Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1357 - Number One Divine Eye

Heaven Duke and Earth Count looked at each other and frowned.

They were also intelligent and knew the reason why Qin Mu was in a daze. Tai Yi didn't answer Qin Mu's question. Although there were two explanations, one was success and the other was failure, from Tai Yi's performance, the possibility of failure was higher.

Because of Heaven Duke and Earth Count's questions, Tai Yi had answered them successfully.

If Qin Mu could succeed, then Tai Yi wouldn't have to choose not to answer his question.

They knew that Qin Mu had also guessed the reason why Tai Yi didn't answer, so they were extremely depressed.

They also didn't know how to console this Celestial Venerable Mu. After all, this was the goal that Qin Mu had fought for his entire life. From the moment this youth had come to Disabled Elderly Village, from the moment he and Blind had peed at the god statue, he had started to break the god in his heart.

From the moment he left Great Ruins and entered Eternal Peace, he understood the philosophy of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng, as well as the philosophy of Heavenly Saint Cult. He had chosen his lifelong goal.

His entire life's work was to achieve this goal.

If Tai Yi didn't answer him, it would be a huge blow to him, almost crushing his Dao heart!

If it wasn't Tai Yi and it was someone else, he wouldn't be in such a daze. It was precisely because this person was Tai Yi that he was in such a daze.

His Dao heart was damaged.

Qin Mu's eyeballs gently swayed, and he seemed to have regained some spirit. He revealed a smile and said, "Dao brothers, I'm fine. You can begin."

Heaven Duke and Earth Count looked at each other, and Earth Count took out the horn of origin that he had already refined. This horn of origin was also a part of Earth Count's horn, and it had been refined by Earth Count using the Great Dao of Youdu for a long time.

On the refined horn of origin, sixty-four lines of the Great Dao of Youdu appeared. These were the sixty-four Dao markings, and with the center of the void as the starting point, they radiated in all directions. They were like the tracks of a carriage, but also like the radiation markings in the eyes of a human.

The last time Qin Mu had obtained the Qin word land, it was also the horn of Earth Count. However, Earth Count didn't refine the Qin word land to be Qin Mu's eyes, but to seal his devil nature.

That horn was also an ordinary horn of Earth Count.

However, Earth Count had used his horn of origin to personally refine the iris for Qin Mu, so he was naturally more powerful!

Heaven Duke also took out the Heavenly Dao Crystal Physique from his divine eyes. This Heavenly Dao Crystal Physique wasn't made of jade. On the contrary, it was extremely soft and transparent, almost as transparent as the blue sky!

When both of them were ready, Qin Mu opened up the vertical eye in the heart of his brows and took out the eggshells of Tai Chu. His expression was slightly dazed as he said in a low voice, "Everything depends on the individual, isn't it? If I knew the outcome was already decided, what fun would there be in fighting… I'm the Overlord Body, I'll never admit defeat!"

Earth Count shouted, "Celestial Venerable Mu, this is a crucial moment, don't let your thoughts run wild. Be careful not to cripple your eyes!"

A smile appeared on Qin Mu's face as though he had suddenly put down a huge rock. He hesitated for a moment before putting down the egg of Tai Chu again.

The egg of Tai Chu was the birthplace of Celestial Emperor Tai Chu after all. If he met Celestial Venerable Xiao again, wouldn't he have to dig out his eyeballs to seal Celestial Venerable Xiao?

"If you want to fix it, then make it big!"

From his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure's ancestral court mine, he dug out two Tai Yi eggshells and took one of them. He circulated his magic power and stuffed it into his third eye!

Tai Yi didn't tell him the result he wanted to know. His action had some revenge in mind, even though the chaotic eggshell was useless to Tai Yi.

He placed the chaotic eggshell properly, and Earth Count was the second to make a move. He struck out the horn of origin and into Qin Mu's vertical eye!

With a gentle push, the radiation patterns spun like gears and slowly stopped.

