Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 1366 - Summoning And Counter Summoning

When Lan Yutian's voice fell into everyone's ears, it sounded rather ear-piercing.

Qin Mu said with a serious expression, "You guys aren't weak either. You guys are just slightly inferior to me, there's no need to belittle yourselves."

Everyone coughed and looked around.

Qin Mu was about to execute his divine art when the huge beasts that were attacking the consciousness cages outside suddenly prostrated on the ground and kowtowed.

Qin Mu frowned and looked out. He saw the ground rolling and countless roots breaking out of the ground. Mother Earth's figure emerged from the ground and rose higher.

The baleful aura around this ancient god was incomparably bloody. He walked over, and the huge beasts couldn't help kneeling down to worship her.

She was Mother Earth, the natural ruler of the behemoths of the primordial era.

In this world, only two people could control the huge beasts of the primordial era. One was a dragon, and the other was Mother Earth.

Dragons were the leaders of the behemoths, and they possessed supreme authority. Thus, they could make primordial behemoths submit. However, there were also be behemoths that didn't submit. For example, behemoths like Shu Jun, the palace, and the Grand Emperor wouldn't submit to dragons. Even void behemoths wouldn't submit to dragons.

On the other hand, Mother Earth was an ancient god born from the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. She didn't rely on her dignity. She was formed by Heaven and Earth, born from the Great Dao, and was a natural ruler.

"Celestial Venerable Mu."

Mother Earth came out of the cage and examined everyone in the cage with interest. She said with a smile, "You also have such a day?"

Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he laughed. "Mother Earth, do you think you can take me down for sure? I have the consciousness cage of a dragon to protect me. One of us is outside the cage, and the other is inside the cage. However, I'm outside the cage, while you are inside. Mother Earth, farewell, take care."

Mother Earth sneered. "Do you think I can't do anything to you while you're hiding in the cage? Aren't you underestimating me a little too much? The dragon's consciousness cage can trap you, but it can't trap me. It's because I got a supreme treasure!"

She took out a palm, and it was the Grand Emperor's palm. It had already been refined into a weapon by her. She sneered and said, "You are the one who caused me to become like this. Today, I shall destroy your soul completely. Let's see if you, the Great Wizard, can still revive yourself!"

She executed the hand of the Grand Emperor and punched!

Cracks immediately appeared on the consciousness cage that even primordial beasts couldn't break through.

The power of the Grand Emperor's hand was extremely fierce. When the fist struck the cage, the cage that had no substance became corporeal and was broken by the Grand Emperor's hand!

Mother Earth struck again, and the consciousness cage shook violently. With just two or three attacks, the cage that the dragon had set up would completely crumble!

Everyone in the cage panicked. Qin Mu frowned and plucked the seal off Shu Jun's back. He smiled and said, "Dao Brother Grand Emperor, it's time to release you today. Congratulations on escaping."

Everyone in the cage was shocked. Even Shu Jun himself had forgotten that he was carrying a seal made from the head of the Grand Emperor on his back.

The Grand Emperor's consciousness was too powerful, and it affected their consciousness, preventing them from seeing the seal.

Even Shu Jun's memory was affected by the head of the Grand Emperor, and he couldn't remember the seal on his back.

The head of the Grand Emperor sneered. "Release me? Celestial Venerable Mu, you are too ruthless. Releasing me now isn't just to deal with Mother Earth, right? Are you planning to let me plot against Celestial Venerable Gong and God Emperor Lang Xuan?"

Qin Mu shook his head and said indifferently, "I'm just temporarily keeping the balance. I don't want to fall into the hands of any Celestial Venerable behind the ancestral court."

He unsealed the seal of the four mines, and the head of the Grand Emperor instantly escaped!

Mother Earth controlled the Grand Emperor's palm to strike again. Suddenly, that palm lost control, and its divine might increased exponentially as it struck back at her.

Mother Earth was caught off guard and was sent flying backward by the palm. Countless roots flew out from the depths of the earth as well. Beng, beng, beng. Thick roots were pulled up and flew into the distance with Mother Earth.

