Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1361 - Courting Death

Qin Mu was stunned and cried out, "Divine King Bo Yang is your mount?"

His mind was blown, and just as he was in a daze, the dragon consciousness attacked his supreme consciousness realm again, causing it to be even more severely damaged.

"That's right. Divine King Bo Yang really wanted to subdue me and make me his mount, but his abilities are inferior to mine, so how could he subdue me?"

The dragon's consciousness continuously destroyed his supreme consciousness realm as it got closer to Qin Mu's consciousness source. He smiled and said, "However, on the surface, I still let him have his way and let the stupid masters of creation think that I'm his mount. However, in reality, he listens to everything I say. His entire race worships me, making me stronger. His abilities are getting further away from me."

He smiled proudly. "I became the god, protector, and guardian of his race. My prestige in his race even surpasses Divine King Bo Yang! He was able to become the leader of the three kings because of my abilities!"

Even though Qin Mu was astonished, he still tried his best to maintain the circulation of his supreme consciousness realm. He said with a smile, "In that case, you are the true ancestor of Human Rearing Scripture. If the dragon qilin met you, he would definitely curry favor with you and be wholeheartedly convinced by you. Since you have such great power and can even control Divine King Bo Yang, why didn't you become a Divine King yourself and instead allowed Bo Yang to appear?"

The dragon smiled. "Little master of creation, you're very interesting. During the ancient primordial era, the masters of creation were the rulers of the world after all. They ruled the ancient gods and created batches of them. We, these powerful beasts, were still weak in front of them. I could only choose to be the controller behind the scenes, controlling Sun God King Bo to give me puppets and fight for the right to survive for my race."

He laughed and said, "Therefore, when the great calamity descended and the ancient gods rebelled, the masters of creation went extinct while my race survived."

His laughter was filled with delight as he said leisurely, "The ancient gods led the half-gods to rule over the worlds and heavens. They fought to the death for a piece of territory. They fought until their heads bled and countless people died. What about us? We can rule the back of all worlds without any effort or casualties!"

His nine huge heads looked at Qin Mu in the consciousness realm from different angles, searching for flaws in the supreme consciousness realm. He said with a smile, "Tell me, who is the true winner? It's me, it's us incomparably stupid and brainless huge beasts!"

"Under my rule, all the huge beasts on the back of the world live happily!"

"Under my rule, our descendants multiply and prosper!"

"Under my rule, we occupy half of the universe!"

"Under my rule, no alien race can enter our territory!"

"Young master of creation, do you want to be my mount?"

Qin Mu looked at this prehistoric ruler in a daze. His eyes didn't have the light of a huge beast that didn't have much intelligence. On the contrary, he had endless wisdom.

"Shu Jun still wanted to subdue you and make you his mount. Now it seems that it's already a blessing that he didn't become your mount."

Qin Mu couldn't help sighing ruefully. He shook his head at the thoughts and methods of the big-headed youth, Shu Jun. He didn't agree with him.

Shu Jun's current abilities couldn't catch up to his previous life. If he met a dragon, he would probably be easily subdued and become a dragon's mount.

'It's not that I can't subdue Shu Jun, it's just that I don't like him.'

The dragon's head laughed. "He still doesn't have the qualifications to be my mount. Among the three primordial kings, his strength is neither high nor low. He can't be compared to Bo Yang and is also ugly."

His other head was raised high, and he looked at Qin Mu with interest. He smiled and said, "But you are different. You are prettier than him, and more importantly, you have the potential to become another Grand Emperor. As my mount, other than being good-looking, you are also stronger!"

His third head smiled leisurely. "Although Shu Jun isn't qualified, he has brought two worthy people. One is called Lan Yutian, and the other is Xu Shenghua. Both of them can be my mounts. As for you, you are the third!"

Qin Mu suddenly laughed loudly, and his consciousness trembled violently. He said loudly, "Dragon, you are facing a great disaster, yet you are still dreaming of spring and autumn! If I were you, I wouldn't be looking for a mount with outstanding aptitude and good looks. Instead, I would immediately look for an ally to avoid calamity! Yet you are still foolishly and stubbornly doing things that are out of tune. As the head of the three primordial kings, where is your wisdom?"

The nine heads of the dragon stared at him, but Qin Mu's expression didn't change.

"Since this is your first offense, I'll give you a chance to explain."

The dragon said unhurriedly, "You said I was facing a great catastrophe, so where did my troubles come from?"

Qin Mu smiled faintly. "The only reason you can occupy the back of the ancestral court is because you are the only strong practitioner here. However, the void beasts in the ancestral court are already extinct, and there are no existences in the ancestral court that pose a threat to the outside world. Therefore, the seal of the ancestral court will definitely be completely opened up by the ten Celestial Venerables, becoming an open space! When the seal of the ancestral court is removed, do you think your peaceful world can still be preserved?"

The dragon's head narrowed his eyes and smiled. "The ten Celestial Venerables? They are merely juniors of the future generations…"

Qin Mu sneered. "A junior of the later generations? Aren't you too arrogant? Among the ten Celestial Venerables, one of them is the Grand Emperor. How are you compared to him?"

The dragon's expression changed slightly.

"One of the ten Celestial Venerables is Tai Chu. How are you compared to him?"

Qin Mu continued, "Tai Chu and Grand Emperor are merely members of the ten Celestial Venerables. Even existences like Mother Earth can't be ranked among the ten Celestial Venerables. You can imagine how terrifying the battle power of the ten Celestial Venerables is. You are now the ruler of the back of the ancestral court, but when the seal of the ancestral court is completely broken, you will either be a prisoner or a piece of meat in a plate, at the mercy of others!"

He said indifferently, "Dragon, if you don't want to be ruled by the ten Celestial Venerables and don't want your descendants to become food on the plate, you will need a partner and an ally. As for me!"

He smiled proudly. "It's the ally you're looking for, the hope of your future! The ones who form an alliance with me are Heaven Duke, Earth Count, hundreds of other ancient gods, powerful Celestial Venerables, and the masters of creation who live in the Great Void!"

He swept his sleeves and smacked the void, causing the void to rumble. "Behind me is a huge empire that isn't inferior to your Giant Beast World. My soldiers have remarkable abilities, and there are more than a million of them. My battleships fill the sky, and they can fill up the back of the ancestral court so that you guys can't see the sun! When my soldiers execute their divine weapons, they can shatter countless heavens!"

He stretched out his hand. "Cooperate with me and be my ally. You will have a way out in the future!"

The nine heads of the dragon narrowed their eyes to size him up. Qin Mu's expression was calm, like an ancient well without any ripples. He said indifferently, "I've given you the chance, grasp it yourself."

The dragon muttered to himself, and its heads circled around him. Suddenly, it smiled and said, "Everything you say is just empty talk. Since you have such great power, if you become my mount, won't the power you control belong to me?"

His nine heads burst forth with consciousness and broke through Qin Mu's supreme consciousness realm!

The supreme consciousness realm shattered, but Qin Mu's consciousness had already vanished!

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