand. "Dao Brother Tai Yi, will I succeed?"

Tai Yi did not answer.

Qin Mu said excitedly, "My wish is to push forward the path of the saint. The gods are to serve humans, thereby restricting the power of the gods! Let the gods harmonize, let the Postcelestial Deo develop, surpass that of the precelestials, and let the people become rich. Only then will they be of use, and only then will they be able to learn! Let the decadent alike the ten Celestial Venerables be eliminated, and let the fresh blood of the new generation emerge continuously! Will I succeed?"

Tai Yi still didn't answer.

Qin Mu frowned and wanted to ask more, but Tai Yi had already closed his eyes and fallen asleep.

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open, and Tai Yi's snores gradually rose. Qin Mu said loudly, "Dao brother, why aren't you saying anything? Dao brother, you live in my black mountain, and you don't have to tell me if you want to pay the rent. You won't answer even if I ask you…"

Heaven Duke and Earth Count bowed to Tai Yi and carried Qin Mu out. Heaven Duke grumbled, "Celestial Venerable Mu, how can you use such a tone to speak to Dao Brother Tai Yi? He is a person who has become a Dao, a person who has transcended. We can't neglect him!"

Earth Count also said, "He won't bicker with you, but you can't be impudent anymore. If this gets out, the world will scold you, and even I will have to write you down on the small booklet!"

Without any explanation, the two of them carried Qin Mu out of the sacred hall. Qin Mu's hands and feet were cold as he asked, "Dao Brother Tai Yi, can my wish succeed? Whether it succeeds or not, to you, it's just a matter of nodding and shaking your head. Why don't you say it?"

The hall suddenly lost all of its light. Tai Yi had already left.

Qin Mu was disappointed and frustrated.

Heaven Duke said with a smile, "Celestial Venerable Mu, Dao Brother Tai Yi is staying here with you. You will have plenty of chances to ask him in the future, so why are you in such a hurry? Dao Friend Earth Count, what's wrong with you? I can understand why you want to break free from the restraints of the Great Dao of Youdu. Why do you want to become a living person? Humans have seven emotions and six desires. There's sorrow, joy, separation, reunion, birth, old age, illness, and pain. Us ancient gods want to break free from the restraints of the Great Dao and seek transcendence, not to be bound by human emotions! Your Dao has gone astray!"

Earth Count put down Qin Mu, and a smile appeared on his ugly face. "Dao brother, when you are high above, when you look at the living beings in the world, you are looking down on them. In Youdu, when I look at the living beings, I look up to them. You look forward to transcending the Heavenly Dao, and I look forward to becoming one."

Heaven Duke frowned.

Earth Count said, "Celestial Venerable Mu gave us a chance to meet Tai Yi, so we asked him. Now that we have asked, it's time to give Celestial Venerable Mu what he deserves. Celestial Venerable Mu, the horn of origin, I have already prepared it for you."

Seeing that he couldn't persuade him, Heaven Duke could only put this matter aside for the time being. "Celestial Venerable Mu, if you want to refine the strongest divine eyes in the world, I will also prepare the Heavenly Dao Crystal for you. It can transform into the front room of your divine eyes! Are you ready?"

Qin Mu continued to stare straight at the huge hall. After a moment, he retracted his gaze and said in a daze, "I'm ready."

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