Qin Mu took out the Taiji Origin Stone. It flew into his vertical eye and transformed into a pupil.

Heaven Duke followed closely behind and immediately filled the room in front of him with the Heavenly Dao crystals, imprinting them repeatedly with his own Heavenly Dao cultivation!

Earth Count said solemnly, "Celestial Venerable Mu, activate your pupils, let me assist you!"

Qin Mu did as he was told and executed the pupil of the vertical eye. The Tai Chu Origin Stone in the pupil immediately swirled, and the Yin and Yang qi swirled faster, transforming into the Dao of Tai Chu!

Earth Count executed the 64 Great Daos of Youdu at the same time and imprinted them repeatedly, raising the power of his vertical eye with Heaven Duke!

After an unknown period of time, the two gods dispersed their magic power and took a step back. The yin and yang qi that filled Qin Mu's eyes also gradually calmed down.

This eye was filled with the aura of the Heavenly Dao, the Great Dao of Youdu, and the Dao of Taiji. Just this eye alone gave people the feeling that its power wasn't inferior to the treasures of a Celestial Venerable!

Heaven Duke and Earth Count revealed delighted expressions.

Heaven Duke smiled. "Celestial Venerable Mu, how's the power of this divine eye? Can it match up to your original divine eye?"

Earth Count was also looking forward to it. "Why don't you activate it and let us see the power of Heaven Duke and Earth Count combined?"


Qin Mu swept away the dispirited air from before and immediately closed his eyes. He only executed the vertical eye at the heart of his brows and opened it. His magic power poured into the eye and activated the power of the chaotic eggshell first!

Heaven Duke and Earth Count waited for a moment, but there was no movement from the eye. They couldn't help feeling puzzled.

Heaven Duke coughed. "Celestial Venerable Mu, you can activate the power of this eye."

Qin Mu still didn't move.

Heaven Duke reminded him again, but he saw Qin Mu in a daze. He muttered, "I'm blind… This eye of mine can't see anything! All I can see is chaos!"

Heaven Duke and Earth Count were astonished, and they hurriedly examined each other. The iris and crystals they had refined for Qin Mu weren't wrong, and the Tai Chu Origin Stone wasn't wrong either. However, Qin Mu still couldn't see anything!

Not only that, but strands of primordial qi even seeped out from the depths of his eyes, gradually sinking the Great Dao of Youdu into the primal chaos. The Heavenly Dao also quickly sank into the primal chaos, becoming boundless and murky!

"Could it be the effect of that eggshell?"

The two gods had no idea, so Heaven Duke probed, "Celestial Venerable Mu, why don't you dig out this eye of yours and take out that piece of eggshell to exchange for another piece of Tai Chu eggshell?"

Qin Mu hesitated. At that moment, the little green sparrow that Yan'er had transformed into flapped its wings and flew over. It held a leaf in its mouth and flapped its wings to hover in front of Qin Mu.

A drop of water hung from the tip of the leaf, sparkling and translucent.

That drop of water fell off and slid into Qin Mu's eyes.

When this drop of water landed in his eyes, the primordial qi in Qin Mu's vertical eye gradually dispersed. The Great Dao of Heavenly Dao and Youdu returned to clarity, and the Great Dao of Taiji in the Grand Primordium Origin Stone could also be seen clearly.

Qin Mu shook his head, and with his third eye, he could see everything around him. Even the layers of void and everything under the black wood could be seen clearly!

He could even see the composition of the Great Dao of Heaven Duke and Earth Count!

The eye in the heart of his brows slowly closed, and he closed his third eye.

"Thank you, Dao Brother Tai Yi!"

Qin Mu bowed, and when he did so, he reached out to take the leaf from Yan'er's mouth.

The little green sparrow hurriedly flew away with the leaf in her mouth and said with a smile, "Tai Yi said I can't give this leaf to you. The leaf is the leaf of his Dao Tree, if I give it to you, something big will happen!"

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