Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1360 - The Cruel Truth

"It's best to avoid conflicts with existences like dragons."

Qin Mu couldn't help feeling worried. The dragon was too powerful. When Mother Earth summoned him, those nine heads covered the sky. The scene was simply too shocking. Qin Mu didn't want to offend such a powerful existence.

He continued to move and followed Shu Jun's soul aura.

The aura of Shu Jun's soul became clearer. Qin Mu's spirit was roused, and he and Shu Jun became clearer. At this moment, they could clearly sense Shu Jun's precise location.

"He's still alive!"

Qin Mu was slightly at ease. He sensed many people with Shu Jun. They should be Lan Yutian, Xu Shenghua, and First Ancestor.

As long as these people were still alive, he would have a way to get them out of the back of the ancestral court and take his time to plan.

Qin Mu led everyone's consciousness to approach Shu Jun and the rest. As long as they got close, he could immediately use his consciousness to summon divine arts to sweep Shu Jun and the rest away to the black mountain!

At that moment, Shu Jun's consciousness came into contact with Qin Mu's consciousness. In an instant, Shu Jun understood why he had come. His consciousness was filled with panic. "Celestial Venerable Mu, run!"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and didn't understand what he meant. Just as he was about to ask, Shu Jun's consciousness trembled violently. "The dragon is here, trapping us all! He has long noticed you guys and is waiting for you to walk right into his trap!"

Qin Mu was astonished and immediately retracted his consciousness!

Suddenly, the void trembled violently. An incomparably terrifying wave of consciousness swept over the instant Qin Mu and Shu Jun's consciousness touched, separating their consciousnesses!

There was no physical object in the consciousness, only consciousness and thoughts. However, this terrifying consciousness was like a physical object, as though it was a mountain that connected heaven and earth. It stood in front of the consciousnesses of Qin Mu and the rest.

Under the incomparably bright light, Wei Suifeng, Granny Si, Prince You Ming, and the rest felt as if their consciousnesses had met a blazing sun and were melting rapidly.

It was as if they had seen an incomparably spectacular and terrifying sight. Nine dragon heads that filled the heaven and earth filled their consciousness' vision ', causing their consciousnesses to continuously crumble and disintegrate!

Dragons were incomparably terrifying creatures that were close to the Grand Emperor. Just the appearance of consciousness was enough to make them unable to withstand it!

"Grand Overarching Supreme Consciousness!"

Qin Mu imitated the Grand Emperor's supreme consciousness realm and unleashed it. Everything instantly became incomparably slow, as if time was condensing!

The dragon's incomparably terrifying consciousness was also affected. The process of invading his supreme consciousness realm was stretched endlessly, and he couldn't destroy their consciousness in one go!

Of course, time didn't exist. This was only an illusion created by the supreme consciousness realm. It was the domain suppressing the consciousness of the invader.

The pressure was also mutual. Qin Mu's supreme consciousness realm was only a pseudo-supreme consciousness realm. His consciousness Great Dao hadn't reached the level of the Grand Emperor, so he restricted the dragon's consciousness invasion. At the same time, the pressure on him increased exponentially!

Cracking sounds came from his supreme consciousness realm, and shocking cracks appeared in the void of the realm, causing cracks to appear on his consciousness!

The dragon was so powerful that it couldn't be suppressed!

However, Qin Mu finally got a chance to send the consciousnesses of Wei Suifeng, Granny Si, and the rest back to the black mountain.

Everyone woke up from the sacrificial altar on the black mountain, and their consciousnesses returned to their corporeal bodies. Granny Si, Ancestor Wen Yuan, and the rest immediately examined Qin Mu's corporeal body. They saw that his primordial spirit was still there, but his consciousness wasn't back!

'Crap, is Celestial Venerable Mu's consciousness trapped by that invincible creature?'

"This is bad, that creature is too terrifying!"

Everyone panicked, and Wei Suifeng said solemnly, "Everyone, don't panic! My junior brother can send us back, so he can definitely escape on his own. The reason he didn't come back directly is probably because he wants to see a dragon."

Granny Si, Patriarch Wen Yuan, and the rest let out a sigh of relief. They had been too worried and had messed up. They hadn't thought of this, so they had messed up.

Since Qin Mu could send them back, he could definitely escape by himself.

"This brat is too daring."

