Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1362 - Divine Consciousness Cage

The nine heads of the dragon raised up to search for traces of Qin Mu, but they couldn't find his consciousness. There was only the last bit of consciousness left.

The dragon captured this point of consciousness, and that consciousness immediately transformed into a grand voice. "Dragon, I don't want to completely fall out with you. Please don't be ruthless and give yourself a way out. Please spare my people. I will definitely repay you in the future!"

The dragon snorted and obliterated Qin Mu's strand of consciousness.

"A mount actually dares to bargain with me to let me release my spoils of war."

He retracted his consciousness, and one of the heads opened its huge eyes. Shu Jun, Lan Yutian, Xu Shenghua, and First Ancestor were trapped in a huge consciousness cage.

Everyone looked exhausted. They were either sitting or standing as they looked at their surroundings. They were surrounded by abnormally powerful primordial behemoths that were like stone sculptures standing there, protecting the dragons.

They had followed Shu Jun to the back of the ancestral court to subdue the dragon. Even if they couldn't subdue the dragon, they could subdue some rare behemoths.

On this trip, everyone was full of confidence. After all, they were all top-notch figures in Eternal Peace, and there was also First Ancestor Human Emperor, a great expert who had cultivated to Numinous Sky Realm. Furthermore, there was also the local tyrant Shu Jun and the experienced human emperors.

In addition, Lan Yutian and Xu Shenghua were erudite and knowledgeable people. He believed that they could ride on the back of the ancestral court and sweep everything before them.

Ever since Qin Mu had imparted the masters of creation's consciousness cultivation technique to Eternal Peace, consciousness cultivation had become a compulsory lesson for Eternal Peace's divine arts practitioners and gods.

There were numerous techniques in Eternal Peace, so fusing consciousness with the cultivation system of Eternal Peace allowed their consciousness attainments to advance by leaps and bounds. Subduing a huge beast wasn't a problem.

However, when they reached the back of the ancestral court, they were attacked by a bunch of huge beasts within a few days and were in a sorry state.

They tried to subdue these huge beasts, but they were shocked to discover that the consciousnesses of these huge beasts were powerful. Not only could they resist their consciousnesses, even powerful existences like Shu Jun had encountered formidable opponents.

Only then did they realize that the situation was bad. Luckily, the past human emperors were all eccentric and experienced. Back then, they had dominated the world, and no matter if it was scheming or methods, they were all top-notch existences.

They led everyone to roam around the back of the ancestral court, avoiding the encirclement and suppression of the behemoths. With Shu Jun, the local tyrant, and the strongest consciousness among them, they actually survived in this dangerous place.

However, not long ago, their group was completely wiped out because the dragon had personally taken action!

Even though Shu Jun's consciousness was powerful, it was a world of difference when compared to the consciousness of a dragon. It crumbled with a touch!

First Ancestor Human Emperor's abilities were strong, but when the majestic consciousness of the dragon flooded over, he couldn't unleash his abilities at all and fell to the ground.

The experiences of the past human emperors were completely useless. With a sweep of the dragon consciousness, everyone fainted.

Only Xu Shenghua and Lan Yutian's divine arts were peculiar. They actually resisted for a moment before losing their resistance.

It was precisely because they had resisted the dragon's consciousness for a moment that the dragon viewed them in a different light. He felt that their cultivation wasn't high, but their abilities were extraordinary and worth grooming.

When they reached adulthood, they would be able to be his two great mounts and would definitely be awe-inspiring.

"That little master of creation said that the back of the ancestral court is about to be sealed, so the ten Celestial Venerables will definitely invade. Hehe, he's really underestimating me."

The dragon slowly closed his eyes and thought to himself, 'Now that the seal of the ancestral court has been undone, the reverse side of the other worlds will also be unsealed! In those worlds, my descendants will be endless. The Primordial Realm, Xuandu, Youdu, the heavens, and the myriad worlds all have my people on their backs. That is, it's hard to say who is the orthodox of heaven and earth! Those gods, devils, and other lifeforms might all become the mounts and slaves of my people!'

"As for me, I just need to nurture these two little fellows and wait for them to grow into Celestial Venerables. This way, I can have two Celestial Venerable mounts. What can the ten Celestial Venerables use to compete with me?"

He began to snore. "If Shu Jun is the mount, his level is a little low, but he has potential. However, it's a little embarrassing to ride him. I used to ride Sun God King…"

In the consciousness cage, Shu Jun said solemnly, "Celestial Venerable Mu wasn't caught by him. Everyone, don't worry, Celestial Venerable Mu will definitely save us!"

First Ancestor Human Emperor gently touched the consciousness cage, but just as his palm touched it, the consciousness that formed the cage quickly solidified, causing his palm to sink into it. He was about to be solidified by the cage!

First Ancestor hurriedly pulled his hand back, his heart still lingering with fear.