The head of the Grand Emperor floated up and looked around proudly. The huge beasts rushed over under Mother Earth's control, but with a sweep of his consciousness, he instantly controlled them.

The head of the Grand Emperor floated up and landed on the head of one of the huge beasts. He laughed and said, "Celestial Venerable Mu, the vast land of the ancestral court is where I can call the shots. It's a pity I don't have a void beast. Otherwise, I would let you see my glory back then!"

Huge beasts galloped away with his head and fist. Over there, Celestial Venerable Gong, Heavenly Lady Qiang, God Emperor Lang Xuan, and the dragon were locked in a stalemate.

"Celestial Venerable Mu, I won't kill you, but I won't let you have an easy time either!"

The Grand Emperor's voice came from afar, and he laughed heartily. "Mother Earth, I'll leave Celestial Venerable Mu to you!"

Qin Mu's expression changed drastically, and he stomped his feet heavily. Without any explanation, he executed his consciousness to activate the reverse summoning divine art. In an instant, a reverse summoning sacrificial altar was formed!


Countless runes flew around his body, and in a short instant, countless summoning runes were imprinted on the sacrificial altar. In an instant, the sacrificial altar was ready, and he executed his divine art.

The people on the sacrificial altar immediately felt Qin Mu's vast and deep consciousness attacking the void, contacting Prince You Ming who was on the black mountain in front of the ancestral court.

Qin Mu's consciousness was incomparably strong, and he forcefully turned Prince You Ming's consciousness into a summoning formation!

On the black mountain, Prince You Ming flew up uncontrollably and was pulled into the sky. All kinds of gorgeous runes appeared around him, making the dragon qilin and the rest dumbfounded.


The divine art was activated, and figures appeared beside Prince You Ming. Shu Jun, Xu Shenghua, First Ancestor, Lan Yutian, and the rest appeared on the runes of the summoning divine art one after another. The number of people increased.

On the other side, Qin Mu sent everyone away and immediately prepared to summon himself to the front of the ancestral court. Just as his figure was about to disappear, countless roots tunneled out from underground and pierced through the sacrificial altar, coiling around his feet!

The roots grew frantically and soon wrapped Qin Mu up into a huge dumpling, leaving only his head outside.

Qin Mu gritted his teeth and frantically executed his magic power, vanishing from the back of the ancestral court along with the roots!

"You want to leave? Celestial Venerable Mu, you underestimate me!"

Just as his figure vanished, countless thick roots followed him into the void and tore at him.

Mother Earth's figure appeared and gave a shout. She executed her summoning divine art and shouted sternly, "Wherever you go, I can summon you back!"


A huge dumpling descended from the sky and smashed the mountain rocks on the ground. Qin Mu landed straight on the ground and stood in front of Mother Earth. He was tightly bound and only his head was left outside.

Mother Earth sneered. "Celestial Venerable Mu, how's my summoning divine art? Can you still leave?"

Qin Mu stood upright and couldn't move. He smiled and said, "Of course I can't leave, so I brought some good friends."


A huge body landed on the ground, and Prince You Ming slowly stood up. He raised his head to look at Mother Earth and said with a thunderous voice, "Son of Xuan Wu, You Ming, pays his respects to Mother Earth!"


Another figure descended from the sky. Wei Suifeng stood up and bowed. "Emperor of Endless Clouds Wei Suifeng pays his respects to Mother Earth."


Another loud bang rang out, and the dragon qilin got up from the huge pit in a daze. He looked around as though he was still wondering why he had been summoned. He said while trembling, "I'm not here to fight, I'm here to deliver something. Cult Master, the Glassy Sky Pagoda is for you, send me back!"

"Fatty Dragon, don't you know how to summon divine arts in reverse?"

Qin Mu twisted his body and suddenly escaped from the roots of the Primordial Tree. He stretched his hand out and grabbed the Glassy Sky Pagoda. "You can go back yourself. Crown Prince, big senior brother, do you have the confidence to get rid of an ancient god?"

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