Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1359 - Ancestral Court's Southern Heavenly Gate

When everyone on the sacrificial altar heard that, they released their consciousnesses, and the power of the summoning divine art burst forth. A dazzling light rushed into the sky and vanished from the ancestral court!

Everyone's consciousness was connected to Qin Mu's consciousness, and they followed that dazzling light to another world.

On the back of the ancestral court.

In that world, everything was incomparably huge. The mountains and rivers were beautiful, and it was even more full of life than the front of the ancestral court.

The front of the ancestral court was as desolate as a desert a few years ago. It was only when the ten Celestial Venerables opened up their own territories and the void beasts were controlled by the dragon qilin that plants were born.

After Mother Earth came to the ancestral court, her power caused the plants in the ancestral court to grow rapidly. Only then did the ancestral court gradually turn green.

However, it was still inferior to the back of the ancestral court.

The front of the ancestral court had been gnawed clean by the void beasts. Numerous rare and precious herbs and trees of the ancestral court had already been wiped out by the void beasts. Only the five great mines and the big black wood, which were dangerous places that the void beasts couldn't enter, still had some incomparably precious spirit herbs and woods.

However, the back of the ancestral court hadn't been robbed by the void beasts!

When everyone's consciousness followed Qin Mu through the majestic mountains and rivers on the back of the ancestral court, they saw countless spirit herbs bursting forth with astonishing spirit energy.

There was a huge flower that was as tall as a person and had existed for countless years. The greenhouse was very deep and a fountain of spirit energy was spewing out from the greenhouse. This was because the spirit medicine had accumulated too much energy and had no choice but to release the excess energy in its body!

The age of this spirit medicine must be terrifyingly old!

Next, they saw a spirit medicine that was like a vast ocean. Tens of thousands of spirit medicines spewed out a spirit energy fountain at the same time!

That scene was truly spectacular!

Everyone's consciousness was unstable, and they were deeply shaken by this scene. This scene was not only unprecedented in the heavens and the myriad worlds, but even in the ancestral court!

There were many types of spirit herbs on the back of the ancestral court, and they were so numerous that it was truly unprecedented!

"If Apothecary sees this, won't he go crazy?" Granny Si muttered.

At this moment, Qin Mu's consciousness brought their consciousnesses to move rapidly. It was incomparably fast. Qin Mu had taken out an item that Shu Jun had once worn and used it to search for Shu Jun's soul.

This was another method of using Soul Guide.

When he said that the marvel of the usage of divine arts depended on one's heart, he wasn't exaggerating. When divine arts were used in his hands, it was truly all kinds of marvelous ideas that made people dumbfounded.

The consciousnesses of everyone whizzed past the back of the ancestral court like a gale, following Shu Jun's soul.

Their consciousness saw an even more astonishing sight. In front of them were huge pearls that looked like moons floating in the sky. Each pearl was about a hundred miles long and was dazzling.

Below the pearl was a beach. On the beach, huge clams opened their shells.

This was another kind of primordial behemoth.

When the consciousnesses of Qin Mu and the rest flew over, the sea breeze stirred up the clams, and they saw the pearls in the sky falling into the shells. The clams closed up and spewed out waves of seawater into the depths of the beach.

Those pearls were the treasures in the bodies of these huge beasts.

When their consciousnesses flew past the mountains on the back of the ancestral court, they even saw huge beasts fighting among the mountains. It was a scene of destruction. Those were adult huge beasts that must have lived for countless years on the back of the ancestral court. Their tendons and bodies were incomparably strong, and it was as if two great emperors of the martial path had collided with pure physical strength, causing the heavens and earth to crumble!

On the back of the ancestral court, there were many huge beasts with such combat power!

Suddenly, Qin Mu's consciousness stopped, and everyone's consciousness also stopped.

Everyone was bewildered and immediately noticed why Qin Mu had suddenly stopped.

They actually saw a primordial god born behind the ancestral court!

It was a dragon vein that was transforming!