The cage that had just materialized immediately became transparent again.

The consciousness cage didn't seem to have any corporeal body. It was just a transparent space that was shrouded by consciousness. However, this cage locked them in place, making them unable to leave.

"If we use our fastest speed, can we escape from the cage?" Jiang Yunjian suddenly asked.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's heart stirred slightly, and he looked at Shu Jun. Shu Jun shook his head and said, "You can't escape. The consciousness of a dragon is too strong, even stronger than my consciousness at my peak! His consciousness cage is ever-changing, and it can condense into the most solid form at any time. It can also evolve into the vast void. No matter how fast you are, you can't escape."

Jiang Yunjian's gaze flickered, and he said, "My master has been learning from the god thief for a long time, and his ability to steal the sky and change the sun makes the god thief feel ashamed of his inferiority. If his speed is so fast that he can't even change his consciousness cage in time, he will be able to break through the cage and escape this place."

First Ancestor and Shu Jun looked at Lan Yutian at the same time. Lan Yutian said, "I don't know the limit of the transformation of this consciousness cage. First, we need to probe the limit of its transformation so that we can calculate its speed and laws of change. Furthermore…"

He was a little shy and blushed. "My attainments in algebra aren't high…"

"My attainments in algebra are still okay."

Xu Shenghua smiled and said, "Dao Master Lin Xuan's attainments in algebra are on par with mine."

First Ancestor Human Emperor said solemnly, "Alright! Let me test the limits of this consciousness cage!"

He took out the Jade Brightness Sword and took a few steps back. He suddenly rushed towards the consciousness cage with all his strength. Soon, his speed was raised to the maximum and he crashed into the consciousness barrier!

His speed was like flickering light and passing shadows as he sprinted frantically in the consciousness barrier. However, the moment his body moved, the consciousness cage immediately started to change rapidly!

The cage looked very thin, but when he entered the barrier of the cage, he immediately saw the boundless void spreading rapidly, extending endlessly!

Not only that, when space was born, it began to solidify, making him feel as if he had entered a substance that was becoming thicker!

His speed became slower, and he even felt that the cage was assimilating his corporeal body and primordial spirit, fusing him into one with the cage!

First Ancestor shouted angrily and poured all of his magic power into Jade Brightness Sword. Jade Brightness Sword flew out of his hand and rode the wind and waves at an even faster speed. He shot forward and tried to break the limit of the transformation of the consciousness cage!

In a short instant, the Jade Brightness Sword's speed even reached the extent of crossing space. It seemed to ignore space and almost break through this cage.

However, in the next moment, the speed at which the consciousness cage transformed caught up to Jade Brightness Sword, slowing it down.

Right at this moment, countless gorgeous algebra runes danced and churned around Xu Shenghua, operating at a speed that couldn't be observed with the naked eye. The countless runes were like countless calculation spirit weapons that were activated at the same time, and as the processing center of these algebra data, he was actually able to control all the data at the same time.

"Found it!"

Xu Shenghua's consciousness rippled, and he sent his calculations into Lan Yutian's mind.

Lan Yutian stared with his eyes wide open. He immediately took a step forward and rushed into the consciousness cage. His speed had reached an inconceivable realm at this moment!

Cripple had imparted all of his abilities to him, including Thieving Heaven Palace. Yet he had surpassed his teacher.

His body flashed and ignored the changes in matter and the changes in the consciousness cage. He caught up to First Ancestor Human Emperor in an instant.

First Ancestor Human Emperor's body had almost completely fused with the consciousness cage. However, he immediately felt his corporeal body and primordial spirit trembling violently as he escaped from the fusion at an astonishing speed!

He looked around in astonishment. Everything seemed to slow down, including the dragon's consciousness.

He watched as Lan Yutian held onto his back and caught up to Yu Mingjian.

First Ancestor grabbed the Jade Brightness Sword, and countless dazzling lights assaulted his face. In the next moment, they rushed out of the consciousness cage.

First Ancestor saw huge beasts that were incomparably huge like stone statues opening their eyes in astonishment. He slowly turned his head to look at them and saw the eyes of the dragons slowly opening.

He was indescribably excited. At this moment, a dragon scale appeared in front of them. It was one of the scales of a dragon. The two of them crashed into it and their bodies went through it.

Lan Yutian brought First Ancestor to a stop and saw Shu Jun, the past human emperors, and the rest beside them.

Everyone in the cage fell silent.

Lan Yutian could indeed break through the consciousness cage, but the dragon was too strong. They couldn't escape at all.

"Can Celestial Venerable Mu really save us?" Shu Jun muttered.

At that moment, in the center of the seal on his back, the head of the Grand Emperor revealed a strange smile.

"Dragon, a naive big treasure. After subduing him, he subdued the strongest force in this world…"

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