Granny Si gritted her teeth and said angrily, "You should spank him ruthlessly!"

When he said that, everyone's eyes turned bright. Prince You Ming coughed and said, "Dao Friend Si, you have to keep your word. You can't just say you want to fight."

Wei Suifeng, Yu Chudu, and the rest nodded their heads. "As existences that have entered the path with divine arts, their words are law. We can't go back on our words."

The dragon qilin also wagged his tail excitedly. He wanted to say something, but he was afraid of being detected by Qin Mu. The little green sparrow on his forehead raised its wings to express its approval.

Granny Si still couldn't bear to hit him, so she could only say, "Wait until he comes back…"

Suddenly, the nine layers of sacrificial altars trembled violently, and a vast and profound consciousness reached the black mountain from another space, pulling Qin Mu's corporeal body up from the sacrificial altar. Even the nine layers of sacrificial altars were pulled up, wanting to fly into another space!

The bodies of everyone on the sacrificial altar were unstable, and Prince You Ming and Wei Suifeng were the first to react. They stretched their hands out to grab one of Qin Mu's legs to prevent him from being pulled into the back of the ancestral court!

They were astonished. The owner of this consciousness was a dragon, and this terrifying creature had actually followed the vine to find the melon. It had followed the consciousness of Qin Mu and the rest to this place in an attempt to summon Qin Mu's corporeal body in the reverse direction!

Even though Wei Suifeng and Prince You Ming were existences at the great circle of the Emperor's Throne Realm, they couldn't resist the terrifying consciousness summoning of the dragon. Their bodies were pulled up, and they couldn't help but float in the air.

"Hold him back!"

Wei Suifeng roared angrily, and his primordial spirit burst forth. The celestial palace behind him floated, and his primordial spirit rose from the Emperor's Throne. His magic power was completely mobilized.

On the other side, Prince You Ming's Black Tortoise Primordial Spirit floated in the air and also did its best to hold Qin Mu back.

The others also made their moves and finally pulled Qin Mu's corporeal body down onto the nine layered sacrificial altar!

However, to their astonishment, the nine-layered sacrificial altar also flew up and flew into another space!

The instant Qin Mu's feet landed on the sacrificial altar, his eyes suddenly opened, and his primordial spirit flew up with a cry. It landed behind him and shouted, "Divine Treasure Realm!"

His primordial spirit became incomparably vast, and the moment his primordial spirit landed on the sacrificial altar, all the runes on the nine layered sacrificial altar instantly lit up. The runes on the sacrificial altar were summoned in reverse, and countless runes changed at the same time, summoning in the opposite direction in an attempt to pull back his consciousness!

When everyone saw the situation, they all let out sighs of relief. Their power, together with the nine layers of sacrificial altars, was on par with the dragon's summoning. Both sides were in a deadlock in the air, and it was hard for them to suppress each other's power.

"Use the Glassy Sky Pagoda!"

Mute shouted angrily, and Blind, Prince You Ming, Wei Suifeng, and the rest came to their senses. The power of the number one treasure of the past, the Glassy Sky Pagoda, instantly exploded. The power of all the treasures in the 28 heavens burst forth, pressing down on the nine altars and suppressing the dragon's summoning.

The nine altars crashed to the ground, and everyone was finally at ease.

The Glassy Sky Pagoda was indeed the number one treasure. With Blind and Mute leading the Heavenly Workers of Eternal Peace to reconstruct it, the power of this treasure was much greater than before.

Even though there was no Great Simplicity Divine Egg as the center and the transformation was slightly lacking, its power was countless times greater.

Qin Mu's primordial spirit was still muddle-headed. It was obvious that he hadn't retracted his consciousness.

Everyone looked at each other, and their expressions turned solemn again.

On the back of the ancestral court, Qin Mu's consciousness condensed and transformed into Qin Mu's appearance. He floated in front of the dragon's consciousness, and his clothes fluttered. He smiled and said, "Dragon, Divine King Bo's mount, can we talk now?"

"Divine King Bo Yang's mount?"

The dragon's consciousness suddenly laughed, revealing a mocking expression. "Young master of creation, you're wrong. The three great ancient Divine Kings aren't Bo Yang, Shu Jun, and Xin Fu. It's me, Shu Jun, and Xin Fu. Divine King Bo Yang is my mount!"

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