That mountain range was like a crouching dragon crawling on the ground, stretching for tens of thousands of miles. It had been too long, and the spirit energy had penetrated the mountain, allowing the mountain range to be nourished by the spirit energy unknowingly, giving birth to a body of flesh and blood.

All kinds of spirit herbs grew on its body, and it was nourished by the medicinal energy of these spirit herbs all year round. It was nurtured by the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth on the back of the ancestral court, and it developed intelligence unknowingly.

Today was the day it transformed into a primordial god!

Everyone saw the mountain rocks transforming into flesh and blood, and the roots buried deep in the ground transformed into dragon claws. The dragon claws were raised, and the earth trembled and the mountains shook. The body of the dragon also slowly bulged up.

This divine dragon ancient god was about to take shape!

"The back of the ancestral court is truly full of treasures!"

Everyone was dazzled by the sight and exclaimed endlessly in admiration. This was the first time they had seen the birth of an ancient god from heaven and earth, and it was an eye-opener.

Right at this moment, dozens of mature primordial behemoths flew over and actually attacked the ancient divine dragon that was transforming. In just a short moment, they shattered the divine dragon that was transformed from the dragon vein of the ancestral court!

These primordial behemoths should be the kings among the behemoths. They were powerful, so killing that ancient divine dragon was as easy as blowing off dust.

Everyone was stunned. Soon after, the powerful consciousness of an ancient primordial beast discovered them. With a roar, Qin Mu instantly knew something was wrong. He immediately executed his consciousness to escape far away.

Behind them, dozens of beast kings roared and chased after them. Luckily, Qin Mu's consciousness was also incomparably strong, so he quickly left them far behind.

'There's something strange about the back of the ancestral court. Why do these huge beasts want to kill the ancient gods born on the back of the ancestral court…'

Just as Qin Mu thought until here, he suddenly stopped his consciousness. Everyone's consciousness swept over, and they saw a towering heavenly gate in front of them!

They were two incomparably huge immemorial mountains. They were completely red and filled with flames. The flames automatically formed all kinds of mysterious markings that kept changing.

The mountain was magnificent and majestic, like two door frames of a door, appearing in front of them.

The two mountains each had a curved bulge on one side. The higher they went, the steeper it became. When they reached the peak, a lone peak pierced straight into the clouds!

On the other side was an incomparably steep mountain that was vertical to the ground. There was no extra mountain.

They were symmetrical on the left and right, while the door in the center was slender and long like a line of sky.

Between the two mountains, a strange power condensed. It was filled with blazing Dao flames that filled the door.

The deeper they went, the fiercer the Dao fire became!

This fire was extraordinary. It was the true fire of the Great Dao formed by two mountains!

"Southern Heavenly Gate!"

Everyone's consciousness rippled, unable to suppress the shock and excitement in their hearts. This was the true Southern Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court!

When they heard Qin Mu say that there were four great heavenly gates in the ancestral court, they were still suspicious. They didn't expect to see the real Southern Heavenly Gate on the back of the ancestral court. Only then did they know that Qin Mu wasn't lying.


Qin Mu's consciousness rippled as he pondered, "Why is the Southern Heavenly Gate of the ancestral court on the back of the ancestral court? Could it be that the four great heavenly gates aren't all at the front of the ancestral court?"

He had originally thought that the four great heavenly gates, the Jade Pool of the Primordial Era, and the Jade Capital of the ancestral court were in front of the ancestral court. Shu Jun must have known where they were, which was why he had used his consciousness to search for Shu Jun and summon him back.

After all, the back of the ancestral court was the territory of a terrifying creature like the dragon. If they barged in recklessly, they would definitely clash with the dragon, and the dragon was the leader of all the primordial behemoths on the back of the ancestral court. They were very powerful.

He only wanted to save people, so there was no need to offend such an existence.

From the looks of it, if the four great heavenly gates and other places were at the back of the ancestral court, they would have to enter with their true bodies!

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